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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2010 Policy impacting Finance
2010-12-21 IMA provides its outlook for 2011
2010-12-20 FMLC published paper on new approach to financial market regulation
2010-12-19 Supervisory package: Publication of the legislative texts in the official journal
2010-12-17 Conclusions of the European Council 16-17 December 2010
2010-12-15 FSA Chief Executive outlines progress in reforming supervisory practices
2010-12-14 Stricter financial regulation can help contain future asset bubbles and reduce macroeconomic imbalances
2010-12-14 Commissioner Barnier at the Treasury Select Committee House of Commons
2010-12-08 Commission consults on sanctioning regimes in the EU's financial services sector
2010-12-08 European Economic and Social Committee recommends new powers to ESMA
2010-12-08 EP briefing paper on financial services and consumer rights
2010-12-08 ECOFIN Council: Financial assistance to Ireland adopted
2010-12-06 AFME conference: "Securing Financial Stability – the next steps”
2010-12-01 State aid: Scoreboard shows continued trend towards less and better-targeted aid despite crisis-related spike
2010-12-01 Commission prolongs crisis framework with stricter conditions
2010-11-30 ECON committee: Almunia presented the state of play and priorities of competition policy
2010-11-30 Commissioner Olli Rehn: Reducing systemic risk in the financial system
2010-11-26 Commission consults on Packaged Retail Investment Products
2010-11-24 President Barroso: it is essential to have a permanent crisis mechanism in place as soon as possible
2010-11-24 EP plenary: new financial market supervision system signed into law
2010-11-23 Credit rating agencies: better supervision at European level by the European Securities and Markets Authority with increased powers
2010-11-23 Barnier and Rehn tell MEPs that Member States' economies need more Europe
2010-11-22 Olli Rehn: "A lot of work is still needed to make the ESRB fully operational"
2010-11-18 Financial supervisory architecture facing possible budget constraints after the EP rejected EU budget for 2011
2010-11-18 ECOFIN Council conclusions: follow-up to the G20 summit
2010-11-17 Council adopted legal texts establishing the European Systemic Risk Board and three new supervisory authorities
2010-11-16 FT: EU standardisation on retail investment products will hide complexities
2010-11-16 FSA and SEC hold strategic dialogue meeting
2010-11-15 European banks cautiously welcome Seoul outcome
2010-11-15 The G20 Seoul summit: Transformation of financial system to address the root causes of the crisis is essential
2010-11-15 AFME comments on G20 decisions on financial regulation
2010-11-12 Finance ministers of Europe’s five largest economies statement on the Eurozone debt crisis during the G20 meeting
2010-11-12 FSB report on progress since the Washington summit in the implementation of the G20 recommendations
2010-11-12 FSB published report on reducing the moral hazard posed by systemically important financial institutions
2010-11-11 Financial News: G20 faces uphill battle on global reform
2010-11-09 CEA sets out European insurance industry views ahead of G20 Seoul Summit
2010-11-08 IMF Board approves far-reaching governance reforms
2010-11-05 Almunia: The role of competition policy on financial stability
2010-11-04 Financial Stability Board proposes to establish regional consultative groups
2010-11-03 IMF will step up its focus on global systemic stability
2010-11-02 Joint letter of Barroso and van Rompuy on the upcoming G20 summit
2010-11-02 Joint declaration of Commissioner Michel Barnier and U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner
2010-11-02 Commissioner Barnier: The US must take part in reforming bank compensation policies
2010-11-02 Financial Stability Board releases report on supervisory intensity and effectiveness
2010-10-29 President of the European Council van Rompuy: Next month's G20 meeting a turning point for world economy
2010-10-27 Commission adopts strategic priorities for 2011
2010-10-27 FSA publishes a consultation paper on regulatory fees and levies
2010-10-25 G20 Ministers agree on historical reforms in IMF governance
2010-10-25 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors: It is essential to complete financial repair and regulatory reforms without delay
2010-10-21 EBF urges the Commission to give priority to prevention on crisis management in the financial sector
2010-10-20 Commission study on the costs and benefits of policy actions in the field of ensuring access to a basic bank account
2010-10-20 MEPs approved their own contribution to the EU economic governance debate
2010-10-20 FSB: All countries should have supplementary safeguards for systemically important financial institutions
