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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2009 Banking Union
2009-12-14 CEBS consults on its draft revised guidelines on stress testing
2009-12-14 Commission approves Royal Bank of Scotland’s impaired asset relief measure and restructuring plan – divestment targets to be reached by 2013
2009-12-14 FSA strengthens stress-testing regime – key element in building up effective risk management
2009-12-09 Commission approves Slovak bank support scheme – potential beneficiaries include subsidiaries of foreign financial institutions
2009-12-02 Commissioner Kroes - five years of sector and anti-trust inquiries at Brussels ‘Competition 09 Summit’ – retail banking sector
2009-11-23 Commission approves revised Irish guarantee scheme for banks
2009-11-19 Commission decisions on KBC, ING and Lloyds – frequently asked questions – better understanding of the restructuring plans
2009-11-19 Kroes’ speech: KBC, ING and Lloyds – one quarter of the job is done, but there are 28 cases to go
2009-11-19 ING: restructuring plan approved by the Commission - divestments, temporary ban on capital reductions or acquisitions
2009-11-19 Lloyds: Commission approves restructuring plan including a divestment package of Lloyds’ UK retail banking
2009-11-19 KBC: Commission approves asset relief, divestment and restructuring package
2009-11-19 UK Treasury welcomes approval of Lloyds restructure
2009-11-18 Kroes in New Delhi: Why we need competitive markets?
2009-11-18 FT: Bankers are afraid of over-regulation and debate the best way to move forward
2009-11-13 German bank Hypo Real Estate under Commission in-depth investigation
2009-11-12 Commission opens in-depth investigation into support measures for German savings bank Sparkasse KölnBonn
2009-11-12 Commission opens in-depth investigation into Portugal's state guarantee for Banco Privado Português
2009-11-11 EBF’s report on overcoming the crisis, moving beyond and the new challenges ahead
2009-11-05 Commission opens in-depth investigation into support measures for German savings bank Sparkasse KölnBonn
2009-11-04 McCreevy: Consumers in the EU now benefit from easier bank account switching – and the Commission will control banks’ compliance
2009-11-04 DG Competition consults on draft competition guidance for SEPA Direct Debit schemes and looks for input on the impact on legacy schemes
2009-10-29 Commission approves restructuring package for Northern Rock
2009-10-29 ABBL comments on new regulation establishing a European Banking Authority
2009-10-28 EBF and E&Y examine models for an optional application of VAT on financial services
2009-10-26 FSA publishes analysis on systemically important banks
2009-10-21 Commission consults on crisis management in the banking sector
2009-10-21 Fortis Bank Nederland and ABN AMRO Bank Nederland - Commission grants 24-hour extension
2009-10-15 European voice: removing the financial supports
2009-10-13 BIS report on mutual guarantee institutions and small business finance
2009-10-08 Commission recalls rules concerning Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital transactions for banks subject to restructuring aid investigation
2009-10-08 State aid: Commission approves temporary additional aid to German Landesbank WestLB
2009-10-08 UK online banking losses continue to climb
2009-10-08 Private banks reach out to the less wealthy
2009-10-06 Commission grants extension of deadline for implementation of remedies to Fortis Bank Nederland and ABN AMRO Bank Nederland
2009-09-28 Jaime Caruana: core principles for effective deposit insurance
2009-09-28 State aid: Commission approves Polish support scheme for financial institutions
2009-09-24 BIS Report: time to buy or just buying time? The market reaction to bank rescue packages
2009-09-24 ECB: Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: business models in banking – is there a best practice?
2009-09-24 Paul Myners: a strong, independent and commercial banking system must be the goal for the future
2009-09-17 Brussels may force Lloyds to surrender Halifax
2009-09-16 Commission extends in-depth investigation for ING
2009-09-11 State aid: Commission approves Finnish capital injection scheme for financial institutions
2009-09-10 Dutch adopt new bank bonus rules
2009-08-27 French banks back bonus reforms
2009-08-18 Commission approves additional aid for IKB
2009-07-31 State aid: Commission approves German asset relief scheme
2009-07-29 Bank of England Special Resolution Regime for failing banks in an international context
2009-07-29 EBF – Newsletter 19
2009-07-28 NVB warns that the Deposit Guarantee Scheme is not the solution to the crisis
2009-07-27 UK Chancellor Darling worried by banks’ loans charges
2009-07-23 Commission sets new bank bail-out rules
2009-07-15 Bank Burgenland - Commission refers Austria to Court for failure to recover illegal state aid
2009-07-15 Eurostat’s decision on data of public interventions supporting financial institutions
2009-07-15 EBF – Newsletter 19
2009-07-13 Commission proposes further revision of banking regulation
2009-07-13 Commission authorises restructuring aid for Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg
2009-07-07 Commission approves French Temporary Framework risk-capital scheme
2009-07-02 Commission temporarily authorises recapitalisation and an asset relief for German LBBW
2009-07-02 Commission temporarily approves recapitalisation and asset relief for KBC
