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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2008 Policy impacting Finance
2008-12-31 SEC study on Fair Value Accounting Standards
2008-12-19 IIF forcasts growth revival for mid 2009
2008-12-18 Single Market Review: one year on
2008-12-18 FDIC Supervisory Insights - winter 2008
2008-12-17 FDIC Bair: CRA as a scapegoat for troubled homeowner
2008-12-17 US agencies approve final rule on deduction of Goodwill from Tier 1 Capital
2008-12-17 Fed cuts rate close to zero
2008-12-17 Plenary Meeting 15-18 December
2008-12-16 FSF fifth Asia-Pacific regional meeting - essential that credit flows maintain
2008-12-16 IMF Strauss-Kahn: Actions taken so far are not enough
2008-12-15 ECB Financial Stability Review warns against risks resulting from hedge funds performance
2008-12-15 ECON meeting 15 December
2008-12-12 EP President Pöttering - The legislation we need cannot wait until 2010
2008-12-12 European Council 11-12 December
2008-12-11 ECON consideration on draft report on CRD
2008-12-09 PCAOB Olson outlines future issues for analysis
2008-12-09 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter – Autumn 2008
2008-12-08 Trichet - supervision of cross-border financial institutions needs to be enhanced
2008-12-08 Fed Kroszner – Financial products need to become simpler
2008-12-08 McCreevy outlines urgently needed measures to overcome crises
2008-12-08 IMF F&D magazine on Financial Crisis
2008-12-08 ECON meeting 8 December
2008-12-05 ECON workshop on Credit Rating Agencies
2008-12-05 PCAOB issues staff audit practice alert on audit considerations in the current environment
2008-12-04 European Parliament debate on key issues of forthcoming European Council
2008-12-03 SEC strengthens oversight of Credit Rating Agencies
2008-12-03 Single Market News no 52
2008-12-03 GAO report criticizes US Treasury over implementation of financial rescue plan
2008-12-02 EBIC common principles for bank account switching
2008-12-02 ECON meeting 1-2 December
2008-12-02 ECOFIN meeting 2 December
2008-12-01 CEPS proposes European System of Financial Supervisors
2008-11-27 Commission green paper on collective redress
2008-11-26 Commission proposes €200 billion plan of combined measures
2008-11-25 Fed to create Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility - TALF
2008-11-25 Fed to purchase the direct obligations of GSEs and MBS
2008-11-25 Treasury extends of Temporary Guarantee Program for Money Market Funds
2008-11-24 Treasury, Fed and FDIC Joint Statement on Citigroup
2008-11-21 MLex Comment - Retail banking regulation after the state bail-outs
2008-11-21 ECB Trichet - Global challenges call for global responses
2008-11-21 Treasury Paulson - not too interconnected or too big to fail
2008-11-20 Plenary Meeting 17-20 November
2008-11-19 SEC Cox supports single set of accounting standards
2008-11-17 SEC roadmap for the use of IFRS for US issuers
2008-11-17 BIS Wellink outlines Committees key issues
2008-11-17 ECON meeting 17 November
2008-11-16 G20 Leaders agree on action plan and intensified co-operation
2008-11-16 G20 Summit Declaration
2008-11-15 PWG initiatives on OTC derivatives oversight and infrastructure
2008-11-15 TARP programme under harsh criticism in US Congress
2008-11-14 Germany supports pan-European banking regulator
2008-11-14 House Committee of Government Oversight and Reform hearing on Hedge Funds
2008-11-12 US Treasury shifts priorities of TARP programme
2008-11-12 IOSCO - regulatory gaps must be closed
2008-11-12 CFTC Lukken calls for complete regulatory overhaul
2008-11-12 OECD prepares two-pillar action plan for governments
2008-11-11 IIF calls for Global Financial Regulatory Co-ordinating Council
2008-11-11 High Level Expert Group on EU financial supervision - first meeting and mandate
2008-11-09 G20 agrees on co-ordinated anti-cyclical policy actions
2008-11-08 Fed Governor Warsh – getting the new financial architecture right
2008-11-07 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter
2008-11-07 European Conclusions on G20 summit
2008-11-05 Commission 2009 work programme
2008-11-05 ECON meeting 4-5 November
2008-11-04 ECOFIN meeting 4 November
2008-11-03 Autumn economic forecast - GDP growth close to a stand-still
2008-11-01 Bernanke calls for reform of US housing finance market
2008-11-01 Barroso – New financial system must include China and India
2008-10-31 Commission proposes financial assistance to Hungary
2008-10-30 Steinbrück expects German Banks to participate in rescue plan - FT
2008-10-30 Thoughts on the reform of the International Financial System
2008-10-29 Commission calls for wider economic policy co-ordination
2008-10-29 Financing package for Hungary
2008-10-28 Commission consults on review of Merger Regulation
2008-10-28 UK Financial Stability Review
2008-10-28 Kimmit encourages SWF to invest in US market
2008-10-25 ASEM summit statement on financial crises
2008-10-24 OECD Gurria - From the financial crisis to the economic downturn
