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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2022 Policy impacting Finance
2022-12-21 Bruegel's Papadia/Aroyo:Don’t look only to Brussels to increase the supply of safe assets in the European Union
2022-12-21 Federal Trust`s Stevens and Donnelly -video: Has Ukraine Made Europe More United?
2022-12-20 FSB: Global Monitoring Report on Non-Bank Financial Intermediation 2022
2022-12-20 FSB reports on global trends and risks in non-bank financial intermediation
2022-12-16 EU institutions agree on joint priorities for 2023 and 2024
2022-12-15 EURACTIV: Nine EU countries need pension reform
2022-12-15 BCBS: Evaluation of the impact and efficacy of the Basel III reforms
2022-12-14 Bruegel's Bonfanti/Garicano: Do financial markets consider European common debt a safe asset?
2022-12-14 Project Syndicate's Gros: America’s Inward Turn on Trade
2022-12-14 POLITICO: Sweden’s domestic divisions cloud presentation of EU presidency priorities
2022-12-13 EPC's Petit: In EU Citizens' Panels, the institutions must not leave citizens behind
2022-12-12 Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to the members of the European Council
2022-12-07 AFME welcomes latest CMU proposals
2022-12-07 Parliament: Conference on the Future of Europe: citizens demand more from the EU
2022-12-07 Opening remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2022-12-07 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup meeting of 5 December 2022
2022-12-07 Parliament: Conference follow-up: citizens ask about progress (video)
2022-12-07 Opening remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN Press conference
2022-12-07 EURACTIV: EU countries to reject Spitzenkandidaten and pan-EU election lists
2022-12-06 EURACTIV: German constitutional court: EU debt lawful as a crisis response
2022-12-05 Eurogroup statement on draft budgetary plans for 2023
2022-12-02 BIS Quarterly Review, December 2022
2022-11-29 CER's Tordoir: The European Stability Mechanism is not ready for the next crisis
2022-11-29 Bruegel - The European Commission's fiscal rules proposal: a bold plan with flaws that can be fixed
2022-11-29 EPC van Rompuy: Turning fear into hope
2022-11-24 Speech by Commissioner Gentiloni at the European Policy Centre: Reforming EU economic governance for the coming decade
2022-11-24 MEPs clear way for new sources of EU revenue
2022-11-23 SUERF: The safe asset potential of EU-issued bonds
2022-11-23 CEPR's Wyplosz: Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact: The Commission’s proposal could be a missed opportunity
2022-11-23 ECA: EU auditors issue Opinion on a package of proposals including a new borrowing strategy linked to financial aid to Ukraine
2022-11-16 ECB's de Guindos: Outlook for the euro area economy and financial stability
2022-11-16 CEPR's Eichengreen/Esteves: Up and away: Inflation and debt consolidation in historical perspective
2022-11-16 FSB publishes annual report on its work to promote global financial stability
2022-11-16 ECB Financial Stability Review shows risks increasing as economic and financial conditions worsen
2022-11-15 Breugel's Demertzis: NextGenerationEU: an underused facility?
2022-11-11 FSB Chair writes to G20 Leaders ahead of the Bali Summit
2022-11-10 FSB sets out policy proposals to address systemic risk in non-bank financial intermediation
2022-11-10 Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN Press conference
2022-11-10 Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the press conference on the economic governance review
2022-11-10 CEPS's Gros, Shamfakhr: The real fiscal cost of central bank bond buying
2022-11-10 CEPR's Buti ,Griis, Torre:How to make the EU fiscal framework fit for the challenges of this decade
2022-11-09 Questions and answers: Building an economic governance framework fit for the challenges ahead
2022-11-09 Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the press conference on the economic governance review
2022-11-07 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup meeting of 7 November 2022
2022-11-02 IMF: Market Liquidity Strains Signal Heightened Global Financial Stability Risk
2022-11-02 BIS: Triennial Central Bank Survey of foreign exchange and Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets in 2022
2022-11-02 Bruegel's Zettelmeyer: European Union fiscal rules: is a better system feasible?
2022-11-02 Jacques Delors Centre: Wielding the Big Gun – What the ECB’s New Bond Purchasing Program Means for EU Governance
2022-10-28 LSE: What Giorgia Meloni’s maiden speech to parliament told us about Italy’s future
2022-10-27 SUERF's Carboni/Ellison: Are Liability Driven Investors (LDIs) a liability for policymakers?
