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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2012 Banking Union
2012-12-28 State aid: Commission approves resolution plan for the Dexia group
2012-12-21 UK Parliament: Ring-fence needs electrification, says Banking Commission report
2012-12-20 DG MARKT: Summary of replies to consultation on recommendations of the HLEG on reforming structure of EU banking sector
2012-12-20 EC: Summary of the replies to the consultation of the internal market and services directorate general
2012-12-19 HM Treasury: Financial Services Bill receives Royal Assent
2012-12-18 ECB: Distribution of responsibilities among the Members of the Executive Board of the ECB
2012-12-18 HM Treasury: Government consults on new rules to help credit unions grow and succeed
2012-12-14 Commission approves prolongation of the Danish bank support schemes
2012-12-13 ICAEW warns further stringent bank requirements may hamper ability to lend
2012-12-10 BaFin: "The Liikanen Report takes a holistic approach"
2012-12-10 Bank of England: Resolving globally active, systemically important financial institutions
2012-12-07 Bundesbank: Which banks are more risky? The impact of loan growth and business model on bank risk-taking
2012-12-07 Commission approves prolongation of German bank support scheme
2012-12-05 FSA consults on changes to the regulation and supervision of benchmarks
2012-12-05 EBF report: Economic Growth is the Cure
2012-12-04 Finance Watch responds to EC benchmarks consultation
2012-12-04 HM Treasury hosts Renminbi Forum
2012-12-03 BIS: Operationalising the selection and application of macro-prudential instruments
2012-11-29 WSBI: Turning post offices into efficient retail banks
2012-11-28 UK Government publishes consultation on regulation of Libor
2012-11-26 Commons Hansard: Mark Carney announced as new Bank of England Governor
2012-11-26 AGB/Schmitz: Splitting banks is bad for the economy
2012-11-23 Bundesbank/Dombret: Statement on Libor
2012-11-21 Bundesbank/Dombret: Restoring confidence in the financial system
2012-11-20 EBF welcomes EP motion for a resolution on the implementation of the Consumer Credit Directive
2012-11-14 Finance Watch publishes response to High-Level Expert Group's report on reforming structure of EU banking sector
2012-11-14 Eurosystem's response to the Commission's consultation on the regulation of indices
2012-11-14 ESBG common response to the European Commission consultation on the Liikanen Report recommendations
2012-11-14 ABBL comments on the report of the HLEG on reforming the structure of the EU banking sector
2012-11-13 EBF response to the final report from the High-level Expert Group on reforming the structure of the EU banking sector
2012-11-13 EACB: Consultation on the recommendations of the High-level Expert Group on reforming the structure of the EU banking sector
2012-11-13 Bank of Finland: The crisis and the regulatory initiatives it triggered will reshape banking
2012-11-12 DG ECFIN: Vienna 2 Full Forum focuses on deleveraging and bank resolution
2012-11-12 Gunnar Hökmark MEP: Europe needs better bank rules
2012-11-09 Improving the BIS international banking statistics
2012-11-06 State aid: Commission approves Cypriot bank guarantee scheme
2012-11-06 FSA: Complaints against the regulators (Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority)
2012-11-04 Business Insider: Bank of Japan takes surprise step that could change future of central banks
2012-11-02 Court of the Bank of England welcomes three independent reviews
2012-11-01 HM Treasury: Credit Guarantee Scheme closes
2012-10-31 ECB: Results of the October 2012 bank lending survey for the euro area
2012-10-31 BoE/Bean: Central banking in boom and slump
2012-10-30 WSBI: Savings are safest – for you and the bank
2012-10-26 BoE/Haldane: On being the right size
2012-10-23 Bank of Finland Governor Erkki Liikanen: On the structural reforms of banking after the crisis
2012-10-22 BIS: Locational banking statistics and Consolidated banking statistics
2012-10-22 VP Almunia: State aid control
2012-10-18 Deloitte: Tougher capital rules are key driver of European bank deleveraging
2012-10-17 BoE/Tucker: Competition, the pressure for returns, and stability
2012-10-17 UK Government accepts recommendations from the Wheatley Review of Libor in full
2012-10-17 FTAdviser: Volcker warns about ring-fence jumping
2012-10-17 BFM: Extension of protection against systemic banking crises
2012-10-16 FT: BBA considers register to ban rogue bankers
2012-10-15 Bank of England: The Prudential Regulation Authority’s approach to banking supervision
2012-10-15 DW interview with Gerhard Hofmann: 'Banking reform politically motivated'
