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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2017 Policy impacting Finance
2017-12-21 EBA issues guidance for the use of cloud service providers by financial institutions
2017-12-21 Hedgeweek: Sophisticated cyber threats and being ready for GDPR are major concerns for finance sector IT pros
2017-12-20 Hedgeweek: Wealth and asset management firms lead banks in race to embrace new tech, says survey
2017-12-11 CFOs risk losing relevance and global competitiveness if they do not embrace technology, says ACCA
2017-12-08 ALFI: Review of the European Supervisory Authorities – ALFI takes position
2017-12-07 Insurance Europe: Response provided to consultation on prevention and amicable resolution of disputes
2017-12-06 EBF: EU ‘Cybersecurity Act’: steps in the right direction
2017-12-01 European Commission: Financial services: Commission follows up on the Call for Evidence and consults on supervisory reporting
2017-11-03 EBF: IBFed response to the Basel Committee FinTech consultation
2017-10-19 EU-Switzerland Financial Regulatory Dialogue - statement
2017-10-16 Financial Times: Five ways banks are using blockchain
2017-10-06 The Bank of England’s FinTech Accelerator: what have we done and what have we learned? - remarks by Andrew Hauser
2017-10-03 EFAMA statement on the European Commission’s proposals to review the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs)
2017-10-02 ALFI: Commission proposals could adversely impact investors, funding and the European financial markets
2017-09-29 ESMA consults on Guidelines for non-significant benchmarks
2017-09-29 FCA: Andrew Bailey speech on free trade in financial services matters
2017-09-28 ESMA updates Q&As on the Benchmarks Regulation
2017-09-21 New working group on a risk-free reference rate for the euro area
2017-09-21 ESAs highlight main risks for the EU financial system
2017-09-20 AFME comments on European Supervisory Authorities Review
2017-09-19 Bloomberg: ESMA set for power boost as Brexit, MiFID II loom
2017-09-12 ESMA sees valuation risk at highest levels due to financial weakness and geopolitical uncertainty
2017-09-11 Hedgeweek: Political uncertainty has delayed preparation for new regulatory compliance, says DST
2017-09-06 Financial Times: The penny drops for central banks on cryptocurrencies
2017-08-31 Consultative document on the implications of fintech for banks and supervisors issued by the Basel Committee
2017-08-19 EBF response to EBA draft recommendations on outsourcing to cloud service providers
2017-08-11 European Commission boosts consumer protection for insurance products
2017-08-07 BIS: The FinTech Opportunity
2017-08-04 EBA publishes a Discussion Paper on its approach to FinTech
2017-08-02 BBC: US regulator mulls banking rule reform
2017-07-24 Financial regulation and supervision - Lords Committee launches new inquiry
2017-07-24 Bloomberg: IMF sees US fading as global growth engine
2017-07-24 European Commission: Public consultation on transparency and fees in cross-border transactions in the EU
2017-07-24 OMFIF: Banking, fintech: a potent force
2017-07-13 ESMA issues sector-specific principles on relocations from the UK to the EU27
2017-07-12 Hedgeweek: Cybersecurity challenges for investment managers
2017-07-10 Bloomberg: Business casts doubt on U.K.-U.S. post-Brexit trade deal
2017-07-08 G20 leaders´ declaration: Shaping an interconnected world
2017-07-07 ECB contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the operations of the European Supervisory Authorities
2017-07-06 European Council: Statement following the 24th EU-Japan Summit
2017-07-04 EFRAG requests evidence on equity investments held by European constituents and possible effects of IFRS 9
2017-06-29 FSB reports to G20 Leaders on progress in financial regulatory reforms
2017-06-29 EBA publishes report on consumer data and identifies a number of applicable requirements under EU law
2017-06-28 European Commission: Feedback statement on the public consultation on the operations of the ESAs
2017-06-27 FSB issues a report on the financial stability implications from FinTech
2017-06-26 European Commission report: Protectionism on the rise, EU successful in countering barriers
2017-06-26 New Europe: EU-Japan Trade negotiations approach final stage: A progressive and ambitious outcome is needed
2017-06-26 European Parliament: Towards a pan-European covered bonds framework - consultative report
2017-06-21 ESMA responds to Commission consultation on Fintech
2017-06-15 Insurance Europe: Response to fintech consultation: New technology, but same rules must apply
2017-06-15 ALFI response to the EU Commission consultation on FinTech
2017-06-14 POLITICO: EU, Japan launch big push to seal trade deal by July
2017-06-07 ESMA responds to Commission consultation on Fintech
2017-06-02 FSB RCG for Europe discusses regional financial developments, financial regulatory reform implementation and digital currency
2017-06-02 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the EU-China summit in Brussels
2017-05-31 ESMA issues principles on supervisory approach to relocations from the UK
2017-05-31 EBA publishes Opinion on EU Commission consultation on the operation of the ESAs
2017-05-30 OECD: Increased international cooperation on financial and corporate issues essential to making globalisation work for all
2017-05-30 ESMA publishes response to consultation on the operation of the ESAs
2017-05-29 Deloitte comment letter on ESA Consultation
2017-05-29 EU Commissioner Malmström: 'Millions of U.S. Jobs Depend On Trade with EU'
2017-05-29 EIOPA’s response to the European Commission on its public consultation on the operations of the European Supervisory Authorities
2017-05-24 ECB: Risk of further bond market repricing persists but financial market stress is contained
