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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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Banking Union - 202280 articles out of 80.

Banking Union - 2021119 articles out of 119.

Banking Union - 2020187 articles out of 187.

Banking Union - 2019326 articles out of 326.

Banking Union - 2018374 articles out of 374.

2017 Banking Union
2017-12-30 ECB's Cœuré: Interview with Caixin Global
2017-12-29 BIS: François Villeroy de Galhau: Monitoring large and complex institutions
2017-12-22 EBA advises the Commission to disallow the application of the 180 day past due exemption for material exposures
2017-12-21 The Bank of England’s approach to the authorisation and supervision of international banks, insurers and central counterparties
2017-12-21 Andrew Gracie: Making banks resolvable - the key to making resolution work
2017-12-21 Progress report on supervisory colleges published by the Basel Committee
2017-12-20 Consultative document on stress testing principles and a range of practices report issued by the Basel Committee
2017-12-19 ECA: Bank resolution - work started, but still a long way to go
2017-12-19 City A. M.: Bitcoin not a threat to financial stability say economists
2017-12-19 EBA RTS will help reduce divergent practices in the application of simplified obligations and waivers in recovery and resolution
2017-12-18 Paul N. Goldschmidt: Bickering over the Banking Union!
2017-12-18 EBA publishes discussion paper on EU implementation of the revised market and counterparty credit risk frameworks
2017-12-18 EBA consults on amended technical standards on benchmarking of internal models
2017-12-18 EBA report shows that EU banks comply with LCR requirement of 100% ahead of its full implementation
2017-12-18 European Commission: Public consultation on building a proportionate regulatory environment to support SME listing
2017-12-16 Commercial Risk Europe: New banking technology could cause next financial crisis, warns Parker Fitzgerald
2017-12-15 ECB Banking Supervision: SSM supervisory priorities 2018
2017-12-15 ECB seeks industry feedback on assessment of internal models used for calculating counterparty credit risk
2017-12-14 Financial Times: Battle for banking union hangs over the eurozone
2017-12-14 EBA publishes its standardised data templates as a step to reduce NPLs
2017-12-11 VOXEU: A fresh approach to complete the banking union in the Eurozone
2017-12-09 Financial Times: Foreign-owned banks to be hit by US tax rules
2017-12-07 Commission welcomes Basel Committee's agreement on post-crisis reforms
2017-12-07 EBA welcomes the revised Basel framework and provides an overview of its impact in the EU
2017-12-07 Governors and Heads of Supervision finalise Basel III reforms
2017-12-07 BIS: Basel III Monitoring Report - Results of the cumulative quantitative impact study
2017-12-07 Financial Times: New Basel rules on capital hit European banks
2017-12-07 ESAs publish amended technical standards on the mapping of ECAIs
2017-12-07 BCBS completes its review of the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures without changes to current rules and publishes discussion paper
2017-12-07 EBF calls for rigorous impact assessment of Basel III
2017-12-05 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council, 05/12/2017
2017-12-04 Accountancy Europe: ECB’s guidance to banks on non-performing loans
2017-12-04 Accountancy Europe response to EC’s provisioning for newly originated loans that turn non-performing
2017-12-04 LSE: A fourth pillar for Europe’s banking union? The case for a pan-European asset management company in the Eurozone
2017-12-04 BBC: UK government mulls Bitcoin regulation
2017-12-03 BIS: December 2017 BIS Quarterly Review: Paradoxical tightening echoes bond market "conundrum"
2017-12-03 Financial Times: UK banks warn over EU rules to ringfence foreign capital
2017-11-29 Deutsche Bundesbank publishes its 2017 Financial Stability Review
2017-11-29 Bank of England: Bank and FCA launch next phase of sterling Libor transition work
2017-11-29 ECB: Call for expressions of interest to participate in the working group on euro risk-free rates
2017-11-29 ECB: Statement of commitment to foreign exchange global code of conduct
2017-11-28 Bank of England: Financial stability report, November 2017
2017-11-28 EBF: Automated individual decision-making and profiling–WP251: EBF comments on the Article 29 Working Party guidelines
2017-11-27 CEPS: A Blueprint for Completing the Banking Union
