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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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Banking Union - 2019326 articles out of 326.

2018 Banking Union
2018-12-20 EBA provides preliminary assessment on post-implementation impact of IFRS 9 on EU Institutions
2018-12-20 ECB: Work group on euro risk-free rates seeks market feedback on transition from EONIA to ESTER and ESTER-based term structure methodologies
2018-12-20 BoE: UK withdrawal from the EU: Further changes to PRA Rulebook and Binding Technical Standards and Resolution Binding Technical Standards
2018-12-20 EBF recommendations for an EU framework of experimentation
2018-12-18 ESMA updates its Q&As regarding the Benchmark Regulation
2018-12-18 EBA launches consultation to amend Regulation on benchmarking of internal models
2018-12-18 European Council: Non-performing loans: political agreement reached on capital requirements for banks' bad loans
2018-12-17 EBA calls for more action by financial institutions in their Brexit-related communication to customers
2018-12-17 EBA publishes final Guidelines on disclosure of non-performing and forborne exposures
2018-12-14 ECB's De Guindos: Redesigning Europe’s financial landscape
2018-12-14 EBA sees further improvements in EU banks resilience but highlights challenges connected to profitability, funding and operational risk
2018-12-14 IMF Blog: Five actions to strengthen the euro area Banking Union
2018-12-14 Taxonomy: EBF responds to the EP draft report
2018-12-14 FCA announces proposals to fundamentally reform the way banks charge for overdrafts and extends protections for high-cost credit products
2018-12-14 ECB will directly supervise 119 banks in 2019
2018-12-13 EBA consults on guidelines on ICT and security risk management
2018-12-13 ECB decides on technical parameters for the reinvestment of its asset purchase programme
2018-12-13 Basel Committee consults on disclosure requirement to address leverage ratio window-dressing
2018-12-11 Basel Committee publishes updated Basel III disclosure requirements
2018-12-10 Financial Times: As European banks regulator retires, challenges remain
2018-12-08 VoxEU: Markets, banks, and shadow banks
2018-12-07 Financial Times: Weaning European banks off ECB support
2018-12-06 European Council appoints Andrea Enria head of the ECB's supervisory board
2018-12-05 BIS: Non-monetary news in central bank communication
2018-12-04 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2018-12-04 Banking Union: Council endorses package of measures to reduce risk
2018-12-04 AFME says more work required to complete Banking Union
2018-12-04 EBA publishes final Guidelines on the exemption from the fall back mechanism under the RTS on SCA and CSC
2018-12-04 BIS: Cyber-resilience: range of practices report issued by the Basel Committee
2018-12-04 BIS: Gross capital flows by banks, corporates and sovereigns
2018-12-03 BIS: Financial instability: can Big Data help connect the dots?
2018-12-03 ECB adopts new capital key
2018-12-03 EBF endorses UN Responsible Banking Principles initiative
2018-12-03 EBF: Developing more effective directors in a global banking context
2018-11-30 EBF: Collective Redress: Proposal on representative actions - joint business statement
2018-11-30 EBF: The impact of digitalisation on employment in Banking sector
2018-11-30 UK Finance: Banking industry to fund new alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme for larger SMEs
2018-11-29 ECB: Euro area financial stability environment has become more challenging
2018-11-29 BIS: International supervisory community meets to discuss challenges ahead for global bank supervision and regulation
2018-11-28 Commission reports on progress in risk reduction in the Banking Union and calls for faster progress on CMU ahead of EU Leaders' meetings
2018-11-27 ISDA publishes preliminary results of benchmark consultation
2018-11-27 BIS: Stress-testing banks – a comparative analysis
