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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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Banking Union - 202280 articles out of 80.

2021 Banking Union
2021-12-20 CEPS: Consumer Credit Directive review - Change needed
2021-12-15 ESMA publishes Report on Expected Credit Loss disclosures of banks
2021-12-09 EBA consults on draft technical standards setting requirements for crowdfunding service providers
2021-12-09 European Banking Social Partners Commit to a Common Understanding on Remote Work
2021-12-08 CEPS: How to refine the contributions to the Single Resolution Fund?
2021-12-01 SSM's Hakkarainen:Reaping the benefits of supervisory technologies
2021-12-01 SRB Chair, Elke König's speech at the ECON Committee
2021-12-01 SRB publishes solvent wind-down guidance
2021-11-19 Elke König, SRB Chair speaks to Boersen Zeitung on weak spots of bank resolution in the EU, the prospects for EDIS and the FDIC as a role mo
2021-11-17 SRB: Reinforcing crisis readiness with transfer tools
2021-11-16 EU Commission's Berrigan: “Our ultimate goal is to complete the banking union”
2021-11-10 EBA issues requirements on institutions’ Pillar 3 disclosure of interest rate risk exposures
2021-11-10 SRB König: Speech to the 3rd EBI Policy Conference on Recovery and Growth in a Post-Pandemic EU
2021-11-09 EBA publishes Guidelines on recovery plan indicators
2021-10-28 BDB Christian Ossig on the implementation of Basel IV
2021-10-28 FBF: Final transposition of Basel 3 still remains insufficient to ensure a sustainable European economic sovereignty
2021-10-27 Questions and Answers on the Banking Package 2021
2021-10-27 Opening remarks by Commissioner Mairead McGuinness at the press conference on the Banking Package 2021
2021-10-27 Basel III package: EBF calls for further dialogue to secure Europe’s economic growth
2021-10-27 AFME: Do European banks need much more capital?
2021-10-27 Invest Europe comments on the revision of the EU banking framework
2021-10-26 SRB publishes guidance on separability of banks in time of crisis
2021-10-25 SSM's Fernandez-Bollo interview
2021-10-22 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on the alternative standardised approach for market risk as part of its FRTB roadmap
2021-10-20 CEPS: Impediments to resolvability – what is the status quo?
2021-10-07 EBA consultation on review on Guidelines for the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process: EBF response
2021-10-06 EBA Risk Dashboard points to stabilising return on equity in EU Banks but challenges remain for those banks with exposures to the sectors mo
2021-10-05 EBA publishes its work programme for 2022
2021-10-01 Commissioner McGuiness: Banking on the future: keynote address at the European Banking Summit 2021
2021-09-29 SRB bi-annual reporting note to Eurogroup
2021-09-23 SSM's Enria:The many roads to return on equity and the profitability challenge facing euro area banks
2021-09-16 SSM's Enria: How can we make the most of an incomplete banking union?
2021-09-16 SRB: No time to waste in completing the Banking Union
2021-09-14 Targeted consultation of the European Commission: GBIC rejects the introduction of an EU-wide data hub for NPLs
2021-09-10 Targeted consultation on improving transparency and efficiency in secondary markets for NPLs: EBF response
2021-09-07 The EBA observes that the number of high earners in EU banks remained overall stable in 2019
2021-08-18 Bloomberg: Banks lobby across the Berlaymont to water down capital reforms
2021-07-23 ECB decides not to extend dividend recommendation beyond September 2021
2021-07-06 SSM's Enria: Exchange of views at the Finance and Treasury Committee of the Italian Senate - credit risk and NPLs
2021-07-01 SSM's Enria: Hearing at the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee
2021-07-01 SRB launches 2020 Annual Report
2021-06-30 EBA data shows a deterioration in asset quality of the most affected sectors
2021-06-30 European Council:Non-performing loans: provisional agreement on selling credit to third parties
2021-06-30 European Commission: New proposal for a Directive on consumer credits repealing and replacing the Consumer Credit Directive (2008/48/EC)
2021-06-30 MEP Giegold: Consumer Credit/EU Commission: No breakthrough for consumer protection
2021-06-29 IAIS issues statement on benchmark transition
2021-06-25 JOINT PUBLIC STATEMENT: Forthcoming cessation of all LIBOR settings
2021-06-21 SSM's McCaul: Emerging risks for the European banking sector in the post-pandemic era
2021-06-21 SRB publishes approach for notifying impracticability to include bail-in recognition clauses in contracts
2021-06-18 EURACTIV: Eurogroup fails to agree on a calendar to complete banking union
2021-06-16 SSM's McCaul: Strengthening credit risk management
2021-06-16 INDUSTRY JOINT COMMUNICATION: EBA feasibility study of an integrated reporting system under Article 430c CRR
2021-06-15 ECB Banking Supervision seeking greater diversity within banks
2021-06-10 European Commission: Non-Performing Loans (NPLs): Co-legislators agree on new rules in order to improve market transparency
2021-06-09 Vox: The disciplining effect of supervisory scrutiny in the EU-wide stress test
2021-06-07 European Parliament: Non-performing loans: deal struck on EU rules for selling NPLs to third parties
2021-06-02 EBA consults on institutions’ Pillar 3 disclosure of interest rate risk exposures
2021-06-02 System-wide events in the PIA: addendum to the SRB approach & blog post by Sebastiano Laviola
