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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2008 Banking Union
2008-12-23 Commission approves Italian recapitalisation scheme for financial institutions
2008-12-23 Commission approves modifications to UK financial support measures
2008-12-23 Commission approves German banking rescue aid for NordLB
2008-12-23 Commission approves state support for IKB
2008-12-23 Commission approves Latvian support scheme for banks
2008-12-23 Commission approves Spanish guarantee scheme for credit institutions
2008-12-19 OECD: Deposit insurance coverage gives rise to moral hazard
2008-12-18 Commission approves state support for BayernLB
2008-12-18 Commission approves recapitalisation of Belgian KBC Group
2008-12-18 Article: The Route Back to Credit
2008-12-17 Council draft overall compromise package on Deposit Guarantee Schemes
2008-12-16 Commission approves Swedish rescue aid for Carnegie Bank
2008-12-12 Commission approves modifications to German financial rescue scheme
2008-12-12 Commission approves Slovenian rescue package for credit institutions
2008-12-11 Commission approves Dutch recapitalisation of SNS REAAL
2008-12-10 Commission approves Austrian support scheme for financial institutions
2008-12-08 Commission authorises French rescue scheme
2008-12-08 Commission guidance on bank recapitalisation
2008-12-08 MLex Comment: EC's regulatory intent undented by credit crunch critics
2008-12-08 Kroes – Commission not powerless
2008-12-08 BIS Quarterly Review - December 2008
2008-12-05 EFBS calls Commission 'non-banks’ study a ‚complete waste of money’
2008-12-04 Commission overview on rescue measures
2008-12-03 Commission clears state aid to rescue and restructure Fortis Bank
2008-12-03 Securitization Organizations issue recommendations on restoring market confidence
2008-12-02 Commission study on regulation of 'non-credit' institutions in mortgage markets
2008-12-02 Commission to publish guidance on recapitalizations under state aid rules
2008-12-02 Council general approach on Deposit Guarantee Directive
2008-11-25 Commission approves Latvian state support for JSC Parex Banka
2008-11-25 BIS statistics on payment and settlement systems - 2007
2008-11-21 Commission monitors Dutch State plans on Fortis and ABN AMRO
2008-11-20 Commission approves rescue plan for Dexia
2008-11-20 Commission authorises Greek bail out programme
2008-11-18 Commission overview on rescue measures
2008-11-17 MLex - More confusion for card fees as Polish authority's decision overturned
2008-11-14 Commission authorises Italian scheme for refinancing credit institutions
2008-11-14 Commission approves Finnish support scheme for financial institutions
2008-11-13 Commission approved Dutch emergency recapitalisation of ING
2008-11-13 BIS issues OTC derivatives market statistics
2008-11-05 Overview of national rescue measures and deposit guarantee schemes
2008-11-05 Commission approves Danish liquidation aid for Roskilde Bank
2008-11-04 Commission approves Spanish rescue package
2008-10-31 Commission authorises French scheme for refinancing credit institutions
2008-10-31 Commission approves Dutch guarantee scheme for financial institutions
2008-10-30 Commission approves Portuguese support scheme for financial institutions
2008-10-30 Commission approves Swedish support schemes for financial institutions
2008-10-28 Commission approves German support scheme for financial institutions
2008-10-24 MLex: UK Parliament paves way for Lloyds TSB-HBOS deal
2008-10-22 Commission requests Hungary to end indemnity in favour of Postabank's buyer, Erste Bank
2008-10-21 Commission approves restructuring of IKB
2008-10-14 Commission approves UK support scheme for financial institutions
2008-10-13 Commission guidance on state aid measures for banks in crisis
2008-10-13 ECB report on EU banking structures
2008-10-13 Commission welcomes revised Irish guarantee scheme
2008-10-13 EBF/BusinessEurope warn against hurried solutions
2008-10-11 Commission approves Danish state support scheme for banks
2008-10-10 Overview of national rescue measures and deposit guarantee schemes
2008-10-10 CEBS follow-up report on bank transparency
2008-10-02 OECD: Financial crisis and deposit insurance guarantees
2008-10-01 Commission clears acquisition of parts of ABN AMRO's assets by Deutsche Bank
2008-10-01 MLex Comment: Faster EC bank rescue approvals won’t resolve competition issues