2018-11-26 ECB Regulation fosters a harmonised definition of default within the Single Supervisory Mechanism
2018-11-25 Bloomberg: An EU banking union is essential, Merkel adviser says
2018-11-23 BCBS: Implementation of Basel standards - A report to G20 Leaders on implementation of the Basel III regulatory reforms
2018-11-23 BIS: The Basel framework in 100 jurisdictions: implementation status and proportionality practices
2018-11-22 ECB: Europe: a work in progress – political integration and economic convergence in Monetary Union
2018-11-22 European Parliament: Financing bank resolution: An alternative solution for arranging the liquidity required
2018-11-22 European Parliament: How to provide liquidity to banks after resolution in Europe’s banking union
2018-11-21 ISDA: Briefing on the need to extend the transition period of the benchmark regulation
2018-11-20 FCA: Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority appoint new Chair of the Sterling Risk Free Reference Rates Working Group
2018-11-19 Remarks by M. Centeno following the Eurogroup meeting of 19 November 2018
2018-11-16 FSB publishes progress report on measures to address the decline in correspondent banking and updated data
2018-11-16 Basel Committee publishes more details on global systemically important banks
2018-11-16 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on the specification of an economic downturn
2018-11-16 ECB guide to internal models
2018-11-15 Financial Times: EU bank stress tests should be redesigned, says watchdog head
2018-11-14 FSB publishes progress report on reforming major interest rate benchmarks
2018-11-14 The Deutsche Bundesbank publishes its 2018 Financial Stability Review
2018-11-14 ECA: Audit gaps in EU banking supervision must be closed
2018-11-13 ECB's Lautenschläger: Four years of Banking Union: where do we stand?
2018-11-13 ECB: Government debt and banking fragility: the spreading of strategic uncertainty
2018-11-13 BIS Board of Directors elects new member
2018-11-12 ECB Guide to the internal liquidity adequacy assessment process (ILAAP)
2018-11-09 ECB publishes final guides for banks on their capital and liquidity management
2018-11-07 ECB nominates Andrea Enria as Chair of Supervisory Board
2018-11-05 ECB: AnaCredit Validation Checks: Selected validation checks performed in AnaCredit datasets
2018-11-05 Financial Times: Why deregulation ahead of a downturn is dumb
2018-11-02 BIS: Euro area unconventional monetary policy and bank resilience
2018-11-02 BIS: Elisa Ferreira: From repair to vision - conceptions for a common beneficial and resilient fin. architecture and institutional framework
2018-11-01 Financial Times: US regulator fears ‘homogeneity’ of large banks
2018-10-31 European Council: Non-performing loans: Council approves position on capital requirements for banks' bad loans
2018-10-30 BIS: The new supervisory agenda
2018-10-29 VoxEU: Contagion in the European CoCos market
2018-10-29 EBA acknowledges adoption of new resolution reporting standards by the European Commission
2018-10-29 BIS: How to manage failures of non-systemic banks? A review of country practices
2018-10-26 ESAs propose new amendments to technical standards on the mapping of ECAIs
2018-10-26 Basel Committee calls for further progress in the implementation of Basel III standards
2018-10-25 Bank of England: UK withdrawal from the EU: Changes to PRA rulebook and onshored Binding Technical Standards
2018-10-23 ECB: Results of the October 2018 euro area bank lending survey
2018-10-23 BIS: Banking business model: challenges and opportunities
2018-10-19 EBA announces timing for publication of 2018 EU-wide stress test
2018-10-19 ESMA: Better to be good and on time than perfect and late: replacing incurred loss by expected loss
2018-10-18 Bloomberg: Bank push for benchmark-rate delay makes headway in Brussels
2018-10-18 Basel Committee seeks views on the leverage ratio treatment of client cleared derivatives
2018-10-18 BCBS: Statement on leverage ratio window-dressing behaviour
2018-10-18 BIS: The European banking union: what are the missing pieces?
