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13 April 2006

AMF: Europe's Future Financial Landscape handbook

The AMF published the first edition of its handbook, 'French Regulation in Europe's Future Financial Landscape', in July 2005. The aim was to present a summary of the forthcoming regulatory deadlines facing the French market as a result of European harmonisation.

Encouraged by the handbook's success, we have updated it so that it remains relevant as a concise, handy guide to European legislation. The format is the same as in the first edition, with a summary table of the key regulations affecting the financial sphere and a provisional general timetable allowing for speedy identification of the main transposition schedules. These tables are followed by a set of factsheets reviewing the texts that have already been adopted and those that are currently under discussion.

A flow chart of the process used to pass European legislation is presented in the appendices, along with a summary of the main projects being dealt with by the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR).

Lastly, there are four separate theme-based sections, each summarising the main pieces of legislation specific to particular constituencies: listed companies, investment services providers, asset management companies, and investment advisers and direct marketers.

Asset Management Companies
Investment Advisers and Direct Marketers
Investment Service Providers
Listed Companies

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