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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2005 Policy impacting Finance
2005-12-15 CESR and US SEC Chairmen discuss collaborative efforts
2005-12-14 CESR and US CFTC Chairmen attend Global Markets Roundtable
2005-12-08 ECB Financial Stability Review
2005-12-06 ECOFIN Council results
2005-12-05 BIS Quarterly Review: International Banking and Financial Market Developments
2005-11-29 EPFSF: WTO Negotiations on Financial Services
2005-11-28 OECD Report on Ageing and Pension System Reform - Implications for Financial Markets and Economic Policies
2005-11-27 The Observer: Now Stock Exchange seeks Scandinavian alliance
2005-11-11 CEPS report: Europe’s hidden capital markets
2005-11-08 ECOFIN Council results
2005-11-07 FSAP Evaluation Plan – Part I
2005-11-07 London and New York lead ranking of global financial centres - report says
2005-11-03 US Business Roundtable on 'Best Practices' in Corporate Governance
2005-10-18 Commission acts to ensure 12 Member States implement EU laws
2005-10-17 Speech McCreevy: Financial regulation, integration and competitiveness
2005-10-11 ECOFIN Council results
2005-10-10 IFLS report: Europe's growth in 11 out of 15 financial markets outstrips US
2005-10-04 Commission update on Transposition of Lamfalussy Directives
2005-09-30 BMF: Strategic vision to prepare German financial markets for the European future
2005-09-28 Global Competitiveness Report 2005-2006
2005-09-27 Better regulation: Commission intends to withdraw one third of screened proposals
2005-09-23 Speech McCreevy: Financial services in Europe today
2005-09-17 GAO recommendations on SEC’s revised examination approach on the Mutual Fund Industry
2005-09-15 IMF Global Financial Stability Report
2005-09-07 Harmonization of Eurozone Primary Dealer reporting requirements
2005-07-25 Results of Exchange of Views on the Financial Services Policy 2005 – 2010
2005-07-18 FBE response on Commission Green Paper on Financial Services
2005-07-12 Gorden Brown outlined UK agenda in Economic and Monetary Affairs
2005-07-11 Politics and the Creation of a European SEC: The Optimal UK Strategy
2005-07-08 Commission report shows potential benefits of further integration
2005-07-05 Parliament rejects report on ECB
2005-07-04 Presentation of ECB Annual Report 2004 to the European Parliament
2005-06-29 EFR Report on lead supervisor model and future of financial supervision in the EU
2005-06-28 CESR-CFTC Common Work Program to Facilitate Transatlantic Derivatives Business
2005-06-27 Speech McCreevy: Regulatory and supervisory challenges of financial integration
2005-06-24 Speech Trichet: Reflections on the International Financial System
2005-06-23 Blair speech to EU Parliament on future of Europe
2005-06-15 Visit of US Treasury Secretary John Snow to Brussels
2005-06-14 IFD: German financial sector calls for further financial market integration in Europe
2005-06-13 Commission sector inquiries into retail banking and business insurance
2005-06-02 The Demographic Impact: Is the Pensions Crisis Mortality or Fertility?
2005-05-31 ECB Financial Stability Review – June 2005
2005-05-27 Speech McCreevy: A changing landscape for business in Europe
2005-05-19 ECB: Memorandum of Understanding on co-operation in financial crisis situations
2005-05-12 ECB published 2004 study on the euro area money market
2005-05-06 BdB comment on McCreevy Green Paper: Glass is only half full
2005-04-28 EP vote on report on current state of integration of EU financial markets
2005-04-22 SEC Article: A Securities Regulator Looks at Convergence
2005-04-20 Speech McCreevy: The integration of Europe’s financial markets and international cooperation
2005-04-18 Study: Rebalancing UK and European Regulation
2005-04-05 Speech McCreevy: The Single Financial Market today and tomorrow
2005-04-01 Speech McCreevy: Regulation and Consolidation in the Financial Industry
2005-03-31 CESR – CFTC Communiqué to facilitate trans-Atlantic derivatives business
2005-03-30 FT: Zurich eurobond challenges London
2005-03-29 ECON vote on draft report on current state of integration of financial markets
2005-03-29 IMF: The Impact of Terrorism on Financial Markets
2005-03-22 The UK financial services sector: Rising to the challenges and opportunities of globalisation
2005-03-17 CER: The Lisbon Scorecard V: Can Europe compete?
2005-03-14 Speech Trichet: Testimony before the EP EMAC Committee
2005-03-10 Speech Trichet: ECBs view on European Financial Integration
2005-03-10 Speech: McCreevy outlines the Financial Services Agenda
2005-03-04 CPS report: FSA lost respect and support of City
2005-02-17 OFT decides not to involve Brussels in LSE bid battle
2005-02-16 FT: OFT retains control of bid for LSE
2005-02-14 CESR and US CFTC to facilitate transatlantic derivatives business
2005-02-07 BdB: Financial Centre Frankfurt - Forever second to the City?
2005-02-03 LIBA statement of principles when consolidating Stock Exchanges
2005-01-26 EP Draft Report on Current State of Integration of EU Financial Markets
2005-01-26 New Think Tank opening in Brussels
2005-01-24 Article: Battle of bourses to reshape capital market
2005-01-21 Graham Bishop: Consultation response on the issuance of ultra-long gilt instruments

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