2018-10-17 BCBS: Basel Committee issues final "Stress testing principles"
2018-10-17 Financial Times: BoE warns over growth of risky corporate loans
2018-10-15 Financial Times: Five reforms the ECB should embrace
2018-10-15 ECB: Working paper: Beyond spreads: measuring sovereign market stress in the euro area
2018-10-11 ECB: Working paper: A framework for early-warning modeling with an application to banks
2018-10-09 EBA acknowledges adoption of amended supervisory reporting standards by the European Commission
2018-10-09 Bank of England stress testing results to be published on 5 December 2018
2018-10-08 Updated EBA Risk Dashboard shows sustained improvements in the management of NPLs across the EU but banks profitability remains a key hurdle
2018-10-05 ECB's Guindos: Building a resilient Economic and Monetary Union
2018-10-04 EBA publishes the preliminary impact of the Basel reforms on EU banks capital and updates on liquidity measures in the EU
2018-10-04 BCBS: Basel III monitoring results published by the Basel Committee
2018-10-03 EBF: Online platforms: EBF position on legislative proposal
2018-10-01 EBF: Financing The Europe of tomorrow: How to unlock Europe’s latent growth potential
2018-10-01 Financial Times: Alternatives to Libor begin to make an impact
2018-09-30 European parliament: Third country equivalence in EU banking and financial regulation
2018-09-27 ECB's Draghi: Welcome remarks at the third annual conference of the ESRB
2018-09-26 Bruegel: Excess liquidity and bank lending risks in the euro area
2018-09-25 ECB: Waiting for ESTER: the road ahead for interest rate benchmark reform
2018-09-25 Financial Times: European banks seek lighter-touch regulation in the US
2018-09-24 Financial Times: Regulation, Brexit and bad loans to dent banks’ profits 40% by 2022
2018-09-24 EBA launches its 2018 EU-wide transparency exercise
2018-09-24 EBF comments on the draft EBA guidelines on outsourcing
2018-09-21 ECB: Guide to on-site inspections and internal model investigations
2018-09-20 Vox EU: Foreign expansion, competition, and bank risk
2018-09-20 BCBS discusses a range of policy and supervisory issues, takes stock of its members' implementation of post-crisis reforms
2018-09-19 Bank of England: Firms’ preparations for transition from LIBOR to risk-free rates
2018-09-19 EBA: EU banks funding plans indicate increased appetite for client deposits and market-based funding in the coming years
2018-09-18 ECB: Insufficient strategic steering may exacerbate banks’ profitability challenges
2018-09-18 BIS: Mario Draghi: The benefits of European supervision
2018-09-17 Financial Times: Private equity buying banks is not a good mix
2018-09-16 Financial Times: Financial sector remains an impenetrable black box
2018-09-16 Financial Times: Banks jump on to the fintech bandwagon
2018-09-14 The Telegraph: Banks still 'too big to fail' ten years on from the crisis, says OECD chief
2018-09-14 BIS: Ed Sibley: The banking crisis - a decade on
2018-09-14 ECB launches public consultation on Part 2 of the Guide to assessments of licence applications
2018-09-13 ECB: Private sector working group on euro risk-free rates recommends ESTER as euro risk-free rate
2018-09-12 EBA revises standardised NPL data templates
2018-09-11 ESAs see return of volatility in new risk report
2018-09-11 Bank of England: Extension of Mark Carney’s term as Governor and reappointment of Jon Cunliffe as Deputy Governor
2018-09-11 Financial Times: After the crisis, the banks are safer but debt is a danger
2018-09-10 Financial Times: Policymakers call for more firepower to fight recession
2018-09-10 VOX: The transition to a banking union for the EMU
2018-09-10 OMFIF: Target-2 enters the political sphere
2018-09-07 Commissioner Moscovici's introductory remarks at the Eurogroup press conference
2018-09-07 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the informal ECOFIN press conference in Vienna
2018-09-07 ECB launches public consultation on the risk-type-specific chapters of its guide to internal models
2018-09-07 EBF comments on the OECD discussion draft on financial transactions
2018-09-06 Per Callesen: The European banking union in perspective - is there risk sharing and joint liability?