2022-10-26 Project Syndicates's Jim O'Neill: China’s Coming Clash with Economic Reality
2022-10-25 ESBG and EACB congratulate EU Commission’s Expert Group on its Open Finance report
2022-10-24 LSE: The challenge facing Italy’s new coalition
2022-10-21 Carnegie's Dempsey: Germany’s Continued Illusions About China and Russia
2022-10-21 FSB analyses liquidity in core government bond markets
2022-10-19 CEPS; Gros and Shamsfakhr: Yes, this market turbulence is different but a new financial crisis is not inevitable
2022-10-19 CEPS: Flexible ‘EU-centricness’ is the key ingredient to ensure the European Political Community’s success
2022-10-19 CEPR: Identifying foreign exchange interventions via news reports: New data
2022-10-19 ECA: EU spending: auditors find increased errors
2022-10-18 Carnegie Europe's Pierini: Five Takeaways From the European Political Community Summi
2022-10-17 Council approves EU law to improve gender balance on company boards
2022-10-14 Eurobarometer survey highlights how Europeans interact with the financial services world
2022-10-14 IMF: Policymakers Need Steady Hand as Storm Clouds Gather Over Global Economy
2022-10-14 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the informal meeting of Eurogroup ministers in inclusive format with the US Treasury Secretary,
2022-10-13 ECB's Glockler and Mee: A plain-speaking central bank: contradiction in terms?
2022-10-11 POLITICO: Germany keeps door open to using EU loans amid energy crisis
2022-10-10 EURACTIV: Brussels eyes multi-year fiscal plans that include investment, reform
2022-10-07 Project Syndicate: Where Has All the Liquidity Gone?
2022-10-06 IMF blog: How Illiquid Open-End Funds Can Amplify Shocks and Destabilize Asset Prices
2022-10-05 Bruegel podcast: What should the European Political Community look like?
2022-10-05 EPC' Mucznik: The European Political Community: Time to invest in the power of democracies
2022-10-04 CER podcast: What might Macron's European Political Community look like?
2022-10-03 CEPR/Vox's Buti/Messorri: A central fiscal capacity to tackle stagflation
2022-10-03 Fondation Robert Schuman: A change of era (Zeitenwende) in Germany and its implications for European integration
2022-10-03 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup meeting of 3 October 2022
2022-10-03 Eurogroup, 3 October 2022 Main results
2022-09-30 LSRE: A populist shift or business as usual? Explaining the outcome of the Italian general election
2022-09-30 CEPS' Emerson: Will the European Political Community actually be useful?
2022-09-30 ECB's de Guindos: Policy mix of the future: the role of monetary, fiscal and macroprudential policies
2022-09-30 FT: Europe faces ‘severe risks’ to financial system, regulators warn
2022-09-30 Carnegie's Vimont: The Franco-German Partnership: Not Yet the Final Straw
2022-09-29 FT's Beattie: The Italian populists won’t be mindlessly destructive on trade
2022-09-28 Bruegel: Enlarging and deepening: giving substance to the European Political Community
2022-09-28 Robert Schuman Fondation: Victory for the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni in the Italian parliamentary elections
2022-09-27 DNB's Knott: Working on progress. On public and private risk sharing in the EMU
2022-09-27 UKandEU: What Meloni's victory means for Europe
2022-09-24 Vox/CEPR: The ECB’s asset purchase programme granted debt sustainability in the pandemic. Its termination should not derail it
2022-09-23 Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB: Hearing of ECON
2022-09-22 EURACTIV: Meloni: ‘My party does not have an anti-European wing’
2022-09-21 UK Finance: Advancements in performance management tools to enable competitive advantages
2022-09-20 IMF blog: From 1980s Debt Crisis to Crypto Era, Financial Stability Monitoring is Always Evolving
2022-09-19 Hugo Dixon: How Italy could tip into a tailspin
2022-09-16 Statement by President Charles Michel upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth II
2022-09-16 CER's Scazzieri: What Giorgia Meloni would mean for Europe
2022-09-14 Bruegel podcast: Assessing the State of the Union 2022
2022-09-14 EPC: Von der Leyen makes big promises, but will they be enough?
