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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2016 Banking Union
2016-12-21 EBA to run its next EU-wide stress test in 2018
2016-12-20 Money laundering and terrorist financing: Council agrees its negotiating stance
2016-12-20 EBA consults on supervision of significant branches
2016-12-20 Financial Times: French banks to sue ECB over capital requirements
2016-12-19 EBF letter to the Basel Committee: Finalisation of Basel III without output floors
2016-12-16 EBA launches qualitative survey on internal models
2016-12-15 ESBG: New leasing standard presents big challenge for banks
2016-12-09 EP Economic Governance Support Unit: Third-country equivalence in EU banking legislation
2016-12-06 ECB: Distributed Ledger Technology: role and relevance of the ECB
2016-12-06 Bruegel: The impact of the legal and operational structures of euro-area banks on their resolvability
2016-12-05 Bank of England: The PRA’s approach to the implementation of the systemic risk buffer
2016-12-05 Bank of England: Ending too-big-to fail: How best to deal with failed large banks
2016-12-02 Financial Times: Britain stands alone with its tough stance on banks
2016-12-02 EBA sees high NPL levels and low profitability as the main risks for EU banks
2016-12-01 BIS: International banking supervisory community meets to discuss the regulatory framework
2016-12-01 BIS: Agustín Carstens appointed as BIS general manager
2016-12-01 EBA updates list of CET1 instruments
2016-11-30 BIS' Stefan Ingves: Reflections of a Basel Committee Chairman
2016-11-30 Bruegel: What impact does the ECB’s quantitative easing policy have on bank profitability?
2016-11-30 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the Euro Area – April to September 2016
2016-11-30 Bank of England: Financial Stability Report, November 2016
2016-11-30 Bank of England: Stress testing the UK banking system: 2016 results
2016-11-28 Bloomberg: Trump’s bank-regulation rollback may get boost from EU rules
2016-11-25 EBF asks Basel Committee to respect G20 mandate
2016-11-24 Financial Times: Berlin and Paris on collision course over EU banking rules
2016-11-24 European Central Bank: Global risk repricing endangers financial stability
2016-11-23 BCBS: Proposals clarify rules on combating money laundering and terrorist financing in correspondent banking
2016-11-22 EBA publishes final standards on assessment methodology to validate market risk models
2016-11-21 BCBS: Further details on the assessment of global systemically important banks
2016-11-21 FSB publishes 2016 G-SIB list
2016-11-16 Financial Times: Negative rates add to list of pressures on German bankers
2016-11-15 Valdis Dombrovskis: What next for Europe’s banking system?
2016-11-15 BIS: Dollar replaces VIX as gauge of banks' appetite for leverage
2016-11-15 ECB: The European banking sector – a quick pulse check
2016-11-14 EBA consults on revised standards on supervisory reporting
2016-11-14 EBA consults on guidelines for the application of the IRB approach
2016-11-14 EBF presents vision for banking in the digital single market
2016-11-10 EBA provides its views on the implementation of IFRS 9 and its impact on banks across the EU
2016-11-08 Financial Times: UK banks given extra leeway to meet ‘too big to fail’ rules
2016-11-08 New Bank of England rules bring UK closer to ending taxpayer bailouts
2016-11-06 Financial Times: EU reconsiders financial market access rules
2016-11-04 EBA seeks views on new prudential regime for investment firms
2016-11-04 EBA issues recommendations on the implementation of new counterparty and market risk frameworks
2016-11-03 BIS: Adding it all up: the macroeconomic impact of Basel III and outstanding reform issues
2016-11-03 EBA publishes final guidelines on ICAAP and ILAAP information
2016-11-03 ECB reviews its risk control framework for collateral assets
2016-11-02 Financial Times: Switzerland eyes Europe’s fintech crown with lower regulation
2016-10-31 EBA recommends a measure based on total liabilities as the target level of resolution financing arrangements
2016-10-28 Financial Times: German banks stand firm in opposition to new capital rules
2016-10-28 EBA and ESMA consult on assessing the suitability of banks and investment firms' members of the management body and key function holders
2016-10-27 ESBG response to EBA consultation on expected credit losses
2016-10-27 Bank for International Settlements: Digital financial inclusion the focus of third GPFI-FSI conference
2016-10-27 ECB: Report on financial structures details structural changes in the euro area financial sector
2016-10-26 EBF response to EBA consultation paper on guidelines on connected clients
2016-10-24 Eleventh Meeting of the Financial Stability Board Regional Consultative Group for Europe
2016-10-24 EBA consults on technical standards on MREL reporting by Resolution Authorities
2016-10-21 EBF: The implementation of the Basel Committee’s standards on interest rate risk in the banking book into EU legislation
2016-10-19 BIS: Eleventh progress report on adoption of the Basel regulatory framework
2016-10-19 FSB publishes methodology for assessing the implementation of the Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes in the banking sector
