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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2016 Policy impacting Finance
2016-12-12 ECB contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the review of the EU macroprudential policy framework
2016-12-01 ESMA sees continued high levels of market risks
2016-11-30 Insurance Europe: European Commission should put VAT modernisation back on its agenda
2016-11-24 Policy Network: Why CETA is a good and necessary agreement
2016-11-24 EBF takes note of EU plans to revise regulatory framework
2016-11-23 Insurance Europe response to European Commission communication on its call for evidence: More ambition required to boost EU economic growth
2016-11-23 Commission publishes results of Call for Evidence on EU financial services
2016-11-22 The Telegraph: Donald Trump's abandonment of TPP free trade deal may hand economic power to China
2016-11-17 Financial Stability Board agrees 2017 work-plan
2016-11-10 Comments by ECB's Mersch at Financial Services summit
2016-11-10 ESMA finalises advice on future rules for financial benchmarks
2016-11-07 ESMA's Maijoor speaks at the European Commission’s Hearing on the Review of the EU macro-prudential framework
2016-10-04 IMF sees subdued global growth, warns economic stagnation could fuel protectionist calls
2016-09-29 EBA publishes final guidelines on the remuneration of sales staff
2016-09-28 ACCA: FinTech boom needs strong guidance to navigate regulatory hurdles
2016-09-27 ECB's Cœuré: Reforming financial sector benchmarks
2016-09-21 OECD warns weak trade and financial distortions damage global growth prospects
2016-09-14 Packaged retail investment products: Parliament Plenary returns draft law to Commission
2016-09-09 ESAs reject proposed amendments from the European Commission to technical standards on non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives
2016-09-08 ESAs highlight main risks for the EU financial system
2016-09-06 G20 Leaders' Communique after Hangzhou Summit
2016-09-05 ICMA launches a consultation on the Buy-in Rules
2016-08-31 BIS, FSB and IMF publish elements of effective macroprudential policies
2016-08-08 FSB launches peer review of the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and invites feedback from stakeholders
2016-07-24 FSB Chair updates G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors on progress in advancing the FSB’s 2016 priorities
2016-07-23 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Communiqué
2016-07-21 ACCA: Brexit uncertainty is a key threat to fragile global business confidence
2016-07-19 IMF cuts global growth forecasts on Brexit, warns of risks to outlook
2016-07-18 FEE´s consultation response to EC on services passport
2016-07-07 IMF Executive Board Concludes 2016 Article IV Consultation on Euro Area Policies
2016-07-07 Insurance Europe: Transatlantic insurance industry continues to see need for financial services regulatory cooperation in the TTIP
2016-06-16 ECIIA: Jury still out on EU regulatory reforms
2016-06-14 City of London Corporation: Improving international access to credit markets
2016-06-07 Fourteen international trade associations and business groups announce the formation of a Transatlantic Financial Regulatory Coherence
2016-06-05 Financial Times: US community banks lash out at ‘fintech’ upstarts
2016-06-01 Financial Times: Banks turn to software to ease stress as regulations tighten around the globe
2016-06-01 EBA: Joint Committee of ESAs launches website
2016-06-01 Global economy stuck in low-growth trap: Policymakers need to act to keep promises, OECD says in latest Economic Outlook
2016-05-27 European Parliament: EU welcomes outcome of G7 summit in Japan
2016-05-17 Jonathan Hill at the public hearing on the 'Call for Evidence' - a review of the EU regulatory framework for financial services
2016-05-17 Manipulation of market benchmarks: Council adopts tougher rules
2016-05-12 ESAs clarify their position on technical standards on the credit quality steps for ECAIs credit assessments
2016-04-26 ESMA publishes response to Commission Green Paper on Retail Financial Services
2016-04-20 ACCA: Global employment freeze looms as economic confidence plummets among the world’s hirers
2016-04-19 Financial Times: Finance leaders call for collaboration on fintech development
2016-04-15 Bloomberg: G-20 says growth risks are stabilizing as shock of Brexit looms
2016-04-07 ESAs identify vulnerabilities affecting the EU financial system and suggest actions to address the main risks
2016-04-07 ESMA finds room for improvement in national supervision of investment advice to retail clients
2016-04-07 ESAs finalise Key Information Documents for retail investors in the EU
2016-04-07 EIOPA: ESAs finalise key information documents for retail investors in the EU
2016-03-25 The EPC publishes its response to the European Commission’s Green Paper on Retail Financial Services
2016-03-21 EFAMA submits asset managers’ views on Green Paper on retail financial services
2016-03-21 Insurance Europe: Retail Financial Services Green Paper response - European insurers fully engaged in move to digital
2016-03-18 FSB publishes Second Thematic Peer Review on Resolution Regimes
2016-03-18 ALFI response to EU consultation on retail financial services
2016-03-17 ABBL: Financial Services – connected?