2008-10-23 House Committee of Government Oversight and Reform hearing on the Role of Federal Regulators
2008-10-22 Summit on financial crises set for November 15
2008-10-22 ECB González-Páramo: Future of banking supervision in Europe
2008-10-22 US and EU agree to series of summits on world finance
2008-10-22 House Committee of Government Oversight and Reform hearing on Credit Rating Agencies
2008-10-22 Plenary Meeting 20-23 October
2008-10-21 PCAOB proposes new auditing standards
2008-10-21 Congress hearing on regulatory restructuring
2008-10-21 Fed initiative to help money market funds - MMIFF
2008-10-21 High Level Group on financial supervision set up
2008-10-21 IMF outlook Europe: Growth to fall sharply before starting to recover in late 2009
2008-10-21 Kroszner calls for strategic risk management in banking institutions
2008-10-21 Bernanke open to new stimulus package
2008-10-20 ECON meeting 20 October
2008-10-17 Fed guidance for compliance risk and consolidated supervision
2008-10-16 European Council 15-16 October
2008-10-15 ECB measures to expand collateral framework and enhance liquidity
2008-10-15 Commission proposal on Deposit Guarantee Schemes
2008-10-15 Trichet – Time for immediate action
2008-10-15 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter
2008-10-15 Bernanke sees significant threat to US growth
2008-10-14 Barroso does not rule out legislation on hedge fund and private equity
2008-10-14 Commission non-paper on EU response to financial crisis
2008-10-14 ECON Draft Motion for a Resolution on the situation of the global financial system
2008-10-14 Treasury announces executive compensation rules under the EESA
2008-10-14 US Treasury announces Troubled Asset Relief Program - TARP
2008-10-14 Fed announces Commercial Paper Funding Facility program - CPFF
2008-10-14 FDIC announces Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program
2008-10-14 Overview of national rescue measures and deposit guarantee schemes
2008-10-14 IMF to sharpen assessment of risks facing countries
2008-10-14 Summary of US government actions to strengthen market stability
2008-10-13 UK FSA statement on remuneration policies
2008-10-13 EU Governments announce rescue packages
2008-10-13 Central Banks provide unlimited funding
2008-10-13 HM Treasury statement on financial support to the banking industry
2008-10-13 Banque de France issues Financial Stability Review on valuation issues
2008-10-13 EU leaders agree on rescue plan - summit declaration
2008-10-13 IIF chair calls for global regulatory co-ordinating body
2008-10-11 IMF presses four-step plan to halt financial spiral
2008-10-11 G-7 Plan of Action
2008-10-11 PWG fourth quarter policy statement update
2008-10-11 FSF follow up report - Enhancing Market and Institutional Resilience
2008-10-11 World finance ministers back G-7 action plan
2008-10-10 FASB clarifies fair value guidance for inactive markets
2008-10-09 McCreevy - Rasmussen and Lehne reports do not automatically herald new EU legislation
2008-10-09 IMF World Economic Outlook predicts major global slowdown
2008-10-09 Cox calls for immediate legislative action on credit default swaps
2008-10-09 Plenary Meeting 8-9 October
2008-10-08 Barroso - High Level Group to work on cross-border supervision
2008-10-08 Steinbrück outlines future financial-market rules
2008-10-08 Central Banks announce reductions in interest rates
2008-10-08 IMF Global Financial Stability Report calls for collective action
2008-10-08 UK announces financial support to banking industry
2008-10-08 Bernanke – Fed needs to consider whether current policy remains appropriate
2008-10-08 Fed plans to buy commercial papers
2008-10-07 Barroso calls for co-ordinated action
2008-10-07 ECOFIN meeting 7 October
2008-10-07 ECON meeting 6-7 October
2008-10-06 EU leader’s statement on stability of financial system
2008-10-05 Germany guarantees all private savings accounts
2008-10-04 Council to agree on a ‘co-ordinated response on European level’ for supervision
2008-10-04 Council to review executive pay
2008-10-04 US approved Emergency Economic Stabilization Act - EESA
2008-10-03 IMF: Financial crisis likely to worsen economic downturn
2008-10-03 IIF calls for more and coordinated policy action
2008-10-02 SEC extends short-sell ban until after Congress vote
2008-10-01 Federal regulators clarify accounting rules for banks
2008-10-01 Trichet - Some lessons from the financial market correction
2008-09-29 US bailout plan rejected
2008-09-29 Treasury announces temporary guarantee program for money market funds
2008-09-28 US Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
2008-09-26 COMPETITIVENESS meeting 25-26 September
2008-09-25 FASB Herz - regulatory architecture needs to be re-thought
2008-09-25 Plenary Meeting 22-25 September
2008-09-23 Bernanke, Paulson call for urgent implementation of bailout plan
2008-09-23 US Senate Banking Committee to amend Paulson Plan
2008-09-22 G-7 welcomes US bail-out plan
2008-09-22 Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley gave up investment banking status