2010-10-20 IMF study finds that the worst possible outcome was avoided in emerging Europe
2010-10-20 Commission sets out its plans for a new EU framework for crisis management in the financial sector
2010-10-20 ECOFIN council debates levies and taxes on financial institutions
2010-10-20 EU finance ministers back AIFM Directive
2010-10-20 ECON committee: Rapporteur published own initiative report on FTT
2010-10-19 EFAMA expresses serious concerns regarding commission’s financial activities tax
2010-10-18 IMF underlined the need for broader financial sector reform
2010-10-18 Commission-backed project to help identify systemic financial market risks
2010-10-13 Trichet: Basel III is a cornerstone of the new regulatory system
2010-10-12 G30 urge policymakers to strengthen financial regulation and supervision
2010-10-11 IMF increasing focus on Global Systemic Stability
2010-10-11 CEA calls for EC tax proposals to differentiate between insurers and banks
2010-10-07 European Commission published the Economic Governance Package
2010-10-07 Commission outlines vision for taxing the financial sector
2010-10-06 ECON committee hearing on state aid and financial crisis
2010-10-05 IMF: The financial sector remains the Achilles’ heel of the economic recovery
2010-10-05 IMF urges more comprehensive reform of the global financial system
2010-10-03 Informal ECOFIN Council: Bank levy and financial transactions tax on the agenda
2010-09-29 IMF says steps needed to avert systemic liquidity shortages
2010-09-29 ECB Vítor Constâncio: Challenges and opportunities of the European Systemic Risk Board
2010-09-29 Joint Statement by CFTC Gensler and Commissioner Barnier on financial reform agenda
2010-09-29 Barroso: Financial services must make a positive contribution to the real economy
2010-09-29 EFR: The success of the EU supervisory package will depend on its concrete implementation
2010-09-29 A new EU economic governance - a comprehensive Commission package of proposals ("six pack")
2010-09-28 ECON committee: Parliament must play a central role in forging the new economic governance model
2010-09-28 CFTC Gensler: The effectiveness of the OTC derivatives reform depends on the US and EU ability to cooperate and find general consensus
2010-09-28 Top 25 Financial Sectors to get mandatory IMF check-up
2010-09-27 FSB meets on Financial Reform Agenda
2010-09-22 Commissioner Barnier: Europe has learned the first important lesson of the crisis - the failure of appropriate supervision
2010-09-22 Financial Supervision: New EU watchdogs ready for 1 January 2011
2010-09-22 Chairman Gensler: The CFTC will fully comply with Congress’ intention to lower risk and bring transparency to financial markets
2010-09-17 European Council conclusions - Task force on Economic Governance
2010-09-15 Economic governance: MEPs asked to fast-track legislative package
2010-09-15 AMF Chairman meets with SEC and CFTC Chairmen in Washington DC
2010-09-13 U.S. banking agencies express support for Basel agreement
2010-09-08 MEPs: financial regulation on track but this is only the beginning
2010-09-08 EC endorses an agreement with EP on EU Financial Supervision Reform
2010-09-08 Almunia on the Irish financial sector: a number of important aspects still need to be clarified
2010-09-07 ECOFIN conclusions - agreement reached on the financial supervisory package
2010-09-07 Barroso defended taxes on financial activities and will come with proposals this autumn
2010-09-07 The Council approves a compromise with the Parliament on financial supervision
2010-09-03 EP adds bite to EU financial watchdog rules
2010-09-03 Commission authorises recapitalisation scheme implementing the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund for credit institutions
2010-09-03 Barnier welcomes the outcome of the trialogue to beef up oversight on financial institutions in Europe
2010-09-03 European Liberal group: deal establishing European financial supervision is a big step forward
2010-09-01 FT: High hopes for EU financial regulation deal
2010-08-31 IMF enhances the crisis prevention toolkit
2010-08-25 FSA outlines a fundamental review of trading activity regulation
2010-08-18 FMLC publishes report on legal risk of EU Financial Supervisions
2010-08-17 Commission approves Dutch recapitalisation of AEGON
2010-07-28 ECB reviews risk control measures in its collateral framework
2010-07-27 IIF: Global financial services industry urges regulatory action to mitigate fragmentation
2010-07-27 ECB Tumpel-Gugerell: Central banks will now have new tasks, and responsibilities to address financial stability
2010-07-26 UK Treasury report on a new approach to financial regulation
2010-07-21 FSB invites feedback on risk disclosure practices
2010-07-21 President Obama signed Wall Street Reform: "No easy task."