2022-09-14 EURACTIV: Von der Leyen: Treaty change needed to show EU is ‘serious’ on reform
2022-09-14 European Commission's von der Leyen: State of the Union 2022
2022-09-14 State of the EU: Ukraine, energy, climate change, economy
2022-09-14 ECON: National recovery plans to counter immediate effects of energy crisis
2022-09-12 CEPS: In this State of the Union, President von der Leyen must say it loud and clear – business as usual is over
2022-09-12 ESAs warn of rising risks amid a deteriorating economic outlook
2022-09-10 Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN Press conference
2022-09-09 BETTER FINANCE: Financial Repression | Low ECB Interest Rates & Inflation = Loss of €1 Trillion in Purchasing Power f in 202
2022-09-09 ECA: The Commission’s assessment of national recovery and resilience plans – Overall appropriate but implementation risks remain
2022-09-09 Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup Press Conference of 9 September 2022
2022-09-08 European Commission: Closing speech at Bruegel annual meeting
2022-09-07 Project Syndicate's Reichlin: The Italian Right Is Coming
2022-09-07 Keynote speech by Commissioner McGuinness on financial literacy at the Bruegel Annual Meetings
2022-09-07 IMF blog - Gaspar et al: European Fiscal Governance: A Proposal from the IMF
2022-09-06 CEPR: A stability fund for the euro area
2022-09-02 ESMA: Russian war adds uncertainty and volatility to EU financial markets
2022-09-01 CER's Meyers: The EU needs a bigger playing field – not a level playing field
2022-09-01 FONDATION ROBERT SCHUMAN: The right-wing parties, led by Giorgia Meloni, favourite for the 25 September parliamentary elections in Italy
2022-08-31 BusinessEurope: Examples of Single Market barriers for businesses
2022-08-31 EURACTIV: EU hits 80% gas storage target early despite Russian cut offs
2022-08-17 Threats and solidarity in the Eurozone: How Italian and German citizens respond to information about Italexit
2022-08-04 Carnegie: War in Ukraine Has Sparked a New Race to Succeed Putin
2022-07-21 LSE: Assessing the ECB’s new Transmission Protection Mechanism
2022-07-21 Bloomberg: Italy Thrown Into Chaos as Draghi’s Coalition Abandons Him
2022-07-20 CEPS's Wright: Overall, the French EU Council Presidency was a success… but not everyone agrees
2022-07-15 EPC: Europe’s moment of truth: United by adversity?
2022-07-15 BIS: Macro-financial stability frameworks and external financial conditions
2022-07-15 FSB Chair flags to G20 growing challenges to financial stability
2022-07-15 C0mmission: Summer 2022 Economic Forecast: Russia's war worsens the outlook
2022-07-07 FT: French finance minister says EU debt rules are ‘obsolete’
2022-07-06 ECB Vice President de Guindos: Challenges for monetary policy - at the Frankfurt Euro Finance Summit
2022-07-05 Carnegie: Europe’s Geopolitical Turn Needs a Democratic Reboot
2022-07-05 MEPs approve Croatia’s entry into the eurozone
2022-07-05 BIS: Big tech interdependencies – a key policy blind spot
2022-07-04 Federal Trust: EU Court abandons Westphalian system
2022-07-01 FSB Plenary meets in Amsterdam
2022-06-29 The 2022 ECB Forum on Central Banking “Challenges for monetary policy in a rapidly changing world”
2022-06-29 European Commission: 2022 Strategic Foresight Report: twinning the green and digital transitions in the new geopolitical context
2022-06-28 Keynote speech by Commissioner McGuinness at the forum on protecting and facilitating investment in the single market
2022-06-27 France at the head of the Council: positive results despite the war
2022-06-26 BIS Annual Economic Report: No respite
2022-06-24 European Council conclusions on Ukraine, the membership applications of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova..
