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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2019 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2019-12-28 City AM: Interest rates unlikely to rise in 2020, says ECB policymaker Robert Holzmann
2019-12-26 Financial Times: Eurozone reform deadlock reflects deep malaise over integration
2019-12-17 EurActiv: China calls for opening free trade talks with the EU
2019-12-17 ECB: Building bridges: central banking law in an interconnected world
2019-12-17 BIS: Central banking in challenging times
2019-12-12 Commission proposes new tools to enforce Europe's rights in international trade
2019-12-12 European Council conclusions
2019-12-12 The New York Times: Christine Lagarde begins to chart a course at the ECB
2019-12-10 EurActiv: EU to strengthen trade sanctions as WTO paralysis starts
2019-12-09 EurActiv: EU budget rules need rethink, says Gentiloni
2019-12-09 Project Syndicate: The policy debate Europe needs
2019-12-08 BIS: Easing trade tensions lift sentiment: BIS Quarterly Review
2019-12-06 Project Syndicate: The European Central Bank needs a new mandate
2019-12-05 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-12-05 EurActiv: Eurogroup fails to move forward on eurozone reform
2019-12-04 BBC: Trump warns of another year of trade tension
2019-12-03 ECB's Cœuré: The single currency: an unfinished agenda
2019-12-02 European Commission: Quarterly Report on the Euro Area
2019-12-01 Bloomberg: What Lagarde’s ECB review can tackle, from inflation to climate
2019-11-28 City AM: EU and UK feel the pain as global trade contracts
2019-11-22 BIS: Jens Weidmann: What the future holds - benefits and limitations of forward guidance
2019-11-22 New Europe: Lagarde says EU should turn to domestic demand for growth
2019-11-21 OECD Economic Outlook: Weak trade and investment threaten long-term growth
2019-11-21 ACCA welcomes the entry into force of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
2019-11-20 Autumn Fiscal Package: Commission adopts Opinions on euro area Draft Budgetary Plans
2019-11-20 ECB: Euro area financial stability environment remains challenging
2019-11-20 New Europe: Fury in Italy over Eurozone debt-restructuring reform
2019-11-19 Main results - European Economic Area Council
2019-11-19 Anders Fogh Rasmussen: Building a Euro-Japanese alliance of hope
2019-11-18 EU makes it easier for companies to restructure within the single market
2019-11-18 Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Budget)
2019-11-17 Financial Times: Christine Lagarde must resist pressure on the ECB’s inflation target
2019-11-15 New Europe: Eurozone edging towards recession without policy response consensus
2019-11-14 New Europe: OECD says global growth hangs on Sino-American trade deal
2019-11-13 EU-Singapore agreement to enter into force on 21 November 2019
2019-11-12 Pierre Moscovici: How to get eurozone out of its slump
2019-11-12 Fondation Robert Schuman: The drafting of a European Business Code
2019-11-12 ECB's Cœuré: A tale of two money markets: fragmentation or concentration
2019-11-08 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-11-07 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-11-07 Autumn 2019 Economic Forecast: A challenging road ahead
2019-11-05 European Commission provides additional arguments in support of its proposal for the EU's next long-term budget
2019-11-05 ECMI: Liquidity and tail-risk interdependencies in the euro area sovereign bond market
2019-11-04 Financial Times: Brexit is a warning to Germany’s ECB-bashers
2019-11-04 Vox EU: Liquidity linkages in European sovereign bond markets can amplify fundamental economic shocks
2019-11-02 The Telegraph: Wall Street warns Lagarde of ECB quantitative easing ‘risk clusters’
2019-11-01 Jacques Delors Institute Berlin: The Germans and Inflation - A Historical Misunderstanding
2019-10-31 POLITICO: Report urges US to repair EU ties, calls Brussels ‘nascent power’
2019-10-31 POLITICO: Politics, not policy will help Lagarde save the eurozone
2019-10-30 POLITICO: Commission gives up on EU budget deal in 2019
2019-10-26 ECB's De Guindos: Interview with El País
2019-10-25 Project Syndicate: No art to the US-China trade deal
2019-10-25 Financial Times: ECB vows to hold rates at historic low until inflation picks up
2019-10-25 Bruegel: A fear of regime change is slowing the global economy
2019-10-24 EurActiv: Draghi’s farewell demand: the eurozone budget
2019-10-23 Commercial Risk Europe: China drops restrictions on foreign investment in insurance and banking firms, moves closer to deal with EU
2019-10-23 European Parliament: EU investment budget for 2020: A boost for the climate
2019-10-18 Christine Lagarde appointed President of the European Central Bank
2019-10-18 François Villeroy de Galhau: Causes of and answers to the European slowdown
2019-10-18 LSE: A new take on ‘whatever it takes’?