2012-10-13 FSA/Lord Turner: Regulatory reform and deleveraging risks
2012-10-12 HM Treasury: Government publishes draft Banking Reform Bill
2012-10-11 Deloitte: European bank deleveraging to take at least a further five years
2012-10-11 ESBG Retail Banking Conference - Strength in our roots
2012-10-08 FT: Financial stalwarts line up to lead BoE
2012-10-05 Fitch: Liikanen bail-in proposal would clarify bondholder status
2012-10-05 UN independent experts call for EU banking sector reform in line with human rights obligations
2012-10-03 EBF: Europe's banks on steady path towards robust capital levels
2012-10-02 EFBS welcomes the safeguard measures proposed in the Liikanen Group report
2012-10-02 High-level Expert Group on reforming the structure of the EU banking sector presents its report
2012-10-02 AFME comments on Liikanen High-level Expert Group's recommendations
2012-10-02 EBF: Liikanen recommendations may weaken banks' ability to fund the real economy
2012-09-30 Reuters: Europe focused on union rather than breaking up banks
2012-09-28 FSA/Wheatley: Pushing the reset button on Libor - 10-point plan published
2012-09-28 EBF response to the EBA consultation on draft regulatory technical standards on credit risk adjustments
2012-09-28 ECB publishes the results of the Euro Money Market Survey 2012
2012-09-25 WSJ: British banks step back from Libor role
2012-09-25 ECON Committee: Libor needs trust, transparency and integrity, but regulation too, say MEPs
2012-09-24 Bloomberg: Libor scandal shows need for EU Market Abuse Law, says Barnier
2012-09-24 FT: US regulator calls for faster Libor reform
2012-09-24 Commission VP Almunia: New rules for finance - Putting the genie back in the bottle
2012-09-20 Bundesbank/Dombret: Business models and the banking sector seen in terms of financial stability
2012-09-20 Commission VP Almunia: Competition enforcement in the knowledge economy
2012-09-19 FN: Infrastructure turns to capital markets as banks cut lending
2012-09-17 BIS: Locational and consolidated banking statistics
2012-09-17 EBF Position on European Commission proposals for Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive
2012-09-17 TSC calls for written evidence on the distributional effects of quantitative easing
2012-09-13 State aid: Commission temporarily approves rescue recapitalisation of Cyprus Popular Bank
2012-09-11 IMF Discussion Note: Estimating the Costs of Financial Regulation
2012-09-10 Reuters: No big break-ups in reform of Europe's banks
2012-09-10 BIS: Economic Consultative Committee statement on Libor
2012-09-10 FT: Fast Libor reform 'risks causing chaos'
2012-09-05 Commission launches consultation on benchmarks and market indices following Libor manipulation
2012-08-31 IJCB publishes quarterly journal - September 2012
2012-08-31 EBIC: Key positions in first half of 2012
2012-08-31 UK Parliament: Treasury Committee publishes report on access to cash machines for basic account holders
2012-08-27 EBF response to the BCBS consultation on a framework for dealing with domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs)
2012-08-22 ECON Committee: Public consultation into Libor/Euribor
2012-08-22 Bundesbank/Dombret: ECB should not be sole euro bank regulator
2012-08-18 Bank of England response to TSC Libor report
2012-08-18 UK Treasury Committee publishes Libor report
2012-08-14 SunGard: Large Chinese financial institutions need to improve risk management
2012-08-14 BaFin: The success story of the Minimum Requirements for Risk Management
2012-08-13 EBF Response to EBA consultation Paper Draft ITS on supervisory reporting requirements for liquidity coverage and stable funding
2012-08-10 FSA/Wheatley Review – the future of Libor
2012-08-02 HM Treasury: Steering group publishes recommendations for 'simple' financial products
2012-07-31 EBF comments on the EBA consultation paper on draft ITS on disclosure for own funds by institutions
2012-07-27 Weidmann, Schlesinger review 55 years of the Deutsche Bundesbank and its current role within the Eurosystem
2012-07-27 FSA publishes new rules on packaged accounts, consults on further issues
2012-07-27 BaFin/Elke König: 'It's time to search for alternatives'
2012-07-26 Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards issues call for written evidence for its inquiry into UK banking sector
2012-07-25 State aid: Commission approves restructuring aid to BayernLB subject to repayment of €5 billion of aid
2012-07-25 Libor scandal: Commission proposes EU-wide action to fight rate-fixing
2012-07-25 Statement by VP Almunia on state aid issues
2012-07-24 FSA/Lord Turner: Banking at the crossroads - Where do we go from here?