2018-09-06 EBF supports the EC proposal to establish a framework to facilitate sustainable investment
2018-09-06 ECB: Financial stability and the ECB
2018-09-05 BIS: Peter Praet: Creating an enabling environment for pan-European banks in the Banking Union
2018-09-03 OECD: Financial system risk is elevated and global standards are essential in managing cross-border infrastructure investment
2018-09-03 Deutsche Bundesbank: Competition and stability in the financial sector during times of technological change
2018-08-31 BIS: Banking Union: experience so far and future prospects
2018-08-29 Financial Times: Fed debates banks’ capital buffers as markets surge
2018-08-29 Financial Times: Deutsche chief calls for ‘unified regulation in Europe’
2018-08-28 EBA launches consultations on supervisory reporting for the reporting framework 2.9 and prepares for its modular release
2018-08-27 Financial Times: Field for ECB top job widens after Weidmann setback
2018-08-24 CFS survey: German financial industry takes a critical view of ICOs, calls for stronger regulation
2018-08-20 ECB sanctions CA Consumer Finance for breaching the procedure for classifying capital in 2016
2018-08-16 Financial Times: Seven out of 10 people in UK now bank online
2018-08-09 EBF letter to the US Treasury regarding Section 871(m) and FATCA
2018-08-08 Financial Times: US regulators warned against reducing bank capital requirements
2018-08-07 Financial Times: Regulators club together to form global ‘fintech sandbox’
2018-08-07 Financial Times: European Investment Bank bows to calls for reform
2018-07-31 EBA updates the Joint Committee Guidelines on complaints-handling to extend their scope of application
2018-07-31 EBA sees progress in the functioning of resolution colleges in 2017 but continued effort is needed
2018-07-26 AFME views on priority areas in the trilogue negotiations on the Risk Reduction Measures package
2018-07-25 Elisa Ferreira: Banking Union at a crossroads
2018-07-25 Bank of England: Bank confirms SONIA’s compliance with IOSCO benchmark principles
2018-07-24 ECB: Results of the July 2018 euro area bank lending survey
2018-07-23 EU code of conduct on withholding tax procedures: EBF position on the EC proposal
2018-07-20 BIS: Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - regulatory treatment of accounting provisions
2018-07-19 EBA Risk Dashboard confirms steady improvements in the management of NPLs across the EU but banks profitability remains a key challenge
2018-07-19 EBA publishes final guidance to strengthen the Pillar 2 framework
2018-07-17 Bloomberg: Europe told to boost firepower to deal with future bank failures
2018-07-17 Financial Times: ECB fires starting gun in hunt for new head of eurozone watchdog
2018-07-16 Financial Times: Banks under watch over exposure to cryptocurrencies
2018-07-16 Financial Times: Banks warn about overheating UK asset finance market
2018-07-16 BIS: Financial Stability Institute: Innovative technology in financial supervision (suptech) – the experience of early users
2018-07-15 New Europe: French lenders win a major regulatory case against the ECB
2018-07-15 Financial Times: Banks’ approach to risk data is deeply inadequate
2018-07-13 ECB: Benefits and costs of liquidity regulation
2018-07-12 ECB announces further steps in supervisory approach to stock of NPLs
2018-07-12 The Telegraph: Complacent bankers must ditch broken Libor, says top regulator Andrew Bailey
2018-07-12 OMFIF: Target-2 masks reduced fragmentation
2018-07-10 EBA peer review shows competent authorities have robust and consistent procedures to comply with RTS on passport notifications
2018-07-09 EurActiv: Draghi urges countries to complete banking union as risks fall
2018-07-05 FCA: Building the UK financial sector’s operational resilience discussion paper
2018-07-05 BIS: Financial stability implications of a prolonged period of low interest rates
2018-07-05 BIS' Restoy: Proportionality in banking regulation
2018-07-05 European Parliament: Valuation reports in the context of banking resolution: What are the challenges?