2008-09-22 ECON meeting 22 September
2008-09-21 Proposed Treasury authority to purchase troubled assets
2008-09-20 US Treasury announces guaranty program for money market funds
2008-09-20 Fed approves two interim final rules to provide liquidity
2008-09-19 SEC halts short selling of financial stocks
2008-09-19 WSJ: U.S. drafts sweeping plan to fight crisis
2008-09-18 IOSCO addresses current market turmoil
2008-09-18 SEC clarifies accounting issues relating to bank support for money market mutual funds
2008-09-18 SEC rules against naked short-selling abuses
2008-09-17 US Government ready to bail out AIG
2008-09-17 PCAOB Gradison - a single auditing standard the primary goal
2008-09-16 ECB concerned about UK plans to transfer oversight of retail payment systems
2008-09-16 IMA calls for stability legislative committee
2008-09-16 Sibos conference: Crisis demands fresh approach to risk - Financial crisis caused by risk failure at senior levels
2008-09-16 Single Market News No. 51
2008-09-15 PCAOB Niemeier criticizes plan to adopt IFRS
2008-09-15 Bank of America Buys Merrill Lynch
2008-09-15 Lehman Brothers announces to file chapter 11 bankruptcy petition
2008-09-15 SEC statement regarding recent markets events – Lehman
2008-09-15 Fed initiatives to support financial markets - Lehman
2008-09-13 Informal ECOFIN meeting 12-13 September
2008-09-11 Kuneva announces report on retail banking for next year
2008-09-11 AMF amends General Regulation
2008-09-11 IASB and FASB publish update to 2006 MoU
2008-09-11 ECON meeting 9-10 September
2008-09-10 IMA - Retail investors optimistic despite credit crunch
2008-09-09 ECMI summary on hearing on retail investment products
2008-09-09 ECB González-Páramo - Serious efforts needed to restore markets
2008-09-09 Almunia announces proposals to come on CRD and Credit Rating Agencies
2008-09-09 McCreevy wants Germany facing court over VW law
2008-09-08 FASB to converge going concern guidance under GAAP with IFRS
2008-09-08 ECB Tumpel-Gugerell - The role of central banks for banking supervision
2008-09-07 US takes control over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
2008-08-28 SEC releases Roadmap to International Accounting Standards
2008-08-22 Bernanke calls for increased focus on systemwide risks by regulators and supervisors
2008-08-08 CRMPG III report on reform of systemic risks
2008-07-31 Paulson on resolution regime in light of a changed financial landscape
2008-07-22 UK authorities consultation on banking ‘special resolution regime’
2008-07-21 FSA consults on changes to the Disclosure and Transparency Rules
2008-07-17 IIF Final Report on Market Best Practices
2008-07-16 Bernanke: Financial markets and institutions remain under considerable stress
2008-07-16 Paulson calls for stronger GSE regulatory structure
2008-07-16 FDIC: Final Guidance on Supervisory Review Process - Basel II
2008-07-16 ECON meeting 15-16 July
2008-07-15 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter No.10
2008-07-15 DG MARKT: open hearing on retail investment products
2008-07-14 BoE paper points out expectations for future financial market developments
2008-07-13 EP and ECON 2009 Draft Calendar
2008-07-12 US regulators willing to provide more guidance on fair value
2008-07-11 Commission consultation on classifying and reporting consumer complaints
2008-07-10 Paulson and Bernanke press for regulatory reforms
2008-07-10 US officials on challenges for a CCP for clearing CDSs
2008-07-10 Plenary Meeting 7-10 July
2008-07-09 Commission publishes Internal Market Scoreboard
2008-07-09 ECB Trichet – No evidence for an overhaul of supervisory framework
2008-07-09 SEC report on shortcomings in Credit Rating Agencies' Practices and Disclosure to Investors
2008-07-09 US Agencies statement on Basel II advanced approaches qualification process
2008-07-09 Fed Bernanke underlines need for more robust regulation
2008-07-08 IOSCO overview of Work of Technical Committee
2008-07-08 Federal Reserve and SEC issue memorandum of understanding
2008-07-08 ECOFIN meeting 7-8 July
2008-07-03 McCreevy - further steps to counter financial turmoil
2008-07-03 Treasury Paulson calls for regulatory overhaul
2008-07-02 Fed Mishkin - Financial Markets show signs of improvement
2008-07-02 AMF Prada wants CESR to become “head of a network of market regulators”
2008-07-02 ECB Trichet calls for closer co-operation between supervisors and central banks
2008-07-02 SEC proposals to reduce reliance on CRAs
2008-07-01 UK authorities consult on financial stability and depositor protection
2008-07-01 BIS calls for new macro-financial stability framework
2008-07-01 French Presidency Work Programme
2008-06-30 US Senators demand say in new financial regulation
2008-06-30 SEC consults on foreign broker activities in US
2008-06-30 Fin-Focus Newsletter No 5
2008-06-30 ECON meeting 30 June
2008-06-27 ECB Papademos – monetary policy to ‘lean against the wind’
2008-06-26 Fed Board proposes standardized Basel II approach
