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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2009 Policy impacting Finance
2009-12-17 Commission issues European Financial Integration Report 2009
2009-12-17 UK Treasury consults on plans to manage investment bank failures
2009-12-17 Will Governments Overreach in their Crisis Interventions?
2009-12-16 Updated report on Commission work on packaged retail investment products
2009-12-15 FT: Tobin tax remains UK Treasury ambition
2009-12-14 Myners speech: 'What’s next for UK banking?' – It is vital to end the risk-taking and excessive rewards culture that is damaging the system
2009-12-14 FT: France to follow UK on bonus tax - bonuses exceeding €27000 to be taxed
2009-12-12 House approves new rules on US Financial System
2009-12-11 European Council Conclusions 10 – 11 December: the new supervisory framework to be operational during 2010
2009-12-11 Trichet: proposed establishment of European Systemic Risk Board is a very important initiative for containing systemic risks
2009-12-10 Commissioner Almunia: Greece attracts attention of financial markets and rating agencies
2009-12-10 Audit Office report on maintaining financial stability across UK banking system
2009-12-10 ECON Committee Chair tells British Bankers’ Association some banks will have to curb bonuses
2009-12-10 Bernanke reiterates supervisory approach for systemically important financial institutions
2009-12-10 Sobel calls for consistent supervision and regulation of financial institutions
2009-12-09 UK Pre-Budget Report: bashing bankers and consulting on concrete plans to promote financial markets
2009-12-09 Eurofinas’s comments on Commission Consultation responses on responsible lending and borrowing
2009-12-09 FSA feedback statement on remuneration – limited application of Code to large banks, building societies and broker dealers
2009-12-08 ECON committee dialogue with Trichet – EP does not support ECOFIN-adopted conclusions on ESAs
2009-12-08 ECON Members’ visit to Madrid regarding exit strategies and the future financial supervisory arrangements
2009-12-07 State aid: Scoreboard shows strong increase of aid in response to financial crisis
2009-12-07 FT comments on Barnier: he promises to stick to G20 guidelines
2009-12-03 US Financial Services Committee completes work on new rules for financial system
2009-12-03 2 December ECOFIN Council agrees new financial supervisory structure – 3 new watchdogs for European financial markets
2009-12-03 ECON Committee 1 December – exchange of views with CESR Chairman Eddy Wymeersch
2009-12-03 MEPs debate pros and cons of financial transaction tax – European Commission, however, isn't planning any measures at present
2009-12-02 MEPs hear experts at joint ECON-CRIS seminar on monetary exit strategies and systemic risk
2009-12-02 OECD paper on prudential regulation and competition in financial markets – no trade-off between stability and competition
2009-12-02 IMF: preparing a report on financial sector tax options for G20 to recover bail-out costs
2009-12-02 2 December ECOFIN Council conclusions on financial stability and crisis management
2009-12-01 Implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon – EU leaders welcome the end of the process begun in 2001
2009-12-01 FSA Turner’s speech: Responding to the financial crisis. Challenging past assumptions on capital levels
2009-11-30 Commission published summary of responses to the public consultation on responsible lending and borrowing
2009-11-30 Trichet at DNB’s 2009 Financial Forum: shaping the future of global financial market regulation
2009-11-30 Barroso's Commission appointments: skilful - but disturbing result of automatically removing David Wright from financial services
2009-11-27 Barroso final portfolio allocations for new Commission – French commissioner for financial services
2009-11-26 23 Nov ECON Committee: focussed on legal uncertainties about powers and concern about Council diluting the DLG plans
2009-11-26 Kroes: ensuring compliance with the Commission’s state aid rules is of the utmost importance
2009-11-26 Commissioners designated for the next Commission
2009-11-25 FSA Turner: macro prudential tools vital to future financial stability
2009-11-25 IMF Strauss-Kahn: Take-Off or Holding Pattern? - To sustain global growth, world economy will need a new engine
