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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2007 Policy impacting Finance
2007-12-24 LSE outlines trading plan
2007-12-21 EBF Economic Outlook
2007-12-21 Commission Fin-Focus Newsletter December 2007
2007-12-20 EBF statement on integration of Financial Services
2007-12-20 MasterCard appeals to consumers over interchange ruling
2007-12-19 Commission prohibits MasterCard's intra-EEA Multilateral Interchange Fees
2007-12-19 EC rules MIF fees 'not illegal' as such
2007-12-19 FT: Investors stunned by ECB’s €350bn
2007-12-19 ECON meeting 18-19 December
2007-12-18 FT: ECB steps up fight to safeguard liquidity
2007-12-18 HMT extends wholesale guarantee arrangements to Northern Rock
2007-12-15 Call to relax Basel banking rules
2007-12-14 US looks to London for regulatory model
2007-12-14 European Council
2007-12-13 Signing ceremony of the Treaty of Lisbon
2007-12-13 Commission published European Financial Integration Report 2007
2007-12-12 Nason remarks on redesigning U.S. Financial Regulation
2007-12-12 Single Market News No 48
2007-12-12 Earnings warning issued as Fitch fears credit crunch will roll into 2008
2007-12-12 Central Banks announce measures to address elevated pressures in short-term funding markets
2007-12-12 Signature of the Charter of Fundamental Rights
2007-12-11 NYSE inaugurates Beijing office
2007-12-11 FT column: Why the credit squeeze is a turning point for the world
2007-12-10 FT: Europe's new treaty is a threat to the City of London
2007-12-10 Scale of shutdown in debt markets revealed
2007-12-10 Plenary Meeting 10-13 December
2007-12-06 JUSTICE and HOME AFFAIRS COUNCIL 6-7 December
2007-12-06 EBF Report on Integration of European Financial Markets
2007-12-06 Speech McCreevy: Making Europe work for Business
2007-12-05 Speech McCreevy: Financial Market Controversies
2007-12-05 EUROFI conference reveals great support for further supervisory integration
2007-12-05 BBC: UK to block EU market regulation
2007-12-05 Consumer Affairs Council
2007-12-04 ECOFIN meeting
2007-12-04 UK Treasury: London maintains risk-based system
2007-12-04 Daily Telegraph: Pressure for EU 'FSA' after credit crunch
2007-12-04 Banks tells MPs 'we made mistakes' on credit crunch
2007-12-04 FSA calls on lenders to protect themselves against a possible worsening of liquidity and credit risks
2007-12-03 EU Reform Treaty Final Act
2007-12-03 Speech Kroes: Key challenges and trends for Europe's retail payment systems
2007-11-30 EC readies MasterCard card-fee decision for year-end
2007-11-30 BaFin Journal 11/07
2007-11-28 Commission Guidelines for merging companies with vertical or conglomerate relationship
2007-11-28 Plenary Meeting 28-29 November
2007-11-28 SEC proposal on Mutual Fund summary prospectus
2007-11-28 FT: City suffers 'damage' from Rock crisis
2007-11-26 NY to surpass London in IPO race
2007-11-23 Speech Trichet: Global Capital – Threat or Salvation
2007-11-22 ECOFIN meeting
2007-11-22 Competitiveness Council
2007-11-21 SEC risks reputation over investor rights, warns USS
2007-11-21 Report on the Hearing on Green Paper on Retail Financial Services
2007-11-21 Report of hearing on retail financial services
2007-11-20 Commission presents single market review
2007-11-20 US Financial Services Roundtable calls for principles-based regulation
2007-11-20 ECON meeting 20-21 November
2007-11-16 Commission to go easy on retail banking for now, but threatens tougher regulation
2007-11-14 Northern Rock will have to face EC's state aid inquisition
2007-11-13 Commission scrutinises amendments in Hungarian company law
2007-11-13 BBA details next steps for regulators
2007-11-13 ECOFIN meeting
2007-11-12 Plenary Meeting 12-15 November
2007-11-10 Joint Statement on first Transatlantic Economic Council Meeting
2007-11-08 Mandelson urges rules on foreign state investments into EU
2007-11-08 IOSCO launches tasks force on recent market events
2007-11-08 IOSCO appoints new Secretary General
2007-11-07 Graham Bishop re-elected as Kangaroo Board Member
2007-11-05 ECON meeting 5 November
2007-11-02 The costs of the credit crunch mount. There may be more pain to come
2007-11-01 BaFin newsletter 10-07
2007-10-26 Commission call for evidence on substitute investment products
2007-10-26 Government bond market developments ease EC competition concerns
2007-10-25 Plenary Meeting 22-25 October
2007-10-25 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter - 4th quarter 2007
2007-10-24 Pressure on MasterCard rises as wait for card fee ruling drags on
2007-10-24 ECB Speech González-Páramo: The euro money and financial markets
2007-10-22 ECON meeting 22 October (Strasbourg)
2007-10-20 Council statement on financial market turmoil
2007-10-19 FSF Preliminary Report on recent market turmoil
2007-10-19 European Parliament welcomes new treaty
2007-10-19 European leaders ratify Treaty of Lisbon
2007-10-19 Informal European Council Lisbon 18-19 October
2007-10-19 Statement of G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
2007-10-17 G7 Finance Ministers to discuss recent financial turmoil
2007-10-17 BaFin quarterly October 2007
2007-10-17 Commission infringement procedures against 22 Member States
2007-10-17 EU tells Groupement des Cartes Bancaires to end anti-competitive practices
2007-10-17 EU to rule on MasterCard interchange fees 'as soon as possible'