2008-06-26 FDIC approves Basel II-based standardized approach
2008-06-26 Commission takes action to ensure that six Member States implement EU laws
2008-06-26 Single Market News No 50
2008-06-26 New research centre to focus on financial regulation
2008-06-26 SEC to reduce its over-reliance on ratings
2008-06-26 FDIC and FSA sign Memorandum of Understanding
2008-06-25 FASB - Improving US GAAP still FASB focus
2008-06-25 McCreevy - No need to revise E-Commerce Directive
2008-06-25 Commission Report on Competition Policy 2007
2008-06-25 ECON meeting 24-25 June
2008-06-24 Treasury Ryan – stakeholders have to move past the rhetoric
2008-06-20 Commission to propose new framework of consumer contract law
2008-06-20 Fed Kohn - consolidated supervision needs to be updated
2008-06-20 Treasury Paulson called for new powers for the Fed
2008-06-20 EFR / FSR joint statement supports colleges of supervisors
2008-06-20 European Council 19-20 June
2008-06-19 Plenary Meeting 16-19 June
2008-06-18 Basel committee proposes new risk-management guidelines
2008-06-18 Mlex: EC plots regulation to take on retail banks over account switching
2008-06-18 OECD Financial Market Trends – June 2008
2008-06-16 FSF update on implementation of recommendations
2008-06-16 G8 – imperative to enhance transparency and risk awareness
2008-06-16 ECON meeting 16 June
2008-06-13 FESE letter to SEC on mutual recognition
2008-06-13 US Treasury Norton supports central insurance-sector advisor
2008-06-13 US Congress to hold hearings on financial market regulatory restructuring
2008-06-13 MasterCard temporarily repeals cross-border MIF
2008-06-13 SIFMA warns against SEC proposals on CRA
2008-06-12 ECB Smaghi calls for improved information exchange between supervisors and central banks
2008-06-11 SEC proposes new rules on CRAs
2008-06-10 EU-US Summit on strategic partnership
2008-06-10 PCAOB adopts rules for annual and special reporting
2008-06-10 FDIC Supervisory Insights Journal
2008-06-10 Council Presidency - 18 month draft programme
2008-06-10 ECB Financial Stability Review - risks increased
2008-06-06 Fed Kroszner – financial markets will recover only gradually
2008-06-06 Attorney General Cuomo agreement with Credit Rating Agencies on RMBS market
2008-06-06 US Treasury: Auditing Advisory Panel asks for more audit firm disclosures
2008-06-05 Fed Kohn - Number of banks with less-than-satisfactory ratings will rise further
2008-06-05 Commission consultation on revised Impact Assessment Guidelines
2008-06-05 Treasury Nason - Fed lending comes with 'regulatory cost'
2008-06-05 Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee criticizes Bear bail-out
2008-06-05 Plenary Meeting 4-5 June
2008-06-04 MLex: Banks seek solution to EC's payments network concerns
2008-06-04 ECB Trichet - Reflections on the current financial markets correction
2008-06-03 CEPS: EU Retail Financial Market Integration - Mirage or Reality?
2008-06-03 ECB Trichet - responsibilities unchanged despite shocks
2008-06-03 Fed Bernanke on long-term perspective of the turmoil
2008-06-03 ECOFIN meeting 2-3 June
2008-06-03 ECON meeting 2-3 June
2008-06-02 ELEC Cahier Boël on Pan-EU retail banking
2008-06-01 ECB González-Páramo - Banking industry needs to revive market
2008-05-30 Fed Kohn calls on private firms to establish larger liquidity buffers
2008-05-30 HM Treasury announces new FSA chair
2008-05-29 IOSCO final report on sub-prime crisis
2008-05-29 COMPETITIVENESS meeting 29-30 May
2008-05-28 EU study on preventing financial exclusion
2008-05-28 FSA publishes industry feedback on liquidity requirements
2008-05-28 FSA consults on increasing transparency in regulation
2008-05-26 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter
2008-05-26 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter
2008-05-24 SEC signs protocols for sharing information on IAS
2008-05-23 Finland integrates supervisory authorities
2008-05-23 Fed Kroszner calls for greater transparency and less complexity in credit instruments
2008-05-22 Former top politicians call for ‘European Crisis Committee’
2008-05-22 Plenary Meeting 19-22 May
2008-05-22 Technical workshop with industry representatives on PRIPs
2008-05-21 FOMC concerned that recovery in markets could prove fragile
2008-05-20 IMF still sees continued serious risks to global financial stability
2008-05-20 EP adopted EU consumer policy strategy
2008-05-19 ECON meeting 19 May
2008-05-16 IMF Strauss-Kahn - worst news behind us
2008-05-16 ECB Trichet: Augment transparency and reduce pro-cyclicality as broad lines of actions
2008-05-16 Fed Bernanke calls for better risk-management practices in financial institutions
2008-05-16 BIS Knight: Key policy challenge is greater co-ordination of financial regulation and supervision
2008-05-15 BaFin Sanio: New doctrine of „too connected to fail“
2008-05-14 IIF Dallara calls for voluntary industry best practice
2008-05-14 Fed Kroszner – Implementing Basel II in the US
2008-05-14 SEC proposes XBRL standard for financial information disclosure
