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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2011 Policy impacting Finance
2011-12-22 Oxera reviews the European Commission’s economic impact assessment of the proposed financial transaction tax
2011-12-21 FTT might raise "no additional money at all", claims UK Chancellor
2011-12-20 ECON Committee: Credit rating agencies - MEPs want less reliance on "big three"
2011-12-19 IMA expresses reservations about Draft Financial Services Bill Report
2011-12-12 FN: European Supervisory Authorities call for funding shake-up
2011-12-06 EIOPA calls for paradigm shift in consumer protection
2011-12-02 IMF: Emerging markets seen as part of solution to global problems
2011-12-01 EFAMA's comments on the Commission's proposal for a Council Directive on a common system of financial transaction tax
2011-12-01 Final legislative texts of the Economic Governance Package
2011-11-27 FT: EU Commissioner for taxation has London in his sights
2011-11-23 Commission presents further economic governance proposals
2011-11-23 ECON Committee: Exchange of views with taxation Commissioner Šemeta on the FTT
2011-11-23 IMF: Financial regulators and central banks share financial stability role
2011-11-21 ICFR: Comparison of FSB and FSA proposals for the resolution of financial institutions
2011-11-16 Commission published 2012 work programme: Delivering European renewal
2011-11-16 Plenary session: EP votes to ban credit default swaps
2011-11-15 MEP Markus Ferber: Tough EU standards on short selling
2011-11-15 FT: US support for accounting harmonisation
2011-11-09 IMA: FTT is a tax on UK savers
2011-11-08 Commissioner Šemeta: There is huge momentum behind the idea of a financial transactions tax (FTT) that cannot be ignored
2011-11-08 Economic governance: Council adopts legal texts
2011-11-05 Communiqué G20: Leaders' Summit in Cannes on 3-4 November 2011
2011-11-04 Commissioner Barnier: There is no evidence that EU rules undermine the City's competitiveness
2011-11-04 FSB issued International Standard for Crisis Resolution Regimes
2011-11-04 FSB announced policy measures to address SIFIs and named initial group of global SIFIs
2011-11-02 The Geneva Association writes an open letter to the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20
2011-11-02 ABI plans Solvency II impact study to highlight undesirable outcomes
2011-11-02 SIFMA opposes latest financial transaction tax legislation
2011-11-01 Change of Presidency of the European Central Bank
2011-10-30 FT: Schäuble calls for EU lead on Tobin tax
2011-10-27 FSB published recommendations on Shadow Banking
2011-10-27 Šemeta: Tax systems can be designed in a competitive way without engaging in harmful tax competition.
2011-10-26 Olin L Wethington: Strengthening the stabilisers
2011-10-26 Bloomberg: Europe struggles for crisis remedy
2011-10-26 European Parliament on the eurozone deal: relief but no time for celebration
2011-10-26 FSB published consultation on residential mortgage underwriting practices
2011-10-26 European Council: 26 October agreement on banking recapitalisation
2011-10-25 EC: More responsible businesses can foster more growth in Europe
2011-10-25 Insurers write to G20 on SIFIs
2011-10-25 Commission published review of the Transparency Directive
2011-10-24 Major financial services trade associations urge UK to continue to take a strong stance against FTT
2011-10-24 CEA, EBF and EFAMA voice VAT concerns
2011-10-20 FSA Lord Turner: We have a major opportunity to put in place a better system of financial regulation
2011-10-20 BNP urges EFSF to issue credit default swaps
2011-10-20 European Voice: The EU, not the G20, must settle eurozone crisis
2011-10-18 ECON Committee: Annual report on EU competition policy
2011-10-18 G20 finance ministers agree new principles to boost financial consumer protection
2011-10-18 ECON Committee: Public hearing on economic governance and crisis management in the EU
2011-10-17 Jürgen Stark: Hearing at the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2011-10-14 ECON Committee: First exchange of views on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)
2011-10-11 FEE leads the debate on the future of tax policy
2011-10-10 ECON Committee published an assessment of the cumulative impact of various regulatory initiatives on the European banking sector
2011-10-10 Assessment of the macro-economic impact - report issued by the Basel Committee and the Financial Stability Board
2011-10-10 ECON Committee: Germany's Jörg Asmussen takes first steps towards joining ECB Executive Board
2011-10-07 Ian Williams: MiFID Review and Retail Products
2011-10-07 EFR letter ahead of G20 Finance Ministers' meeting on 14/15 October 2011
2011-10-07 Letter from Van Rompuy and Barroso on the key issues of the G20 summit
2011-10-06 ECON Committee: Semeta stressed that FTT will change trading practices
2011-10-06 No treaty taboos for German Chancellor Angela Merkel facing euro crisis
2011-10-05 BIS: Macro-prudential policy – strengthening the foundations, enhancing the toolkit and taking action
2011-10-04 ECON Committee: Last monetary dialogue with the ECB under the Presidency of Jean-Claude Trichet
2011-10-04 Liberals and Democrats maintain pressure for action plan on economic governance
2011-10-04 EU economic governance package - a milestone reached
2011-09-30 Persaud: EU's financial transaction tax is feasible, and if set right, desirable
2011-09-28 EBF: European banks call for solutions least detrimental to the European economy
2011-09-28 President Barroso: EU faces its greatest challenge
2011-09-28 Commissioner Šemeta: The European Union should take the lead on the FTT project for the benefit of all
2011-09-28 Commission published state of play on the EU economic governance "six pack"
2011-09-28 Rehn: The economic governance package will pave the way for creating a real economic union
2011-09-28 S&D MEPs: Austerity alone will not resolve the eurozone crisis
2011-09-28 EPP Group: The adoption of the economic governance is a major success
2011-09-28 Financial transaction tax: Making the financial sector pay its fair share
2011-09-28 Bruegel: Transatlantic relations and globalisation in time of crisis?