2016-03-14 FCA: Final report on Financial Advice Market Review
2016-03-14 Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association comments on FAMR Final Report
2016-03-14 Investment Association response to the joint FCA/HM Treasury review of the financial advice market
2016-03-14 Financial Times: FCA proposes reforms to close ‘advice gap’
2016-03-10 The EPC responds to the European Commission´s green paper on retail financial services
2016-03-07 TheCityUK: Key facts about UK financial and related professional services 2016
2016-03-04 BaFin examines credit-linked notes in retail market
2016-02-27 FSB Chair sets out to the G20 the FSB work programme for 2016
2016-02-27 G20 Finance Communiqué
2016-02-23 IMA /ACCA : Does your finance function have a plan to fail?
2016-02-12 US-EU Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue Joint Statement
2016-02-12 PIIE: An important IMF reform
2016-02-12 Bank of England: The Central Banking Qualification - training the central bankers of the future
2016-02-11 Financial Times: Britain locked in battle with France and Germany over City rules
2016-02-09 ACCA: Self-interest not regulation needs to drive cybersecurity
2016-02-05 BIS: Signs of global liquidity tightening for emerging markets
2016-02-04 IFAC: Patchwork regulation threatens global growth and stability
2016-02-04 ECB: Eurosystem contribution to the Commission’s call for evidence on the EU regulatory framework for financial services
2016-02-01 AIMA calls for regulatory reforms to support non-bank finance
2016-02-01 EFAMA submits asset managers’ views on impact of recent financial services regulatory reforms
2016-02-01 IMA: The success of the EU regulatory framework is vital for the UK asset management industry
2016-01-31 ABBL’s and EBF’s answer to the EU Commission “Call for Evidence on EU Regulatory Framework for Financial Services”
2016-01-29 FEE issues its response on the European Commission consultation on financial services legislation
2016-01-29 ALFI response to Commission call for evidence on EU regulatory framework for financial services
2016-01-29 EuropeanIssuers: Response to Call for evidence on EU regulatory framework for financial services
2016-01-29 AFME responds to Commission’s Cumulative Impact Assessment and calls for regulation that drives jobs and growth
2016-01-28 ACCA: Digital agenda and FinTech - The way forward for finance professionals
2016-01-28 Hedgeweek: Regulation falling short
2016-01-27 ESAs submit a joint letter to the European Commission on cross-selling of financial products in the EU
2016-01-24 Financial Times: Asset managers should always put the client first
2016-01-20 EU-Japan High Level Meeting on Financial Issues
2016-01-20 ICMA responds to European Commission’s Call for Evidence on cumulative impact of regulation
2016-01-20 CBI/PwC Financial Services Survey – December 2015
2016-01-18 EIOPA sets out its strategic approach to risk-based and preventive conduct of business supervision
2016-01-16 ECON: Report on stocktaking and challenges of the EU Financial Services Regulation
2016-01-14 GFMA, IIF and ISDA statement on the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book Framework issued by the BCBS
2016-01-14 BCBS: Minimum capital requirements for market risk
2016-01-13 Bank of England proposes tougher rules on bonus buy-outs
2016-01-12 EUbusiness: EU opens debate on China market status
2016-01-10 VoxEU: The TPP as a set of international economic rules
2016-01-01 City AM: The FCA has dropped two more banking probes after shelving a major review into industry culture

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