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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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Policy impacting Finance - 2022289 articles out of 289.

Policy impacting Finance - 2021234 articles out of 234.

2020 Policy impacting Finance
2020-12-28 Goldschmidt: 2021 will be the making or the undoing of the European Union.
2020-12-21 PIIE's Veron: Memo to the European Commission on the European Union’s contribution to international financial regulation and oversight
2020-12-18 ECON: COVID-19: deal to give go-ahead to the new Recovery and Resilience Facility
2020-12-17 Rule of Law mechanism applies without further delay as of 1 January, MEPs stress
2020-12-16 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup video conference of 16 December 2020
2020-12-16 Eurogroup Statement on the Draft Budgetary Plans for 2021
2020-12-16 IMF: Glaciers of Global Finance: The Currency Composition of Central Banks’ Reserve Holdings
2020-12-11 Politco: EU leaders back deal to end budget blockade by Hungary and Poland
2020-12-11 SUERF: Is NGEU a game changer for the ECB’s role in fighting the fall-out from COVID-19 in the euro area?
2020-12-11 ECON:The proposed amendments to the Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism
2020-12-11 European Council, 10-11 December 2020
2020-12-09 Bruegel: Thinking big: debt management considerations for the EU’s pandemic borrowing plan
2020-12-09 Bloomberg: Poland, Hungary Say Deal Struck on $2.2 Trillion EU Stimulus
2020-12-09 Federal Trust: Reflections on the future of Europe - Can the EU function as a democracy without forming a state? Jaap Hoeksma
2020-12-09 Fondation Robert Schuman : Tribute to Valéry Giscard d'Estaing - a great European
2020-12-08 Codogno/Galli: The reform of the ESM is not perfect, but for Italy, it can only have advantages
2020-12-02 POLITICO: How Europe can bypass Poland and Hungary’s vetoes
2020-12-01 Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2020-11-30 Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2020-11-30 Video conference of the Eurogroup
2020-11-30 Governors and Heads of Supervision commit to ongoing coordinated approach to mitigate Covid-19 risks to the global banking system and endors
2020-11-27 CER: Judy Asks: Can the EU solve the budget and rule-of-law crisis?
2020-11-25 IMF Blog: Time is Ripe for Innovation in the World of Sovereign Debt Restructuring
2020-11-25 EPRS: InvestEU programme: The EU's new investment support scheme
2020-11-25 EP: EU consumers will soon be able to defend their rights collectively
2020-11-25 MEPs call on EU leaders to end MFF deadlock without giving in on rule of law
2020-11-25 ECB review sees increased medium-term vulnerabilities for corporates and banks
2020-11-20 Project Syndicate - Soros: Europe Must Stand Up to Hungary and Poland
2020-11-18 European Parliament: Recovery and Resilience Facility: MEPs ready to start negotiations
2020-11-18 Statement by EP Conference of Presidents on long-term EU budget and Rule of Law
2020-11-18 Commissioner Dombrovskis: European Semester Autumn Package
2020-11-17 EURACTIV: Hungary and Poland veto stimulus against pandemic
2020-11-16 ECB: de Guindos - The euro area financial sector in the pandemic crisis
2020-11-16 EURACTIV: McGuiness - Finance: becoming green while in the red
2020-11-13 Bruegel: Next Generation EU payments across countries and years
2020-11-11 EP COVID-19: first go-ahead given to the new Recovery and Resilience Facility
2020-11-11 EP: Long-term EU budget deal: a “win-win” result to face the challenges ahead
2020-11-11 Project Syndicate: The Case for an EU Development Bank
2020-11-11 Next Generation EU: Europe needs pan-European investment
2020-11-09 EURACTIV: Hungary’s Orban threatens EU budget veto over rule-of-law
2020-11-06 Vox: Economic rebound interrupted: Key features of the Commission’s Autumn 2020 forecast
2020-11-04 2020 annual report of the European Fiscal Board
2020-11-04 InvestEU: Council agrees its position on revised Commission proposal
2020-11-04 Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2020-11-04 EURACTIV: Eurogroup excludes additional EU stimulus against second virus wave
2020-11-04 EURACTIV: Parliament pushes for easing recovery fund conditionality