2016-10-18 FCA publishes the final report of its investment and corporate banking market study
2016-10-18 AFME comments on final FCA investment banking market study findings
2016-10-18 Reuters: ECB urges EU to curb virtual money on fear of losing control
2016-10-14 Reuters: EU's Vestager says keeps close eye on state aid for banks
2016-10-11 BoE: Occasional Consultation Paper
2016-10-07 ESBG: Brexit -The future of Europe's banks rests on diversity
2016-10-06 Reuters: Citi says 'time to buy' European banks
2016-10-05 Financial Times: IMF backs ECB in dispute with banks
2016-10-05 Financial News: Bank of England deputy governor says uncertainty will hit investment
2016-10-05 ECB: Changes to collateral eligibility criteria and risk control measures for unsecured bank bonds
2016-10-03 Bank of England: Stress testing results timetable
2016-10-03 ECB's Mersch: The challenge of low interest rates for banks within the banking union
2016-10-01 Paul Goldschmidt: “European Safe Bonds”: The latest in a series of false good ideas!
2016-09-30 EBA updated Risk Dashboard shows that low profitability and the high level of NPLs remain a concern for EU banks
2016-09-30 BIS working paper: Leverage and risk weighted capital requirements
2016-09-29 Financial Times: Brussels ready to push back on bank capital rules
2016-09-29 FAQs on "Supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures" published by the Basel Committee
2016-09-28 POLITICO: Germany preparing Deutsche Bank bailout: report
2016-09-27 ECB and People’s Bank of China extend bilateral currency swap arrangement
2016-09-26 Financial Times: Confidential report reveals Brexit threat to consumer banking
2016-09-25 Financial Times: City’s special relationship with EU finance system revealed
2016-09-22 BIS: Guidance on the application of the Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision to institutions relevant to financial inclusion
2016-09-22 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on information exchange between authorities regarding qualifying holdings
2016-09-19 ECB: Banks adapting to the new normal: Striking a balance between prudence and pragmatism
2016-09-19 Reuters: German savings banks expect 500 mln euro hit from negative ECB rates
2016-09-18 September 2016 BIS Quarterly Review: Markets pass Brexit test
2016-09-13 EBA publishes results of the CRDIV-CRR/Basel III monitoring exercise as of 31 December 2015
2016-09-12 Financial Times: ECB finds big differences in how eurozone deals with NPLs
2016-09-09 ECB working paper: Net debt supply shocks in the euro area and the implications for QE
2016-09-08 ESAs highlight main risks for the EU financial system
2016-09-08 EBA updates its CET1 list
2016-09-08 EBA says that core funding ratio cannot replace NSFR when assessing funding risk
2016-09-05 European Banking Federation: Business groups express their continued support for TTIP negotiations
2016-09-02 EBF response to EBA consultation paper on the appropriate target level basis for resolution financing arrangements under BRRD
2016-08-29 Basel III implementation: Basel Committee reports to G20 Leaders
2016-08-18 FSB publishes further guidance on resolution planning and fifth report to the G20 on progress in resolution
2016-08-12 BIS: Frequently asked questions on the revised Pillar 3 disclosure requirements
2016-08-11 EBA publishes an Opinion on the Commission's proposal to bring virtual currency entities in the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive
2016-08-10 ECB: Addendum to the ECB Guide on options and discretions available in Union law
2016-08-05 EBA publishes indicators from 36 global systemically important institutions (G-SIIs)
2016-08-04 EBA amends technical standards on benchmarking of internal approaches
2016-08-03 IPE: PensionsEurope warns of unintended consequences of bank capital rules
2016-07-29 EBA publishes 2016 EU-wide stress test results
2016-07-29 EBF: EBA stress test shows resilience of EU banking sector
2016-07-28 PensionsEurope answers to European Commission’s consultation on the Net Stable Funding Ratio
2016-07-28 European Parliamentary Research Service: The cost of banking – Recent trends in capital requirements
2016-07-27 ECB publishes Eurosystem disaggregated balance sheet data
2016-07-26 House of Commons: HBOS failure: lessons for the regulators
2016-07-26 EBA consults on the treatment of connected clients for large exposures
2016-07-26 EBA consults on credit risk management practices and accounting for expected credit losses
2016-07-25 Financial Times: Stress tests add pressure on European banks
2016-07-25 EBF response to EBA consultation on guidelines on the LCR disclosure
2016-07-25 EBA consults on the appropriate basis for the target level of resolution financing arrangements
2016-07-21 Financial Times: Draghi backs public bailout of Italy’s ailing banks
2016-07-21 EBA consults on the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL)
2016-07-21 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on assessment methodology
2016-07-19 ECB: Results of the July 2016 euro area bank lending survey
2016-07-15 EBF response to BCBS guidelines: Prudential treatment of problem assets -definitions of non-performing exposures and forbearance
2016-07-14 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: What does Brexit mean for European banks?