2018-07-05 Basel Committee issues revised G-SIB framework
2018-07-03 IMF Blog: How to deal with failed banks
2018-07-03 ECB: Report on recovery plans
2018-06-29 EurActiv: EU leaders postpone completion of banking union
2018-06-29 Basel Committee issues technical amendment to the Net Stable Funding Ratio
2018-06-28 EBA does not object to the Swedish FSA proposed measures to address macroprudential risk
2018-06-27 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2018-06-27 Financial Times: BoE hits out at Brussels over post-Brexit plans
2018-06-27 FCA publishes update on wide-ranging review of retail banking sector
2018-06-25 ISDA: IBOR global benchmark transition report
2018-06-25 EBA updates its guides on supervisory data
2018-06-25 EBA publishes opinion to hasten the preparations of financial institutions for Brexit
2018-06-25 Financial Times: Steer clear of diluting the Volcker rule and repeating mistakes
2018-06-24 Financial Times: BIS warns of ‘disciplining force’ of financial markets
2018-06-24 Seize the day to secure sustained growth, BIS says
2018-06-24 BIS: Philip Lowe appointed to chair the Committee on the Global Financial System
2018-06-22 EBA consults on Guidelines on outsourcing
2018-06-22 IMF Blog: Estimating cyber risk for the financial sector
2018-06-21 Financial Times: Hammond and Carney close ranks over financial services post-Brexit
2018-06-21 Main results - Eurogroup
2018-06-21 Financial Times: US banks clear first round of Fed stress tests
2018-06-21 ECB: Working group on euro risk-free rates launches consultation on potential successors to EONIA
2018-06-21 Bruegel: European bank mergers: domestic or cross-border?
2018-06-21 European Parliament: draft RTS on economic downturn in IRB modelling, Level 2 in CRD V/CRR II proposals, and CRD IV/CRR update 2018
2018-06-20 EP ThinkTank: New EU insolvency rules give troubled businesses a chance to start anew [EU Legislation in Progress]
2018-06-20 ECB updates manual for Asset Quality Review of banks
2018-06-19 Financial Times: Federal Reserve approves rule capping big banks’ credit exposure
2018-06-19 ECB publishes Consolidated banking data for end-December 2017
2018-06-19 EBA consults on the conditions to allow institutions to calculate KIRB in accordance with the purchased receivables approach
2018-06-18 European Parliament: Country-specific recommendations in banking - June 2018
2018-06-18 European Parliament: How demanding and consistent is the 2018 stress test design in comparison to previous exercises?
2018-06-18 AFME: Liquidity in resolution
2018-06-15 ECB: Letter of reply from Danièle Nouy, Chair of the Supervisory Board, to Ms Berès and Mr Karas, MEPs, on EBA guidelines
2018-06-14 Vice-President Dombrovskis' opening speech at the Economist's 22nd Roundtable with the Government of Greece
2018-06-13 Financial Times: Foreign banks push US Federal Reserve to relax capital rules
2018-06-10 Financial Times: Small US banks are winners from deregulation, now they want more
2018-06-08 AFME: Proposal for a Directive of the Parliament and of the Council on credit servicers, credit purchasers and the recovery of collateral
2018-06-07 National Bank of Denmark's Rohde: Europe - an economic powerhouse in the future?
2018-06-07 Bloomberg: ECB pushes foot-dragging banks to pick a new lending benchmark
2018-06-05 Javier Alonso: Banks' traditional funding sources - opportunities for capital markets
2018-06-05 Bank of England: Evaluation of the Bank of England’s resolution arrangements - June 2018
2018-06-04 FSB launches thematic peer review on bank resolution planning and invites feedback from stakeholders
2018-06-04 NY Times: Fix the Volcker rule, but look for alternatives, too
2018-06-04 Financial Times: Tech upheaval makes bank mega-deals unlikely
2018-06-04 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area – October 2017 to March 2018
2018-06-01 EBA publishes final amended technical standards on supervisory disclosure
2018-05-30 EBA and ESMA: institutions and authorities must consider retail holders of debt financial instruments in resolutions
2018-05-27 Financial Times: Europe’s bank bosses stress need for consolidation
2018-05-27 Financial Times: A transatlantic gulf is opening in banker pay
2018-05-25 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2018-05-25 European Parliament: Further harmonising EU insolvency law from a banking resolution perspective?