2010-07-20 Commission orders recovery of illegal state aid from Banco Privado Português
2010-07-20 US Senate approves legislation to revamp financial regulation
2010-07-19 Herman van Rompuy: Banks have understood that the EU is serious about its commitment of transparency
2010-07-16 Commissioner Barnier: proposals on derivatives and short selling will be put forward in September
2010-07-14 Financial supervision: ECOFIN Council sets out its position with a view to continuing negotiations with the Parliament
2010-07-14 Ackerman: Crisis triggered historic financial sector changes
2010-07-13 US Senate close to passing Wall Street Reform
2010-07-12 Commission proposes package to boost consumer protection and confidence in financial services [Proposal]
2010-07-10 Trichet: Europe’s economic challenges are recovery, reform and renewal
2010-07-09 Schapiro outlines SEC implementation work of Wall Street reforms
2010-07-07 EP deferred the final vote on the "supervisory package" legislative resolution
2010-07-07 European Commission launches public debate on the future of pensions
2010-07-07 Belgian Presidency Programme for the ECOFIN Council meetings
2010-07-06 MEPs call for a stronger role for the EC in economic governance and a greater focus on social fairness
2010-07-06 ACCA: G20's four pillars for agenda reform built on uneven foundations
2010-07-06 El Pais: Spanish Presidency has been successful but difficult
2010-07-05 Japan FSA and US SEC hold meeting on regulatory reforms
2010-07-02 Hill: Senators issue letter easing worries on derivates business
2010-06-30 IMF sets out ideas to build on crisis response after G20 meeting: Governance reforms under way key to legitimacy
2010-06-30 NYT: Bank Fee is eliminated in financial bill
2010-06-30 Washington Post: House passes financial overhaul - Senate leaders postpone vote
2010-06-29 European Liberal Leader regrets the G20´s incapacity to define global economic governance compromises
2010-06-29 Italian Consob: For euro, we need to construct the missing pillar, the political union
2010-06-29 ECON committee: Eurostat should have more powers
2010-06-29 ECB’s Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: Towards a safer financial system
2010-06-28 Belgian Presidency working programme: Focus on the creation of a new supervisory structure at EU level
2010-06-28 IMF: G-20 leaders aim for balanced growth, revival of jobs
2010-06-28 BIS: Fiscal consolidation and financial sector reform are what's needed now
2010-06-28 G20 Summit Declaration paves way to further delay reforms
2010-06-28 FDIC: Supervisory Insights Journal - Summer 2010
2010-06-28 NYT: On Finance Bill, Lobbying Shifts to Regulations
2010-06-28 Joint Barroso and Van Rompuy statement on G20: The EU is on the right track for the G20 Summit in Seoul on financial sector reforms
2010-06-27 FSB interim Report to G20 leaders: Good progress has been made
2010-06-26 US Congress reached agreement on financial reform bill
2010-06-25 CEA urged G-20 to recognise differences between insurers and banks
2010-06-24 G20: sense of urgency has faded
2010-06-24 Volcker rule under attack in US financial reform negotiations
2010-06-23 SIFMA roundtable of economists: positive trends exit, but concerns on economic growth remain for 2010 and 2011
2010-06-23 Barroso and Van Rompuy joint letter on the EU goals for the Toronto G20 summit - Securing strong and sustainable growth
2010-06-23 Geithner: TARP investments generated additional revenue
2010-06-23 US agenda for G20 meeting
2010-06-22 ECON committee vote on the own initiative report on cross-border banking crises and remuneration
2010-06-22 ECON committee follow-up study to Financial Supervision and Crisis Management in the EU
2010-06-22 US authorities issue final guidance on incentive compensation
2010-06-21 Twenty-two MEPs call for counter-expertise that reports a different point of view from the banking lobby
2010-06-18 The Squam Lake Report: Fixing the Financial System
2010-06-18 European Council: Europe to propose bank levy in the G20 meeting
2010-06-17 Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne revealed that the FSA "in its current form" will disappear by 2012
2010-06-16 Barroso: It is important now not to lose momentum on financial reform.