2012-07-20 EBF Liikanen Task Force Report: "Possible reform of the structure of the EU banking sector"
2012-07-20 Bank of England: Further information and correspondence in relation to the BBA Libor Review in 2008
2012-07-20 Vienna Initiative adopts mission statement, sets objectives - Plans to discuss cross-border supervisory practices in September
2012-07-19 BIS: Locational and consolidated banking statistics
2012-07-18 State aid: Commission temporarily approves recapitalisation of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), the biggest Portuguese banking group
2012-07-18 EBF response: EBA Consultation on draft Guidelines on assessment of suitability of members of management body and key function holders
2012-07-17 Christian Noyer: "A Europe that is based on money is simply not enough"
2012-07-17 Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards appointed [UK]
2012-07-13 State aid: Commission consults on reform of procedures
2012-07-13 The EBF's answer to the Consultation by the Liikanen High-level Expert Group on possible reforms to the structure of the EU banking sector
2012-07-13 Bank of England and HM Treasury announce launch of Funding for Lending Scheme
2012-07-13 Bank of England correspondence with FED and BBA in relation to Libor
2012-07-12 Bloomberg: French bank legislation seen by December keeping universal model
2012-07-11 EBA Consultation paper on draft ITS on supervisory reporting requirements for institutions (CP 50)
2012-07-11 Final Version of an EBF Positioning on the EBA consultation on draft regulatory standards on Own Funds – Part one
2012-07-11 Recapitalisation exercise: EBA publishes overview report
2012-07-09 Bank oversight plans may threaten ECB independence - Draghi urges pragmatic approach
2012-07-08 FT: Brussels to act over Libor scandal
2012-07-06 HM Treasury: UK Government publishes vision for building societies
2012-07-05 ECON Committee: EP wants access to basic banking services for all
2012-06-29 EIB President welcomes €10 billion capital increase proposal
2012-06-29 FSA to adjust bank liquidity guidance in light of improved Bank of England facilities
2012-06-28 CNBC Analysis: EBA bank watchdog faces own stress test from euro crisis
2012-06-28 EBA publishes Annual Report 2011
2012-06-25 Ernst & Young: Power in the banking relationship shifts dramatically to the consumer
2012-06-25 WSBI pleased with important role for financial inclusion after G20 summit
2012-06-24 It's time to break the vicious cycles, says BIS in 82nd Annual Report
2012-06-24 BIS/Caruana: It's time to address the root causes
2012-06-21 Vice President Almunia: Restructuring the banking sector in the EU - A State Aid perspective
2012-06-20 State aid: Commission invites comments on use of General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER)
2012-06-19 Vice President Almunia presented the Annual Competition Report for 2011
2012-06-19 EBF comments on the EBA Consultation on Data Point Model
2012-06-18 WSBI calls for strengthening of the financial system via financial inclusion
2012-06-15 EBF response to EBA Discussion Paper on a template for Recovery Plans
2012-06-14 HM Treasury: UK Government sets out plans to split retail and investment banking
2012-06-07 Vice President Almunia: The State Aid Modernisation Initiative
2012-06-06 DG ECFIN: The banking union - a political vision for more EU integration
2012-06-06 European Commission: FAQs on bank recovery and resolution proposal
2012-06-06 Bundesbank/Dombret: "The recent proposals of a so-called banking union appear to be premature"
2012-06-06 BIS/Caruana: Progress and challenges in financial reform
2012-06-06 State aid: Commission temporarily approves increase of refinancing guarantee for Dexia SA and DCL and extends investigation
2012-06-04 ECA finds strong demarcation between the management of financial and operational risks in the ECB
2012-06-04 President Barroso and Chancellor Merkel both in favour of banking union
2012-06-04 BIS: Consolidated and Locational banking statistics - June 2012
2012-05-31 State aid: Commission extends in-depth investigation into the orderly resolution plan of the Dexia group
2012-05-31 ECON Committee: All EU citizens must have a legal right to a basic payment account, MEPs say
2012-05-31 ECON Committee: Banks and governance top debate with Mario Draghi
2012-05-30 State aid: Commission approves restructuring aid for the sale of Spanish Banco CAM to Banco Sabadell
2012-05-30 UK Treasury Committee publishes terms of reference for inquiry into Bank of England's macro-prudential tools
2012-05-29 Reuters: EU proposes cross-border bank rescues
2012-05-28 Bank of England: Financial Stability Paper No 15 - The implicit subsidy of banks
2012-05-23 Speech by Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, at Barclays Citizenship Day
2012-05-22 EBF position on EC’s proposal for a regulation on the protection of individuals re. processing of personal data/free movement of such data
2012-05-18 Nicolas Véron: Is Europe ready for banking union?