2016-07-14 EBA notes progress in convergence of supervisory practices across the EU
2016-07-13 BCBS: Basel III's Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) - FAQs issued
2016-07-13 BIS: Five recommendations to ease correspondent banking costs and concerns - CPMI
2016-07-12 Council conclusions on finalizing the post crisis Basel reforms
2016-07-12 EBF: EU finance ministers need to get Basel back on track
2016-07-11 EBA updates on monitoring of Additional Tier 1 instruments
2016-07-08 EBF response to the BCBS consultation on the revision to the Basel III leverage ratio framework
2016-07-07 ECB's Constâncio: Challenges for the European banking industry
2016-07-07 GFMA, IIF, ISDA, JFMC and TCH respond to the Basel consultation on leverage ratio
2016-07-07 EBA's updated Risk Dashboard shows stable capital levels amidst efforts to further improve asset quality
2016-07-06 ECB publishes Consolidated Banking Data for end of 2015
2016-07-06 EBA announces details of its 2016 transparency exercise
2016-07-05 EBA publishes analysis on governance arrangements and indicators for recovery plans
2016-07-05 Bank of England: Financial Stability Report, July 2016
2016-07-04 EBA finds no significant increase in asset encumbrance in 2015
2016-07-01 ECB: EU structural financial indicators: End of 2015
2016-07-01 Reuters: ECB calls for urgent roadmap on Britain's plans to leave EU
2016-07-01 EBA clarifies use of 2016 EU-wide stress test results in the SREP process
2016-06-29 Reuters: ECB happy to stay put after Brexit vote as markets regain poise: sources
2016-06-27 Financial Times: Banks press regulators for Brexit clarity
2016-06-27 EBF response to DG FISMA consultation paper on further considerations for the implementation of the NSFR in the EU
2016-06-26 BIS: Policy remix needed to tackle pent-up risks
2016-06-24 ECB is closely monitoring financial markets
2016-06-24 Statement from the Governor of the Bank of England following the EU referendum result
2016-06-24 EBF: Statement on result of UK referendum on EU membership
2016-06-24 EBF draft response to the BCBS consultation on internal models
2016-06-23 EBF comments on the ECB public consultation on the exercise of options and discretions (part 2)
2016-06-22 GFMA, ISDA, IACPM and JFMC respond to the Basel Consultation on Internal Risk Models
2016-06-22 Reuters: ECB launches new ultra cheap loan tender
2016-06-21 Financial Times: Brussels to intervene on bailing in bank bondholders
2016-06-17 Council Conclusions on a roadmap to complete the Banking Union
2016-06-17 ECB: A macroeconomic model of banking and financial interdependence in the euro area
2016-06-17 Bank of England: Enabling the FinTech transformation: Revolution, Restoration, or Reformation? - speech by Mark Carney
2016-06-16 Reuters: ECB's Villeroy urges Basel Committee to respect "virtuous" national practices of banks
2016-06-15 ECB: The role of euro area non-monetary financial institutions in financial intermediation
2016-06-14 Yves Mersch: Grasping the new normal of the banking industry – a view from a European Central Banker
2016-06-13 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on specialised lending exposures
2016-06-10 Reuters: Euro banks repay most ECB loans to make room for cheaper ones
2016-06-10 ECB's Constancio: Euro zone banks 'very far' from switching to cash:
2016-06-09 ECB: Making sense of the EU wide stress test - a comparison with the SRISK approach
2016-06-08 Financial Times: Sovereign debt rule changes threaten EU bank finances
2016-06-08 Bruegel: European banking supervision: the first eighteen months
2016-06-07 ECB publishes its Convergence Report 2016
2016-06-06 Financial Times: New bank safety plans criticised for encouraging risky loans
2016-06-06 BIS Quarterly Review: International banking and financial market developments
2016-06-02 ECB announces remaining details of the corporate sector purchase programme
2016-06-02 ESMA reminds firms of responsibilities when selling bail-in securities
2016-06-02 ECB: Monetary policy decisions
2016-06-01 Financial Times: Banks turn to software to ease stress as regulations tighten around the globe