2020-11-03 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup video conference of 3 November 2020
2020-11-03 Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2020-11-03 BusinessEurope: Rapid implementation of EU recovery instrument is key in enduring COVID crisis
2020-10-30 EP: InvestEU Fund - boost for sustainable, innovative and social investment
2020-10-29 Bruegel: European Union recovery funds: strings attached, but not tied up in knots
2020-10-28 EP 2021 EU budget must focus on supporting a sustainable recovery from the pandemic
2020-10-26 Vox: Reforming the EU fiscal framework: Now is the time
2020-10-23 Bank of Italy Visco:conference on "Financial Stability and Regulation" Banca d'Italia and the Baffi Centre for Applied Research
2020-10-23 IPE: Pension funds and the EU’s inaugural SURE bonds
2020-10-23 City of London/Oliver Wyman: London Recharged: Our Vision For London In 2025
2020-10-23 SUERF Villeroy de Galhau: Central banks’ response to the “tragedy on the horizon”
2020-10-22 Bloomberg: Half of Europe’s Smaller Businesses Risk Bankruptcy Within Year
2020-10-21 Vox - Micossi: Managing post-Covid sovereign debts in the euro area
2020-10-21 Press speakings by Commissioner Hahn at the press conference on the first issuance of EU social bonds under SURE
2020-10-21 European Commission issues first emission of EU SURE social bonds
2020-10-20 POLITICO: Parliament set to climb down in EU budget fight
2020-10-19 ECB's Lagarde: Interview with Le Monde
2020-10-16 CEPS: Sovereign debt management in the euro area as a common action problem
2020-10-13 IMF: A Bridge to Economic Recovery: Be Aware of Financial Stability Risks
2020-10-09 EURACTIV: EU governments, parliament edge closer to deal on recovery plan
2020-10-07 EPC: The end of the level playing field?
2020-10-07 POLITICO: EU lawmakers confirm McGuinness and Dombrovskis as finance, trade commissioners
2020-10-06 Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2020-10-06 Video conference of economics and finance ministers
2020-10-05 Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2020-10-05 Eurogroup Work programme until June 2021
2020-10-02 ECON: Hearing of Mairead McGuinness
2020-10-01 Project Syndicate: Capitalists and Socialists of the World, Unite!
2020-10-01 CEPS: A proposal for a public infrastructure leasing entity for Europe
2020-09-30 SSM's Enria: Interview with RTE Morning Ireland -- Covid, payment breaks, Brexit
2020-09-30 Projetc Syndicate: Europe’s Recovery Gamble - Pisani-Ferry
2020-09-25 Bruegel: Will European Union countries be able to absorb and spend well the bloc’s recovery funding?
2020-09-25 Eurogroup: Statement by President Donohoe on the candidates for the post of ECB executive board member
2020-09-22 FT Brexit and the City: Brussels’ new battle to rival London in finance
2020-09-22 EU financial regulators assess risks to the financial sector after the outbreak of COVID-19 and call for enhanced cooperation
2020-09-21 ECB's Lagarde: Speech at the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly "Jointly shaping Europe’s tomorrow"
2020-09-18 OECD: Building confidence crucial amid an uncertain economic recovery
2020-09-17 Bruegel:Financing the European Union: New Context, New Responses
2020-09-16 SUERF: After Coronavirus: Deflation or Inflation? Goodhart
2020-09-16 State of the Union: Commission President von der Leyen "Charting the course for the year ahead" - key extracts
2020-09-15 Bruegel: Without good governance, the EU borrowing mechanism to boost the recovery could fail
2020-09-15 CEPS: Another tough year ahead for the von der Leyen Commission
2020-09-14 BIS: Cross-border links between banks and non-bank financial institutions
2020-09-14 OECD: More can be done to ensure a green recovery from COVID-19 crisis
2020-09-12 Informal Ecofin: Remarks by Commissoner Dombrovskis
2020-09-11 Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2020-09-11 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup meeting of 11 September 2020
2020-09-09 EURACTIV: Parliament wants to top up EU budget with €110 billion
2020-09-08 EURACTIV: Finance ministers to discuss fiscal dumping inside the EU at Berlin meeting
2020-09-08 EURACTIV: Von der Leyen proposes McGuinness as financial services Commissioner
2020-09-05 Goldschmid: The “Euro” is worth a Mass!