2008-05-14 ECOFIN meeting
2008-05-13 Bernanke – Financial markets still far from normal
2008-05-13 ECB Trichet on adapting the international financial architecture
2008-05-13 Summary of comments on EP seminar on Financial Crisis
2008-05-09 SEC Cox comments on CRAs and Fair Value
2008-05-09 ECON study: Financial Supervision and Crisis Management in the EU
2008-05-08 ECOFIN to adopt conclusions on supervision and financial stability arrangements
2008-05-08 SEC scrutinizes investment bank liquidity
2008-05-08 SEC Cox calls for clear authority to oversee largest investment banks
2008-05-08 Plenary Meeting 7-8 May
2008-05-06 ECON meeting 5-6 May
2008-05-06 SEC advisory committee takes up fair value accounting
2008-05-05 ECON chair calls for concrete proposals for change following financial crisis
2008-05-03 Book review: Global Financial Regulation
2008-05-02 MLex: EC rejects MasterCard's request to extend deadline for redrafting card fees
2008-05-02 BoE predicts end of credit crises likely
2008-04-30 Treasury Sobel: Equivalence of EU-US insurance supervisory regime requires intensive discussion
2008-04-30 3L3 Committees issue revised Impact Assessment Guidelines
2008-04-30 Independent: Bear Stearns bail-out 'worst policy mistake'
2008-04-30 Joint Forum issues customer suitability report
2008-04-30 Ifo Institute Sinn: The bad accounting system is the IFRS
2008-04-30 CFTC Chilton disagrees with regulatory merger
2008-04-30 SEC completes review of cross-border tender, exchange offer and business combination rules
2008-04-30 IIF survey of investor relations and transparency in emerging markets
2008-04-29 ECB financial integration report April 2008
2008-04-29 Speech Kuneva: Transformation of European consumer policy law
2008-04-29 US Treasury Nason on expanding bank-like regulation to a wider range of firms
2008-04-28 Spring economic forecast 2008-2009
2008-04-25 AMF initial assessment and 2008-09 work agenda
2008-04-25 FESE calls to investigate role of private markets during credit crises
2008-04-25 Joint Forum 'risk concentrations paper' underlines integrated management approach
2008-04-25 AMF Risk and Trend Mapping No 5
2008-04-24 Fed welcomes investments by SWFs
2008-04-24 BoE Jenkinson: Strengthening regimes for controlling liquidity risk
2008-04-24 FSA Huertas: Investors will move much more to a ‘do-it-yourself’ model
2008-04-24 Plenary Meeting 21-24 April
2008-04-23 SEC to issue report on rating agencies in early summer
2008-04-23 BIS Knight warns against oversimplification of underlying causes of turmoil
2008-04-22 General Regulation of the AMF – amended version
2008-04-22 IAIS responds to Financial Stability Forum report
2008-04-22 BIS working paper: The financial turmoil - assessment and policy considerations
2008-04-22 Speech Kroes: Consumers at the heart of EU Competition Policy
2008-04-21 IMF: Resilient Europe faces further test
2008-04-21 European Banks’ overview of financial crisis
2008-04-21 IBfed perspective on financial turmoil
2008-04-21 ECON meeting 21 April - Strasbourg
2008-04-18 AMF Regulation and Listed Corporate Newsletter - 2nd quarter 2008
2008-04-18 EFR warns against regulatory overreaction to financial turmoil
2008-04-18 JUSTICE and HOME AFFAIRS meeting 17-18 April
2008-04-16 Speech Tumpel-Gugerell: Challenges for the financial community
2008-04-16 FT: European banks to decide on Visa rival
2008-04-16 OECD calls for fundamental reform of financial markets
2008-04-16 Informal COMPETITIVENESS meeting 14-16 April
2008-04-15 Trichet outlines key policy lessons and initiatives on financial turbulences
2008-04-15 Fed Governor on post-crisis financial architecture
2008-04-14 MLex: ECB plots break-up of payments 'duopoly', warns against sharp drop in card fees
2008-04-14 G-7 calls for rapid implementation of the FSF report
2008-04-12 FSF final report calls on authorities to be proactive
2008-04-11 Senior Supervisors Group releases report on disclosure practices
2008-04-09 IIF Interim Report calls for Codes of Conduct for banking practices
2008-04-08 WSJ: Darling urges G7 Ministers to adopt FSF proposals
2008-04-08 Harald Tribune: FSA says tough conditions here for some time
2008-04-08 BBA warns against legislating in haste
2008-04-08 IMF warns against broadening credit crisis
2008-04-08 ECON meeting 7-8 April
2008-04-05 Informal ECOFIN meeting 4-5 April
2008-04-04 IIF calls for co-ordinated policy responses on financial turmoil
2008-04-03 Commission White Paper on compensating consumer
2008-04-03 Speech Kroes: Policy paper on compensating victims of competition breaches
2008-04-03 Commission feedback statement on call for evidence on retail investment
2008-04-02 MLex: EC's Visa investigation puts national card fee probes on hold
2008-04-02 Visa Europe to strike deal on interchange fee
2008-04-02 EU-US Coalition Report on Financial Regulation
2008-04-02 McCreevy outlines policy response to financial turmoil
2008-04-02 EFR calls on ECOFIN to avoid regulatory overreaction