2010-06-16 CEPS debate on the integration of the Euro-area Government bond market
2010-06-15 SIFMA offers guidance to enhance regulators’ ability to protect against systemic risk
2010-06-14 TARP repayments surpass TARP funds outstanding
2010-06-14 IMF: Asia Playing Crucial Part in Reshaping Global Economy
2010-06-14 SEC approves new stock-by-stock circuit breaker rules
2010-06-14 Geithner seeks unity on bank capital standards
2010-06-11 IIF Interim Report on the cumulative effects of new bank regulation
2010-06-10 Volcker: Financial bill could be launching point for other countries
2010-06-10 CFTC Chilton calls for position limits and new trading technology curbs
2010-06-09 Reuters: Volcker Rule at issue as reform bill nears finale
2010-06-08 ECOFIN Council conclusion on Excessive deficit procedure: strengthened rules on statistics
2010-06-08 Commission report on Competition Policy 2009 in financial services: phasing out support and paving the way to normality is the cornerstone
2010-06-08 Rehn: It is essential that G20 Summit in Toronto spells out guiding principles for a sequenced and differentiated fiscal exit
2010-06-08 G20: Financial sector should make a fair and substantial contribution
2010-06-07 Reuters: New financial landscape emerges ahead U.S. reforms
2010-06-07 NYT: Congress pressed for reform bill deal
2010-06-04 Draft ECOFIN Report on the state of play on measures in the financial sector in response to the crisis - European Council preparation
2010-06-04 UK Treasury Mark Hoban: The UK’s approach to European, global and domestic financial regulation
2010-06-02 ECON committee discussion on Eurostat's powers and quality of budgetary deficit data
2010-06-02 Commission publishes two reports on remuneration policies in the financial services sector and for directors of listed companies
2010-06-02 Commission Communication on Financial Services 2010-2011 – "Regulating financial services for sustainable growth"
2010-06-02 AFME conference on financial markets and the real economy
2010-06-02 ECB Papademos: Banks should ensure they have adequate capital and liquidity buffers
2010-06-02 Commission report on recent developments on crisis aid to the financial sector – spring 2010
2010-06-02 MEP Sharon Bowles supports proposal to give Eurostat powers to improve the quality of European statistics
2010-06-02 Eurofinas: European consumer credit experiences downturn in 2009; lenders expect little growth in 2010
2010-06-01 ECB Financial Stability Review - modest return to profitability in 2009
2010-05-31 Trichet: The ECB’s response to the recent tensions in financial markets
2010-05-26 ECB González-Páramo: Common sense risk management practices had been abandoned
2010-05-26 Olli Rehn: Europe must speak with one clear voice
2010-05-25 IIF Report: Global approach to resolving failing financial firms - an industry perspective
2010-05-25 IOSCO principles on cross border supervisory cooperation
2010-05-21 FT: Senate approves Wall Street reform bill
2010-05-21 WSJ: Senate passes finance bill
2010-05-21 US Senate passes Wall Street reform
2010-05-20 SEC proposes stock-by-stock circuit breaker rule
2010-05-20 NYT: US Senate fails to advance Financial Reform Bill
2010-05-20 Barnier calls for quick implementation of all financial services legislation
2010-05-19 IMF Asia and Pacific department called for coordinated approach to global financial reforms
2010-05-19 WSJ New York Fed pushes Wall Street on Repo overhaul
2010-05-18 IMF: Financial watchdogs need to be more knowledgeable about the markets they supervise
2010-05-18 ECOFIN Council conclusions on crisis prevention, management and resolution
2010-05-18 Council to negotiate with Parliament on stronger rules for hedge funds and private equity
2010-05-18 ECOFIN Council conclusions on domestic fiscal frameworks