2020-09-05 BIS: New correspondent banking data - the decline continues at a slower pace
2020-08-24 EURACTIV: Germany’s Scholz sees ‘no way back’ from EU joint debt
2020-08-16 Vox: Fiscal austerity and the rise of the Nazis
2020-08-11 SUERF: Eurozone in times of Covid-19: Debt monetisation by stealth - Peter Vanden Houte
2020-08-11 SUERF: European Recovery Fund: Sceptics Q&A
2020-07-31 CEPS: Reading between the lines of Council agreement on the MFF and Next Generation EU
2020-07-30 Oliver Wyman: Insights Lessons In Financial Regulation What we’ve learned from the Coronavirus Recession
2020-07-30 FT: UBS Axel Weber - European banking needs a Big Bang
2020-07-27 Vox: Euroepan Commission - Strengthening the Institutional Architecture of the Economic and Monetary Union
2020-07-25 Federal Trust: Is the European Union finally moving to an economic – not just a monetary – Union?
2020-07-24 POLITICO: Commission weighs Wirecard fixes for EU financial rules
2020-07-24 EURACTIV: Parliament insists on revisiting budget cuts despite Michel, von der Leyen charm offensive
2020-07-23 Speech by President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the conclusions of the Special European Council meeting of 17-21 Jul
2020-07-21 FT: Two cheers for Europe’s €750bn recovery fund
2020-07-21 Euractiv: Council brokers historic stimulus pact as budget cuts, rule of law retreat plague deal
2020-07-20 EUCO: Michel on Special European Council, 17-21 July 2020
2020-07-16 Federal Trust: The German Presidency is a time of hope for the EU
2020-07-15 POLITICO: The coronavirus recovery plan that von der Leyen built
2020-07-15 Coronavirus Response: Commission welcomes ‘Best Practices' to provide relief for consumers and businesses
2020-07-15 Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2020-07-15 Michel:"A deal is essential. Now is the time" - Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to the members of the European Council
2020-07-14 ECA: REACT-EU recovery funding: tension between swift support and value for money
2020-07-14 AFME: Impact of COVID-19 on European Capital Markets: Market Update
2020-07-10 EURACTIV: Donohoe wins Eurogroup presidency
2020-07-09 EURACTIV: Election day: Calviño and Donohoe neck and neck in Eurogroup race
2020-07-09 The role (and accountability) of the President of the Eurogroup
2020-07-08 POLITICO: Parliament confirms EU banking nominee despite gender concerns
2020-07-08 Read-out of the meeting between Presidents of the EU institutions von der Leyen, Michel and Sassoli and Chancellor Merkel on the recovery pa
2020-07-08 POLITICO: Luxembourg’s Gramegna banks on credentials, recovery pitch in Eurogroup race
2020-07-06 Robert Schuman Fondation: Dinner at Jefferson's (or how the USA created the federal public debt)
2020-07-04 Equity: the key to unlocking a sustainable economic recovery
2020-07-02 EURACTIV: ECB stimulus plan meets court requirements, says German finance minister
2020-07-02 EURACTIV: Merkel kicks off EU presidency with Brexit warning
2020-07-01 SSM: Public consultation on the ECB Guide on the supervisory approach to consolidation in the banking sector
2020-07-01 FCA: Building a financial regulatory system suitable for the UK in the new era
2020-07-01 POLITICO: Nadia Calviño’s daunting Eurogroup bid
2020-07-01 Programme for Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union: together for Europe’s recovery.
2020-06-26 Eurogroup presidency: three ministers put forward their candidacies
2020-06-25 ECB: New Eurosystem repo facility to provide euro liquidity to non-euro area central banks
2020-06-24 Conference on the Future of Europe - Council agrees its position
2020-06-24 Politico: Conference on EU future edges closer — but with clear limits
2020-06-22 FT: Berlin and ECB signal end to legal impasse over bond-buying
2020-06-22 POLITICO: EU launches in-depth probe into London Stock Exchange-Refinitiv
2020-06-19 Remarks by President Charles Michel following the video conference of the European Council
2020-06-19 EURACTIV: Leaders pledge to agree on recovery package next month
2020-06-17 Bruegel: The EU’s recovery fund proposals: crisis relief with massive redistribution
2020-06-17 Oliver Wyman - Doug Elliot: Euro Crisis 2.0
2020-06-17 European Commission adopted Report on the Impact of Demographic Change in Europe
2020-06-16 European Council President Charles Michel: invitation letter ahead of video conference on 19 June 2020
2020-06-15 Citizens’ attitudes towards the ECB, the euro and Economic and Monetary Union
2020-06-13 EURACTIV: Visegrad leaders call for ‘fair’ EU recovery fund
2020-06-12 Remarks by Mário Centeno following the Eurogroup videoconference of 11 June 2020
2020-06-12 The Economist: Why are bank bosses sounding more optimistic about loan losses?