2009-11-24 Trichet: key lesson from the crisis - the complexity of the international financial crisis has put banks in a difficult position
2009-11-24 Compensation and bonuses must remain contained, Trichet warns at the 19th Frankfurt European Banking Congress
2009-11-24 Commission consultation on the EU2020 strategy
2009-11-23 Commission takes action to ensure that 10 Member States implement several EU financial services directives
2009-11-19 ECB's Trichet: "Insurance companies, pension funds and the new EU supervisory architecture – a significant step to a common EU approach"
2009-11-19 CEBS Secretary General Vossen: "Towards a New Architecture for European Banking Supervision"
2009-11-18 UK Treasury Committee raises concern about over-hasty pace of European financial regulation
2009-11-18 SIFMA opposes Securities Transaction Tax proposed during the last G-20 meeting in St Andrews
2009-11-18 DG MARKT's Holmquist: “First discussions on ESA’s in Council are well led by the Swedish Presidency”
2009-11-18 UK Government introduces Financial Services Bill – it includes the creation of the Council for Financial Stability
2009-11-12 IMF says that ‘Too Complex to Fail’ is the real issue and that size and linkages between firms are among the principles to consider
2009-11-12 IMF: experts warn financial system risks still high
2009-11-12 European Parliament special CRIS committee: phasing out of support measures not imminent
2009-11-11 US Banking Committee unveils plan for regulatory overhaul
2009-11-11 Fed Tarullo on supervising and resolving large financial institutions
2009-11-11 FDIC Bair calls for new resolution system
2009-11-11 Britain and U.S. disagree at G20 on tax to insure against crises: UK proposes and US denies
2009-11-11 ECOFIN background note on exit strategies and support measures to the financial sector
2009-11-11 ECOFIN 10 November: Solvency II formally adopted and CRD "general approach" agreed
2009-11-09 G20 agreed to maintain support for recovery
2009-11-09 FSB issued reports on financial stability measures
2009-11-09 SEC Shapiro asks Congress to leave FASB alone
2009-11-06 IASB and FASB reaffirm convergence plans
2009-11-05 FSA chairman says: 'no silver bullet' to address 'too-big-to-fail' challenge - appropriate capital requirements are not the only solution
2009-11-04 EU-US Summit agrees on ‘enhanced cooperation’ on reform and exit strategies
2009-11-04 Commission autumn economic forecast looks for gradual recovery but an essential condition is to complete the repair of the banking sector
2009-11-04 AIMA supports the registration of Hedge Fund Managers in the U.S. – with exemptions for recognised registration elsewhere
2009-11-03 Briefing McDonald: Responsible Borrowing and Lending
2009-11-02 US Senate to introduce draft bill on financial regulation
2009-11-02 European Council to ECOFIN: Reach a conclusion by December 2009 on the new supervisory structure
2009-11-02 IFSL’s annual Financial Market Trends on Europe vs. US: As EU markets fell by more, the US gained in relative size.
2009-10-29 Deutsche Bank: 10 Imperatives for SEPA Migration and Completion
2009-10-29 EP ECON Chairwoman Sharon Bowles visits Washington
2009-10-29 FSA begins new banking regulation to promote fairness for consumers
2009-10-29 Christian Noyer: beyond Pittsburgh – the future of financial regulation
2009-10-28 Bernanke’s speech on FED’s role on financial supervision and regulation
2009-10-27 FSA announces tough new code for financial reporting disclosure
2009-10-27 Commission adopts additional legislative proposals to strengthen financial supervision in Europe
2009-10-22 ECOFIN conclusions on financial supervision: Broad agreement and targeting conclusion by end-2009
2009-10-22 Commissioner Kroes: consumers need robust competition more than ever before
2009-10-21 Securities income: Commission recommends simplified procedures for claiming cross-border withholding tax relief
2009-10-21 ACCA: Global SME survey shows cautious optimism on improving access to finance
2009-10-21 US Fed Tarullo: state of the banking industry
2009-10-21 EBF welcomes Commission proposals on EU cross-border crisis management framework
2009-10-19 ECB Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: the European response to the financial crisis
2009-10-19 Big issues for the next ECOFIN Council