2010-05-18 Canada sends worldwide message in opposition to a global bank tax
2010-05-17 Washington Post: Obama's terms for financial overhaul remain mostly intact
2010-05-17 ACCA: New EU presidency must not let opportunities slip by
2010-05-17 President Barroso presented EU priorities for G20 Summit in Toronto
2010-05-17 G20 Summit: Meeting of global business leaders in advance of Toronto summit
2010-05-14 US Treasury Secretary Geithner and Commissioner Barnier on the financial reform agenda
2010-05-14 CFTC Gensler underlines need for comprehensive regulatory reform to the OTC derivatives marketplace
2010-05-13 NYT - CFTC Gary Gensler lays out timeline for wild Wall Street trading
2010-05-12 Reuters: FDIC floats bank wills, securitization rules
2010-05-11 Barnier: EU and US are on the right track in regulating financial markets
2010-05-11 ECON committee MEPs vote to beef up financial supervisory package - well beyond Council proposals
2010-05-10 G7 and G20 welcome EU area support measures
2010-05-10 ECB decides on measures to address severe tensions in financial markets
2010-05-10 Extraordinary ECOFIN agreed on a European financial stabilisation mechanism - total volume of up to € 500 billion
2010-05-07 EP published FAQ on the financial supervisory package ahead of the ECON vote
2010-05-07 Trichet: Shift in the paradigm of finance that can do more harm than good
2010-05-07 Geithner says root cause of crisis was failure to give regulators enough power
2010-05-05 Barroso: Whatever necessary will be done to ensure that financial markets are not a playground for speculation
2010-05-05 Geithner urges lawmakers to support bank fee
2010-05-04 ECON committee: Financial system in the spotlight as MEPs quized Barnier
2010-04-30 EBF: Banking remuneration policy under the spotlight
2010-04-28 Sobel: US and EU fully agree on tough and rigorous oversight regime for AIFMs
2010-04-28 ECON committee discussed amendments on new ESAs
2010-04-28 SEC Walter criticises confusions on regulatory proposals of the OTC derivatives market
2010-04-28 The Hill: Senate starts debate on Wall Street reform bill on Thursday
2010-04-27 NYT: Senate blocks debate on Financial Oversight Bill
2010-04-26 Barnier warned that time is running out to put in place the new ESAs
2010-04-26 FSB chair Draghi sets out timetable of reform proposals
2010-04-24 IIF criticized IMF proposals for ex-ante levy of financial institutions
2010-04-23 G20 recommitted to regulatory reforms
2010-04-23 CEA messages ahead of G20 Finance ministers' meeting
2010-04-22 US Senate approves tougher rules on derivatives trading
2010-04-21 IMF report to G20 suggests tax on bank balance sheets
2010-04-21 ECB report on the lessons learned from the crisis regarding the functioning of European financial market infrastructures
2010-04-21 SWIFT: Spanish Presidency guarantees no mass transfer of financial data to USA
2010-04-21 EBF concerned over accumulation of proposed measures and impact on the real economy
2010-04-20 EFR letter to G20 finance ministers concerning the recent regulatory developments
2010-04-20 IMF: Government borrowing is rising risk to world financial system
2010-04-16 IMF and FSB hold joint conference on implementing G-20 recommendations on information gaps
2010-04-16 Salgado: Crisis prevention instruments are not an insurance policy permitting banks to take risks
2010-04-16 SEC charges Goldman Sachs with fraud in marketing of CDO
2010-04-15 Barnier: Future ESAs need to have the power to impose binding mediation
2010-04-14 Spanish Presidency compromise text on Omnibus I Directive giving powers to the new ESAs
2010-04-14 ECON committee: MEPs hear views of leading figures on the Greek fiscal crisis
