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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Policy impacting Finance - 2020248 articles out of 248.

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2014 Policy impacting Finance
2014-12-23 Joint Committee of the ESAs published final draft technical standards on risk concentration and intra-group transactions
2014-12-23 ESAs seek views on guidelines aimed at reducing reliance on credit ratings
2014-12-22 ESAs tackle cross-selling practices in the financial sector
2014-12-22 ESA publish final Guidelines on consistency of supervisory practices for financial conglomerates
2014-12-19 FSB: Annual update on global adherence to regulatory and supervisory standards on international cooperation and information exchange
2014-12-12 CEPS: Why the regulatory witch-hunt for ‘closet trackers’ is a dead-end
2014-12-12 Indices used as benchmarks in financial instruments and financial contracts
2014-12-08 FCA: New strategic approach to ensure “sharper focus” to regulatory challenges ahead
2014-12-03 AFME proposes an agenda for capital markets union
2014-11-21 Tabb Forum: Overwhelmed by Regulation? You’re not alone
2014-11-21 Griffith-Jones: The vital relationship between the regulator and the advisory industry
2014-11-13 FCA: Regulating in a recovery
2014-11-07 ESA’s budget 2015 – ensuring safe financial markets
2014-10-10 EBA: The Joint Committee of the ESAs publishes 2015 Work Programme
2014-10-07 European Central Bank: Interview with Danièle Nouy
2014-10-03 Sabine Lautenschläger: National supervision in a European system - what is the new balance?
2014-10-01 IIF: “Too big to fail” coming to an end
2014-09-30 European Central Bank: One more step towards a better Europe: building banking supervision
2014-09-29 Reuters: EU's Barnier tells UK it has key role in markets union
2014-09-26 ECB: Benoît Cœuré on credit and investment in the European recovery
2014-09-25 G20: Europe must boost demand
2014-09-25 FT: Capital shortfalls likely to emerge from unprecedented ECB probe
2014-09-24 ECB President Draghi at ECON (September 22): A moment of change for the ECB
2014-09-22 The Joint Committee of the ESAs update on risks in EU financial system
2014-09-18 ECB allots €82.6 billion in first targeted longer-term refinancing operation
2014-09-18 European Voice: Leaked draft of confirmation hearing dates for Commissioners/ Timetable
2014-09-14 Bank for International Settlements, September 2014 Quarterly Review: Volatility stirs, markets unshaken
2014-09-05 Dijsselbloem calls for fiscal measures and flexibility to combat crisis at ECON cttee
2014-08-21 ECB identifies systemically important payments systems
2014-07-15 European Parliament elects Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President
2014-07-14 European Council: rules setting up single resolution mechanism adopted
2014-07-14 European Union: Top Jobs latest- no decision on Council President or High. Rep.
2014-06-29 European Council June 26/27: Extracts from the Conclusions
2014-06-29 European Council June 26/27: Summary of Conclusions
2014-06-29 BIS Annual Report, 2013/2014
2014-06-16 EurActiv/FT: Financial services off negotiating table for next round of TTIP
2014-06-13 Barnier: The EU and US - Leading partners in financial reform
2014-06-06 Commissioner De Gucht defends TTIP
2014-05-29 FT: EU elections pose new threat to TTIP
2014-05-26 TTIP: 5th round of negotiations
2014-05-20 BaFin/König: Consumer protection and regulation
2014-05-19 FN: EU elections could help Left to renew push on regulation
2014-05-16 Council refuses to allow transparency on TTIP negotiations
2014-05-12 Reuters: Eurosceptics to block EU-US trade pact
2014-05-06 EU Council adopts BRRD
2014-05-06 Eurozone divided over FTT deal
2014-05-05 De Gucht: What we need to make TTIP work
2014-04-17 S&D position paper on TTIP
2014-04-15 EP adopts directive on payment accounts
2014-04-15 EP endorses trilogue on pre-contractual information documents
2014-04-08 IMF: World Economic Outlook
2014-04-07 Presentation of the ECB Annual Report to the EP's ECON Committee
2014-04-02 ESMA: European Supervisory Authorities highlight cross-sectoral risks
2014-04-01 EP and Council back Commission’s proposal on KID covering retail investments
2014-03-31 FSB Plenary meets in London
2014-03-31 IMF: Global Financial Stability Report
2014-03-27 ESMA issues good practices for structured retail product governance
2014-03-27 Commission launches public online consultation on investor protection in TTIP
2014-03-27 MoneyMarketing: PRIPs rules look set to be delayed to next EU parliament
2014-03-26 EU–US Summit (TTIP)
2014-03-25 ECON chair reviews past five years of financial services regulation/economic governance
2014-03-24 Comments on new Savings Tax Directive rules: EBF, Insurance Europe, BdB, ABBL
2014-03-18 FTT: German-French plan may tax derivatives from start; EU legal opinion opens door on forex
2014-03-17 Z/Yen: Latest Global Financial Centres Index
2014-03-14 IMF: The regulatory responses to the global financial crisis - Some uncomfortable questions
2014-03-14 European Commission: TTIP - Fourth round of talks ends in Brussels
2014-02-28 EBA publishes consumer trends report
2014-02-28 IMCO study: Consumer Protection Aspects of Financial Services
2014-02-28 Gilliant Tett: Regulators should say who calls the shots
2014-02-27 TTIP: EU wants special rights for corporations
2014-02-23 FT: US pushes for greater transparency in EU business regulation
2014-02-23 G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors in Sidney
2014-02-19 IMF note on global prospects and policy challenges
2014-02-18 Remarks by Eurogroup/Dijsselbloem at ECOFIN press conference on the special IGA/SRF ministerial meeting
2014-02-18 Commissioner De Gucht in Washington: Towards the TTIP - Stepping up a gear
2014-02-18 ECOFIN Council: Deadline for SEPA payments extended to 1 August
2014-02-13 MEPs vote to strengthen and streamline financial supervision system
2014-02-13 OECD delivers new single global standard on automatic exchange of information
2014-02-11 VP Almunia: Competition in financial markets / Fighting for the Single Market
2014-02-07 ECON report on enhancing the coherence of EU financial services legislation
2014-02-04 Interventions by Minister Venizelos and Commissioner Šemeta at the EP Plenary on the need to approve an FTT
2014-01-28 ECOFIN Council adopts Directive on mortgage credits
2014-01-27 European Commission: TTIP - Cooperation on financial services regulation
2014-01-21 JURI Committee: Reforming EU audit services to restore investors' confidence
2014-01-20 Commissioner Barnier opens high-level group on retail competitiveness
2014-01-15 FSB: Senior Supervisors Group Progress Report on Counterparty Data
2014-01-14 ECON Committee publishes responses to consultation on the coherence of EU financial services legislation: BoE, BBA, EBA, EBF, EFAMA et al
2014-01-13 IMF broadens financial surveillance
2014-01-08 FSB: Proposed assessment methodologies for identifying non-bank non-insurer G-SIFIs

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