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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2004 Policy impacting Finance
2004-12-15 ECB: Financial Stability Review 2004.
2004-11-26 FASB convergence
2004-11-24 Speech Alexander Schaub: Financial Integration in EU25
2004-11-16 USA: Time for overhaul of insurance regulatory system
2004-11-16 ECOFIN Council Conclusions
2004-11-09 GAO report on U.S. financial services regulatory structure
2004-10-29 Germany to strengthen EU Financial Supervision and Payment Area
2004-10-29 Single Market News No. 35
2004-10-25 CBI report states that City is over-regulated
2004-10-19 Commission extends common framework for sharing supervisory information with US authorities
2004-10-13 High ranking conference on the Euro
2004-10-07 EP: Hearing of Charlie McCREEVY - Commissioner-designate Internal Market and Services
2004-10-07 EP: Hearing of Joaquín Almunia - Commissioner-designate Economic and Monetary Affairs
2004-09-28 EP: Hearing of Neelie Kroes, Commissioner-designate competition policy
2004-09-22 EMAC Hearings with new Commissioners
2004-09-19 IMF: Global Financial Stability Report
2004-07-28 Pervenche Beres elected new Chair of ECON
2004-07-22 New EP Committee Structure
2004-07-20 Josep Borell elected as new EP President
2004-07-12 Bolkestein speech on Transatlantic Corporate Governance
2004-07-05 Single Market News No 34
2004-07-05 ELEC: European Economic Governance revisited
2004-06-23 Banque de France fourth Financial Stability Review
2004-05-24 EU-US Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue
2004-05-19 EFR: Need to review trade and regulatory barriers
2004-05-12 ECOFIN reached political agreement on new Committees
2004-05-11 IFSL reports signs of sustained recovery in UK financial services
2004-04-22 Commission: Single market news – issue no. 33
2004-03-23 Hearing of New Commissioners from Accession Countries 13-15 April
2004-03-10 PCAOB approved auditing standard
2004-02-18 Commission finalises preparations for new Commissioners on 1st May
2004-02-10 European Organisations request changes of SEC rules for deregistration
2004-01-28 Donaldson on the US-EU regulatory relationship
2004-01-26 FEE: PCAOB & Oversight of Non-U.S. Firms
2004-01-01 Priorities of the Irish Presidency

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