2022-06-23 European Parliament: EU-Wide Survey: In face of Ukraine war, Citizens close ranks in support of EU
2022-06-22 Bruegel: A new European tool to deal with unjustified rising spreads
2022-06-22 Bruegel: Discretion lets Croatia in but leaves Bulgaria out of the euro area in 2023
2022-06-22 Project Syndicate's Pisani-Ferry: France’s Constitution Will Be Tested
2022-06-22 Fondation Schuman: The presidential coalition, Ensemble, has failed by a wide margin to win an absolute majority in the National Assembly
2022-06-22 MEPs say EU leaders must grab the opportunity to expand and reform the EU
2022-06-21 EPC: EU candidate status for Ukraine is a geopolitical and moral imperative
2022-06-17 The European Commission recommends to Council confirming Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia's perspective to become members of the EU and provides
2022-06-17 Commission sets out first analysis of the proposals stemming from the Conference on the Future of Europe
2022-06-17 Carnegie: Does the EU Need Treaty Change?
2022-06-15 EPC: The von der Leyen European Commission at midterm: Same priorities, different reality
2022-06-15 Project Syndicates' van Rompuy and Laffan: Adding Ambition to Europe’s Unity
2022-06-15 Statement after the ad hoc meeting of the ECB Governing Council
2022-06-14 ECON: Opening remarks by Commissioner McGuinness at the ECON Committee Structured Dialogue
2022-06-10 Bruegel: Fragmentation risk in the euro area: no easy way out for the European Central Bank
2022-06-10 LSE: Victorious centrists, vanishing radicals: German politics after May’s state elections
2022-06-09 FT: ECB to firm up plans to ward off bond market stress
2022-06-08 Bruegel: Fragmentation risk in the euro area: no easy way out for the European Central Bank
2022-06-07 Council and European Parliament agree to improve gender balance on company boards
2022-06-03 EPC: After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Unity is good, but ambition is better
2022-06-01 onvergence Report reviews Member States' preparedness to join the euro area and paves the way for Croatia's euro adoption on 1 January 2023
2022-06-01 IMF: Dollar Dominance and the Rise of Nontraditional Reserve Currencies
2022-06-01 The ECB’s 2022 Convergence Report
2022-05-31 Carnegie: German Ambiguity Is Deciding Ukraine’s Future
2022-05-31 CER: State of the Union: The EU, three months into Putin's war
2022-05-31 Project Syndicate's Harold James: What If Ukraine Is a Forever Crisis?
2022-05-25 Russia-Ukraine war increases financial stability risks, ECB Financial Stability Review finds
2022-05-24 Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2022-05-24 EURACTIV: Mixed reactions to suspension of EU fiscal rules
2022-05-23 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup meeting of 23 May 2022
2022-05-23 Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the Eurogroup press conference
2022-05-18 Vox: Seizures of foreign exchange reserves will not weaken the dollar’s role as dominant reserve currency
2022-05-18 The EFR published its position paper “Ensuring competitiveness of the European financial sector”
2022-05-18 Interview with Klaas Knot, Chair of the Financial Stability Board:"We are not totally off the hook”
2022-05-17 Carnegie Europe: EU Democracy After the Conference on the Future of Europe
2022-05-17 Bruegel's Sapir: Does the war in Ukraine call for a new Next Generation EU?
2022-05-16 Bruegel's Veron: Now is not the time to confiscate Russia’s central bank reserves
2022-05-13 CER podcast: Where will Macron now take France and Europe?
2022-05-11 FSB's Knott at ISDA: Diverse challenges, common threads: Preserving global financial stability today and tomorrow
2022-05-11 EPC's Duff: How to trigger treaty change
2022-05-09 On Europe Day, the Presidents of the European Parliament, Commission and Council received the final report with proposals to reform the EU.
2022-05-09 Fondation Schuman: The Declaration of 9 May 1950
2022-05-05 Mario Draghi urges EU to deepen economic integration in response to war
2022-05-04 MEPs begin revising rules on EU elections, calling for pan-European constituency
2022-05-04 Treaty review necessary to implement Conference proposals, Parliament declares
2022-05-03 LSE: Why can’t we admit that Macron won big?
2022-05-03 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the video conference of the Eurogroup of 3 May 2022
2022-05-02 Better Finance: European savers are set to lose hundreds of billions of euros in purchasing power in 2022 alone
2022-04-30 Future of Europe: Conference Plenary ambitious proposals point to Treaty review
2022-04-27 Project Syndicate's Pisani-Ferry: Macron’s Post-Election Dilemma
2022-04-26 EPC: Conference on the Future of Europe: There are no ready-made solutions to Europe’s democratic woes
2022-04-26 Carnegie: Macron 2.0 and Europe: A Bumpy Ride Ahead
2022-04-25 Der Spiegel: Can Macron Unite a Deeply Divided France?
