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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2010 Banking Union
2010-12-21 Commission temporarily clears support for Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Nationwide Building Society and Allied Irish Bank
2010-12-21 IIF published preliminary analysis on Basel III
2010-12-20 The Basel Committee issued a consultative paper on the capitalisation of bank exposures to central counterparties
2010-12-17 FSA revised its remuneration code
2010-12-17 Association of German Banks welcomes adoption of Basel III: private banks can meet standards
2010-12-15 FT: Rules to keep bankers honest
2010-12-14 FT: Barnier accused bankers of ‘blackmail’
2010-12-14 BIS December Quarterly Review is released
2010-12-14 AFME comments on CEBS guidelines on remuneration policies and practices
2010-12-10 Sharon Bowles MEP: EU's tough new rules on bankers' bonuses are right
2010-12-10 UK Government published final legislation on bank levy
2010-12-08 Commissioner Rehn: EU banks will face further stress tests
2010-12-03 FSA closed supervisory investigation of RBS
2010-12-03 AFME publishes a Briefing Note on Basel III and CRD 4
2010-11-30 European Commission rejected ING's request to repay hybrid capital to private investors
2010-11-22 Financial News: investment banks are seeking to redefine their business model
2010-11-22 BIS: Mapping capital and liquidity requirements to bank lending spreads
2010-11-16 El País: The Bank of Spain calls for an urgent restructuring of the Spanish Saving Banks
2010-11-10 IMF publication claims LCFIs need effective cross-border supervision if Basel III is to work for increased financial stability
2010-11-10 EBF Chiefs all for safeguarding European competitivenes in the upcoming G20 debates.
2010-11-08 Commission approves aid for restructuring of Spanish savings bank CajaSur and the sale of its banking activities
2010-11-05 Commission extends investigation into WestLB's bank
2010-11-05 Il Sole: China against the ultra expansive policy of Fed
2010-11-04 IMF: New rules will curb risks in U.S. and European Banks
2010-11-03 Il Sole: Reactions to the expected Fed liquidity injection – ECB remains prudent, Australia and India increase the rates
2010-11-02 Il Sole: Bernanke’s future policies between Fed's falcons and doves
2010-11-02 The EMF publishes October 2010 Mortgage Info Newsletter
2010-10-30 EFBS says EC plans will adversely affect mortgage finance mechanisms
2010-10-30 BDB announces that German banking industry has reached its limits
2010-10-30 ESBG welcomes new European financial supervisory architecture
2010-10-30 ESBG releases Positon paper on the BIS proposal to ensure loss absorbency of regulatory capital
2010-10-30 Top US bank regulator supports stricter capital requirements
2010-10-28 El País: The BBVA criticises slow savings banks reform
2010-10-25 State aid: Commission approves Danish state support for the liquidation of Fionia Bank
2010-10-21 UK Government publishes draft legislation on the bank levy
2010-10-20 UK Banks will face higher taxes
2010-10-19 Basel Committee reports on the responses to the financial crises for the G20 in Seoul
2010-10-11 European banks concerned that Commission proposals on taxation are inappropriate
2010-10-06 Commission consults on access to a basic payment account
2010-10-06 Competition Commissioner Almunia defends the extension of temporary state aids to the banking sector
2010-10-01 Competition Commissioner Almunia: Anglo-Irish Bank’s restructuring will carefully be monitored
2010-09-30 FT: Basel III reforms to hit investment banking arms
2010-09-29 Commission approves restructuring of German savings bank Sparkasse KölnBonn
2010-09-28 EBF comments on the Development of pan-European access to financial information disclosed by listed companies
2010-09-22 EMF Mortgage Information Snapshot
2010-09-22 WestLB and BayernLB possible merger announcement
2010-09-22 Commission authorises guarantees for Irish financial institutions
2010-09-22 Il Sole: Italian banking system not at risk
2010-09-21 FT: French banks fined €385m for fees collusion
2010-09-21 FT: Basel III is priming big banks to work the system
2010-09-21 Greece to postpone bank stress tests on domestic banks
2010-09-21 FSA Chairman welcomes the decisions reached on the Basel III package of capital and liquidity reforms
2010-09-15 CPSS publishes paper on strengthening clearing and settlement arrangements for repo markets
2010-09-14 EBF says Basel III will have cost consequences on the economy
2010-09-13 AGB warns of target overshooting when introducing new capital and liquidity rules
2010-09-13 ESBG and WSBI warn of danger to retail banks of one-size-fits-all regulation
2010-09-07 WSJ: Europe's bank stress tests minimized debt risk
2010-09-07 EU to get new tough powers to deal with national financial supervisors
2010-09-07 ECB publishes a book on the payment system and the role of the Eurosystem in this field
2010-09-01 FT: Ireland seeks to wean banks off state guarantee
2010-08-31 AGB issues statement on bank levy and Restructuring Law by German Cabinet
2010-07-28 ECB published results of the July 2010 bank lending survey for the Euro area
2010-07-28 Deutsche Bundesbank and BaFin on the results of the stress tests: German banks prove to be robust and resilient
2010-07-27 Italian Bank Association: stress test were serious, our system is solid
2010-07-26 FBF state that financial reforms must take into account the G20’s growth target
2010-07-26 Wolfgang Münchau: A test cynically calibrated to fix the result
2010-07-26 FSB welcomed European bank stress tests: The results provide additional clarity and transparency
2010-07-23 Commission clears extension of bank support measures in Portugal and Spain
2010-07-21 IMF warns that bank stress tests have to be credible in order to restore confidence
2010-07-20 Deposit guarantee fund schemes will cost Italian banks 8 billion euro
2010-07-19 FT: Bankers concerned over stress test results
2010-07-14 UK Coalition Government launches consultation on Bank Levy
2010-07-14 Commission approves restructuring plan of Bank of Ireland
2010-07-14 European Liberal Leader warns that the EU must prepare at stress tests follow-up plan
2010-07-13 European banks call for level playing field in bonuses limitations
2010-07-10 El Pais: Spanish government gives green light to reform the savings banks sector
2010-07-10 Bankitalia’s Draghi: Banks are the pillars of growth
2010-07-10 Intesa Sanpaolo’s Passera comments on the private recovery fund
2010-07-10 Creation of a private fund to save European banks in crisis
2010-07-07 European Parliament ushers in a new era for bankers' bonuses
2010-07-07 MEPs call for tighter coordination and planning to avoid future banking crises
2010-07-06 EPC: Exploring the mobile eco-system to promote SEPA
2010-07-06 SWIFT II: EP Civil Liberties Committee approves draft agreement
2010-06-29 Commission authorises extension of bank support schemes in Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Hungary
2010-06-29 Commission approves Spanish restructuring aid for Caja Castilla-La Mancha
2010-06-29 Bankitalia: Italian banks resist the crisis, but are less profitable.