2016-06-01 Financial Times: France and Italy move to counter EU push for tougher bank rules
2016-06-01 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the Euro Area – October 2015 to March 2016
2016-05-30 Commodity dealers: exposure exemption extended
2016-05-25 Bank of England: Solvency II: Monitoring model drift and standard formula SCR reporting for firms with an approved internal model
2016-05-25 Bank of England: Recalculation of the ‘transitional measure on technical provisions’ under Solvency II
2016-05-24 ECB: Euro area systemic stress contained despite bouts of global financial market turbulence
2016-05-24 Reuters: ECB says legal costs burn one-third of Europe bank profits since '08
2016-05-24 Reuters: ECB preparing fresh non-performing loan proposal
2016-05-23 City AM: Traditional banks' dominance of lending market set to continue despite peer-to-peer growth, report finds
2016-05-20 EBF Board members affirm commitment to responsible financing
2016-05-17 The Competition and Markets Authority wants banks to work harder for their customers
2016-05-17 ECB's Praet: Euro zone banks face profitability shock, need to consolidate
2016-05-13 EBF comments on EU TLAC implementation and MREL review
2016-05-12 Reuters: ECB to set up cyber attack warning system for banks
2016-05-12 Bank of England: Pillar 2 liquidity
2016-05-11 Reuters: BlackRock helps ECB in bank stress test
2016-05-10 Financial Times: German financial watchdog warns on low rates ‘poison’
2016-05-10 Reuters: ECB asks euro zone banks to detail Brexit plans
2016-05-10 Reuters: ECB to review four banks it may start to supervise
2016-05-10 VoxEU: Double bank runs, liquidity risk management, and Basel III
2016-05-10 BIS: Ignazio Visco: Asset quality and the new framework for managing banking crises in Europe
2016-05-05 ECB ends production and issuance of €500 banknote
2016-05-04 EBA's Andrea Enria: Ensuring transparency in the European financial system
2016-05-03 ECB publishes legal acts relating to the second series of targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO-II)
2016-05-03 ECB: Government bond markets in a changing environment
2016-05-03 Reuters: ECB's Coeure says banks, markets coping well with ECB policy, may change if more cuts
2016-05-02 Reuters: ECB's Visco argues against risk weighting bank's home debt
2016-04-28 Reuters: EU states' funds cover 1 percent of banks' insured deposits - Commission document
2016-04-22 Bank of England: Cross-border regulatory spillovers: How much? How important? What sectors? Lessons from the United Kingdom
2016-04-22 Bank of England: Non-performing loans: regulatory and accounting treatments of assets
2016-04-19 ECB: Results of the April 2016 euro area bank lending survey
2016-04-19 The Telegraph: Record number of customers switch their bank account
2016-04-14 Bank of England: FCA and PRA jointly publish proposals to enhance enforcement decision-making processes
2016-04-14 Financial Times: City rainmakers unfazed by FCA capital markets report
2016-04-13 Bank of England to become administrator of SONIA interest rate benchmark
2016-04-07 BIS: Why bank capital matters for monetary policy
2016-04-05 Bloomberg: Basel Warns Against `Myopic' Calls to Ease Bank Capital Demands
2016-04-05 BIS: Seven essential guiding principles to boost financial inclusion laid out in new report
2016-04-05 ECB: Occasional Paper Series: Profit distribution and loss coverage rules for central banks
2016-03-29 Reuters: For banks, ECB policy experiment opens north-south divide
2016-03-24 Reuters: ECB bows to Brussels' softer stance on bank payouts
2016-03-24 Reuters: EU watchdog says bank capital cut has not sparked more lending
2016-03-24 Financial Times: Fund houses favour the challenger banks
2016-03-23 Commodity dealers: Council agrees to extend exemption
2016-03-21 Financial Times: Banks warn of risks of ultra-loose policy
2016-03-15 Bank of England: The contractual recognition of bail-in: amendments to Prudential Regulation Authority rules
2016-03-15 EBF response to the 2nd BCBS consultation on the revision of the CRSA
2016-03-14 PIIE: A ticking time bomb: TLAC and other attempts to privatise bank bail-outs