2007-10-16 Secretary Paulson remarks on Mortgage Market Developments
2007-10-15 Commission recommendation on financial information on listed companies
2007-10-11 US Treasury consults on review of Regulatory Structure
2007-10-09 ECON meeting 8-9 October
2007-10-09 Results of public consultation on Review of Consumer Acquis
2007-10-09 Single Market News 47
2007-10-09 US Treasury remarks on US Insurance Regulation
2007-10-09 BIS working paper on change and constancy in the financial system
2007-10-09 ECOFIN meeting
2007-10-08 Commission opens in-depth investigation into Thomson's take over of Reuters
2007-10-03 Commission fines Visa €10.2 million for refusing to admit Morgan Stanley as a member
2007-10-03 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter - Summer 2007
2007-10-02 Paulson announces new auditing committee
2007-10-02 ECON meeting 2-3 October
2007-10-01 AMF decision on equivalence of US standards for admission to trading on a regulated market
2007-10-01 'If you don’t know it, don’t buy it' – Laboul
2007-10-01 BBA: Deposit guarantee reform just part of the story
2007-10-01 City report: London retains its lead in Global Financial Centres
2007-09-28 SEC may seek new disclosures from rating agencies
2007-09-27 Speech McCreevy: Current issues in the EU banking sector
2007-09-27 Competitiveness Council
2007-09-26 Central banks’ actions fail to calm money market
2007-09-25 PWG Announces Private Sector Groups
2007-09-24 FESE Response to SEC proposal on acceptance from foreign private issuers of financial statements
2007-09-24 ECON meeting 24 September (extraordinary)
2007-09-23 City stars warn of months of turmoil ahead
2007-09-20 OECD first economic survey of the EU
2007-09-20 BaFin president to lose power in leadership revamp
2007-09-20 Greenwich Associates: Credit Crisis fractures trust in Rating Agencies
2007-09-20 Testimony Paulson on recent events in the credit and mortgage markets
2007-09-18 'Spanish savings bank to sell Endesa stake during takeover
2007-09-15 Informal ECOFIN Meeting in Porto 14-15 September
2007-09-11 ECON meeting 11 September
2007-09-06 Plenary Meeting 3-6 September
2007-09-05 Steel: Testimony on recent events in the credit and mortgage markets
2007-07-25 SEC approved PCAOB’s new audit standard for internal control over financial reporting
2007-07-17 Hungary looks into card fees as EC works on MasterCard decision
2007-07-13 Private equity drawn to funding private enforcement
2007-07-13 ECOFIN meeting
2007-07-12 Italian authority ensures banking association stops possible anticompetitive practices
2007-07-12 Commission report on progress on standards convergence in key partner countries
2007-07-12 ECON meeting 12 July (Strasbourg)
2007-07-10 ECOFIN meeting
2007-07-09 Plenary Meeting
2007-07-04 IASplus: Heads Up newsletter on recent SEC developments
2007-07-03 SEC proposal to eliminate reconciliation for IFRS statements
2007-07-03 Italian authority launches investigation into prepaid cards
2007-07-02 Tafara/Peterson: A Blueprint for Cross-Border Access to U.S. Investors
2007-06-29 Competition 2006 Annual Report
2007-06-29 EC taking 'stricter' line on independence of supply in merger divestments
2007-06-27 Speech Kroes: No question of downgrading competition policy
2007-06-27 SEC establishes Advisory Committee on Financial Reporting
2007-06-27 FASB supports Improvements to Financial Reporting
2007-06-27 PCAOB Annual Report 2006
2007-06-27 Paulson Announces next steps on capital markets competitiveness action plan
2007-06-26 Europolitics: The trouble with competition
2007-06-26 ECON meeting
2007-06-26 Europolitics: The trouble with competition
2007-06-23 European Council: A good day for Europe
2007-06-21 Plenary meeting
2007-06-19 EP adopted report on competition policy 2005
2007-06-18 ECON meeting (extraordinary)
2007-06-13 FT: TSE looks at listing on rival overseas bourse
2007-06-11 ECON meeting
2007-06-06 Finfocus No 3 - May 2007
2007-06-06 Comments received on Draft Commission Guidelines on assessment of non-horizontal mergers
2007-06-05 ECON meeting
2007-06-05 ECOFIN meeting
2007-05-31 FSA: New investment business rules mark significant move to principles-based regulation
2007-05-29 Speech SEC Commissioner Atkins on international regulatory co-operation
2007-05-25 Telegraph: FSA warns markets over potential abuses
2007-05-24 PCAOB approves new audit standard for internal control over financial reporting
2007-05-21 FT: OECD says policy to blame for buy-outs
2007-05-21 COMPETITIVENESS meeting
2007-05-21 ECON meeting (extaordinary)
2007-05-17 UK regulator Practitioner Panel issues its Annual Report for 2006/7
2007-05-17 Paulson Announces First Stage of Capital Markets Action Plan
2007-05-17 Under Secretary Steel remarks on Paulson Capital Markets Plan
2007-05-17 Paulson: The Key Test of Accurate Financial Reporting is Trust
2007-05-16 PCAOB to vote on new standard for audits of internal control
2007-05-16 City report on Wholesale Financial Services
2007-05-08 ECOFIN results
2007-05-08 Main results of ECOFIN meeting
2007-05-07 ECON meeting
2007-05-01 FT: FSA told streamlining needed
2007-04-30 finextra: Deutsche Börse in talks to buy ISE
2007-04-30 FT: Financial standards come under fire
2007-04-30 CESR-SEC Dialogue
2007-04-30 EBF comment on New Transatlantic Economic Partnership
2007-04-27 Study: Has New York become less competitive in global markets?