2017-11-27 VoxEU: Banks as buyers of last resort for government bonds
2017-11-27 ECB: Overcoming non-performing loan market failures with transaction platforms
2017-11-27 EBA formally repeals its Guidelines on retail deposits subject to different outflows for the purpose of liquidity reporting
2017-11-24 EBF: Banks step up commitment to financing growth
2017-11-24 EBA sees a more resilient EU banking sector but challenges in NPLs, IT security and long-term profitability remain
2017-11-24 ECB: Policy analysis with big data
2017-11-23 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: Too little, too much, or just right? Reforming banking regulation after the financial crisis
2017-11-21 BIS: Further details on the assessment of global systemically important banks
2017-11-21 FSB publishes 2017 G-SIB list
2017-11-21 EBA observes good progress in implementation of SREP Guidelines but challenges remain
2017-11-21 IFRS 9 prepayment features with negative compensation – EBF letter to the Council Presidency
2017-11-20 ECB's Lautenschläger: The European banking sector - the big challenges
2017-11-20 ECB's Draghi: Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2017-11-20 EBA publishes final Guidelines on the estimation of risk parameters under the IRB Approach
2017-11-17 EBA publishes methodology for the 2018 EU-wide stress test
2017-11-17 EBA updates list of CET1 instruments
2017-11-16 OECD: Zombie firms, weak banks and depressed restructuring in Europe
2017-11-15 Banking: Creditor hierarchy, IFRS 9/large exposures rules approved by the European Council
2017-11-15 The BIS's Financial Stability Institute Advisory Board
2017-11-15 EBA observes good level of compliance with its guidelines on O-SIIs
2017-11-14 ECB: Banking supervision - What next?
2017-11-13 Bruegel: Accounting for true worth: the economics of IFRS9
2017-11-10 FSB RCG for Europe discusses regional financial developments, experiences with banking supervision and macroprudential practices
2017-11-09 Financial Times: ECB accused of power grab over bad loan plan
2017-11-07 ECB's Draghi: European banking supervision three years on
2017-11-07 ECB: European banks – The quest for the best business model
2017-11-07 Bank of England: The Committee of Public Safety - speech by Martin Taylor
2017-11-07 Bloomberg: A Brexit glitch that could hurt Europe
2017-11-06 De Galhau: Are the regulations implemented to guarantee financial stability compatible with the required acceleration in euro area growth?
2017-11-06 Main results - Eurogroup of 6th November
2017-11-03 LSE: Europe’s Banking Union: What progress has been made?
2017-11-02 Financial Times: US banks fight EU proposal to limit damage of bank runs
2017-11-01 EBA publishes final guidance on supervision of significant branches
2017-11-01 EBA recommends proportionate approach in coverage of entities in banking group recovery plans
2017-10-31 EBA launches consultations to strengthen the Pillar 2 framework
2017-10-31 EBF: Banks invested over €18 bln in software in 2016
2017-10-30 Bruegel: The time is right for a European Monetary Fund
2017-10-30 EBA announces final timeline for the 2018 EU-wide stress test
2017-10-26 New Europe: EU reaches agreement to fast-track Banking reform
2017-10-25 Final guidelines on identification and management of step-in risk issued by the Basel Committee
2017-10-24 ECB: Results of the October 2017 euro area bank lending survey
2017-10-24 ALFI response to European Commission consultation on non-performing loans
2017-10-23 ECB: Report on financial structures shows ongoing consolidation in the banking sector
2017-10-23 Financial Times: France balks at reforms that will standardise banking rules
2017-10-21 Financial Times: European banking union needs its final leg
2017-10-20 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: Sometimes small is beautiful, and less is more - a Small Banking Box in EU banking regulation
2017-10-20 Financial Conduct Authority outlines lessons learned in year one of its Regulatory Sandbox
2017-10-20 BIS: Fifth BCBS-FSI-BSCEE high-level meeting on supervisory priorities in Europe
2017-10-19 European Parliament: Draft RTS on valuation before and following resolution under Articles 36 and 74 of the BRRD
2017-10-18 Thirteenth progress report on adoption of the Basel regulatory framework
2017-10-16 Bank of England: SONIA reform to be implemented on 23 April 2018
2017-10-14 ECB's Lautenschläger: Is small beautiful? Supervision, regulation and the size of banks
2017-10-13 ECB's Lautenschläger: State of play in the European banking sector