2020-06-10 EPC: Eurogroup: Centeno’s successor should be a Commissioner
2020-06-10 Projetc Syndicate: Europe’s New Deal Moment
2020-06-10 Reuters: Spain says would be 'good news' if Economy Minister Calvino became Eurogroup chief
2020-06-09 ECOFIN: 9 June - Ministers boost investment for the EU's recovery.
2020-06-09 POLITICO: Three saddle up for Eurogroup horse race
2020-06-09 POLITICO: Dutch government doubles down on opposition to EU recovery fund proposal
2020-06-08 ECON: COVID-19 and German constitutional court decision top meeting with ECB’s Lagarde
2020-06-08 Christine Lagarde: Hearing at the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2020-06-05 CEPS: CEPS In Brief Next Generation EU bonds might face a credit-rating challenge
2020-06-05 Politico: Lagarde rebuffs German court but hints at some answers
2020-06-05 POLITICO: Finland rejects EU recovery fund, arguing it’s too large
2020-06-04 Bruegel: The Independence of the Central Bank at Risk
2020-06-03 EURACTIV: Commission vows to break with troika-type conditions in recovery phase
2020-06-01 EURACTIV: Austria opposes current EU rescue, wants changes
2020-05-29 BusinessEueope: Determined financial and non-financial European response essential to overcome corona crisis
2020-05-29 EU’s public health and economic response to COVID-19 to be reviewed by European Court of Auditors
2020-05-29 Commissioner Gentiloni - on the Recovery and Resilience Facility
2020-05-29 Reuters: We're still a long way off concluding EU recovery fund talks: Germany
2020-05-29 CEPS: The MFF recovery plan breaks with a fundamental taboo
2020-05-29 Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis remarks on the Recovery and Resilience Facility
2020-05-28 EU future at stake: MEPs broadly welcome Commission’s recovery package proposals
2020-05-28 EURACTIV: How EU member states reacted to the Commission’s Recovery Fund proposal
2020-05-28 WWF: EU Recovery Package: "repair & prepare" not yet fully green and fair
2020-05-28 COVID-19: Single market must emerge stronger from the crisis, say MEPs
2020-05-27 Politco: EU green finance plans may be pushed back three months
2020-05-27 POLITICO: Sebastian Kurz cautious on Commission’s €750B recovery blueprint
2020-05-27 IAIS: Financial policymakers discuss responses to COVID-19 with the private sector
2020-05-27 Business Europe: EU recovery fund should restore business confidence
2020-05-27 President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the EU Recovery package
2020-05-27 2020 Commission Work Programme - adjusted for Covid
2020-05-27 MEPs: Focus on crisis response when coordinating economic and budgetary policies
2020-05-27 Bruegel: An equity fund for a zombie-free and EU-wide recovery
2020-05-27 Fondation Robert Schuman: The European Commission’s Recovery Plan Key points for a full picture
2020-05-26 ECB: Pandemic increases risks to financial stability
2020-05-26 Vox: Europe in the time of Covid-19: A new crash test and a new opportunity
2020-05-26 Projetc Syndicate: One Giant Leap for Europe?