2008-04-01 ECON meeting 1 April
2008-03-31 Treasury Blueprint for Stronger Regulatory Structure
2008-03-31 FT: Bush and Brown in push to deal with crisis
2008-03-31 Times: G7 to press big banks to reveal extent of credit crunch losses
2008-03-29 FSF discussions on challenges to financial markets
2008-03-29 Forbes: Inside the Paulson Plan
2008-03-29 US Treasury’s summary of the Blueprint for Financial Regulatory Reform
2008-03-29 NYT: Treasury Dept. Plan Would Give Fed Wide New Power
2008-03-29 Business week: Bush seeks financial regulation overhaul
2008-03-28 Commission Economic Papers: Financial Market Integration under EMU
2008-03-28 UK and France agree on closer cooperation
2008-03-28 Business week: Sarkozy wants capitalism with rules
2008-03-27 Paulson outlines consequences from ‘fundamental changes in the financial system’
2008-03-26 BIS White: The need for a new Macrofinancial Stability Framework
2008-03-26 Speech Kroes: Competition policy objectives
2008-03-26 Trichet calls for further significant change of culture
2008-03-26 FSA moves to enhance supervision in wake of Northern Rock
2008-03-26 Commission opens formal proceedings against Visa Europe
2008-03-26 Commission quarterly report on the euro area: headwinds gather strength
2008-03-26 Telegraph: Financial crisis finger of blame points at City rules
2008-03-26 ECON meeting 25-26 March
2008-03-25 Herald Tribune: OECD sees no need for sovereign wealth fund rules
2008-03-24 SECs next steps towards mutual recognition
2008-03-24 SIFMA calls SEC for immediate reforms on mutual recognition
2008-03-23 FT: Beware a regulatory backlash against banks
2008-03-21 EDHEC research paper on Sovereign Wealth Funds
2008-03-21 US Treasury agrees on principles for Sovereign Wealth Funds
2008-03-21 IMF endorses work agenda on SWF
2008-03-20 US Congressmen call for significant changes in financial services regulation
2008-03-20 OECD interim report states need for policy stimulus stronger in US than in Europe
2008-03-20 Eurosystem and Bank of Russia launch cooperation programme in banking supervision and internal audit
2008-03-20 FASB to improve financial reporting by enhanced disclosures
2008-03-18 Fed cuts interest rates due to credit crisis
2008-03-18 CEA – collective redress schemes should not result in disincentives for business
2008-03-18 SEC Atkins underlines importance of regulatory cooperation
2008-03-18 Deutsche Bank CEO calls for concerted actions to re-establish trust in markets
2008-03-17 DG MARKT feed-back statement on PRIP’s
2008-03-16 Fed initiatives to bolster market liquidity
2008-03-14 Times: Small funds face credit squeeze as prime brokers withdraw financial support
2008-03-14 Federal Reserve Bank and JPMorgan bail-out Bear Stearns
2008-03-14 SEC statement on Bear Stearns Companies
2008-03-14 ECOFIN interim report sets out key priorities to enhance financial stability
2008-03-14 Comment Krugman: Betting the Bank - the Fed is desperate
2008-03-14 finextra: MasterCard claims US court ruling 'reaffirms legality of interchange'
2008-03-14 European Council 13-14 March
2008-03-13 Paulson calls financial institutions to raise capital
2008-03-13 PWG sets out policy recommendations on financial turmoil
2008-03-13 ICMA survey records resilience of the European repo market
2008-03-13 IMF urges action to strengthen global financial system
2008-03-13 CFTC to review risk controls and build regulatory networks
2008-03-13 European Council - preparations
2008-03-12 ESBG: No US-model of the “class actions” on consumer collective redress
2008-03-11 FSA commentary on systems and controls, in light of the SocGen 'rogue trader'
2008-03-11 CFTC and SEC sign MoU on enhanced cooperation
2008-03-11 Speech Kroszner on the importance of fundamentals in risk management
2008-03-11 Central Banks co-ordinate action to address liquidity pressures in funding markets
2008-03-11 Plenary Meeting 10-13 March
2008-03-10 Banque de France issues review on liquidity issues during financial turmoil
2008-03-07 finextra: New legislation to allow US merchants to negotiate interchange fees
2008-03-06 Senior Supervisors Group issue joint report assessing risk management practices
2008-03-06 MEP Wolf Klinz: Risks and opportunities - examining sovereign wealth funds
2008-03-06 FT: Banks warn chancellor against rushing reform
2008-03-06 FSA consultation on sponsor regime for listed companies
2008-03-06 Financial services firms draw up industry response to credit crisis
2008-03-05 FT Insight: Financial system faces commodity-led crisis
2008-03-05 Speech McCreevy: Aspects of the Financial Turmoil
2008-03-05 SEC proposes to streamline ETF approval process
2008-03-05 Telegraph: Alistair Darling plans mortgage kitemark
2008-03-05 McCormick: Progress on code of best practices for sovereign wealth funds
2008-03-05 SEC and FED underline role of SWFs
2008-03-04 Bernanke calls for additional relief to reduce preventable foreclosures
2008-03-04 FED Vice Chairman Kohn: Banks face challenging market conditions