2017-10-12 EBA corrects portfolio identifiers for 2018 benchmarking exercise to ensure effective data validation
2017-10-11 Commission calls for the completion of all parts of the Banking Union by 2018
2017-10-11 ECB: Do we want these two to tango? On zombie firms and stressed banks in Europe
2017-10-11 EBA consults on reporting for resolution plans
2017-10-09 BIS: Resolution of non-performing loans - policy options
2017-10-09 ECB finds interest rate risk is well managed in most European banks
2017-10-06 BIS: Implementation of net stable funding ratio and treatment of derivative liabilities
2017-10-05 City A. M.: HSBC, ING, BNY Mellon and other banks are working together to create a platform for syndicated loans using blockchain technology
2017-10-05 EBA updated Risk Dashboard shows slight improvement of EU banks capital level but NPLs still affect their profitability
2017-10-04 ECB reinforces its NPL guidance for banks
2017-10-03 BIS: Avoiding “regulatory wars” using international coordination of macroprudential policies
2017-10-02 The Bank of England's approach to resolution
2017-09-29 EBA and US agencies conclude framework cooperation arrangement on bank resolution
2017-09-28 ISDA: Proposed moratoria under the BRRD and the impact on the Universal Stay Protocol
2017-09-25 Financial Times: UK banks told to increase consumer credit safety buffers by £10bn
2017-09-25 Financial Times: Draghi: still too many non-performing loans across eurozone banking system
2017-09-22 Bank of England: Stress testing results to be published on 28 November
2017-09-22 ECB: Macroprudential stress-tests and tools for the non-bank sector
2017-09-22 EBA consults on amendments to technical standards on supervisory disclosure
2017-09-18 ECB: Regulation, supervision and market discipline – striking a balance
2017-09-18 BIS: Challenges for regulators and supervisors after the post-crisis reforms
2017-09-15 ECB: Gaming the rules or ruling the game? – How to deal with regulatory arbitrage
2017-09-12 Banking in Europe: EBF publishes 2017 Facts & Figures
2017-09-08 BIS Working paper: Do negative interest rates make banks less safe?
2017-08-30 IMF: More action needed on European bank profitability
2017-08-21 Deutsche Bundesbank: Failing or likely to fail? Putting the European banking union to the test
2017-08-19 Financial Times: Regulators get ready to authorise ‘ring-fenced’ UK banks
2017-08-14 ISDA publishes paper on proposed expansion of BRRD moratoria powers
2017-08-11 EBA updates data used for the identification of global systemically important institutions (G-SIIs)
2017-08-08 Financial Times: Tighter EU curbs urged on winding down banks
2017-08-02 BIS: FSI Insights on policy implementation series launched; first papers focus on proportionality, cyber-risk
2017-07-31 EBA reports show that banks funding plans paint an optimistic outlook for growth whilst NPLs remain a drag on EU banks new lending
2017-07-26 ECB details approach to implement Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct
2017-07-24 Financial Times: Steven Mnuchin’s bank reforms carry a warning for Europe
2017-07-24 OMFIF: Banking, fintech: a potent force
2017-07-21 Financial Times: How Italian banks are disadvantaged by new MREL rules
2017-07-20 Financial Times: Hazardous non-performing loans obstruct Europe’s banking union
2017-07-19 City A. M.: The London Stock Exchange Group has started using blockchain technology
2017-07-19 BIS international banking statistics at end-March 2017
2017-07-18 ECB: Results of the July 2017 euro area bank lending survey
2017-07-18 EBA outlines roadmap to strengthen the monitoring of ECAIs
2017-07-18 EBA amends Decision on the quality of unsolicited credit assessments of certain ECAIs for the assignment of risk weights
2017-07-18 ESAs consult on amendments to technical standards on the mapping of ECAIs
2017-07-14 EBA publishes final standards specifying information requirements for the authorisation of credit institutions
2017-07-13 EBA consults on guidelines on uniform disclosure of IFRS 9 transitional arrangements
2017-07-13 EBA updates on the impact of IFRS 9 on banks across the EU and highlights current implementation issues
2017-07-11 Council sets out action plan for non-performing loans
2017-07-10 EBF supports the ICC trade register
2017-07-05 EBA updated Risk Dashboard shows stable capital levels amidst efforts to improve banks asset quality and profitability
2017-07-05 ECB's Constâncio: We need a coordinated European NPL strategy - How to deal with Europe’s market for lemons?
