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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2015 Policy impacting Finance
2015-12-16 ACCA: Recognition is more important than pay
2015-12-15 ECRI: Relaunching the European Retail Finance Market - Comments on the Commission's Green Paper
2015-12-10 Speech by Commissioner Jonathan Hill at the launch of the Commission's Green Paper on Consumer Finance
2015-12-10 EFAMA welcomes debate on retail financial services
2015-12-07 ENISA: Why Cloud adoption in the Finance Sector is still lagging
2015-12-04 ESAs seek stakeholder input on automation in financial advice
2015-11-20 G20/OECD high level principles on SME financing
2015-11-18 Bloomberg: G-20 Says Inequality Causes Instability as It Urges Tax Action
2015-11-16 AFME and ICMA welcome G20 Infrastructure recommendations
2015-11-12 European Commission: EU finalises proposal for investment protection and Court System for TTIP
2015-11-09 FSB publishes report on implementation and effects of the G20 financial regulatory reforms
2015-11-06 IOSCO reports on transparency of firms that audit public companies
2015-11-02 BIS: From the Vasa to the Basel framework - The dangers of instability
2015-10-22 The Independent / MEP Malmström Letter: In defence of TTIP, and my role as EU Trade Commissioner
2015-10-09 ICMA Quarterly Report Fourth Quarter 2015
2015-10-09 FSB publishes Chair's letter to G20 on financial reforms
2015-10-08 IOSCO continues to reinforce its position as key global reference point for markets regulation
2015-10-06 Bruegel: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Should the key losers – China and Europe – join forces?
2015-10-05 ESAs set out joint work plan for 2016
2015-09-25 EU - U.S. Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue Joint Statement
2015-09-18 CEPS: What signal from the Fed? Should the ECB ease further?
2015-09-15 IMF: “But we are different!” - 12 common weaknesses in banking laws, and what to do about them
2015-09-14 ESMA Chair's statements to the ECON Committee at the EP
2015-09-10 ECB: Addressing global data availability challenges
2015-09-09 The ESAs see continued risks in EU financial markets and call for rigorous action on assets and liabilities
2015-09-04 G20: Communiqué of the Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors meeting
2015-08-25 Reuters: Russia central bank advises banks run stress tests for rouble over 100/dollar
2015-08-12 PwC report reviews state of global financial market liquidity
2015-07-30 AMF is strengthening its policy on the obligations of discretionary portfolio management with respect to retail clients
2015-07-15 Reuters: After labeling, EU think-tank proposes banking steps on Israel
2015-07-15 EBA publishes final product oversight and governance requirements for manufacturers and distributors of retail banking products
2015-07-09 FSB publishes an interim report on Progress in Reforming Major Interest Rate Benchmarks
2015-07-08 European Parliament: TTIP - ease access to US market, protect EU standards, reform dispute settlement
2015-06-24 OECD: Low interest rates threaten solvency of pension funds and insurers
2015-06-04 CEPS: This time it’s different - Turbo-charging regulatory cooperation in TTIP
2015-06-03 ESMA’s Maijoor delivers opening address at ESAs Consumer Protection Day in Frankfurt
2015-06-02 FSB's Mark Carney: Keep finance safe but do not shut out the vulnerable
2015-05-28 European Parliament: TTIP - more US market access, reform investment protection, retain EU standards
2015-05-28 Financial Times: Will share buyback craze spread to Europe?