2009-10-15 IMF: fiscal challenge next for policymakers
2009-10-15 CMSA of the US: financial firms warn accounting changes could threaten recovery
2009-10-15 City of London banks agree to support G20 bonus reforms
2009-10-15 Commissioner Almunia: “Exit strategies are essential for the sustainability of public finance”
2009-10-15 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter - October 2009
2009-10-15 EUROFINAS stresses the important role that consumer credit providers can play in the field of financial education
2009-10-15 European Council conclusions on strengthening EU Financial Stability Arrangements
2009-10-15 ECB’s Tumpel-Gugerell:”Payments are becoming European”
2009-10-14 Commissioner McCreevy:”It is essential that banks adhere to the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme”
2009-10-13 SEC Chairman Schapiro: the financial crisis has reinforced the importance of information disclosure
2009-10-08 ECON Committee – 06 October 2009 - AIFM exchange of views
2009-10-08 FSA chairman outlines factors for successful European regulation
2009-10-08 'Istanbul Decisions' to guide IMF as countries shape post-crisis world
2009-10-08 Commissioner Almunia: crisis highlights urgent need for deeper and broader macro-economic coordination and surveillance in euro area
2009-10-08 Trichet: regulatory/supervisory reform in Europe must address moral hazard stemming from the automatic rescue presumption
2009-10-07 SEC approves new exchange rules for breaking clearly erroneous trades
2009-10-07 Commission held a public hearing on responsible lending and borrowing
2009-10-06 FSA finalizes far-reaching overhaul of UK liquidity regulation
2009-10-01 Preparation of Eurogroup and Informal Economic and Finance Ministers Council, Göteborg, 1-2 October
2009-10-01 McCreevy: remuneration practices within banks will be brought under the supervisory spotlight
2009-09-30 City of London research - Global Financial Centres Index 6
2009-09-30 Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA): Commission consultation shows general support for end-date for SEPA migration
2009-09-29 ECON meeting 29 September
2009-09-29 ECON meeting 28 September
2009-09-28 IMF: G20 backs sustained crisis response and a shift in IMF representation
2009-09-28 Barroso at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh: it is important to take specific action to rein in exorbitant bonuses
2009-09-25 G20 summit in Pittsburgh: sweeping reforms in capital, liquidity, remuneration and resolution
2009-09-24 FSA chairman insists that the momentum for reform must be maintained
2009-09-24 European Banks welcome Commission plans for new Financial Supervisory Authorities
2009-09-23 IMF: financial crises tend to have a long-lasting impact on the economy
2009-09-23 Consumers: Commission report criticises “opaque” bank fee charges
2009-09-23 Commission adopts legislative proposals to strengthen financial supervision in Europe
2009-09-21 OECD: Economic Survey of the European Union 2009
2009-09-18 Informal meeting of EU Heads of State or Government in Brussels
2009-09-17 European Commission calls for united EU position for G20 summit in Pittsburgh
2009-09-17 BIS report and recommendations of the Cross-border Bank Resolution Group
2009-09-17 FSA and SEC discuss approaches to global regulatory requirements
2009-09-17 Financial Stability Board meets in Paris
2009-09-17 IMF Executive Board discusses management of Crisis-Related Interventions
2009-09-16 State aid: Commission approves German export credit scheme
2009-09-16 ECB Smaghi: this is not – yet – the time to implement exit strategies
2009-09-15 Obama urges strong rules and regulatory reform
2009-09-15 BIS: Quarterly Review, September 2009
2009-09-11 Single Euro Payments Area: Commission presents actions to make SEPA a success
2009-09-10 Buzek and Trichet at the European Parliament. Crisis is not over; we should reform
2009-09-10 ECB Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: SEPA for cards.
2009-09-08 McCreevy: Action needs to be taken at EU level on responsible lending and borrowing
2009-09-07 Swedish Presidency outlined their priorities for a range of parliamentary committees
2009-09-07 Bank of France Financial Stability Review: the future of financial regulation
2009-09-07 Trichet: The ECB’s exit strategy
2009-09-07 Speech - Papademos: the ECB is prepared to support the ESRB.