2017-07-04 BCBS: Basel III implementation: Basel Committee reports to G20 Leaders
2017-07-03 EBA consults on the implementation of the methods for calculating contributions to deposit guarantee schemes
2017-06-30 ECB’s updated review of NPL regimes shows countries should be proactive and ensure NPL toolkits are fit-for-purpose
2017-06-29 BIS: Financial deglobalisation in banking?
2017-06-29 EBA publishes 2017 consumer trends report
2017-06-29 Basel Committee consults on a simplified alternative to the market risk standardised approach
2017-06-27 Bank of England: Financial Stability Report, June 2017
2017-06-24 BIS: FSI publishes Executive Summaries on latest regulatory standards for the general public
2017-06-22 BIS: Implementing the countercyclical capital buffer
2017-06-22 EBA publishes draft amending technical standards on CVA proxy spread
2017-06-22 EBA launches 2016 CVA risk monitoring exercise
2017-06-22 Federal Reserve Board releases results of supervisory bank stress tests
2017-06-20 Bloomberg: Peak banking globalization hasn't come and gone, BIS says
2017-06-20 BIS working paper: The leverage ratio, risk-taking and bank stability
2017-06-19 ECB publishes ELA agreement
2017-06-19 ECB's Nouy statement at the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee hearing
2017-06-19 City A. M.: Banks to be forced to reveal all cyber security breaches to the European Central Bank
2017-06-16 Bloomberg: Canada proposes new bail-in regulations for country's banks
2017-06-16 EBA acknowledges notification on the resolution action taken by the SRB and by FROB in respect of Banco Popular Español
2017-06-16 European Parliament: Precautionary recapitalisations under the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive: conditionality and case practice
2017-06-14 ECB's Constâncio: Challenges faced by the European banking sector
2017-06-12 Reuters: France leads opposition to deal on bank capital rules
2017-06-08 ECB: Comment letter to the European Parliament on IFRS 9
2017-06-08 EBA issues 2018 EU-wide stress test methodology for discussion
2017-06-08 BBC: Republicans take aim at Dodd-Frank financial rules
2017-06-08 EBA issues 2018 EU-wide stress test methodology for discussion
2017-06-07 Financial Times: Why Santander rescue of Banco Popular is a European test case
2017-06-06 BIS Statistical Bulletin, June 2017
2017-06-06 ECMI: The Transmission Mechanism of Credit Support Policies in the Euro Area
2017-06-06 EBF: Bank associations present feedback principles on SME credit
2017-06-02 Bloomberg: EU sees taxpayers funding bank bad-loan fix within current rules
2017-06-01 BIS: Banking regulation and supervision after the crisis - where are we now, and what lies ahead?