2009-07-02 Kroes: Commission turns attention to UK banks
2009-07-01 Paul Tucker: Redrawing the Banking Social Contract
2009-06-30 EC approves recapitalisation of Anglo-Irish Bank
2009-06-25 BBA: Banks stress need for international co-operation on reform
2009-06-18 European Retailers file new complaint against Visa Europe
2009-06-15 ECB Financial Stability Review - June 2009
2009-06-15 ECB Tumpel-Gugerell outlines necessary ‘regulatory repair’
2009-06-05 BIS Quarterly Review - June 2009
2009-05-31 Commission consults on review of Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes
2009-05-29 Commission endorses rescue aid for German HSH Nordbank
2009-05-26 Kroes underlines need for more banking regulation
2009-05-26 Kroes – complexities call for further harmonised regulations in Europe
2009-05-25 Commission approves Italian risk-capital measure to boost real economy
2009-05-22 Commission approves Danish bank recapitalisation scheme
2009-05-21 FT: Lloyds considers sell-off to win approval for state aid
2009-05-21 FT: UK braced for call to shrink Lloyds
2009-05-20 BIS released OTC derivatives market statistics
2009-05-19 BIS report on issues in the Governance of Central Banks
2009-05-17 Commission approves proposed acquisition of HRE by Germany's SoFFin
2009-05-14 McCreevy calls for solution on impaired assets problem
2009-05-13 Commission approves extension of French scheme for refinancing credit institutions
2009-05-12 UK to strengthen resolution arrangements for investment banks
2009-05-12 Commission approves aid package for German bank WestLB
2009-05-12 Commission opens in-depth investigation on BayernLB and Hypo Group Alpe Adria
2009-05-12 Commission approves additional aid measures for Fortis
2009-05-12 Commission approves recapitalisation of Allied Irish Bank
2009-05-11 Commission approves Latvian support for JSC Parex Banka
2009-05-08 Commission authorises further capital injection for Caisse d'Épargne and Banque Populaire
2009-05-07 Commission extends in-depth investigation into UK aid package for Northern Rock
2009-05-07 Commission opens in-depth investigation into aid package for German Hypo Real Estate
2009-05-07 Commission approves recapitalisation of Commerzbank
2009-04-29 BIS paper on a framework for assessing systemic risks of major financial institutions
2009-04-28 Commission approves amendments to Swedish bank guarantee
2009-04-28 Kroes warns to preserve level playing field despite government interventions
2009-04-21 Commission approves UK Asset-Backed Securities Guarantee Scheme
2009-04-18 BIS report - The role of valuation and leverage in pro-cyclicality
2009-04-15 Commission approves prolongation of UK support to banking sector
2009-04-08 Commission opens in-depth investigation into Fortis and ABN Amro
2009-04-02 MasterCard to cut cross-border MIFs
2009-04-01 Commission temporarily authorises illiquid asset facility for ING
2009-04-01 ECB reports on euro area monetary, financial and balance of payments statistics
2009-03-26 Commission authorises UK working capital guarantee scheme
2009-03-25 Commission authorises amendment to French scheme to inject capital into certain credit institutions
2009-03-13 Commission opens in-depth investigation into restructuring of Dexia
2009-03-13 Commission approves Portuguese state guarantee to Banco Privado Português
2009-03-02 BIS Quarterly Review
2009-02-27 Council adopted Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes
2009-02-26 FSA code of practice on remuneration policies
2009-02-25 Commission provides guidance for impaired assets in the EU banking sector
2009-02-25 Commission approves Crédit Mutuel acquisition of Cofidis
2009-02-20 ECB publishes Eurosystem oversight policy framework
2009-02-16 Commission overview of national measures as a response to the financial and economic crisis
2009-02-12 Commission approves capital injection for Ethias group
2009-02-12 Commission authorises support package for Hungarian financial institutions
2009-02-11 Commission approves Swedish scheme to recapitalise banks
2009-02-07 Commission consultation on ensuring access to a basic bank account
2009-02-04 Commission approves support package for Danish financial institutions
2009-02-02 ECB Euro Money Market Study 2008
2009-01-29 Commission authorises modification of French scheme to inject capital into certain credit institutions
2009-01-29 BIS provisional international banking statistics - third quarter 2008
2009-01-29 Commission approves modifications to Swedish support schemes for financial institutions
2009-01-23 ESFRC recommends raising average capital requirement to 15 percent over time
2009-01-22 Commission approved € 6.7 billion guarantee for German SdB
2009-01-21 Commission approves Finnish state guarantee for Kaupthing Bank
2009-01-20 ECB adjustment of risk control measures for newly issued asset-backed securities and for uncovered bank bonds
2009-01-20 ECOFIN Council Conclusions on Bank Capital
2009-01-20 Visa Europe says close to EC deal on interchange fees
2009-01-19 Commission authorises France temporary aid scheme for up to €500 000
2009-01-19 Commission authorises Portuguese scheme for aid of up to €500 000
2009-01-19 UK government package to support lending
2009-01-19 FSA statement on regulatory approach to bank capital
2009-01-14 Commission approves recapitalisation of Anglo Irish Bank
2009-01-12 Commission overview of national rescue measures and guarantee schemes

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