2009-09-07 EUROFINAS: first identify what and where the real problems are before considering any European initiative on lending and borrowing.
2009-09-07 European Commission President Barroso proposes a partnership for progress and ambition to the European Parliament
2009-09-07 Veron: Rules of the Game
2009-09-06 G20 Finance Ministers agree to tackle remuneration practice
2009-09-05 Treasury roadmap for US banking reforms
2009-09-05 Geithner calls for more action on OTC derivatives
2009-09-03 ECON meeting 2 September
2009-09-03 Commission hearing on responsible lending and borrowing.
2009-09-03 Goldschmidt: The Financial Crisis – Bonuses and the G20
2009-09-02 Preparation of Eurogroup and Informal Economic and Finance Ministers Council for the G20
2009-08-27 BIS report on financial analysis of systemic banking crises in the world
2009-08-27 Barroso’s speech on the current crisis - given at the European Economic Association Congress in Barcelona
2009-08-25 Shadow financial regulatory Committees: The securitization system needs to be regulated and supervised effectively
2009-08-21 Bank of England assessment of the latest trends in lending to the UK economy
2009-08-19 Financial Markets Law Committee’s response to May Treasury Consultation on developing effective resolution arrangements for investment banks
2009-08-19 UK's Financial Services Authority provides clarity for Activist Shareholders
2009-08-18 FT: Interactive guide to the new regulatory and supervisory structures
2009-08-14 ABA concerned about accounting overhaul for financial instruments
2009-08-11 US draft legislation on OTC derivatives
2009-08-10 Commission review of national aid schemes
2009-08-10 Eurosystem consults on draft oversight frameworks for credit transfer and direct debit schemes
2009-08-05 WSJ: Geithner vents at regulators as overhaul stumbles
2009-07-31 IFSL main comments on European Financial Supervision
2009-07-31 UK Treasury Select Committee publishes 14th Report on Financial Crisis.
2009-07-31 FASB Issues Exposure Draft on Fair Value Measurements
2009-07-30 IMF works to Plug Data Gaps Exposed by Crisis
2009-07-30 IMF paper: Governance Practices at Financial Regulatory and Supervisory Agencies
2009-07-29 AMF: Financial Regulation Newsletter 3rd quarter
2009-07-29 BIS paper on operational risk
2009-07-29 ACCA’s concerns for the next G20 meeting in September 09
2009-07-28 SEC finalizes rules against short selling abuse
2009-07-28 ACCA: The New European Parliament. What Can You Achieve in Your First 100 Days?
2009-07-27 Council adopts rules on credit rating agencies, bank capital requirements, cross-border payments and e-money.
2009-07-27 Treasury plans to regulate OTC and securities market
2009-07-24 Dutch financial sector position on EU supervision
2009-07-22 OECD - Financial stability in the United Kingdom: Banking on prudence
2009-07-17 BUSINESSEUROPE and key financial market players aligned to call for improved financial supervision.
2009-07-17 IMF - United Kingdom: From Rescue to Recovery
2009-07-17 Twelve EP committees elected chairs and vice-chairs
2009-07-16 Pedro Solbes appointed Chairman of the EFRAG SB
2009-07-16 Financial Reporting Council welcomes the Walker Review
2009-07-16 Walker Review proposes fundamental changes to strengthen bank governance
2009-07-14 AMF’s new strategy: enhance French markets
2009-07-09 ABBL responds to the EC communication on European Financial Supervision
2009-07-09 UK Treasury Report on reforming financial markets
2009-07-08 ECOFIN Council Conclusions 7 July
2009-07-07 US Treasury official Mark Sobel highlighted the Role of US-EU Co-operation
2009-07-06 FSA proposes bigger fines to achieve credible deterrence
2009-07-06 European banking needs a state-led triage body
2009-07-06 Commission sees permanent decline in Euro area’s potential output
2009-07-02 FSA Lord Turner calls for radical rules change
2009-07-01 SEC Aguilar: Hedge Fund Regulation on the Horizon
2009-07-01 Commission updates on national state aid measures to the crisis
2009-07-01 McCreevy: Consumer protection in financial services
2009-07-01 BIS's Caruana: "The narrow path ahead"
2009-07-01 BIS Annual Report: Better regulation is not enough
2009-06-30 Kroes: "Nationalism must be avoided."