2010-04-14 ECB's fourth report on financial integration in Europe: Return towards integration is taking place
2010-04-14 Trichet: There is a need to strengthen global governance - in particular in the financial field
2010-04-14 IMF’s report on systemic-risk-based regulation
2010-04-14 Wolfgang Münchau is still sceptical on the Greek deal
2010-04-14 SEC proposed large trader reporting system to protect investors
2010-04-10 EP draft report on Directors’ remuneration
2010-04-08 Barnier: City of London is as an asset to the European financial sector but must be properly governed
2010-04-08 European Commission work programme for 2010
2010-04-08 Commission publishes an analysis of the main innovative financing options
2010-04-07 SWIFT: MEPs want to limit bank data transfers to USA
2010-04-07 SEC proposes rules to increase investor protection in asset-backed securities
2010-03-31 FSB publishes compensation practices peer review
2010-03-30 Council conclusions: ESAs to begin work early 2011
2010-03-30 EBF: Council conclusions need fine-tuning
2010-03-30 ECB: opinion on Omnibus I Directive
2010-03-30 Christian Noyer: French perspective of financial stability in Europe and the world
2010-03-30 IMF chief: difficult choices ahead for Europe's policymakers
2010-03-30 UK MPs’ report: too important to fail – too important to ignore
2010-03-30 G20 calls for leaders to deliver on ambitious reform agenda agreed in London and Pittsburgh
2010-03-26 MEPs: financial transaction tax essential to meet development needs
2010-03-25 Almunia: thanks to state aid rules, EC avoided massive competition distortion in financial markets
2010-03-24 IMF strengthens financial data dissemination
2010-03-22 IMF: Europe needs authority to deal with failing banks
2010-03-19 US CFTC: Gary Gensler on OTC reform
2010-03-19 Trichet: three areas for crisis management, and enhancing the resilience of CDS markets with central counterparty facilities
2010-03-17 ECOFIN Council conclusions on EU 2020
2010-03-17 ECON Committee debates world's new financial architecture
2010-03-17 FSB publishes framework for strengthening adherence to international standards
2010-03-17 Valukas report on Lehman Brothers collapse
2010-03-17 City of London report: seventh Global Financial Centre analysis
2010-03-17 FSA OFT and Financial Ombudsman Service propose consumer protection committee to monitor emerging risks
2010-03-17 ECOFIN CounciI: IASB and FASB in continuous talks to achieve financial reporting convergence
2010-03-17 Barnier: EC to follow G20 roadmap on financial services
2010-03-17 Spanish Presidency compromise text on ESAs
2010-03-17 FSA publishes 2010/11 business plan
2010-03-16 Dodd’s bill: Restoring American Financial Stability Act
2010-03-15 US Senator Chris Dodd: This legislation will end "too big to fail" bailouts
2010-03-11 FT: Geithner warns of rift over AIFM regulation
2010-03-10 Parliament asks the Commission to develop the transaction tax plan in time to be presented to the G20 meeting in June
2010-03-10 EP raises doubts on how EC will make 2020 strategy work
2010-03-10 EP discuses Icesave case: MEPs say it should not delay EU accession negotiations
2010-03-10 FSA publishes financial risk outlook 2010: new regulations and withdrawal of support
2010-03-10 ECOFIN Council conclusions on exit strategies from government financial support schemes
2010-03-09 Financial transaction tax debated at EP in Strasbourg
2010-03-08 European Parliament - Competition Policy Debate + Video
2010-03-08 European Parliament – SEPA question + Video
2010-03-04 Michel Barnier: regulatory loopholes on financial services need to be filled
2010-03-04 EP CRIS Special Committee: financial regulation and supervision under spotlight
2010-03-04 Europe 2020: EC proposes new economic strategy for Europe
