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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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Policy impacting Finance - 2022289 articles out of 289.

Policy impacting Finance - 2021234 articles out of 234.

Policy impacting Finance - 2020248 articles out of 248.

Policy impacting Finance - 201957 articles out of 57.

2018 Policy impacting Finance
2018-12-17 ECB: TIBER-EU White Team Guidance
2018-12-07 European Commission: The Technical expert group on sustainable finance calls for feedback on EU-wide classification system
2018-12-07 Financial Times: Switzerland risks EU financial sanctions over integration deal
2018-12-06 ESBG: Risky business - ICO, crypto assets innovation
2018-11-28 FSB reports to G20 Leaders on progress in financial regulatory reforms
2018-11-28 The AMF publishes its roadmap for sustainable finance
2018-11-23 FCA launches further consultations ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU
2018-11-23 EBF asks EU to renew momentum towards completing financial services framework to support growth, jobs
2018-11-20 FSB report finds that effects of G20 financial reforms on infrastructure finance are of a second order relative to other factors
2018-11-19 Project Syndicate: Why central bank digital currencies will destroy cryptocurrencies
2018-11-15 Financial Times: ECB official dubs bitcoin ‘evil spawn of the financial crisis'
2018-11-12 EBF response to the EC proposal on a European Cybersecurity Competence Centre
2018-11-09 ESMA renews binary options prohibition for a further three months from 2 January 2019
2018-11-02 BIS: FSI-GPFI conference discusses implications of fintech and other regulatory and supervisory developments for financial inclusion
2018-10-26 EurActiv: Commission eyes FinTech to boost euro’s role on global stage
2018-10-25 DB: Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse successfully complete tests for blockchain prototypes
2018-10-24 Insurance Europe: Better regulation agenda: EC failing to take account of stakeholder input
2018-10-22 FSB reviews financial vulnerabilities and deliverables for G20 Summit
2018-10-15 FCA: FCA opens a discussion on the impact of climate change and green finance on financial services
2018-10-12 Financial Times: A darker reality for Dodd-Frank’s burst of sunlight on derivatives
2018-09-20 OMFIF: Christine Lagarde: A regulatory approach to fintech
2018-09-08 Bloomberg: Europe is in no rush to regulate crypto market
2018-09-06 Bruegel: The economic potential and risks of crypto assets: is a regulatory framework needed?
2018-08-24 ESMA to renew prohibition on binary options for a further three months
2018-08-23 AFME’s Response to the EC proposal for a Regulation on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment
2018-07-24 ESMA review finds improvements with NCAs’ supervision of the suitability requirements
2018-07-16 VoxEU: The blockchain catalyst for change
2018-07-06 Commercial Risk Europe: Rushed blockchain projects creating cyber risk ‘blindspots’, warns RSA Security
2018-07-05 The AMF publishes its 2018 markets and risk outlook
2018-07-05 ISDA Response on ECON Cross-border Regulation Consultation
2018-07-05 ICMA Quarterly Report
2018-07-04 FCA proposes new Directory of financial services workers
2018-07-03 EBA assesses risks and opportunities from Fintech and its impact on incumbents business models
2018-06-25 FSB assesses financial vulnerabilities and takes stock of actions under its 2018 workplan
2018-06-25 ESBG releases position on EU Commission FinTech Action Plan
2018-06-22 IMF's Lagarde: Estimating cyber risk for the financial sector
2018-06-15 Bloomberg: The EU is emerging as the new sheriff for global financial markets
2018-06-15 Accountancy Europe: RegTech – the next big thing?
2018-06-11 Investment & Pensions Europe: Austrian investors welcome EU’s sustainable investment proposals
2018-06-04 ECIIA: ECB internal models guide should clarify assurance responsibilities
2018-05-24 EC: Sustainable finance - Making the financial sector a powerful actor in fighting climate change
2018-05-24 ICMA welcomes European Commission’s proposals for implementing its Action Plan on Sustainable Finance
2018-05-21 Parker Fitzgerald joint report with UK Finance on Sustainable Financial Services in the Digital Age
2018-05-17 European Parliament: Use “blockchain” model to cut small firms’ costs and empower citizens, urge MEPs
2018-05-13 Parker Fitzgerald: Safeguarding digital transformation
2018-05-02 ECB publishes European framework for testing financial sector resilience to cyber attacks
2018-04-27 European Parliament: Third country equivalence in EU banking and financial regulation
2018-04-27 The ESAs conclude a multilateral Memorandum of Understanding with the EFTA Surveillance Authority
2018-04-26 Financial Times: BBVA issues corporate loan using blockchain
2018-04-25 A European approach on Artificial Intelligence
2018-04-23 UK Finance: Finance industry calls for greater collaboration to tackle growing cyber threat
2018-04-18 ESAs appoint new members to the Board of Appeal
2018-04-13 ESMA extends its operational-risk analysis
2018-04-12 EBA: EU financial regulators warn against risks for EU financial markets, Brexit, asset repricing and cyber-attacks key risks
2018-04-11 IFAC: Patchwork financial regulation a $780 billion drag on the economy
2018-04-10 ECB launches public consultation on cyber resilience oversight expectations
2018-03-29 ACCA: Fintech, Blockchain and ICOs - adapting to the changing landscape
2018-03-29 EBF: Review of EU system for financial supervision - EBF position on the ESAs review
2018-03-15 EBA publishes its Roadmap on FinTech
2018-03-15 ESAs weigh benefits and risks of Big Data
2018-03-14 Insurance Europe: VAT rules must be modernised to reflect market realities
2018-03-09 ECB's Benoît Cœuré: A Euro Cyber Resilience Board for pan-European Financial Infrastructures
2018-03-08 European Commission's Action Plan on Sustainable Finance
2018-03-08 FinTech: Commission takes action for a more competitive and innovative financial market
2018-03-05 Accountancy profession’s contributions to the EU sustainable finance strategy
2018-02-27 Steven Maijoor speech at the Second Annual Fintech And Digital Innovation Conference
2018-02-26 ESAs review: Insurance Europe supports EIOPA as strong stand-alone authority
2018-02-19 FCA and US CFTC sign Arrangement to collaborate on FinTech innovation
2018-02-12 FCA publishes report on the supervision of Algorithmic Trading
2018-02-09 BIS and IMF to work more closely together to help strengthen financial supervisory skills around the world
2018-02-01 European Commission launches the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
2018-02-01 Insurance Europe: Response to the Commission consultation on institutional investors and asset managers’ duties regarding sustainability
2018-01-31 Insurance Europe: HLEG sustainable finance report: valuable contribution with good recommendations
2018-01-31 EFAMA statement following publication of final HLEG report
2018-01-31 European Commission: High-Level Expert Group delivers roadmap for greener and cleaner economy
2018-01-23 Financial Times: Davos: Blockchain can no longer be ignored
2018-01-23 ICMA AMIC responds to publication of the ESAs Review
2018-01-18 The Autorité des Marchés Financiers unveils #Supervision2022, its 5-year strategic plan
2018-01-18 EBF: European Money Quiz aspires to boost financial education
2018-01-18 Bank of England: Financial Services Compensation Scheme – management expenses levy limit 2018/19

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