2022-04-22 Vox: Creating a safe asset without debt mutualisation: The opportunity of a European Debt Agency
2022-04-19 ESAs publish joint Annual Report for 2021
2022-04-12 Future of Europe: Conference nears finalisation of policy recommendations
2022-04-06 VOX Brunnermaier, James, Landau: Sanctions and the international monetary system
2022-04-06 ACCA: Accountants’ confidence edges higher in Q1 2022, but cost concerns reach a record high
2022-04-06 Pandemic did not impair financial integration in the euro area, ECB report shows
2022-04-06 ECB's de Guindos: An EU financial system for the future
2022-04-06 Commissioner McGuinness at the ECB/European Commission Conference on European financial integration, 'An EU financial syst
2022-04-06 IMF blog: First Global Bank Stress Test Highlights Increased Financial Resilience
2022-04-05 Economic and Financial Affairs Council, 5 April 2022
2022-04-05 LSE: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: A turning point for European integration?
2022-03-29 CER: Russia may ditch the dollar – but it needs the euro
2022-03-28 Future of Europe: first debate on Conference proposals wraps up
2022-03-25 LSE: A Hamiltonian moment for Europe? Demystifying Next Generation EU and the EU’s recovery funds
2022-03-23 ECB: Assessing corporate vulnerabilities in the euro area
2022-03-22 Commissioner Gentiloni at University of Oxford: Turning point: the implications of Putin's war for Europe's economic and political choices
2022-03-17 EURACTIV: Macron cautious about joint EU debt plan
2022-03-16 ESMA warns consumers of risk of significant market corrections
2022-03-16 Vox: A proposal for a central fiscal capacity for the EMU targeting euro area, national, and regional shocks
2022-03-15 European Parliament: Conference on the Future of Europe: MEPs start preparing Parliament’s positions
2022-03-15 Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2022-03-14 LSE: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine signals new beginnings and new conflicts for the European Union
2022-03-14 ESMA coordinates regulatory response to the war in Ukraine and its impact on EU financial markets
2022-03-14 Conference on the Future of Europe: another Conference Plenary dedicated to citizens' proposals
2022-03-14 Insurance Europe: Proposed EU anti-coercion instrument must not be used as protectionist tool
2022-03-11 Informal meeting of the Heads of State or Government: Versailles Declaration
2022-03-11 Bruegel: The economic policy consequences of the war
2022-03-11 Vox: Sanctions, war, and systemic risk in 1914 and 2022
2022-03-11 GRI: Peace is at the heart of sustainable development
2022-03-10 POLITICO: Ukraine war gives Macron’s drive for EU autonomy new impetus
2022-03-10 POLITICO: Big countries play down calls to waive defense from EU deficit rules
2022-03-10 Der Spiegel: How Vladimir Putin Brought the West Together
2022-03-10 EURACTIV: EU leaders unlikely to agree on Ukraine’s candidate status
2022-03-08 Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to the members of the European Council ahead of their informal meeting of 10 and 11 March 2022
2022-03-08 Carnegie Europe: What Russia’s War in Ukraine Means for Europe
2022-03-07 DG FISMA: March issue of newsletter
2022-03-07 Bruegel: War in Europe: the financial front
2022-03-02 Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine: EU bans certain Russian banks from SWIFT system and introduces further restrictions
2022-03-02 Project Syndicate's O'Neill: Will Sanctioning Russia Upend the Monetary System?
2022-03-01 SRB: Sberbank Europe AG: Croatian and Slovenian subsidiaries resume operations after being sold
2022-03-01 Carnegie: Russia’s War Against Ukraine Ends Europe’s Self-Deception
2022-03-01 CER: Four questions on how the Russian assault on Ukraine will affect Europe
2022-03-01 Bloomberg: Why SWIFT Ban Is Such a Potent Sanction on Russia
2022-02-28 BIS: Global banks' local presence: a new lens
2022-02-28 Future of Europe: final set of European Citizens’ Panel recommendations
2022-02-23 EPC: Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next?
2022-02-23 Better Finance: How is technology changing financial institutions?