2011-09-28 BBC: European Commission financial tax opposed by UK
2011-09-28 Sharon Bowles MEP: New economic governance rules give EU hope for future stability
2011-09-28 President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, welcomes today's agreement on the economic legislative package
2011-09-28 Association of German Banks warns against financial transactions tax
2011-09-28 ALDE Verhofstadt: Six-pack on economic governance is victory for financial stability and basis for growth
2011-09-28 ALDE Verhofstadt: Barroso must now convince Council of need for more Europe
2011-09-28 IMA: Proposed financial transactions tax will penalise savers
2011-09-28 TheCityUK comments on European Commission proposals for a financial transactions tax
2011-09-26 ECON Committee - MEP Wortmann-Kool: Economic governance pillar of EU's competitiveness
2011-09-25 Global Financial Centres Index: The eurozone languishes and the Nordic Centres shine through
2011-09-20 ECON Committee published FAQ on the economic governance "six pack"
2011-09-20 Barroso: The economic governance package is a robust answer to what was a serious shortcoming in the design of the euro
2011-09-16 CEPR published 13th CEPR/ICMB Geneva Report on the World Economy: ‘Public Debts: Nuts, Bolts and Worries’
2011-09-16 Presidency Statement: Communication on the agreement on the Economic Governance Package for the EU
2011-09-15 Jean-Claude Trichet: Intervention at the Eurofi Financial Forum 2011
2011-09-15 European Monetary Policy under Jean-Claude Trichet
2011-09-15 EP and Council strike a deal on economic governance package
2011-09-14 Plenary session: MEPs call for unified EU response to debt crisis
2011-09-14 Code Group acceptance of Jersey's zero-ten tax regime
2011-09-09 Commissioner Šemeta met French President Sarkozy to discuss the FTT
2011-09-09 Franco-German letter on the FTT sent to Commissioners Barnier and Šemeta
2011-09-06 WSBI-ESBG response to the FSB consultation towards stakeholders on deposit insurance systems
2011-09-02 Joint trade associations' consultative document on effective resolution of SIFIs
2011-09-02 Joint Comments on the FSB's consultative document on Effective Resolution of SIFIs
2011-09-01 Philippe Maystadt: The myths that Europe's policymakers must forget
2011-08-31 CEA responds to FSB on resolution of SIFIs
2011-08-31 CII Thinkpiece 62: 'The Role of Professionalism in Securing Consumer Trust and Confidence'
2011-08-31 Eurofinas comments on the G20 high level standards on financial consumer protection
2011-08-18 Adam Smith Institute published a paper on the Tobin tax: reason or treason?