2009-06-30 Kroes: "National solutions to the crisis will not be enough"
2009-06-30 EC requests Belgium and the UK to implement Transparency Directive
2009-06-30 FSB sees signs of improvement
2009-06-30 Bank of England Bi-annual Financial Stability Report
2009-06-30 High Level Committee on a New Financial Architecture
2009-06-29 ACCA: The future of Financial Regulation
2009-06-29 IOSCO's recommendation about the Financial Crisis for Emerging Markets
2009-06-25 SEC proposes amendments to Money Market Funds Regulation
2009-06-25 CFTC's Gensler – Derivatives market to become subject to comprehensive regulation
2009-06-24 SEC's Schapiro: "SEC should be primary regulator of OTC Derivatives"
2009-06-23 Trichet: key ECB policy actions in the crisis
2009-06-23 ECB's González-Páramo: the future of central banking
2009-06-22 OECD - Priorities for Reform and Strategies which will Phase-out Emergency Measures
2009-06-22 Commission report on merger regulation
2009-06-22 ECB's Smaghi warns against wasting opportunities for reform
2009-06-19 European Council Conclusions 18-19 June
2009-06-19 Goldschmidt: Response to Commission’s Communication on Financial Services Policy
2009-06-18 EFR Letter to ECOFIN President Fischer
2009-06-18 Belgium: Lamfalussy recommendations on Belgian/EU financial architecture
2009-06-18 UK perspectives: Chancellor and Governor at Mansion House
2009-06-18 Lords criticize EC’s financial regulation proposals
2009-06-18 Joint Forum paper on the Stocktaking on the Use of Credit Ratings
2009-06-17 US Plan for Financial Services Regulatory Reform
2009-06-17 FSB Draghi: Scope of regulation will be broadened
2009-06-17 Trichet: The financial crisis and the response of the ECB
2009-06-16 BIS report on operational framework for financial stability
2009-06-16 US administration outlines new Financial Foundation
2009-06-15 ABA calls for co-ordination in changes to regulatory capital calculations
2009-06-15 EU experts warn against regulatory failures of future financial markets legislation
2009-06-15 Eurfinas welcomes report on Credit Histories
2009-06-15 Commission Consultation on Responsible Lending and Borrowing in the EU
2009-06-15 Commission Consultation on Expert Group report on Credit Histories
2009-06-15 Commission consults on responsible lending and borrowing in the EU
2009-06-15 FASB action alert 10 June
2009-06-15 FASB consults on fair value of investments - hedge funds
2009-06-15 FASB statements on Securitizations and Special Purpose Entities
2009-06-13 Statement of G8 Finance Ministers - Lecce, Italy, 13 June, 2009
2009-06-12 IOSCO finalises policy responses to the financial crisis
2009-06-11 Federal Trust: The Reform of Financial Regulation in Europe
2009-06-11 Kroes reminds ECOFIN on competition issues of rescue programmes
2009-06-09 ECOFIN 9 June
2009-06-09 Communication on European Financial Supervision
2009-06-08 Fed Tarullo outlines key components of legislative agenda for systemic risks
2009-05-27 Commission consults on European Financial Supervision
2009-05-27 EBF welcomes proposals for Financial Supervisory architecture
2009-05-26 FESE welcomes US plans on OTC derivatives markets
2009-05-22 Commission overview of measures adopted for financial crises
2009-05-20 OECD consults on guidance on a policy framework for financial regulation
2009-05-20 FT: European plan for financial regulation faces UK obstacles
2009-05-19 BIS Wellink – burden sharing essential for stronger supervisory agreements
2009-05-14 US Treasury proposal on OTC derivatives
2009-05-14 Single Market News No 54 – Financial Crisis
2009-05-09 US stress test shows positive results
2009-05-09 FASB additional guidance on fair value of alternative investments
2009-05-08 FASB supports draft principles for financial instruments with characteristics of equity
2009-05-08 Bernanke calls for more macro-prudential approach to supervision
2009-05-07 Bischoff Report sets out vision for UK financial services sector
2009-05-07 TowerGroup research highlights strategic impact of regulatory changes
2009-05-05 Bernanke sees recovery ahead
2009-05-05 IFSL City Indicators Bulletin - May 2009
2009-05-05 ECOFIN 5 May