2007-04-26 BaFin Quarterly No.1
2007-04-23 Extraordinary ECON meeting
2007-04-23 FSA sets out future of regulation
2007-04-20 Informal ECOFIN in Berlin
2007-04-17 Regulators probe Dutch institutional real estate
2007-04-16 City report on Competitive Impact of London’s Financial Market Infrastructure
2007-04-12 ICMA publishes legal opinions on standard repo agreement for 55 countries
2007-04-12 FT: Greenberg bemoans New York’s decline
2007-04-11 EPFSF report on US-EU Financial Markets Dialogue
2007-04-10 ECON meeting
2007-04-05 FT: Litigation puts Wall Street's world status at 'tipping point'
2007-04-04 SEC endorse improved Sarbanes-Oxley implementation
2007-04-03 PCAOB proposes New Auditing Standard and amendments to GAAP
2007-04-03 ECON newsletter
2007-04-02 FESE response on Storage of Regulated Financial Information
2007-03-29 Financial Stability Forum Meeting
2007-03-29 PCAOB to consider auditing standard amendment
2007-03-28 SEC to discuss proposed Auditing Standard of Sarbanes-Oxley Act
2007-03-27 Speech McCreevy before ECON Committee
2007-03-27 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter - Winter 2006
2007-03-27 ECON meeting
2007-03-27 ECOFIN results
2007-03-26 Speech McCreevy - The Future of the Transatlantic Capital Market
2007-03-23 ECON newsletter
2007-03-22 Speech McCreevy - Priorities in the Internal Market
2007-03-20 ECON meeting
2007-03-20 Speech Kroes on developments in competition policy
2007-03-18 ECON draft report on Financial Services Policy White Paper
2007-03-16 ECON newsletter
2007-03-09 European Council - Presidency conclusions
2007-03-09 European Council - Presidency conclusions
2007-03-08 Cox backs 2009 start to accepting Non-US Accounting
2007-03-07 McCreevy meets US Treasury Deputy Secretary Kimmitt
2007-03-06 Speech McCreevy: State of play in international accounting
2007-03-06 Speech McCreevy: Transatlantic cooperation in financial services
2007-03-06 US Treasury: Hedge Fund Rules Sufficient
2007-03-06 EU-US discussion on cooperation in oversight of Audit Firms
2007-03-05 SEC remarks before the Hedge Fund Institutional Forum
2007-03-01 Single Market in Financial Services Progress Report 2006
2007-02-28 BdB: No question of a true single market for financial services
2007-02-28 ECON meeting
2007-02-27 ECOFIN results
2007-02-27 ECOFIN Council 27 February
2007-02-26 ECON newsletter
2007-02-23 Single Market News No 44
2007-02-15 EP resolution on SWIFT data transfer
2007-02-15 European Parliament and ECB at loggerheads over SWIFT oversight
2007-02-15 ECB remarks on EP SWIFT Resoution
2007-02-14 Commission welcomes new US proposals on easier deregistration rules
2007-02-12 Comments received on SEC proposed changes to deregistration rules for non-US companies
2007-02-08 SEC deregistration for non-US companies
2007-02-07 Speech Steinbrück: Europe – succeeding together
2007-02-02 ECON meeting
2007-01-30 ECOFIN results
2007-01-30 ECON meeting 30 January
2007-01-26 FT: Wall Street ‘will not regain business’
2007-01-26 ECON newsletter
2007-01-25 Euronext and SEC sign Memorandum of Understanding
2007-01-25 Euronext and SEC sign Memorandum of Understanding
2007-01-24 FT: Nasdaq and LSE impasse on 'final' offer
2007-01-23 City response on New York Financial Markets report
2007-01-22 McKinsey report: NY in danger of losing status as world financial centre
2007-01-19 ECON newsletter
2007-01-17 LSE to cut trading fees
2007-01-16 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter
2007-01-11 SEC proposed changes to deregistration rules for non-US companies

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