2010-03-04 Lord Turner on “too big to fail”: Obama/Volcker proposals are seriously being considered
2010-03-04 Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation (PROFIL) publishes financial sector codes of conduct
2010-03-02 FSA finalizes new framework for financial penalty-setting
2010-03-02 MEP Sharon Bowles speaks out on £1.3 billion RBS bonuses
2010-03-02 FEE Comment Letter on PCAOB auditing standards on auditor’s assessment of and response to risk
2010-03-01 BIS Quarterly Review: 'International banking and financial market developments'
2010-03-01 IMF rethinks its role in post-crisis world
2010-03-01 IMF: Europe is learning lessons from the crisis
2010-02-26 FED: Tarullo on financial regulatory reform
2010-02-25 ECON Committee wants bigger transfer of powers for European supervisory agencies
2010-02-25 SEC approves short selling restrictions
2010-02-24 ECON Committee: financial transaction tax needed to pay for damage caused by crisis
2010-02-24 State aid: EC takes Greece to court for failure to recover illegal tax exemptions
2010-02-23 AFME-EHYA response to UK Treasury discussion paper on non-bank lending
2010-02-22 González-Páramo: Future of European and international financial market regulation and supervision
2010-02-19 Nicolas Véron: Financial Regulation: A new fortress Europe?
2010-02-17 Barnier: binding remuneration rules across the financial sector would be an incentive for taking less risk
2010-02-17 ECOFIN Council: Greece must correct government deficit by 2012
2010-02-17 ESRB, EIOPA and ESMA “Rapporteurs” publish draft reports for discussion at next ECON Committee
2010-02-16 Lord Turner: past assumptions about benefits of unlimited financial services liberalization and innovation must be challenged
2010-02-16 New classification system between ECB and CEBS reporting frameworks
2010-02-15 ECB Executive Board creates Directorate General, Financial Stability and appoints Director General
2010-02-15 Almunia: “The goal is to apply competition rules fairly but firmly”
2010-02-12 Spanish Presidency publishes Omnibus Directive Compromise text
2010-02-12 ESBG position on EC supervisory package proposal
2010-02-12 Almunia’s vision for competition policy in Europe
2010-02-12 Jerzy Buzek on EP rejection of SWIFT interim agreement
2010-02-11 Paul N. Goldschmidt: EU, rather than Germany, should offer support to Greece
2010-02-10 MEPs call for swifter response and tighter coordination in Eurozone to avoid tension in financial markets
2010-02-09 Barroso’s new team wins Parliament backing
2010-02-08 Finextra: finance firms to spend billions on risk management
2010-02-08 Paul N. Goldschmidt: Obama and the Bankers
2010-02-08 G7 fails to reach agreement on financial regulation
2010-02-05 Barroso: De Larosière’s ideas have shaped the direction of the G20
2010-02-05 EC consultations on future EU-US data protection and information-sharing agreement
2010-02-03 SEC-FSA strategic dialogue meeting – special attention to hedge fund regulation
2010-02-03 FT: “Volker rule” and “Obama levy” attract the attention of bankers and regulators around the world
2010-02-03 Eurofinas financial education has a key role to play
2010-02-01 IIF statement on financial regulatory reform and industry practices - global coordination is key to success
2010-02-01 World Economic Forum in Davos: Democrats and Republicans agree financial regulation imperative
2010-01-29 ECON hearing on financial supervisory package – de Larosière stresses progress has been satisfactory
2010-01-28 Trichet interview with Wall Street Journal: full support for Ben Bernanke renewal as Fed Chairman
2010-01-27 IIF William Rhodes at World Economic Forum: warning to regulators time is running out
2010-01-25 FDIC and Bank of England announce enhanced cooperation in resolving troubled cross-border financial institutions