2021-05-28 BETTER FINANCE Response to the European Commission consultation on the review of the crisis management and deposit insurance framework
2021-05-28 EBA consults on institutions’ Pillar 3 disclosure of interest rate risk exposures
2021-05-28 SSM's Enria: The effectiveness of European banks’ boards: progress and shortcomings
2021-05-26 IOSCO Issues Industry Surveys on Conduct Risks in Leveraged Loans and Collateralized Loan Obligations
2021-05-19 SSM's Elderson:“We can’t afford to drag our heels when it comes to risk”
2021-05-18 EBA announces plans for the 2021 EU-wide Transparency exercise and EBA Risk Assessment Report
2021-05-18 SRB issues bi-annual reporting note to the Eurogroup
2021-05-18 SRB publishes blueprint for the crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI) framework review
2021-05-14 SSM blog: Fostering a compliance culture in the European banking system
2021-05-13 BIS: How to improve funding of bank resolution in the banking union: the role of deposit insurance
2021-05-13 Evaluation of the Consumer Credit Directive: EBF position
2021-05-12 The EBA observes achievements in a number of key areas of the supervisory review across the EU, but also highlights items requiring continue
2021-05-12 EBA Chair Campa speaks at the 35th Annual General Meeting of ISDA
2021-05-04 EBA launches discussion on NPL data templates
2021-04-30 SRB issues new guidance on liquidity and funding in resolution
2021-04-28 SUERF: The Impact of COVID-19 on European Banks
2021-04-26 FBF: Government-backed loans: adjustments and update to repayment indicators
2021-04-23 SRB's Konig: Single Point of Entry - a resolution strategy addressing the home – host issue in Europe’s Banking Union
2021-04-21 SRB responses to the European Commission targeted consultation on the review of the crisis management and deposit insurance framework
2021-04-19 ECB’s large-scale review boosts reliability and comparability of banks’ internal models
2021-04-16 Vox: Urgent reform of the EU resolution framework is needed
2021-04-12 ECB publishes supervisory banking statistics for the fourth quarter of 2020
2021-03-31 BIS: An empirical foundation for calibrating the G-SIB surcharge
2021-03-26 SRB: The state of the policy debate on the EU crisis management and deposit insurance framework by Jan Reinder De Carpentier, SRB Vice-Chair
2021-03-23 Speech by SRB Chair Elke König to the ECON Committee (European Parliament)
2021-03-19 BETTER FINANCE Position on NPLs
2021-03-17 EBA consults on its draft Guidelines for institutions and resolution authorities on improving resolvability
2021-03-11 Vox EU: Bank performance in the time of COVID-19: Evidence from the US
2021-03-10 The EBA consults on guidance on how to grant authorisation as credit institution
2021-03-10 EBA assesses consumer trends for 2020/2021
2021-03-09 BIS: The universe of supervisory mandates - total eclipse of the core?
2021-03-08 ECON Brief: Non-performing Loans - New risks and policies? - What factors drive the performance of national asset management companies?
2021-03-05 SRB launches consultation on 2021 Single Resolution Fund contributions
2021-03-01 SSM's Enria: Interview with Le Monde
2021-03-01 SRB publishes overview of Banking Union resolution and access to FMIs
2021-02-24 Data reporting: EBF supports single EU data dictionary
2021-02-24 FBF: Study: The French highlight their trust in their banks
2021-02-24 SRB: Speech to European Parliament's Kangaroo Working Group on Financial Services by SRB Chair Elke König
2021-02-19 SSM: What does the ECB expect from banks’ leaders?
2021-02-17 Il Sole: Interview with Elizabeth McCaul, Member of the Supervisory Board of the ECB
2021-02-17 SSM: “We are not out of the woods just yet”
2021-02-17 EBA consults on guidance to assess breaches of the large exposure limits
2021-02-16 IIF: Elke König's speech on the priorities for the SRB and the outlook for the financia
2021-02-16 Covid-19: the Italian Banking Association and the German Banking Industry Committee propose more flexible rules
2021-02-13 ECON Brief: Update on recent banking developments
2021-01-29 ECB asks banks to address credit risk and improve efficiency
2021-01-28 ECON Brief: Banking Union: Postponed Basel III reforms
2021-01-28 SUERF: Buffer usability and potential stigma effects
2021-01-26 Bloomberg: ECB Steps Up Scrutiny of Loan Risk Before Potential Defaults
2021-01-21 EBA publishes final draft technical standards to identify investment firms’ risk takers and to specify the instruments used for the purposes
2021-01-21 Commissioner McGuiness: Banking Union – New Year, new momentum
2021-01-20 BIS: Does regulation only bite the less profitable? Evidence from the too-big-to-fail reforms
2021-01-20 SRB: The crisis management framework for banks in the EU: what can be done with small and medium-sized banks?
2021-01-18 EBA observes an increase in the asset encumbrance ratio amidst extensive use of central bank facilities
2021-01-15 SSM's Fernandez-Bollo: Interview with Revue Banque
2021-01-15 SSM: Crisis management for medium-sized banks: the case for a European approach
2021-01-13 EBA points to a further rise in capital and leverage ratios, whereas profitability remains strongly subdued
2021-01-12 ECB finalises guide on supervisory approach to consolidation
2021-01-11 ECON: Review of the bank crisis management and deposit insurance frameworks Banking Union Working Group
2021-01-07 SRB: A new year, a new impetus for the goal of financial stability

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