2011-08-18 TheCityUK: Comment on European financial transaction tax
2011-08-17 AFME: Financial transaction tax would hamper economic growth
2011-08-08 IMF published a paper on the administrative feasibility of transaction tax
2011-07-31 FT: LSE chief warns of merger's threat to UK voice
2011-07-30 Opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor on the proposal on credit agreements relating to residential property
2011-07-28 Ian Williams: PRIPS - Beyond the 'retailisation' of structured investment products
2011-07-27 SEC sets up large trader reporting system
2011-07-27 City of London Research: The value of Europe’s international financial centres to the EU economy
2011-07-25 IMF continues push towards enhanced global financial safety net
2011-07-21 Ben Bernanke: The Dodd-Frank Act
2011-07-19 FSB launched consultation on measures to address systemically important financial institutions
2011-07-19 FT: Little to celebrate on Dodd-Frank’s birthday
2011-07-18 FSB meeting: Vulnerabilities in the financial system
2011-07-18 ECON Committee draft report on responsible lending and borrowing
2011-07-15 FSB published report on 'The Financial Crisis and Information Gaps'
2011-07-05 ECB opinion on the proposal on credit agreements relating to residential property
2011-07-04 Plenary debate on short selling and CDS
2011-07-01 FSB launched peer review on deposit on insurance systems and invites feedback from stakeholders
2011-06-30 New EU lobby group created to counterbalance the finance sector
2011-06-28 IMF Executive Board selects Christine Lagarde as Managing Director
2011-06-24 European Council conclusions
2011-06-23 Statement by Christine Lagarde to the IMF Executive Board
2011-06-22 Barroso promised that the Commission will come up with a formal legislative proposal on a financial tax
2011-06-17 Council published 18 month programme prepared by the future Polish, Danish and Cypriot Presidencies
2011-06-17 Persaud: The narrative outside of Europe about Europe's fiscal crisis is wrong
2011-06-15 ECB published Financial Stability Review June 2011

2011-06-15 ECON committee: Mario Draghi recommended as candidate for next ECB president
2011-06-13 US House Judiciary Committee hearing on Competition and Consolidation in Financial Markets: The NYSE-Deutsche Börse Merger
2011-06-13 FN: UK MPs write a letter to Commissioner Barnier over European reforms
2011-06-08 ECON committee: Beefing up credit rating agency rules
2011-06-06 IMF: UK must go for top quality financial supervision
2011-06-06 FT: Geithner urged united front on regulation
2011-06-06 BIS Quarterly Review: Inflation and growth perceptions drove recent financial market developments
2011-06-06 Insurers called on G20 to separate banking and insurance systemic risk identification
2011-06-03 ECB González-Páramo: What have we learned about financial markets and regulations?
2011-06-03 FED Daniel K Tarullo: Regulating systemically important financial firms
2011-06-01 ECON committee: Draft report on the appointment of the President of the European Central Bank
2011-05-31 Polish Presidency published priorities for EU Presidency
2011-05-24 ECON committee: Exchange of views with Commissioner Barnier
2011-05-23 Committee on the Global Financial System: Interactions of sovereign debt management with monetary conditions and financial stability
2011-05-23 Interview with ECON Chairwoman on the Economic Governance package
2011-05-19 Bank of England and FSA published joint paper: 'Prudential Regulation Authority - The future approach to banking supervision'
2011-05-18 FSB launched second peer review on compensation practices
2011-05-18 ABBL position paper discusses EU initiative on additional tax for financial sector
2011-05-11 European Supervision of CRAs: MEP Jean-Paul Gauzès denounced delays in legislation's implementation
2011-05-11 CFTC's Chilton: Markets are safer since Flash Crash
2011-05-09 ACCA roundtable: 'Reflections on the Mortgage Directive: Specialised Credit Markets – Specialised Regulation'
2011-05-05 DG MARKT's Jonathan Faull and Nadia Calviño visited the US
2011-05-05 DG MARKT's new organigram
2011-05-02 ECB: Challenges to financial integration in 2010
2011-05-02 ECON committee: ECB presents 2010 report on financial integration to MEPs
2011-04-26 ABI: Product intervention - FSA does not need further regulatory powers
2011-04-25 FDIC published report on Lehman failure under Dodd-Frank
2011-04-20 Basic information on Responsible lending and borrowing – Mortgage credit
2011-04-19 ALFI published response to the Commission consultation on financial sector taxation
2011-04-15 G20 Communiqué: Commodity prices face increasing pressures
2011-04-13 ECON committee: At least €100,000 compensation for defrauded private investors
2011-04-12 FSB published a background note on shadow banking
2011-04-12 CRIS committee: US financial crisis was "avoidable", US Inquiry Commission tells MEPs
2011-04-12 JURI Committee: MEPs want swift EU measures for freezing and disclosure of debtors' assets
2011-04-10 The Single Market Act
2011-04-07 IMF: Reform and strengthen housing finance
2011-04-07 SEC and CFTC published joint study on the feasibility of mandating algorithmic descriptions for derivatives
2011-04-06 EU/US dialogue on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
2011-04-06 Ben Bernanke: Clearinghouses, financial stability and financial reform
2011-04-05 FSB meeting in Rome: Assessment of vulnerabilities affecting the financial system
2011-04-04 Financial Stability Board published information on national implementation of G20 recommendations
2011-04-01 Belgium introduces a new "twin peaks" supervisory architecture