2010-01-25 FT: Brown foresees global accord on bank levy
2010-01-23 FSB backs Obama proposals on banks’ size cut
2010-01-22 ECB González-Páramo: speech on regulatory and supervisory reform in Europe
2010-01-22 Obama urges banks to limit size and investment
2010-01-21 Eurofinas believes the proposed Consumer Rights Directive is an ill suited framework for the lending market
2010-01-21 G20 and FSB split on scale of financial reform
2010-01-20 Spanish Prime Minister presents the EU presidency work programme - special focus on the reform of the European financial market
2010-01-20 ECOFIN Council conclusions on Commission report on Greek government deficit and debt statistics
2010-01-20 Paul Goldschmidt: disappointing Congressional hearings on the financial crisis
2010-01-19 Plans for the fourth G20 Summit in June: Co-chaired by Canada and Korea in Toronto
2010-01-18 Commissioner Barnier - legislative proposals
2010-01-18 ECON Committee Chair Sharon Bowles comments on Designated Commissioner hearings
2010-01-16 CFTC consults on regulations regarding retail FOREX transactions
2010-01-16 IPE: CFTC proposals will affect few, if any, commodity investors
2010-01-15 Commission consults on tying and other unfair commercial practices in the retail financial service sector
2010-01-15 SEC proposes rule to reduce market access risks
2010-01-15 Commissioner-designate for Health and Consumer Policy Dalli wants well informed consumers who can take educated decisions
2010-01-14 Obama Bank Tax: We want our money back – and we’ll get it!
2010-01-14 Commissioner hearings: TAXUD Commissioner Šemeta wants to ensure quality of EU expenditure
2010-01-14 MARKT Commissioner-designate Barnier will not take orders from Paris or London, but will defend the European common interest + Video
2010-01-13 ICMA's regulatory newsletter pays special attention to the Commission’s proposal on OTC
2010-01-13 Commissioner hearings: COMP Commissioner Almunia wants everyone in the financial sector to respect state aid rules
2010-01-13 CFTC Gensler calls for comprehensive reform to the over-the-counter derivatives markets
2010-01-13 European Parliament – Michel Barnier evidence session + Video
2010-01-12 IMF First Deputy Managing Director interviewed about the future report on financial sector rescues
2010-01-12 UK Treasury calls for more choice in business finance – proposals for reform to follow later this year
2010-01-12 IMF consults on possible financial sector tax as requested by the G20 last September
2010-01-12 Commissioner hearings: ECFIN Commissioner Rehn calls for more economic co-ordination and unified international representation
2010-01-11 Central Bank Governors and Heads of Supervision reinforce Basel Committee reform package
2010-01-11 FSB on the financial reform agenda: it is essential to raise the quality and level of capital in the banking system
2010-01-11 FSB consults on peer review on compensation practices within large financial institutions
2010-01-11 Joint Forum Report: Review of the differentiated nature and scope of financial regulation
2010-01-08 Expansion: Future Competition Commissioner Almunia wants a "successful exit from the crisis" from a competition policy perspective
2010-01-07 Commission European Financial Integration Report 2009 – great policy achievements on financial supervision
2010-01-06 ECB Papademos comments on ECB’s 2009 Financial Stability Report - risks still exist
2010-01-06 IFSL reports considerable drop of trade surplus and employment in financial services sector
2010-01-04 Commission single market review - derivatives could entail significant risks to financial stability
2010-01-04 Bernanke calls for better execution of financial regulation and supervision

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