2020-05-22 Paul Goldschmid: Disappointments
2020-05-22 Der Spiegel: Half a Trillion Euros - Merkel and Macron Find the Strength for Europe
2020-05-20 POLITICO: Franco-German recovery deal meets resistance
2020-05-20 Bruegel: The European Central Bank in the COVID-19 crisis: whatever it takes, within its mandate
2020-05-18 Berlin buckles on bonds in €500B Franco-German recovery plan
2020-05-18 Chancellor Merkel and President Macron:Overcoming the crisis united and emerging from it stronger
2020-05-15 The General Board of the European Systemic Risk Board takes first set of actions to address the coronavirus emergency at its extraordinary m
2020-05-15 Bruegel: Rebooting Europe: a framework for a post COVID-19 economic recovery
2020-05-14 Perpetual bonds are not the best way to finance the European Recovery Fund
2020-05-14 German judges take ECB fight to court of public opinion
2020-05-13 FT's Wolf: German court decides to take back control with ECB ruling
2020-05-13 Bloomberg: ECB Officials Defend Bond-Buying Program After German Court Blow
2020-05-13 Breugel's Veron: Banking regulation in the euro area: Germany is different
2020-05-12 Reuters: European rescue fund head implores Italy, others to use its credit, dpa reports
2020-05-12 POLITICO: German ECB board member rebukes national court over verdict
2020-05-12 POLITICO: Europe’s financial regulators prepare for life after lockdown
2020-05-12 BIS: US dollar funding markets during the Covid-19 crisis - the money market fund turmoil
2020-05-11 ISDA: Seismic Shift – IQ May 2020
2020-05-09 Robert Schuman: The Declaration of 9 May 1950
2020-05-09 EPC Duff: The Schuman Declaration turns 70.
2020-05-08 Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2020-05-08 EURACTIV: ESM corona-loans expected to be available from 15 May
2020-05-07 FT: ECB to resist German court order to justify bond purchases
2020-05-06 Buiter: Germany’s Judges Declare War on the ECB
2020-05-06 Bruegel podcast: An analysis of the German Constitutional Court ruling on the ECB QE programme
2020-05-06 POLITICO: France criticizes German court ruling on European Central Bank
2020-05-06 POLITICO: German court lays down EU law
2020-05-05 ECB takes note of German Federal Constitutional Court ruling and remains fully committed to its mandate
2020-05-05 Bloomberg: EU Court Faces ‘Declaration of War’ From German Top Judges
2020-05-05 FT: German court calls on ECB to justify bond-buying programme
2020-05-05 Bundesverfassungsgericht: official translation of decision of 5th May re ECB
2020-05-01 ACCA - Kattar: Covid-19 will have implications for investors now and in the future
2020-04-30 Politico: Next Council presidency trio plans agenda for post-coronavirus Europe
2020-04-28 BIS: Covid-19 and corporate sector liquidity
2020-04-28 ECON: MEPs call for concrete details and novel tools to address the economic crisis
2020-04-28 Coronavirus Response: Commission adopts banking package to facilitate lending to households and businesses in the EU
2020-04-27 IA outlines shareholder expectations on executive pay in light of COVID-19
2020-04-22 VOX: Daniel Gros - A corona financial solidarity levy
2020-04-20 ISDA: Impetus for Automation
2020-04-17 COVID-19: Lessons from the 'euro crisis': EPC's Emmanouilidis and Zuleeg
2020-04-16 FT: Neel Kashkari: Big US banks should raise $200bn in capital now
2020-04-16 Veron: Risks for the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency
2020-04-09 Eurogroup report on the comprehensive economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic
2020-04-06 Preventing a Euro Crisis on Top of the Coronavirus Ordeal - Lorenzo Codogno
2020-04-06 FT: Coronavirus crisis prompts German rethink on eurobonds
2020-04-06 Eurogroup President Centeno interview on fiscal response and coronabonds
2020-03-23 Joint statement on the need of keeping European markets open
2020-03-20 Joint market trade associations statement: Keeping financial markets open amid coronavirus
2020-03-20 FSB coordinates financial sector work to buttress the economy in response to COVID-19
2020-03-19 ECGI: Why financial regulation keeps falling short
2020-03-12 ESMA recommends action by financial market participants for COVID-19 impact
2020-03-04 ECMI: A complex European financial architecture - 10 years on
2020-03-03 Insurance Europe: EC must prioritise global competitiveness of EU financial services
2020-02-27 ECB: Major European financial infrastructures join forces against cyber threats
2020-02-18 FCA highlights its areas of concern in financial services markets
2020-02-06 Bruegel: From climate change to cyber attacks: Incipient financial-stability risks for the euro area
2020-02-06 ECB's De Guindos: The euro area financial sector: opportunities and challenges
2020-02-04 ESMA amends guidelines to further harmonise the enforcement of financial information by national regulators
2020-01-16 AFME and Linklaters publish report on financial services conduct supervision
2020-01-10 ESMA report values EU Alternative Investment Funds at €5.8 trillion

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