2018-05-25 ECB: Guide to fit and proper assessments
2018-05-25 Bank of England: Competition for retail deposits between commercial banks and non-bank operators: a two-sided platform analysis
2018-05-25 Financial Times: European non-performing loan sales rise sharply
2018-05-24 Financial stability conditions in euro area remain favourable but risk-taking in most financial markets intensified
2018-05-24 Bank of England: Fair and Effective Markets Review Progress Report
2018-05-23 EBA updates list of O-SIIs in the EU
2018-05-22 EBA consults on standards on estimation and identification of an economic downturn in IRB modelling
2018-05-22 EBF response to the Commission's consultation on SRD Implementing Regulation
2018-05-21 BBC: Banking by mobile app 'to overtake online by 2019'
2018-05-21 Position paper of the Association of German Banks on the role of banks in financing the European economy
2018-05-20 Financial Times: This is exactly the wrong time to roll back financial reform
2018-05-18 Financial Times: Global banking is not an American fiefdom
2018-05-18 ECB: Summary of responses to the ECB’s second public consultation on developing a euro unsecured overnight interest rate
2018-05-18 EBF: Keep momentum to support banks fuelling growth
2018-05-17 ECB's Constâncio: Completing the Odyssean journey of the European monetary union
2018-05-17 BIS: Olli Rehn: Europe, EMU and the banks
2018-05-17 European Parliament: Speech by Vice-President Dombrovskis on Banking Union and Capital Markets Union
2018-05-16 ICMA AMIC publishes position on ESRB review
2018-05-16 Financial Times: Top ECB official calls for accelerated banking union drive
2018-05-15 Bloomberg: Volcker rule rewrite to drop trading burden on banks, sources say
2018-05-14 ECB's Mersch: Virtual currencies ante portas
2018-05-14 ECB's Lautenschläger: European banking union - the place to be?
2018-05-14 PIIE: Completing Europe’s Banking Union means breaking the bank-sovereign vicious circle
2018-05-11 Financial Times: ECB head Draghi backs France’s call to complete banking union
2018-05-07 EBA will support the Commission in the implementation of the Basel III framework in the EU
2018-05-07 ECB: Report on the Thematic Review on effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting
2018-05-05 ECB: 2018 stress test of Greek banks shows average capital depletion of 9 percentage points in adverse scenario
2018-05-04 EBA publishes results of its 2016 CVA risk monitoring exercise
2018-05-03 ECB: Euro area financial integration improves in 2017
2018-04-30 Financial Times: Financial regulators turn their sights on banks’ use of cloud
2018-04-30 Bank of England: Model risk management principles for stress testing
2018-04-30 ECB sets supervisory fees at €474.8 million for 2018
2018-04-26 ECB: Risk reduction in the euro area – how low can you go?
2018-04-26 Financial Times: Trump administration picks the wrong time to ease up on banks
2018-04-24 EBA launches call for papers for its 2018 annual research workshop
2018-04-23 Basel Committee urges full, timely and consistent implementation of Basel III post-crisis reforms
2018-04-23 Bank of England: Solvency II: SONIA reform implemented
2018-04-23 Financial Times: Banks aim to secure London jobs with back-to-back trading
2018-04-23 Financial Times: EU banks rush to ‘have cake and eat it’ with bad loan sales
2018-04-19 EBF call for amendment: EU VAT directive on independent groups of persons
2018-04-16 IMF's Lagarde: An even-handed approach to crypto-assets
2018-04-16 City A.M.: British banking system among most at risk from blockchain disruption says Moody's
2018-04-16 Financial Times: ECB pushes Deutsche to calculate costs of investment bank wind-down
2018-04-14 The Economist: Catching the bitcoin bug
2018-04-13 Bloomberg: Bankers lobby for new regulations. For big tech firms, that is
2018-04-12 New Europe: Germany presses for more aggressive offloading of non-performing loans
2018-04-12 Vox EU: The leverage ratio as a macroprudential policy instrument
2018-04-12 Financial Times: AI in banking: the reality behind the hype
2018-04-12 CEPS: Banks, non-performing loans and investment
2018-04-12 AFME/PwC report examines the impact of post-crisis regulation on banks’ capital markets activities
2018-04-10 The EBA observes a decrease in high earners in 2016 and differences in remuneration practices across the EU
2018-04-10 BIS: The identification and measurement of non-performing assets: a cross country comparison