2016-03-11 EBF: EBA consultation on guidelines on ICAAP and ILAAP information
2016-03-07 Bank of England: New accountability regime for banks and insurers comes into force
2016-03-04 Bank of England: The implementation of ring-fencing - the PRA’s approach to ring-fencing transfer schemes
2016-03-02 Bank of England: Strengthening individual accountability in banking
2016-03-01 Fitch: EU bank investors unsure on resolution; capital reassures
2016-02-29 Bank of England: PRA and FCA statement on compliance with the EBA guidelines on Sound Remuneration Policies
2016-02-25 ECB publishes quarterly Consolidated Banking Data for September 2015 and revisions
2016-02-25 Financial Times: EU rethinks rules on bank bonuses
2016-02-23 Reuters: Some euro zone banks taking more risk in search of yields
2016-02-22 EBF comments on Federal Reserve Notice of proposed rulemaking for TLAC and related requirements for US G-SIBs and US IHCs of foreign G-SIBs
2016-02-22 ECB: Caught in the middle? Small and medium-sized banks and European banking supervision
2016-02-19 Bank of England: The PRA’s approach to identifying other systemically important institutions
2016-02-19 Reuters: ECB would aim to protect banks if it eases policy
2016-02-16 Reuters: ECB back in court as German group seek to curb its power
2016-02-15 BoE: Strengthening accountability in banking and insurance: Implementation of SM&CR and SIMR; and PRA requirements on regulatory references
2016-02-12 US-EU Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue Joint Statement
2016-02-12 Bank of England: Establishing Shari’ah compliant central bank liquidity facilities
2016-02-12 EBF Response to Basel Consultation on TLAC Holdings
2016-02-11 Bank of England: Complaints against the regulators
2016-02-10 Fitch: Declining short-term bank supply challenges European Money Funds
2016-02-06 Reuters: UK lawmaker calls for clarity on banks offsetting taxes on fines
2016-02-05 ECB explains the Agreement on Net Financial Assets
2016-02-01 ECB: Recent developments in the composition and cost of bank funding in the euro area
2016-01-27 EBF comments on the ECB draft regulation on AnaCredit
2016-01-26 Bank of England: Andrew Bailey appointed CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority
2016-01-25 ECB: Correspondent central banking model (CCBM)
2016-01-22 EBF response to EBA consultation on the Guidelines on the application of the definition of default under Article 178 of Regulation 575/2013
2016-01-21 Bank of England: Written reports by external auditors to the PRA - SS1/16
2016-01-20 EU-Japan High Level Meeting on Financial Issues
2016-01-20 Bank of England: New Bank Start-up Unit launched by the financial regulators
2016-01-19 Reuters: ECB plans to order banks to tackle bad loans, sources say
2016-01-18 Bank of England: Financial services compensation scheme – Management expenses levy limit 2016/17
2016-01-18 City AM: Time to give challengers a fair chance - Top City regulator urged to increase competition among banks
2016-01-15 Reuters: Fed helped ECB with swaps after Trichet 'personal appeal'
2016-01-14 GFMA, IIF and ISDA statement on the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book Framework issued by the BCBS
2016-01-14 BCBS: Minimum capital requirements for market risk
2016-01-14 European Parliament: First-ever EU-wide cyber-security rules backed by Internal Market Committee
2016-01-14 EBF Response to EBA consultation on RTS on criteria for a preferential treatment in cross-border intragroup financial support under LCR
2016-01-13 Bank of England proposes tougher rules on bonus buy-outs
2016-01-11 Fitch: EU bank north/south asset quality divide persists
2016-01-08 ECB: Supervisory expectations on ICAAP and ILAAP and harmonised information collection on ICAAP and ILAAP
2016-01-07 Reuters: European banks set for more job cuts in Asian equities as China meltdown hits profits
2016-01-05 Bruegel: Getting eurozone deposit insurance right promises benefits
2016-01-05 Financial Times: Eurozone bank bond issuance to stagnate

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