2012-05-16 State aid: Commission temporarily approves aid for the resolution of Greek T Bank
2012-05-15 FT: EU to push for binding investor pay votes
2012-05-14 EIB and Banco Popular sign SME financing agreement
2012-05-13 FT: EU keeps tight rein on bank penalties
2012-05-12 Opinion of the European Central Bank - The ‘Pericles 2020’ programme
2012-05-11 Bank of England/Fisher: How the Old Lady will make banks safer
2012-05-11 WSBI: Marrakech Declaration - An account for everyone
2012-05-11 EBF: Banks call for more European approach
2012-05-11 State aid: Commission approves ING's restructuring plan from 2009 anew and opens an in-depth investigation on later amendments to the plan
2012-05-11 IMF Managing Director welcomes Spain's measures to strengthen the banking sector
2012-05-09 FT: Commerzbank says it has 'passed' stress test
2012-05-08 Bank of Ireland Governor, Patrick Honohan: The return of the surprise in central banking
2012-05-03 European Commission: High-level Expert Group on possible reforms to the structure of the EU banking sector
2012-05-03 BaFin President, Dr Elke König: "We want to be regarded internationally as a benchmark"
2012-05-03 FT: Banks look to farm out SME lending
2012-05-01 IMF Working Paper: 'Do Dynamic Provisions Enhance Bank Solvency and Reduce Credit Procyclicality? A Study of the Chilean Banking System'
2012-04-26 ECB: Results of the April 2012 bank lending survey for the euro area
2012-04-25 State aid: Commission temporarily approves Danish rescue aid to facilitate merger between Vestjysk Bank and Aarhus Lokalbank
2012-04-25 ECB: Presentation of the ECB Annual Report 2011 to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2012-04-25 BIS: Locational and consolidated banking statistics
2012-04-24 Bank of England/Haldane: Financial arms races
2012-04-18 José Manuel González-Páramo: Future challenges for central bank statistics
2012-04-17 Vítor Constâncio: How fit are statistics for use in macro-prudential oversight?
2012-04-17 Mario Draghi: Statistics to deliver price stability and mitigate systemic risk
2012-04-16 ICFR: Non-financial corporates - Disintermediation & non-bank funding
2012-04-11 BIS Working Paper: 'Systemic risks in global banking - What can available data tell us and what more data are needed?'
2012-04-10 FN: Banks staff up for arms race over equity derivatives
2012-04-05 EBIC preliminary observations on the Consumer Market Study on consumers’ experiences with bank account switching
2012-04-04 Commissioner Michel Barnier welcomed the launch of Big Society Capital
2012-04-04 Prime Minister Cameron unveils Big Society Capital
2012-04-03 Commission opens in-depth investigation into sale of Dexia BIL
2012-04-02 IPE: Custody and banking reform
2012-03-30 Reuters: European Union told to handle fragile banks with care
2012-03-30 European Commission published discussion paper on the banking resolution regime
2012-03-30 Commission approved amendment to Commerzbank restructuring plan
2012-03-29 Barnier: How to achieve global convergence on financial regulation
2012-03-29 Paul Fisher: Liquidity support from the Bank of England – the Discount Window Facility
2012-03-28 Jens Weidmann: Rebalancing Europe
2012-03-27 HM Treasury: Government launches consultation on Above the Line Research and Development credit
2012-03-25 FT: Hedge funds face higher trading costs
2012-03-24 BIS: Central banking in a balance sheet recession
2012-03-21 ECON Committee: Commissioner Barnier counts on Parliament to back financial sector regulation
2012-03-21 VoxEU: Determinants of banking system fragility - A regional perspective
2012-03-20 The Commission launched a consultation on bank accounts
2012-03-19 HM Treasury: Chancellor launches scheme to boost small business lending
2012-03-16 ABBL: Building the house of EU legislation 2011-2012 - Looking back, looking ahead
2012-03-16 Bank of England: Financial Policy Committee (FPC) statement from its policy meeting, 16 March 2012
2012-03-14 BIS: Financial Stability Institute (FSI) publications
2012-03-14 VoxEU: Capital shortfall - A new approach to ranking and regulating systemic risks
2012-03-13 ECON Committee published draft report with recommendations to the Commission on access to basic banking services