2018-04-10 Handelsblatt: Central banker Dombret urges EU bank supervisors to merge
2018-04-10 Financial Times: Euro area’s banking union heads for ‘critical phase’
2018-04-09 Bank of England: Regulated fees and levies: rates proposals 2018/19
2018-04-05 EBA Risk Dashboard shows significant improvements across EU banks but elevated NPLs are still the main challenge for their profitability
2018-04-03 BIS: Early intervention regimes for weak banks
2018-04-01 Financial Times: Big banks on notice as tech groups ramp up pressure
2018-03-29 ECB aims to ensure that banks apply rules on internal models in a consistent manner
2018-03-28 OMFIF: Central banks must adapt to blockchain
2018-03-28 Bank of England: Update on the regulatory approach to preparations for EU withdrawal
2018-03-26 Financial Times: Machine learning helps banks cut fraud and prep stress tests
2018-03-23 OMFIF: G20 debates 'hot' cryptocurrencies
2018-03-22 Basel Committee proposes revisions to minimum capital requirements for market risk
2018-03-22 BCBS: Pillar 3 disclosure requirements: regulatory treatment of accounting provisions - consultative document
2018-03-22 BCBS: Frequently asked questions on market risk capital requirements
2018-03-22 BCBS: Frequently asked questions on the Basel III standardised approach for measuring counterparty credit risk exposures
2018-03-21 FCA sets out its Approach to Supervision and Enforcement
2018-03-19 EBF: Mandatory disclosure for intermediaries directive – EBF comments
2018-03-19 EBA published an assessment of the current credit risk mitigation framework
2018-03-18 Financial Times: Global financial regulator presses pause on new rules
2018-03-16 EBA highlights progress in the work of supervisory colleges in 2017
2018-03-15 BBC: Financial crisis rules for banks eased by US Senate
2018-03-15 ECB launches a second consultation on a new euro unsecured overnight interest rate
2018-03-14 Reducing risk in the Banking Union: Commission presents measures to accelerate the reduction of non-performing loans in the banking sector
2018-03-14 Bank of England: Fees regime for financial market infrastructure supervision 2018/19
2018-03-14 EBA issues Opinion on measures to address macroprudential risk
2018-03-14 EBA advises European Commission on the use of prudential backstops to prevent the building up of new NPLs
2018-03-13 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2018-03-13 BBC: IMF says digital currency tech can be used against crypto criminals
2018-03-12 BIS: Central bank digital currencies could impact payments, monetary policy and financial stability
2018-03-12 Basel Committee publishes follow-up reports on Basel III implementation assessments and an updated handbook for jurisdictional assessments
2018-03-12 FCA publishes discussion paper on transforming culture in financial services
2018-03-11 BIS: March 2018 BIS Quarterly Review: Volatility returns to centre stage after stock market wobble
2018-03-09 FSB publishes supplementary guidance to the FSB principles and standards on sound compensation practices
2018-03-09 Financial Times: EU body strikes back at cryptocurrency regulation
2018-03-08 The EBA launches consultation on how to manage non-performing exposures
2018-03-08 EBA: Getting familiar with the EBA templates on NPLs
2018-03-06 Basel III monitoring results published by the Basel Committee
2018-03-06 BCBS, CPMI, FATF and FSB welcome industry initiative facilitating correspondent banking
2018-03-05 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: Where do we go from here? The future of US-EU financial relations following the finalisation of Basel III
2018-03-02 Financial Times: Barclays becomes first UK bank to garner High Court approval for ringfencing plan
2018-03-02 ECB launches public consultation on draft guides for banks on their capital and liquidity management
2018-03-02 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: Prospects for, and obstacles to, greater proportionality in regulation - a supervisor's perspective
2018-03-01 VoxEU: FinTech and banks
2018-03-01 EBA launches new DPM data dictionary tools
2018-03-01 EBA takes stock of lessons learned on financial education across the EU
2018-02-28 BIS: Supervision in a post-Basel III world
2018-02-28 BIS: Andreas Dombret: Now or later? Completing the European Banking Union
2018-02-26 ECB: Cross-border banking in the EU since the crisis: what is driving the great retrenchment?