2017-05-23 City A. M.: Fintech startup Transferwise has launched its first service beyond money transfer with"borderless" business accounts
2017-05-22 BIS: Rapid growth in FinTech credit carries opportunities and risks: report
2017-05-19 Reuters: EU executive asks bank watchdog to rethink 'screen scraping' ban
2017-05-16 Accountancy Europe: Response on the operations of the ESAs
2017-05-16 Accountancy Europe's response to the Commission's consultation on FinTech
2017-05-16 EBF response to the Commission consultation on the European Supervisory Authorities
2017-05-16 Insurance Europe on ESAs review: splitting responsibilities or losing dedicated insurance supervisor would damage quality of supervision
2017-05-16 AFME response to European Supervisory Authorities review consultation
2017-05-15 ICMA response to the Commission’s consultation on the operations of the ESAs
2017-05-15 Insurance Europe: Changes proposed to FSB proposed framework for evaluation of effects of G-20 financial regulatory reforms
2017-05-12 Investment & PensionsEurope: Blockchain technology 'could transform pensions administration'
2017-05-11 Financial services: Council approves programme to involve consumers in policymaking
2017-05-11 Chatham House: Brexit: Implications for EU–China Relations
2017-05-08 ISDA AGM focuses on push for derivatives market efficiency
2017-05-04 ACCA issues new guide to blockchain
2017-04-28 European Parliament Report on FinTech: the influence of technology on the future of the financial sector
2017-04-27 Risks and opportunities of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Technologies (BDLTs)
2017-04-20 ESAs highlight main risks for the EU financial system
2017-04-12 BIS: Global repo markets in transition post-crisis, regulatory changes and central bank stimulus: CGFS report
2017-04-12 Mark Carney: Building the infrastructure to realise Fintech’s promise
2017-04-11 FSB consults on framework for post-implementation evaluation of the effects of the G20 financial regulatory reforms
2017-04-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain provides new opportunities for insurance industry
2017-04-10 Financial Times: Global institutions mount joint defence of trade benefits
2017-04-05 EBA: ESAs consult on draft Guidelines to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering in electronic fund transfers
2017-04-04 Bruegel: Key policy options for the G20 in 2017 to support an open and inclusive trade and investment system
2017-03-27 Fondation Robert Schuman: European Union, Brexit, USA: The strategic dimension of the new trade issues
2017-03-23 Consumer Financial Services Action Plan: Better products and more choice for European consumers
2017-03-23 The Economist: An earthquake in European banking
2017-03-22 Insurance Europe response to ESAs consultation: big data analytics provides clear benefits to consumers
2017-03-21 European Commission: public consultation on the operations of the European Supervisory Authorities
2017-03-21 ESAs welcome European Commission’s public consultation on their operation
2017-03-21 Financial Times: Brussels considers tougher powers for EU’s financial watchdog
2017-03-21 Christine Lagarde: Fintech—A Brave New World for the Financial Sector?
2017-03-20 CEPS: EU-China Leadership in Trade Policy: Feasible? Desirable?
2017-03-20 City A.M.: Why a red tape bonfire won’t help fintech
2017-03-18 Bloomberg: G-20 drops anti-protectionist pledge as price of US assent
2017-03-17 FSB Chair sets out need for full implementation of agreed reforms and the FSB’s priorities for the G20 German Presidency
2017-03-17 ALFI response to the ESAs joint committee discussion paper on the use of big data by financial institutions
2017-03-17 Bank of England FinTech Accelerator launches new community and latest proofs of concept
2017-03-16 Bruegel: Europe should lead the way with multilateralism
2017-03-06 Bloomberg: G-20 Drops Wording on Resisting Protectionism in Draft Document
2017-03-05 Financial Times: China overtakes eurozone as world’s biggest bank system
2017-03-01 Financial Times: Trump threatens to tear up the trade rule book
2017-02-28 FSB assesses implementation progress and effects of reforms
2017-02-28 European Commission: EU equivalence decisions in financial services policy: an assessment
2017-02-20 City A.M.: How Blockchain technology will change the financial services industry
2017-02-15 CETA: MEPs back EU-Canada trade agreement
2017-02-14 Financial services: Agreement on the involvement of consumers in policymaking
2017-02-09 Bruegel: The EU should not retaliate against Trump’s protectionism
2017-02-08 Bruegel: Making the best of Brexit for the EU27 financial system
2017-02-01 Policy Exchange: What should a US-UK trade deal be based on?
2017-01-29 Wolfgang Münchau: How Europe can avoid falling into Trump’s trap
2017-01-29 The National Interest: The Death of TPP: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to China
2017-01-28 POLITICO: US, Britain to begin preliminary trade talks
2017-01-28 The Economist: America, China and the risk of a trade war
2017-01-27 Oliver Wyman: Implications of the Trump Administration for Financial Regulation
2017-01-27 ESMA publishes new Q&A on Alternative Performance Measures Guidelines
2017-01-26 John Iannis Mourmouras: The risks and prospects for the global economy and capital markets in 2017
2017-01-24 EurActiv: Europe moves to pick up free trade scraps as Trump ditches TPP
2017-01-24 Financial Times: Take the US president’s protectionism seriously
2017-01-24 CETA: Trade Committee MEPs back EU-Canada agreement
2017-01-23 Bloomberg: May set to defy EU by opening pre-Brexit global trade talks
2017-01-17 EU and US publish TTIP state of play assessment

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