2017-06-01 Reuters: EU banking watchdog says little sense in merger with insurance counterpart
2017-05-30 EU structural financial indicators: End of 2016 (preliminary results)
2017-05-30 Bruegel: The governance and ownership of significant euro-area banks
2017-05-29 Reuters: EU needs simple capital rules for euro zone banking union: Villeroy
2017-05-25 Reuters: Global regulators expect deal soon on finalizing capital rules
2017-05-25 BIS: Central Bank Governors welcome global code of conduct for currency markets
2017-05-25 OECD: Solving Non-Performing Loans in Europe to speed up the recovery
2017-05-25 EBA consults on scope of its draft guidelines on connected clients
2017-05-25 EBA announces details of its 2017 EU-wide transparency exercise
2017-05-25 EBA welcomes enhanced FX Global Code
2017-05-25 AFME: Draft EBA RTS on the specification of an economic downturn
2017-05-24 ECB's Praet: Europe’s economic recovery: challenges and opportunities for the banking sector
2017-05-24 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area – October 2016 to March 2017
2017-05-23 EBA updates on monitoring of CET1 instruments
2017-05-23 EBA publishes final technical standards on valuation in resolution
2017-05-22 ECB TARGET Annual Report 2016
2017-05-22 Financial Times: European banks lead the way in Q1 ratings upgrades – S&P
2017-05-22 Financial Times: Five suggestions for avoiding another banking collapse
2017-05-19 Reuters: EU executive asks bank watchdog to rethink 'screen scraping' ban
2017-05-18 EBA consults on its guidance for the use of cloud computing
2017-05-14 Financial Times: Banks overconfident about capital strength, accountancy body warns
2017-05-14 Financial Times: Banks braced for ‘hundreds of millions’ in Brexit costs
2017-05-14 Financial Times: Challenger banks under pressure to meet ‘ringfencing rules’
2017-05-12 EBA publishes final Guidelines on credit institutions' credit risk management practices and accounting for expected credit losses
2017-05-11 EBA publishes final guidelines to assess ICT risk
2017-05-08 EBA launches public consultation on RTS on the eligibility criteria for granting simplified obligations for recovery and resolution planning
2017-05-07 BIS: Addressing NPLs at a European level - leaving the crossroads
2017-05-05 Bank of England: MREL data for UK banks published
2017-05-05 Bruegel: How will Europe’s banking system respond to future challenges?
2017-05-04 EBA issues amended technical standards on benchmarking of internal approaches
2017-04-28 Bloomberg: How Trump and Brexit could change global bank rules
2017-04-28 Bank of England: SONIA recommended as the sterling near risk-free interest rate benchmark
2017-04-28 Financial Times: European banks recover some of their swagger after dismal fourth quarter
2017-04-25 The Times: Banks pop up with way to stay in City after Brexit
2017-04-25 ECB: Results of the April 2017 euro area bank lending survey
2017-04-25 City A. M.: Global banking watchdog will pause for thought before introducing more regulations
2017-04-24 Vox EU: An asset management company for the Eurozone: Time to revive an old idea
2017-04-21 Vox EU: The Basel process of capital regulation: A story of good intentions and unintended consequences
2017-04-21 Bruegel: Tackling Europe’s crisis legacy: a comprehensive strategy for bad loans and debt restructuring
2017-04-20 ISDA Publishes Second Bail-in Article 55 BRRD Protocol
2017-04-20 City A. M.: Bank of England's Mark Carney warns regulators must end a reliance on mega-fines for banks
2017-04-20 Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the European Commission Keynote speech "Transatlantic cooperation – key for jobs and economic growth"
2017-04-18 The FCA publishes its Mission and Business Plan
2017-04-17 Financial Times: Lloyds says ‘Hello’ to facial recognition banking
2017-04-17 Financial Times: Tax evasion issue continues to haunt Swiss banking
2017-04-12 Mark Carney: Building the infrastructure to realise Fintech’s promise
2017-04-11 EBA finds supervisory authorities have implemented robust IT systems and processes for supervisory reporting
2017-04-11 EBA outlines roadmap of its plan to update 2017-2018 SREP
2017-04-11 City A.M.: UK banks seeking post-Brexit licence in Europe face six month wait
2017-04-07 Financial Times: Bank of England tells City to prepare better for ‘no-deal’ Brexit
2017-04-06 BIS: Central banks face common challenges in providing liquidity assistance - report
2017-04-06 Bruegel: EBA relocation should support a long-term ‘twin peaks’ vision
2017-04-06 Bank of England: Consultation on Shari’ah-compliant liquidity facilities
