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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2006 Banking Union
2006-12-11 ECB Financial Stability Review
2006-12-11 BIS Quarterly Review
2006-11-17 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2006
2006-10-25 ECB Report on EU banking structures
2006-10-25 ECB Report on EU banking structures
2006-08-08 BdB welcomes Commission's firm stance in the dispute over 'Sparkasse'
2006-07-17 Kroes: opening remarks on public hearing of retail banking sector inquiry
2006-06-14 Basel guidance on fair value option for financial instruments
2006-06-14 Basel guidance on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans
2006-06-13 ECB: Assessment of NGN arrangement for international debt securities
2006-06-09 German Banking Survey 2006
2006-06-06 Speech Kroes: Tougher competition in retail financial services
2006-05-25 Banking Industry asks for improvements in European Contract Law
2006-05-19 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the second half of 2005
2006-04-24 Commission draft implementing measures on Money Laundering
2006-04-19 EP Committee on information accompanying transfers of funds
2006-04-12 Speech Kroes on Payment Cards competition inquiry
2006-04-12 Commission Consultation on Interim Report on Payment Cards and Payment Systems
2006-03-08 BBA/LIBA: response to BIS consultation on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans
2006-03-03 IFSL: Growth in global investment banking for third year in succession

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