2009-05-05 ECB Papademos outlines key requirements for Systemic Risk Council
2009-05-01 FDIC newsletter on risk management of investments in structured credit products
2009-04-29 FCAG urges G-20 leaders for continuous support
2009-04-29 Commission Communication on packaged retail investment products
2009-04-28 Commissioner Kuneva outlines roadmap on retail financial services
2009-04-28 ECB Trichet warns against regulatory arbitrage
2009-04-26 G7 reaffirmed need for reforms
2009-04-24 FSA new banking regulation
2009-04-24 EP Plenary meeting 21-24 April
2009-04-24 Overview of measures to the financial and economic crisis
2009-04-21 ECON meeting 21 April
2009-04-16 ABBL proposes revised European System of Financial Supervision
2009-04-16 EFR – de Larosière report needs further clarifications
2009-04-16 Article: G20 confirmed the limits of multilateral decision-making.
2009-04-15 The European Banking Gordian knot
2009-04-09 SEC consults on re-introducing short-selling rules
2009-04-08 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter – The future shape of financial regulation in Europe
2009-04-07 AMF Jouyet – uniform enforcement of rules top priority
2009-04-07 SEC Schapiro outlines forthcoming reform proposals
2009-04-06 ECB report signals risk of slowdown in the European financial integration process
2009-04-06 FASB decision to amand fair value - FAS 107
2009-04-04 Informal ECOFIN 3-4 April
2009-04-04 FSF re-established as the Financial Stability Board
2009-04-03 FSF recommendations and principles to strengthen financial systems
2009-04-03 G20 agreed to build stronger supervisory and regulatory framework
2009-04-03 FASB considers fair value accounting FAS 157-4
2009-04-02 G20 declaration on strengthening the financial system
2009-04-02 Progress Report on the Actions of the Washington Action Plan
2009-04-02 G20 declaration on delivering resources through the international financial institutions
2009-04-02 G20 London Summit – Leaders’ Statement
2009-03-31 ECON meeting 30-31 March
2009-03-30 US Treasury outlines framework for regulatory reform
2009-03-30 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter
2009-03-27 G20 Working Group - Reinforcing international co-operation and promoting integrity in financial markets
2009-03-26 CFTC concept release on review of exemptions for swap dealers
2009-03-26 Changing Pro-cyclicality for Financial and Economic Stability
2009-03-26 EP Plenary meeting 23-26 March
2009-03-26 IMF-Bruegel Joint Conference on Europe’s financial system
2009-03-25 G20 Working Group - Enhancing Sound Regulation and Strengthening Transparency
2009-03-24 McCreevy calls on member states to press for supervisory reform
2009-03-23 ECON meeting 23 March
2009-03-20 European Council Conclusions 19-20 March
2009-03-19 Fed Tarullo calls for consolidated supervision of all systemically important financial firms
2009-03-18 FSA publishes Turner review of global banking regulation
2009-03-16 IMA calls for more effective financial regulation
2009-03-16 Comments on topics related to “financial supervision”
2009-03-14 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Communiqué
2009-03-13 FSF discussions on financial crises
2009-03-13 EP Plenary meeting 9-12 March
2009-03-11 Geithner: G-20 should agree on broad framework of reforms
2009-03-11 Bernanke outlines possible reforms to financial architecture
2009-03-10 ECOFIN 10 March
2009-03-10 Commission consults on de Larosiere report
2009-03-07 A.I.G. - Why it is appropriate to delay any liquidation/bankruptcy
2009-03-07 Almunia warns against unco-ordinated asset relief programmes
2009-03-07 ACCA underlines transparency and accountability as key for reform
2009-03-06 UK Darling addresses ECOFIN over de Larosière report
2009-03-06 COMPETITIVENESS Council 5-6 March
2009-03-05 G-20 Working Group - The World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks
2009-03-04 Commission endorses de Larosière report recommendations
2009-03-04 G-20 Working Group – Reform of the IMF
2009-03-03 The de Larosière Report: Preliminary commentary and analysis
2009-03-03 CER: Financial regulation - Is the Channel narrowing?