2018-02-26 Remarks by vice-president Dombrovskis at the roundtable on cryptocurrencies
2018-02-26 Financial Times: US plan to roll back bank insolvency rules is fake deregulation
2018-02-25 The Telegraph: Open Banking to contribute £1bn to UK economy, says report
2018-02-24 ECB determined ABLV Bank was failing or likely to fail
2018-02-23 Bank of England: Rethinking financial stability
2018-02-22 ECB: Financial statements of the ECB for 2017
2018-02-22 Financial Times: Confusion over Basel bank capital requirements fails us all
2018-02-20 FCA: Operation of the MoU with the Bank of England for market infrastructure - 2017 performance statement
2018-02-19 BIS: Sound Practices: implications of fintech developments for banks and supervisors issued by the Basel Committee
2018-02-15 Vox EU: Macroprudential stress tests
2018-02-15 ECB seeks industry feedback on assessment of internal models used for calculating counterparty credit
2018-02-14 EBA publishes corrective update of XBRL taxonomy 2.6 for remittance of 2018 benchmarking exercise
2018-02-12 Financial Times: European banks break ranks over cryptocurrencies
2018-02-12 ESAs warn consumers of risks in buying virtual currencies
2018-02-08 ECB: Virtual or virtueless? The evolution of money in the digital age
2018-02-08 Financial Times: European banks show signs of recovery
2018-02-08 ECB amends guidelines relating to the Eurosystem’s monetary policy implementation
2018-02-08 EBA updates its methodological guide on risk indicators and detailed risk analysis tools
2018-02-07 Bank of England: Strengthening accountability in banking and insurance: optimisations to the SIMR, and changes to SMR forms
2018-02-06 BIS's Carstens: Authorities should be prepared to act on cryptocurrencies
2018-02-02 EBF Response to FSB consultation on Funding Strategy Elements of an Implementable Resolution Plan
2018-02-02 EU Business: Sustainable Finance: Banks urge clarity in EU Action Plan
2018-02-01 EBF: 2018 EU-wide stress tests: Banks again fully committed
2018-01-31 EBA launches 2018 EU-wide stress test exercise
2018-01-31 EBF: Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book guidelines review
2018-01-30 BIS: A level playing field in banking
2018-01-30 ECB: The limits of central bank financing in resolution
2018-01-29 BIS' Stefan Ingves: Basel III: Are we done now?
2018-01-29 ECB's Sabine Lautenschläger: Basel III - sense and sensitivity
2018-01-25 VoxEU: Comparability of Basel risk weights in the EU banking sector is questionable
2018-01-24 BIS: New report assesses structural change in global banking
2018-01-24 EBA to launch the 2018 EU-wide stress test on 31 January 2018
2018-01-23 ECB: Results of the January 2018 euro area bank lending survey
2018-01-19 EBA updates list of credit institutions subject to an LCR inflow cap derogation
2018-01-18 Bruegel: Risk reduction through Europe’s distressed debt market
2018-01-18 European Commission: Banking Union: First Progress Report on the tackling of non-performing loans to support the risk-reduction agenda
2018-01-16 The EBA Risk Dashboard confirms steady improvements in the EU banking sector but key challenges remain
2018-01-15 ECB: Macroprudential regulation in the European Union in 1995-2014: introducing a new data set on policy actions of a macroprudential nature
2018-01-15 Bruegel: Bad news and good news for the Single Resolution Board
2018-01-12 EBA publishes final Guidelines on disclosure requirements of IFRS 9 transitional arrangements
2018-01-11 Bank of England: Resolution planning: MREL reporting
2018-01-10 European Commission: Public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market
2018-01-10 Bruegel: Bank liquidation in the European Union: clarification needed
2018-01-07 Financial Times: Banking union is not enough to save the eurozone

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