2017-04-05 EBA provides guidance on bail-in under the BRRD
2017-04-04 Bloomberg: Banks seek capital relief from unified euro-area jurisdiction
2017-04-04 ECB: It is urgent to agree on an ambitious timetable for completing the Banking Union
2017-04-04 BCBS: Prudential treatment of problem assets - definitions of non-performing exposures and forbearance
2017-04-04 AFME sets out challenges of Brexit implementation for wholesale banking
2017-04-03 EBA updated risk dashboard confirms that elevated NPLs and low profitability are the main challenges for the EU banking sector
2017-03-30 Revisions to the global systemically important banks assessment framework proposed by the Basel Committee
2017-03-30 BCBS: Regulatory treatment of accounting provisions
2017-03-30 BCBS: Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - consolidated and enhanced framework
2017-03-29 Reuters: Basel committee gives banks five years to adjust to loan rules
2017-03-28 Progress report on banks' implementation of the principles for effective risk data aggregation and reporting issued by the Basel Committee
2017-03-27 Introductory statement to the press conference on the ECB Annual Report on supervisory activities 2016
2017-03-27 Bank of England: 2017 stress test scenarios explained
2017-03-24 Bruegel: A call for uniform sovereign exposure limits
2017-03-24 Follow-up Basel III implementation assessment reports published by the Basel Committee
2017-03-23 VOX EU: New ICMB/CEPR Report: Bail-ins and bank resolution in Europe
2017-03-23 The Economist: An earthquake in European banking
2017-03-22 EBA publishes annual assessment of EU supervisory colleges for 2016
2017-03-21 European Parliament: Carving out legacy assets: a successful tool for bank restructuring?
2017-03-21 Investment & Pensions Europe: Bank trade body warns of backwards step for IFRS 9
2017-03-20 ECB: Guidance to banks on non-performing loans
2017-03-17 CEPS: Pursuing multiple objectives with the banking reform package: Who can still follow?
2017-03-17 Quarterly Report on the Euro Area
2017-03-16 BCBS: Proposed guidelines for the identification and management of step-in risk
2017-03-16 EBA updates list of O-SIIs in the EU
2017-03-16 Financial Times: Bank safety rules deadlock may be easing
2017-03-16 EBA issues Opinion on measures to address macroprudential risk
2017-03-15 WSBI: Regional credit institutions call for better regulation
2017-03-14 Bundesbank's Dombret: The challenges currently facing the German banking sector
2017-03-14 EBA to centralise notifications on resolution cases and use of DGS funds across the EU
2017-03-09 Bundesbank's Dombret: Between global competition and the regional principle – which bank needs which rules?
2017-03-08 EBA publishes final guidelines on LCR disclosure
2017-03-06 OMFIF: Hazards of relaxing financial reform
2017-03-06 EBA opinion on transitional arrangements and credit risk adjustments due to the introduction of IFRS 9
2017-03-06 March 2017 BIS Quarterly Review: Beyond swings in risk appetite
2017-03-03 EBA publishes its regular assessment of EU banks internal model outcomes
2017-03-02 EBA consults on specification of an economic downturn
2017-03-02 EBA's Andrea Enria remarks at Joint Colloquium with IMF on stress testing
2017-03-02 EBA sees good range of options in recovery plans but areas for improvement still remain
2017-03-02 EBA consults on the coverage of entities in banking group recovery plans
2017-03-02 Bloomberg: ECB official warns banks can’t keep EU access with shells after Brexit
2017-03-02 ECB's Lautenschläger: The European banking sector - growing together and growing apart
2017-02-28 ECB: Tenth survey on correspondent banking in euro
2017-02-27 ECB: Macro stress testing euro area banks' fees and commissions
2017-02-27 EBA updates on the 2018 EU-wide stress test timeline
2017-02-26 EUbusiness: Improving the EU financial instruments: AECM and UEAPME present their proposals for the EU mid-term review
2017-02-26 Financial Times: Top bank executives required to vouch for cyber attack defences
2017-02-26 Financial Time: Our stable financial system benefits everyone
2017-02-24 GFMA/IIF response to FSB consultation: Guidance on continuity of access to Financial Market Infrastructures for a firm in resolution
2017-02-24 IIF-GFMA Response to FSB Consultation on Guiding Principles on the Internal Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity of G-SIBs (“Internal TLAC”)
2017-02-23 Andreas Dombret: The future of global economic cooperation - Brexit, Basel III and beyond
2017-02-23 CITY A.M.: Has the P2P halo slipped?