2008-03-04 CNN: US Senate banking committee chair blasts regulators for not sounding warning about risky lending practices
2008-03-04 ECOFIN meeting
2008-03-03 Economic Times: MasterCard challenges EU antitrust ruling
2008-03-03 MLex: MasterCard files card fee appeal, EC publishes decision
2008-03-03 Treasury Committee report warns about possible regulation of complex financial products
2008-03-03 FED Govenor Kroszner criticizes role of banks financial turmoil
2008-03-03 AMF: New regulations on the equivalence of third country legislation
2008-03-03 FESE response to PCAOB proposal on inspections of foreign registered public accounting firms
2008-03-03 FSA publishes new rules on telephone recording
2008-03-02 FT: Barroso warns on protectionist pressures
2008-03-01 Economic Times: Deutsche Bank CEO suggests finance watchdog
2008-02-29 Banque de France - A primer on the subprime crisis
2008-02-29 EMPLOYMENT and CONSUMER meeting
2008-02-28 Commission infringement proceedings against Czech Republic and Latvia
2008-02-28 Single Market News 49
2008-02-28 JUSTICE and HOME AFFAIRS meeting
2008-02-27 FSA chief executive underlines commitment to risk-based regulation
2008-02-27 Speech McCreevy on the origin and consequences of the financial turmoil
2008-02-27 Basel Committee chair outlines BIS initiatives to tackle financial turmoil
2008-02-27 Speech McCreevy on Financial Markets Developments
2008-02-27 Commission communication on adapting Europe's financial system
2008-02-27 BBC: FSA sees credit squeeze on banks
2008-02-27 ECON meeting 26 -27 February
2008-02-26 PCAOB proposes new auditing standard: engagement quality review
2008-02-26 Treasury Assistant Secretary Swagel Remarks on U.S. regulatory modernization
2008-02-26 The FAF Board approves changes to oversight, structure and Operations of FAF, FASB and GASB
2008-02-25 US Treasury presents guiding policy principles on Sovereign Wealth Funds
2008-02-25 Speech Kroszner: Improving risk management in light of recent market events
2008-02-25 GAO report on Hedge Funds
2008-02-25 COMPETITIVENESS meeting 25 February
2008-02-22 PWG common approach on Private Pools of Capital
2008-02-21 BIS: Liquidity risk - management and supervisory challenges
2008-02-21 EU interim forecasts: growth moderates while inflation temporarily surges
2008-02-21 Plenary Meeting 18-21 February
2008-02-20 Speech Kroes: Competition Policy challenges in 2008
2008-02-20 Telegraph: Ireland ready to capitalise on UK's non-dom tax plan
2008-02-19 NYSE Euronext launches valuation service
2008-02-19 Commission clears acquisition of Reuters by Thomson
2008-02-18 Telegraph: Alistair Darling nationalises Northern Rock
2008-02-17 UK Treasury: Northern Rock under “temporary public ownership”
2008-02-14 Commission published Internal Market Scoreboard
2008-02-14 Telegraph: Non-dom fury fires up City
2008-02-14 Testimony Bernanke on US economy and financial markets
2008-02-14 US regulator Dinallo considers rebuilding Bond Insurance market
2008-02-13 Sovereign wealth funds - US Treasury warns against growing protectionism
2008-02-13 Commission policy priorities for 2009
2008-02-13 Economic Times: Paulson, US banks line up new plan to cut mortgage foreclosures
2008-02-13 Independent: Non-doms fight their corner
2008-02-13 Economic Times: US, banks unveil aid for homeowners facing foreclosure
2008-02-13 Telegraph: US credit crisis escalates as defaults spread
2008-02-13 Telegraph: Darling makes non-dom concessions
2008-02-13 IMF urges global action to counter slowdown
2008-02-12 FT: Europe’s saplings need financial fertiliser
2008-02-12 Economic Times: Europe may stay sick longer after catching US cold
2008-02-12 Commission welcomes ECOFIN adoption of a recast of capital duty directive
2008-02-12 IPE: TowerGroup names five to survive exchange consolidation
2008-02-12 CFTC and China Securities Regulatory Commission sign arrangement for enhanced cooperation and collaboration
2008-02-12 SEC hosts meeting of Securities Regulators from major emerging markets
2008-02-12 FT comment: Subprime chains
2008-02-12 ECOFIN meeting
2008-02-11 Interview with Mr Trichet after G7 meeting
2008-02-11 FT: US in tax clash with UK over non-doms
2008-02-11 FT: Cameron pressed on tax plan for non-doms
2008-02-11 Daily Telegraph: Non-dom plan 'to cost Alistair Darling £2bn'
2008-02-10 Japanese times: G7 finance chiefs vow to help markets
2008-02-10 Independent: FSA urges global action as bank trading 'mismatches' escalate
2008-02-09 FSF Working Group Interim Report February 2008
2008-02-09 Statement of G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
2008-02-08 Speech Cox: The SEC agenda for 2008
2008-02-08 Telegraph: SEC issues warns over wealth funds
2008-02-07 US Regulators give green light to active ETFs
2008-02-07 Speech McCreevy: Crisis or no crisis – Lessons for financial markets and regulators
2008-02-07 Speech McCreevy: Credit Crisis & the Aftermath
2008-02-07 Speech Kroes: European Competition Policy in the age of globalisation – towards a global competition order?