2011-03-31 EC proposal on mortgages: Better protection for European consumers
2011-03-28 Commissioner Šemeta: "Setting out the tax agenda for a fairer contribution of the financial sector”
2011-03-23 Parliament approved Treaty change to allow stability mechanism
2011-03-23 Lords Committee sceptical on implementation of EU Economic Governance Proposals
2011-03-23 ECON committee: First discussion of amendments on the economic governance package
2011-03-22 ECON committee: Green light for ESAs executive directors
2011-03-22 ECON committee: MEPs debate economic governance with ECB President Trichet
2011-03-20 Global Financial Centres Index: London outshines Swiss cities for competitiveness
2011-03-20 FSB published peer review of risk disclosure practices in respect of exposures to structured credit products
2011-03-17 Commission proposes reform of European Anti-Fraud Office
2011-03-16 ACCA comments on the CCCTB: The route to go to enhance cross-border trade and reduce compliance costs
2011-03-16 ECR: Common EU tax base proposal completely misses the point
2011-03-16 ECON committee: MEPs give backing to appointment of Peter Praet to ECB Board
2011-03-16 ECON committee: Toughening up credit rating agency rules
2011-03-16 Commissioner Šemeta: The Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base is about eliminating huge administrative burdens
2011-03-16 European Commission proposed a common system for calculating the tax base of businesses operating in the EU
2011-03-15 Federal Trust Briefing: UK's "European Union Bill"
2011-03-14 IMF working paper on Crisis Management and Resolution: Early lessons from the Financial Crisis
2011-03-14 Eurozone summit: A 'Pact for the Euro' for stronger economic policy coordination for competitiveness and convergence
2011-03-11 Weber speaks on the implications of Financial Regulation
2011-03-09 Commissioner Šemeta: A financial transactions tax at global level is needed
2011-03-08 Plenary session: Own initiative report on innovative financing approved
2011-03-02 Germany and Austria push financial transaction tax
2011-03-02 ECB opinion on the economic governance package
2011-02-25 FN: Financial Stability Board warns on clearing access
2011-02-25 European Commission issued consultation on Financial Sector Taxation
2011-02-24 Graham Mather: Taxation of the Financial Sector
2011-02-23 ALFI response to the European Commission consultation paper on legislative steps for the PRIPs initiative
2011-02-22 FSB reports to G20 on progress in implementing global financial reforms
2011-02-21 G20 Communiqué: Agreement on indicators that will allow detecting imbalances
2011-02-21 FSB Statement: Financial Stability Board reports to G20 on progress in implementing global financial reforms
2011-02-16 ECON committee: Consideration of amendments on the own initiative report on Credit Rating Agencies
2011-02-15 Council recommends the nomination of Peter Praet to the executive board of the ECB
2011-02-14 EFAMA presses European Commission to show greater ambition for Retail Investment Products Regulation
2011-02-07 Former Commission official David Wright: "Repairing the financial system and the consequences of failure"
2011-02-07 Hungary to oppose tax harmonisation
2011-02-04 European Council conclusions: Nothing concrete - hard decisions postponed to March
2011-02-04 MEPs push forward plans for financial transaction tax
2011-02-04 CEA responded to EC PRIPs consultation
2011-02-02 ECB publication: Central bank statistics: what did the financial crisis change?
2011-02-02 World Economic Forum: Merkel warned against complacency about risks of future financial crisis
2011-02-02 ECON committee: MEPs insist on guarantees for financial supervisory watchdogs
2011-01-31 New Core Principles for effective deposit insurance systems issued
2011-01-27 The EC published a call for expression of interest to appoint members of the joint Board of Appeal
2011-01-27 SEC proposes net worth standard for accredited investors under Dodd-Frank Act
2011-01-27 SEC proposes private fund systemic risk reporting rule
2011-01-26 ISDA’s comment letter on the FSOC’s Proposed Rulemaking: Authority to Designate Financial Market Utilities as Systemically Important
2011-01-26 UK Government announced package of measures to enhance consumer protection in the mortgage market
2011-01-25 The Financial Stability Oversight Council Chairman’s study on risk retention
2011-01-25 McDonald PRIPS and IMD consultation responses: potential pitfalls, dangers and complexities abound
2011-01-25 Hungarian Presidency’s hearing in European Parliament
2011-01-25 IIF: G20 leadership needed on macroeconomic and key financial regulatory issues
2011-01-21 SEC approves new rules regulating asset-backed securities
2011-01-21 European Systemic Risk Board holds inaugural meeting
2011-01-20 ECON chairwoman Sharon Bowles: FX underpins how the world trades
2011-01-18 The Hungarian Presidency of the EU published its six-month programme
2011-01-18 SEC proposes rule for the timely acknowledegment and verification of security-based swap transactions
2011-01-10 ECON Committee: Commissioner Šemeta presents key options for innovative financing in the EU
2011-01-10 SIFMA released a study on the Volcker rule: Considerations for implementation of proprietary trading regulations
2011-01-10 FT: Brussels to target bondholders on bail-outs
2011-01-10 Barnier: A turning point for the European financial sector
2011-01-10 European Commission consults on technical details of a possible European crisis management framework
2011-01-03 ECB: Estonia joins the Euro Area

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