2017-02-22 Bloomberg: ECB can renew free loans to banks if needed, Council member says
2017-02-22 ECB: STAMP€: Stress-Test Analytics for Macroprudential Purposes in the euro area
2017-02-21 VOX: In search of a European solution for banks’ non-performing loans
2017-02-14 Project Syndicate: The financial education of the Eurozone
2017-02-14 ECB publishes Consolidated banking data for end-September 2016
2017-02-11 The Economist: Remaking American financial regulation
2017-02-10 AFME: Consultation response draft EBA guidelines on PD estimation, LGD estimation and treatment of defaulted assets
2017-02-10 ESAs consult on the establishment of central contact points to strengthen fight against financial crime
2017-02-10 ECB: Inside asset purchase programs: the effects of unconventional policy on banking competition
2017-02-09 BBC News: Bank warns 'lax financial rules' are a route to failure
2017-02-09 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on exclusion from CVA of non-EU non-financial counterparties
2017-02-09 EBF response to EBA consultation on Guidelines on PD estimation, LGD estimation and the treatment of defaulted exposures
2017-02-08 Financial Times: Central bankers face off over impact of a disorderly Brexit
2017-02-06 Sky News: Draghi backs bank rules as Trump seeks deregulation
2017-02-06 Euromoney: Seven-bank consortium to deliver trade finance on blockchain this year
2017-02-03 Financial Times: Trump prepares to take axe to Wall St regulation
2017-02-02 Financial Times: Derivatives Big Bang catches market off guard
2017-02-02 Financial Times: Banks study loopholes to enable UK branches to sell to EU clients
2017-02-01 Bank of England: FCA and PRA publish final changes to enhance enforcement decision-making processes
2017-01-31 Bloomberg: Why policy makers want the EU to create a bad bank
2017-01-30 EBA reminds CAs of key deadlines and the ITS to be used for running the 2017 supervisory benchmarking exercise of internal approaches
2017-01-30 Financial Times: Germany will not ease rules to lure bankers after Brexit, warns BaFin
2017-01-27 Financial Times: Bank of England attacks Brussels bank capital reforms
2017-01-26 Yves Mersch: Ructions in the repo market – monetary easing or regulatory squeezing?
2017-01-26 Andreas Dombret: Statement at the Workshop on "Digital finance - regulatory challenges"
2017-01-24 Financial Times: HSBC signals end to UK branch closure programme
2017-01-23 TheCityUK: The EU's Third Country Regimes and Alternatives to Passporting
2017-01-23 Bruegel: Will better insolvency standards for banks help Europe’s debt deleveraging?
2017-01-23 Reuters: As attacks grow, EU mulls banking stress tests for cyber risks
2017-01-20 EBF response to the ECB Draft Guide on “fit and proper assessments”
2017-01-19 ECB provides further details on APP purchases of assets with yields below the deposit facility rate
2017-01-17 European Central Bank: Results of the January 2017 euro area bank lending survey
2017-01-12 Bank of England: The Bank’s approach to stress testing - letter from the Governor
2017-01-12 EBF response to BCBS consultation on regulatory treatment of accounting provisions - interim approach and transitional arrangements
2017-01-11 Financial Times: A make-or-break moment for Europe’s rules on bank crises
2017-01-11 EBA updates recommendation on the equivalence of supervisory regimes
2017-01-11 EBA advises on the equivalence of supervisory and regulatory requirements for Turkey and New Zealand
2017-01-11 Reuters: Brexit adds to caution on LSE, Deutsche Boerse merger: Draghi
2017-01-10 BIS: Multiplex interbank networks and systemic importance - An application to European data
2017-01-10 Financial Times: Ringfencing will help in the next banking crisis
2017-01-08 Financial Times: Banks risk missing 2019 ringfence deadline
2017-01-03 BIS: Finalising Basel III reforms
2017-01-03 Reuters: ECB lending guidelines could drive riskier LBOs underground
2017-01-03 Financial Times: Basel postpones bank reform vote amid policy differences

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