2009-03-03 Issing Committee outlines recommendations for new financial order
2009-03-01 Extraordinary European Council 1 March
2009-03-01 The de Larosière Report: Preliminary commentary and analysis
2009-02-27 Single market news 53
2009-02-26 US Treasury terms of new bank bailout programme - CAP
2009-02-25 De Larosiere Report calls for a European System of Supervision
2009-02-23 US regulators outline details on capital assistance programme for banks
2009-02-23 Trichet – ECB ready to play a role in new financial system
2009-02-22 Pre-G20 summit demands global system of supervision and oversight
2009-02-18 Commission outlines policy priorities for 2010
2009-02-18 EUROFI calls for integration of supervision at European level
2009-02-17 Trichet - avoid going back to the status quo ante
2009-02-16 FESE calls for improvements to framework of securities supervision
2009-02-15 G7 calls for urgent reforms of international financial system
2009-02-12 EFR calls for college structure for EU supervision
2009-02-12 ECON meeting 11-12 February
2009-02-12 AMF calls for enhanced role of CESR
2009-02-10 US Treasury Secretary Geithner introduces Financial Stability Plan
2009-02-10 EU to present guidelines on treatment of impaired assets
2009-02-10 ECOFIN 10 February
2009-02-09 FSA Financial Risk Outlook 2009
2009-02-07 New SEC chair enhances enforcement division
2009-02-06 EBF calls to create European Financial Stability Forum
2009-02-06 Commission Expert Group calls for removing barriers to electronic invoicing
2009-02-05 EP Plenary meeting 2-5 February
2009-02-02 Commissioner Kuneva to focus on retail banking issues
2009-02-02 ECON meeting 2 February
2009-01-29 IMF calls for more aggressive policy actions including possible "bad bank"
2009-01-27 Almunia: A real necessity to have a single supervisory agency at EU level
2009-01-27 McCreevy outlines issues to come on financial regulation
2009-01-22 FSA chair sets out agenda for reforming financial regulation
2009-01-21 Schapiro outlines future SEC regulatory reform initiatives
2009-01-21 Trichet: International financial architecture requires strengthening of informal groupings
2009-01-21 ECON meeting 20-21 January
2009-01-20 ECOFIN 20 January
2009-01-19 Trichet calls for systematic reforms without the least privilege to any entity
2009-01-19 European Financial Integration Report 2008
2009-01-19 Commission launches European database for financial education
2009-01-17 G30 report calls for regulatory reforms to strengthen global financial system
2009-01-17 OECD: Asian countries should reform their pension systems
2009-01-17 PWG - Best Practices for Hedge Funds
2009-01-15 Graham Bishop: Britain’s eternal vulnerability – Sterling
2009-01-15 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter - January 2009
2009-01-15 EP Plenary meeting 12-15 January
2009-01-14 Report: Empowering the ECB to supervise banks
2009-01-14 Bernanke: too-big-to-fail firms violate level playing field among financial institutions
2009-01-14 OECD - Euro area needs more integrated financial market supervision
2009-01-14 EFB Newsletter January 2009
2009-01-09 OECD Financial Market Trends - January 2009
2009-01-09 Trichet - a paradigm change for the global financial system
2009-01-08 Kroes calls for global rules of state aid
2009-01-07 Presentation of the Czech Presidency work programme
2009-01-01 Czech Presidency Programme

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