2022-02-22 FSB seeks views on policy approaches and market practices to support a smooth transition out of debt overhang issues
2022-02-21 European Parliament: Future of Europe: final recommendations from the European Citizens’ Panels
2022-02-21 BIS: Basel III Monitoring Report
2022-02-18 FSB's Knot: Navigating change in the global financial system: the role of the FSB
2022-02-18 EPC: Germany in the EU after Merkel: A view from France
2022-02-17 FT: Top finance watchdog urges west to ‘think twice’ about Russia sanctions
2022-02-17 Rule of Law conditionality: MEPs call on the Commission to act immediately
2022-02-16 Interview with Ana Botín, President of the EBF and Chair of Santander Group:“The banks are not complacent”
2022-02-16 ESMA warns consumers of risk of significant market corrections
2022-02-16 SUERF: The COVID Non-Performing Loan ’Tsunami’ that Never Happened and How to Avoid it Now
2022-02-16 Project Syndicate: Will Putin Unite Europe?
2022-02-16 Project Syndicate: Will Putin Unite Europe?
2022-02-12 ECB: How healthy are Europe’s banks two years into the pandemic?
2022-02-10 ECON: Inflation and continuing the economic recovery at forefront of MEP concerns in meeting with Lagarde
2022-02-09 EPC: Rethinking EU economic governance: The foundation for an inclusive, green and digital transition
2022-02-09 Vox: Debt: The eye of the storm – the 24th Geneva Report on the World Economy
2022-02-08 Bruegel: The puzzle of European Union recovery plan assessments
2022-02-08 Carnegie Europe: Europe is Struggling, Thirty Years After the Maastricht Treaty
2022-02-07 Introductory remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
2022-02-07 CEPS:The Maastricht Treaty 30 years on
2022-02-07 Introductory remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
2022-02-07 Eurobarometer: defending democracy is top priority for the European Parliament
2022-02-03 European Commission: New approach to enable global leadership of EU standards promoting values and a resilient, green and digital Single Mar
2022-02-02 ECON: Eurogroup President questioned on fiscal rule reform, inflation, and banking union
2022-02-02 DG FISMA newsletter: capital markets, listing rules, French Presidency on financial services, financial competence
2022-02-02 EPC: High Noon for the Conference on the Future of Europe
2022-01-27 Der Spiegel: Germany Has Little Maneuvering Room in Ukraine Conflict
2022-01-26 European Parliament: Future of Europe: Europeans see climate change as top challenge for the EU
2022-01-26 FT: ECB warns European lenders on Russia sanctions risk
2022-01-25 Project Syndicate's Harold James: A Whiff of Munich
2022-01-25 Project Syndicate's Stub: Can Italy Maintain Its Pandemic-Era Transformation?
2022-01-25 F Robert Schuman: European sovereignty, strategic autonomy, Europe as a power: what reality for the European Union and for what future?
2022-01-25 French Presidency briefs the European Parliament’s committees on its priorities
2022-01-24 EURACTIV: Coalition against EU debt rule reform shows cracks
2022-01-20 Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2022-01-20 MEPs debated the French Presidency’s priorities with Emmanuel Macron
2022-01-20 European Parliament: Future of Europe: Conference Plenary discusses Citizens’ Panels’ recommendations
2022-01-20 BIS's Carstens speeech: Digital currencies and the soul of money
2022-01-19 Project Syndicate's Stark, Mayer, Schnabl: The ECB's Existential Dilemma
2022-01-18 CER: What Italy's Presidential election means for Europe
2022-01-18 EURACTIV: Germany, France show divisions on EU budget rules
2022-01-18 EURACTIV: Centre-left Scholz and Sánchez far apart on EU fiscal rules
2022-01-17 IOSCO good practices aim to foster cooperation through global supervisory colleges
2022-01-17 Remarks by Paschal Donohoe following the Eurogroup meeting of 17 January 2022
2022-01-13 POLITICO: New Bundesbank boss warns high inflation could last longer than expected
2022-01-12 ECB's Enria: Exchange of views with the European Affairs Committee and Finance Committee of the French Senate
2022-01-12 Schuman Fondation: The Challenges of the French Presidency of the Council
2022-01-11 Remarks by President Michel following his meeting with President Macron
2022-01-10 Bruegel: A role for the Recovery and Resilience Facility in a new fiscal framework

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