2015-05-18 AMF publishes its 2014 annual report
2015-05-15 BoE: Financial Markets - identifying risks and appropriate responses
2015-05-13 ESAs publish responses to consultation on Guidelines for cross-selling practices
2015-05-11 BIS: Economic Consultative Committee statement on FX market best practices
2015-05-06 EUbusiness: EU pushes global investment court to save US trade deal
2015-05-05 ESAs - main risks to EU financial market stability have intensified
2015-04-27 European Commission: Refocusing financial integration on growth and jobs
2015-04-27 ECB: Financial integration in Europe rebounds, report finds
2015-04-27 Reuters: Non-banks should also undergo stress tests, says ECB's Constancio
2015-04-27 European Commission: European financial stability and integration review
2015-04-24 The ombudsman of AMF published its 2014 annual report
2015-04-24 BIS: Ultra-low or negative interest rates - what they mean for financial stability and growth
2015-04-21 EU-US agreement on reinsurance: Council agrees to negotiations
2015-04-20 Reuters: EU finance ministers asked to set capital markets union priorities
2015-04-20 Financial Times: Volcker urges UK-style regulatory reforms
2015-04-17 FSB Chair's Letter to G20 on Financial Reforms – Progress on the Work Plan for the Antalya Summit
2015-04-16 Insurance Europe: EU and US insurers continue to support TTIP and call for full inclusion of financial services
2015-04-08 Grexit, Brexit, capital markets union and BASEL
2015-03-30 The Parliament Magazine: Competitiveness must be 'focal point' of EU cohesion policy
2015-03-26 European Commission: The financial services sector as an instrument for growth
2015-03-25 The Parliament Magazine: Capital markets union cannot 'copy and paste' US financial model
2015-03-25 Reuters: EU lawmakers to discuss accelerating capital markets union
2015-03-24 European Commission: Structured Dialogue - ECON
2015-03-24 The Parliament Magazine: Capital markets union is about 'better exploiting the EU single market'
2015-03-23 The Parliament Magazine: Commission's capital markets union proposal 'needs to be taken with a grain of salt'
2015-03-20 House of Lords: Capital Markets Union - a welcome start
2015-03-18 IPE: European Commission to back market solutions for Capital Markets Union
2015-03-18 ECB: What is the goal of the Capital Markets Union?
2015-03-16 FCA’s Wheatley: Nothing to fear from high standards
2015-03-13 ESMA’s Maijoor speaks at the NAPF Investment Conference
2015-03-04 FSB and IOSCO propose Assessment Methodologies for Identifying Non-Bank Non-Insurer Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions
2015-03-02 European Commission: The role financial markets can play in growth and jobs
2015-02-27 Bank of England: A European Capital Markets Union - implications for growth and stability
2015-02-23 AFME’s report "Bridging the growth gap"
2015-02-21 New York Times: Uniting Europe’s financial markets
2015-02-18 FRC, IASB: Statements in response to the EC’s Green Paper on a Capital Markets Union
2015-02-18 AFME commented on launch of Green Paper on capital markets union
2015-02-18 EBF and Insurance Europe commented on Green Paper on Capital Markets Union
2015-02-18 ACCA welcomes the publication of the Green Paper on CMU
2015-02-18 Unlocking Funding for Europe's Growth - European Commission consults on Capital Markets Union
2015-02-17 Insurance Europe: Retail investor information should be tailored to the product
2015-02-16 ECB: Peter Praet - Interview with Jornal de Negócios
2015-02-11 EBF response to EBA consultation on draft guidelines on product oversight and governance arrangements for retail banking products
2015-02-11 FSB Chair's letter to G20 on financial reforms – Finishing the post-crisis agenda and moving forward
2015-02-08 Financial Times: If Britain goes - City divided on UK relationship with EU
2015-02-04 Euractiv: European Commission mulls super-regulator for capital markets
2015-02-04 European Commission: Finance at your service – capital markets union as an instrument of sustainable growth
2015-02-02 EU financial regulatory framework: An impressive achievement, but weaknesses remain
2015-01-30 EBF joins united call on EU, US leaders to pursue ambitious TTIP agreement
2015-01-19 ESMA’s Maijoor delivers speech on long-term sustainable growth
2015-01-16 US-EU financial markets regulatory dialogue joint statement
2015-01-14 Financial Times: Deutsche considers retail bank spin-off
2015-01-09 ICMA Quarterly Report First Quarter 2015
2015-01-09 AFME/IIF respond to Discussion Paper on ensuring operational continuity in resolution

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