2012-03-13 Euroclear Central Bank conference on financial stability
2012-03-13 IMF: Statement at the conclusion of the European Bank Coordination “Vienna 2.0” Initiative’s Full Forum
2012-03-12 BIS: March 2012 Quarterly Review discusses global market repercussions of euro area sovereign debt crisis
2012-03-09 EBF Response to ESMA consultation on possible Delegated Acts (regulation on short selling and certain aspects of CDS)
2012-03-08 EBF: European banks welcome common rules for central securities depositories
2012-03-08 FT: More bank equity serves us all better
2012-03-05 BIS: Paul Tucker appointed CPSS Chairman
2012-03-05 EBF: Ways to address worsening funding conditions in export credit markets
2012-03-04 WSJ: EU banks put onus on units
2012-03-01 BIS: International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB)
2012-02-29 AFME position on FSA Guidance on collateral upgrade transactions
2012-02-29 VoxEU: Preventive macro-prudential policy
2012-02-29 FT: UK banks welcome liquidity swap ruling
2012-02-28 FT: Wrong reaction to tax avoidance
2012-02-27 HM Treasury: Government action halts banking tax avoidance schemes
2012-02-24 ABBL: Consumers - switching bank accounts may not be as easy as hoped
2012-02-23 Barnier: Europe is taking the right decisions
2012-02-22 FT: Iceland bank establishes covered bond plan
2012-02-22 Barnier appoints members of a High-level Expert Group on possible reforms to the structure of the EU banking sector
2012-02-22 Commission approved support measures for Hungarian bank, FHB
2012-02-22 ISDA and industry response to BCBS paper on application of own credit risk adjustments to derivatives
2012-02-21 FT: Europe’s banks in €20 billion property loan sell-off
2012-02-17 EBF statement on Financial Action Taskforce Standards
2012-02-17 Commission approved guarantee scheme on liabilities for merging banks in Denmark
2012-02-15 BCBS: Joint Forum Report on intra-group support measures
2012-02-14 BIS/Hannoun: Monetary policy in the crisis - testing the limits of monetary policy
2012-02-13 EBF/IIB: Joint notice of proposed rulemaking implementing the Volcker Rule
2012-02-08 HM Treasury: UK sets out approach to US anti tax evasion legislation, FATCA
2012-02-07 Speech by the Financial Secretary to the UK Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, at City Week
2012-02-07 BIS: Building a resilient financial system
2012-02-06 Eurofinas: Market Profiles (2011)
2012-02-02 Commissioner Almunia plans to modernise EU state aid rules
2012-02-01 VoxEU: Next-generation system-wide liquidity stress testing
2012-02-01 IMF published a working paper on stress testing interconnected banking systems
2012-01-31 VoxEU: Foreign banks and the global financial crisis - Investment and lending behaviour
2012-01-28 VoxEU: Foreign banks - Trends and impact on financial development
2012-01-27 HM Treasury: Government publishes Financial Services Bill
2012-01-27 WSJ: EU red-flags 'Volcker'
2012-01-25 FSA Martin Wheatley: My vision for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
2012-01-24 Commissioner Almunia: Competition policy in the banking sector
2012-01-19 World Bank: Is the financial safety net a barrier to cross-border banking?
2012-01-18 WSJ: Hungary accedes to IMF concerns on bank laws
2012-01-18 BIS Working Paper: 'Stress-testing macro stress-testing - does it live up to expectations?'
2012-01-17 CEPR Discussion Paper: 'Securitisation Without Risk Transfer'
2012-01-17 ICMA survey on buffer contingent capital securities (BCCS)
2012-01-17 Commissioner Almunia: State aid regime and bank restructuring
2012-01-17 Special meeting of the European Bank Coordination “Vienna” Initiative
2012-01-16 Commission creates a High-level Expert Group on structural aspects of the EU banking sector
2012-01-16 Project Syndicate: Behind the ECB's 'wall of money'
2012-01-11 IMF Working Paper: 'Next Generation System-Wide Liquidity Stress-Testing'
2012-01-11 VoxEU: Stop coddling Europe's banks
2012-01-10 FN: A rough guide to surviving the great deleveraging of 2012
2012-01-01 IMF Working Paper: Bank Funding Structures and Risk - Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis

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