2010-06-23 AFME statement on UK bank tax: it is effective regulation - not taxation - that will help prevent a future crisis
2010-06-23 Chancellor of the Exchequer: A bank levy will be introduced from January 2011
2010-06-22 Commission prolongs temporary approval of aid to German WestLB and to Austrian Hypo Alpe Adria Group
2010-06-01 FT: Bankers' 'doomsday scenarios' under fire from Basel study chief
2010-05-28 German Banks Association welcomes European Commission's proposals on bank resolution funds
2010-05-26 EC state aid Scoreboard shows reduced use of crisis support to banks
2010-05-26 CGFS report on bank funding and liquidity management
2010-05-26 Barnier: Presentation on Commission proposal on bank resolution fund
2010-05-26 Commission sets out vision for bank resolution funds
2010-05-25 AFME doubts on the viability of bank taxes
2010-05-21 The UK coalition programme on banking
2010-05-20 Steven I. Davis - Effective Bank Regulation and Supervision: Lessons from the Financial Crisis
2010-05-18 ECB published TARGET Annual Report 2009: the system has functioned smoothly with high availability levels
2010-05-12 State aid: Commission clears Swedish restructuring aid for Carnegie Investment Bank
2010-05-11 EBF concerned about CEBS interpretation of concentration risk
2010-05-05 European Parliament states its terms on the Swift agreement: “Bulk data” transfer must be avoided
2010-05-04 German Bundesbank Axel Weber: Complement Basel II with capital surcharges
2010-04-26 IMF: Preventing institutions becoming too important to fail is essential
2010-04-16 Almunia: There is a need to avoid "zombie banks" that stay alive but are too weak to lend to the real economy
2010-04-12 ECON committee discusses draft report on cross-border crisis management
2010-04-10 EP draft report on cross-border crisis management in the banking sector
2010-04-05 AFME/BBA/ISDA respond to CEBS guidelines on the management of concentration risk
2010-04-05 AFME/BBA/ISDA respond to CEBS guidelines on stress testing
2010-03-30 Basel Committee issues consultative paper on good practice principles for supervisory colleges
2010-03-25 ESBG newsletter warns approach to supervisory architecture reform too revolutionary
2010-03-25 EC/US: new negotiations on bank data transfer
2010-03-19 Paul Tucker on resolution of large and complex financial institutions: “The Big Issues”
2010-03-19 Basel committee recommendations on cross-border bank resolution group
2010-03-09 EU competition policy: time to rethink fines strategy and tackle state aid
2010-03-04 IMF publishes views on EU cross-border crisis management framework for banks
2010-03-01 State aid: EC approves Dexia restructuring plan
2010-02-24 ECON Committee: first exchange of views on cross-border crisis management in banking sector
2010-02-17 CEBS publishes high-level principles for risk management
2010-02-15 EBF publishes set of 9 principles for successful banking in Europe
2010-02-10 Basel Committee consults on micro-finance activities and core principles
2010-02-08 EC temporarily approves additional recapitalisation package for ABN AMRO and Fortis Bank
2010-02-03 EP Vice-President Silvana Koch-Mehrin: bankers have lost their friends in Davos
2010-01-29 Commission approves Spanish recapitalisation scheme for credit institutions
2010-01-29 ECB publishes January 2010 bank lending survey (BLS) for the euro area
2010-01-29 Commission approves recapitalisation for Dutch bancassurance company SNS REAAL
2010-01-26 FEE Comment Letter on CEBS Consultation: Lessons learnt from the financial crisis
2010-01-25 Alistair Darling warns Obama about banking reforms
2010-01-25 International Centre for Financial Regulation comments on BIS principles and standards for financial services compensation
2010-01-25 Commission approves UK Government measures for Bradford and Bingley liquidation
2010-01-22 Basel Committee publishes assessment methodology for compensation practices
2010-01-22 NVB reaction to Commission consultation on EU framework for cross-border crisis management in the banking sector
2010-01-20 Commission requests Spain to limit aid given to savings banks
2010-01-14 The International Banking Federation calls for Colleges of Supervisors to better manage risk
2010-01-14 Commission approves Hungarian liquidity support scheme for the financial system
2010-01-07 NVB's reaction to the Basel proposals on crisis management – more focus on early intervention mechanism needed
2010-01-06 EBF economic outlook for 2010: a bumpy road to recovery
2010-01-04 Commission approves temporary rescue of BayernLB’s subsidiary Hypo Group Alpe Adria

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