2008-10-01 Commission approves UK rescue aid package for Bradford & Bingley
2008-10-01 Commission opens in-depth investigation into restructuring of WestLB
2008-10-01 EBF calls for urgent co-ordinated supervisory approach
2008-09-30 ECB consults on glossary of terms related to payment, clearing and settlement systems
2008-09-26 ECB Euro Money Market Survey 2008
2008-09-25 Bank supervisors endorse principles for liquidity risk management and supervision
2008-09-18 MLex Comment: LloydsTSB, HBOS deal may herald tougher enforcement for banks
2008-09-18 HBOS to be taken over by Lloyds TSB
2008-09-12 Trichet calls for closer cooperation between central banks and supervisors
2008-09-12 McCreevy - cross-border supervision for Insurance and Banking
2008-09-10 Germany's WestLB under attack from Brussels
2008-09-10 MLex: German banks contest Hessen Landesbank transfer before CFI
2008-09-08 MLex: Banks, retailers apply to intervene in MasterCard appeal before CFI
2008-09-04 Commission nominates members of EGHC member
2008-09-01 BIS consults on economic capital modelling
2008-08-29 MLex: Deutsche Bank's acquisition of ABN's Dutch business banking units faces 2 Oct review deadline
2008-08-29 MLex: Visa's card fees under scrutiny as EC seeks answers from retailers
2008-07-17 ECB launches CCBM2 project
2008-07-11 ECB payment systems and market infrastructure oversight report 2007
2008-07-10 Industry Associations issue principles for managing the provider-distributor relationship
2008-07-07 CGFS report on central bank operations in response to the financial market turmoil
2008-07-04 European Banking Committee Newsletter
2008-06-30 CEBS consultation on technical aspects of diversification
2008-06-20 EBF Economic Outlook June 2008
2008-06-18 Commission requests information on preferential tax regimes in Italy
2008-06-09 BIS Quarterly Review, June 2008
2008-06-05 Commission approves restructuring of Sachsen LB
2008-06-05 Commission doubts Northern Rock rescue package
2008-05-23 Allianz and Commerzbank reported to bid for Postbank
2008-05-22 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the second half of 2007
2008-05-09 ECB April 2008 bank lending survey
2008-05-08 FSA Sants warns building societies need more robust stress testing
2008-04-30 BIS Wellink: Cross-border supervision needs to be strengthened
2008-04-30 Commission approves rescue aid for WestLB
2008-04-28 MLex: VIG's Erste Bank insurance acquisition could throw off divestiture remedy
2008-04-28 ECB TARGET annual report 2007
2008-04-23 IMF: Policy lessons from financial market turbulence - Germany
2008-04-21 EBF calls for more supervisory cooperation
2008-04-21 UBS shareholder report on write-downs
2008-04-18 McCreevy does not rule out interchange fee
2008-04-09 MLex: EC looks into anti-trust concerns in bank card standard-setting
2008-04-08 CEBS/CEIOPS advice on definition of capital instruments for financial conglomerates
2008-04-02 Commission investigation into UK aid package for Northern Rock
2008-03-18 MLex: Northern Rock "must shrink" says EC
2008-03-17 BIS statistics on payment and settlement systems in selected countries - Figures for 2006
2008-03-16 Independent: Northern Rock revamp to be revealed, but EU casts a shadow
2008-03-14 FT: Allianz to split Dresdner Bank
2008-03-14 German Banking Association welcomes international early-warning system
2008-03-04 FT: EU makes cross-border banking key priority
2008-03-03 BIS Quarterly Review March 2008
2008-02-27 Commission launches probe into state bail-outs of IKB and Sachsen LB
2008-02-26 EU to step up German subprime bank probe
2008-02-25 MLex: EC expected to set 3 April deadline to rule on BNP Paribas’ stake in Natixis’ SLIB
2008-02-19 Telegraph: EC rules threaten Treasury's Northern Rock plans
2008-02-18 MLex: Northern Rock nationalisation won't remove state aid imperative or its consequences
2008-02-13 MLex: Nomura drops CFI appeals over EC clearance of state aid to Czech bank
2008-02-13 Trichet calls for pre-funded deposit insurance schemes
2008-02-12 Financial services industry commitments on transparency in structured credit markets
2008-02-12 EBF response to Commission call on substitute retail investment products
2008-01-31 BIS: Provisional international banking statistics, third quarter 2007
2008-01-16 Northern Rock faces a slim-down, nationalised or not, in EC state aid review
2008-01-08 MasterCard to launch French venture

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