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This section focuses on the political attitudes as well as international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market, rather than the technical details of proposals.

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2006 Policy impacting Finance
2006-12-20 German EU Presidency
2006-12-19 PCAOB proposes revised Auditing Standard on Internal Control over Financial Reporting
2006-12-19 SEC Statements on PCAOB's Proposed Section 404 Auditing Standard
2006-12-14 Telegraph: SEC set to ease rules
2006-12-13 SEC proposes to improve Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Implementation
2006-12-12 Fin-focus November 2006
2006-12-08 Article McCreevy: European Progress on Financial Integration
2006-12-05 PCAOB considers revised auditing standard on internal control over financial reporting
2006-12-04 FT: Optimism eroded by costly regulatory burden
2006-11-30 BBC: Sarbanes-Oxley ‘hurting the US’
2006-11-29 The 'Balls clauses' are a mixed blessing for the City
2006-11-28 IOSCO final report on regulatory issues on exchange evolution
2006-11-28 ECOFIN Council results
2006-11-20 Speech Paulson: Six Principles for Competitive Capital Markets
2006-11-14 Strategic review of Better Regulation in the EU
2006-11-13 FT: Law to protect City from US-style red tape put on fast track
2006-11-12 Observer: London tops the IPO table
2006-11-07 ECOFIN Council results
2006-10-26 FT: Many are miffed at the costly Mifid
2006-10-26 FT: How London can remain in the top league
2006-10-25 Reuters: Big Bang 2 for EU financial services?
2006-10-22 FT: Lessons from the Big Bang for big bidders today
2006-10-20 EFR comments on revision of EU directives concerning supervisory issues
2006-10-19 Guardian: Allianz calls for single European financial services authority
2006-10-17 Telegraph: Brown moves to boost City's role on world stage
2006-10-16 Allianz completes conversion into SE
2006-10-16 FT: Executives say EU rules outweigh benefits
2006-10-12 Speech McCreevy on EU audit regulation and international cooperation
2006-10-11 EU Stock Exchanges: Competition, Governance, Settlement and Derivatives.
2006-10-10 ECOFIN Council results
2006-10-09 Speech McCreevy: Building an EU Integrated Market in a Globalised World
2006-10-05 Europlace issues Lachman report
2006-09-29 ECB: Indicators of financial integration in the euro area
2006-09-26 ICMA comments on Commission draft regulation regarding complex financial histories
2006-09-25 FT: US/EU agree ‘ground rules’ on mergers
2006-09-20 FT: SEC chairman issues defence of Sarbox
2006-09-17 FT: Sox is not to blame – London is just better as a market
2006-09-11 BIS Quarterly Review
2006-09-06 First Financial Stability Forum met in Paris
2006-09-05 IPE: UK pension regulator finds governance failings
2006-08-31 BIS paper: Do accounting changes affect the economic behaviour of financial firms?
2006-08-29 IOSCO: Joint Forum issues paper on Business Continuity
2006-08-09 Single Market News 42
2006-08-03 AMF: Promoting Better Regulation
2006-08-02 CESR and SEC launch work plan on financial reporting
2006-07-28 Commission Financial Integration Monitor 2006
2006-07-28 Commission database to national financial services legislation
2006-07-24 House of Lords: Call for evidence on Own Resources of the EU
2006-07-17 Kroes: opening remarks on public hearing of retail banking sector inquiry
2006-07-14 ECOFIN Council results
2006-07-11 ECOFIN Council results
2006-07-06 ECOFIN Council results
2006-07-05 AMF: Financial Regulation Newsletter - 3 rd quarter 2006
2006-06-29 CoL report: London comes first for low cost capital
2006-06-28 Finland’s EU Presidency
2006-06-22 Speech McCreevy on the Commission's White Paper
2006-06-20 Speech McCreevy on Annual Policy Strategy
2006-06-16 ECOFIN Council results
2006-06-16 SEC fact sheet on cross-border exchange mergers
2006-06-07 Speech McCreevy: Improving decision-making and completing the single financial market
2006-06-06 Speech Kroes: Tougher competition in retail financial services
2006-05-24 Speech McCreevy: Turning words into action
2006-05-18 Speeches McCreevy on Global Financial Markets
2006-05-16 PIOB issues first public report
2006-05-15 McCreevy visit to China to strengthen regulatory cooperation
2006-05-10 ECON adopted report on further consolidation in financial services industry
2006-05-06 ECOFIN Council conclusions
2006-05-02 IFSL: Growth sustained in London’s financial markets in Q1
2006-04-28 AMF Working Program for Domestic and International Regulation
2006-04-25 Single Market News No. 41
2006-04-20 IMF: Global Financial Stability Report
2006-04-19 Commission acts to ensure 19 Member States implement EU laws
2006-04-13 AMF: Europe's Future Financial Landscape handbook
2006-04-11 Daily Telegraph: Banking coalition weighs plan to head off Euronext merger
2006-04-10 CoL report on Europe’s Wholesale Financial Services
2006-04-05 EBIC response to White Paper on Financial Services Policy
2006-04-05 AMF Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2006
2006-04-03 Reuters: Financial firms’ profits ease
2006-04-01 Speech Almunia on European financial integration
2006-03-24 European Council Presidency Conclusions
2006-03-14 ECOFIN Council results
2006-03-10 Speech Sobel: Finding Common Ground - Inside the US-EU Financial Dialogue
2006-03-06 ELEC calls for European System of Financial Supervisors
2006-03-06 IOSCO Consultation Report on Regulatory Issues Arising From Exchange Evolution
2006-03-06 BIS working paper on international cooperation among financial supervisors
2006-03-04 Article Draghi: Financial market integration and the intermediation of savings
2006-03-03 IPE: Dutch regulators are pension “cannibals”
2006-02-27 SEC Welcomes IASB/FASB Memorandum of Understanding
2006-02-21 FT: Bourses attack bank moves to upset trading structures
2006-02-14 Council conclusions on Aging Population
2006-02-09 FESE Response to FSAP Evaluation Part I: Process and implementation
2006-02-09 Competition Commission published draft undertakings on LSE mergers
2006-02-09 McCreevy and Cox affirm commitment to elimination of the need for reconciliation requirements
2006-02-08 FBE comments on White Paper on Financial Services
2006-01-31 SEC and Japan Financial Services Agency Announce Terms for Increased Co-operation and Collaboration
2006-01-31 ECON Hearing on further consolidation in Financial Services Industry
2006-01-30 Fedtrust: Guy Verhofstadt and the United States of Europe - The Eurozone as a new core Europe?
2006-01-30 IMF Paper: Safeguarding financial stability - Theory and Practice
2006-01-24 EPFSF: Response to the White Paper on Post-FSAP
2006-01-24 ECOFIN Council results
2006-01-18 FT: Financial groups seek EU integration
2006-01-17 EFR report on consumer protection
2006-01-10 Commission report views 2005 a year of achievement
2006-01-09 FT: Profits in financial services soar
2006-01-03 Operational Programme of the Council for 2006

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