2008-02-07 Speech Steel on U.S. Financial Regulation
2008-02-07 FT: Minister warns on non-doms tax purge
2008-02-07 Telegraph: Northern Rock-style crisis 'would cause chaos in Eurozone'
2008-02-06 MLex: 'Surcharging' may be risky tool for card fee transparency
2008-02-06 FSA Business Plan for 2008/9
2008-02-06 FT: SocGen faces US investigation
2008-02-06 FT: FSA threatens tougher stand on insider deals
2008-02-06 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter
2008-02-06 IOSCO addresses subprime crisis
2008-02-05 FEE: Commission should reflect on calls for more transparency
2008-02-05 US Treasury comments in Advance of Meeting of the G-7 Meeting in Tokio
2008-02-05 Telegraph: Société Générale 'failed to control Jérôme Kerviel'
2008-02-04 Lagarde report on Société Générale
2008-02-04 Commission consultation on consumer collective redress benchmarks
2008-02-02 FT: US-EU set to open talks over regulation pact
2008-02-02 Informal EMPLOYMENT and CONSUMER meeting 31 Jan - 2 Feb
2008-02-01 Statement SEC and Commission on Mutual Recognition in Securities Markets
2008-02-01 Opening remarks of McCreevy at ‘Newsmaker’ debate in Washington
2008-02-01 SEC begins small business costs and benefits study of Sarbanes-Oxley Act
2008-02-01 DNB steps up pensions supervision on market worries
2008-02-01 UK says finance ministers to take forward details on tackling financial crisis
2008-02-01 EFAMA's comments on “substitute” retail investment products
2008-01-31 Eurostat: Euro area inflation estimated at 3.2%
2008-01-31 Commission launches EU consumer investigations in retail markets
2008-01-31 BNP Paribas considers Societe Generale bid
2008-01-31 Commission progress report on reducing administrative burdens
2008-01-30 Telegraph: FSA warns SocGen scandal could happen in UK
2008-01-30 FT: FSA warns of more credit crunch pain
2008-01-30 Telegraph: Increased powers for FSA
2008-01-30 FT: EU leaders take credit rating agencies to task
2008-01-30 BaFin Quarterly Q4/07
2008-01-30 HM Treasury: Consultation on Financial stability and depositor protection
2008-01-30 Speech McCreevy: Opportunities and challenges of the internationalisation of financial markets
2008-01-30 Plenary Meeting 30-31 January
2008-01-29 ECON meeting 29 January
2008-01-29 Speech McCreevy: Making the Single Market work better for business
2008-01-29 IMF Sees World Growth Slowing, With U.S. Marked Down
2008-01-29 IMF urges policies to rebuild from subprime crisis
2008-01-29 IMF World Economic Outlook update predicts growth decline
2008-01-29 Commission study on EU conveyancing services market
2008-01-29 PCAOB approves New Auditing Standard No. 6: Evaluating Consistency of Financial Statements
2008-01-29 FT: EU heavy hitters review market turmoil
2008-01-26 UK Treasure Committee: The Run on the Rock
2008-01-26 Informal JUSTICE and HOME AFFAIRS meeting 24-26 January
2008-01-24 Speech Smaghi: Rapid progress is needed towards a single regulatory approach
2008-01-24 MLex: SEC inquiry into ABN share trades during Barclays bid
2008-01-24 US Key House lawmaker Frank says regulation needed to steady financial sector
2008-01-22 FT: Europe blames US policies for turbulence
2008-01-22 ECOFIN meeting
2008-01-22 ECON meeting 22-23 January
2008-01-21 HM Treasury financing structure on Northern Rock
2008-01-18 FT: Credit squeeze hits Eurozone borrowing
2008-01-18 ISDA joint statement on ‘substitute’ retail investment products
2008-01-18 Commission call for evidence concerning Packaged Retail Investment Products
2008-01-15 Tax tensions threaten to drive banks away
2008-01-15 ICMA regulatory policy newsletter
2008-01-15 IMF Intensifies Work on Subprime Fallout
2008-01-15 IMF Assesses Central Banks' Reaction on subprime crises
2008-01-15 Tax treatment of cross-border corporate losses
2008-01-14 Speech Kroes: Europe's Payment systems after the MasterCard decision
2008-01-14 ECON meeting 14 January
2008-01-14 Plenary Meeting 14-17 January
2008-01-13 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter - Autumn 2007
2008-01-10 Speech McCreevy: The Importance of Open Markets
2008-01-07 Crisis Brings Sovereign Funds Back Into Favour
2008-01-04 FSA to get power to shut failing banks
2008-01-02 Overhaul 'increases risk of recession'
2008-01-01 Slovenian Presidency calendar

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