2019-10-16 Financial Times: Low interest rates fuel financial risk-taking, IMF warns
2019-10-15 EurActiv: WTO clears US to target $7.5 billion of EU exports with tariffs
2019-10-15 BBC: IMF warns world growth slowest since financial crisis
2019-10-15 Fondation Robert Schuman: Put that budget away! Out of my sight!
2019-10-14 Vox EU: Rethinking fiscal policy choices in the euro area
2019-10-13 Jean-Claude Trichet: Mario Draghi’s critics are misguided
2019-10-11 Bloomberg: ECB governing council is turning page after spat, Villeroy says
2019-10-10 Chatham House: Can the world economy find a new leader?
2019-10-10 Project Syndicate: Germany versus the ECB
2019-10-10 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-10-10 Financial Times: Draghi ignored in-house ECB advice on QE restart
2019-10-08 The Wall Street Journal: IMF and World Bank’s new leaders warn of deteriorating global outlook
2019-10-07 BIS committees release two major reports on unconventional policy tools
2019-10-04 Project Syndicate: Who can influence the ECB?
2019-10-04 Financial Times: Former central bankers attack ECB’s monetary policy
2019-10-04 ECB: Working paper: Introducing dominant currency pricing in the ECB’s global macroeconomic model
2019-10-03 City AM: Eurozone recession risk 'very real' as slowdown infects services sector
2019-10-03 ECB: Improving macroeconomic stabilisation in the euro area
2019-10-03 Financial Times: Europe’s biggest insurer lambasts ECB over rates
2019-10-01 Project Syndicate: Are Europe’s economic prospects brighter than they appear?
2019-10-01 Olli Rehn: Next steps towards a stronger monetary union
2019-09-30 European Parliament: The ECB’s Unfinished Business: Challenges ahead for EMU Monetary and Fiscal Policy Architecture
2019-09-29 Financial Times: Draghi backs calls for fiscal union to bolster eurozone
2019-09-27 Financial Times: German scepticism of the ECB reveals a eurozone paradox
2019-09-26 Financial Times: ECB’s German board member quits over loose monetary policy
2019-09-26 The Economist: America announces a limited trade agreement with Japan
2019-09-24 Bruegel: The European Union-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement: Prospects and risks
2019-09-24 Project Syndicate: Four collision courses for the global economy
2019-09-23 EurActiv: Draghi calls for euro budget in farewell to MEPs
2019-09-19 François Villeroy de Galhau: What economic sovereignty for Europe? Facing the threats with lucidity, and boldly seizing an opportunity
2019-09-17 Bruegel: EU trade policy amid the China-US clash: caught in the crossfire?
2019-09-17 Financial Times: Eurozone wakes up to ECB’s fiscal message as economy weakens
2019-09-13 SUERF: Strengthened EU fiscal framework: fiscal discipline versus economic stabilization
2019-09-13 PIIE: Targeted by the United States, a renewed trade response from the European Union
2019-09-12 The Economist: Why Europe’s single market is at risk
2019-09-12 POLITICO: Mario Draghi’s parting gift to the eurozone
2019-09-10 Fondation Robert Schuman: Europe in the sino-American trade war
2019-09-09 Project Syndicate: Draghi’s dangerous farewell
2019-09-05 Working paper: ECB corporate QE and the loan supply to bank-dependent firms
2019-08-14 City AM: German economy shrinks in second quarter as exports slump
2019-07-25 EU-U.S. trade talks – one year on, Commission presents progress report
2019-07-18 EU-Canada Summit joint declaration
2019-07-18 Main results - General Affairs Council
2019-07-17 ACCA and IMA: Global economic confidence dips in Q2 2019
2019-07-16 POLITICO: Lagarde quits IMF to focus on ECB bid
2019-07-11 PIIE: Who's winning the US-China trade war? It’s not the United States or China
2019-07-10 2020 EU budget: Council agrees its position
2019-07-10 Summer 2019 Economic Forecast: Growth clouded by external factors
2019-07-09 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-07-08 Project Syndicate: The ECB needs to explain itself
2019-07-08 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-07-05 Presidency press release after the informal meeting of Competitiveness ministers
2019-07-04 City AM: City economists warn Lagarde poses ‘credibility risk’ as ECB chief
2019-07-03 OMFIF: Lagarde's shattering ECB move
2019-07-02 City AM: Mark Carney warns trade war could ‘shipwreck’ global economy
2019-06-30 BIS to set up Innovation Hub for central banks
2019-06-30 BIS: Time to ignite all engines, BIS says in its Annual Economic Report
2019-06-29 G20 Osaka Leaders’ Declaration
2019-06-28 EU and Mercosur reach agreement on trade
2019-06-28 ECB: ESS – ESCB quality assessment report on statistics underlying the macroeconomic imbalance procedure
2019-06-28 Financial Times: Two proposals for WTO reform
2019-06-26 Joint letter of Presidents Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker on the upcoming G20 summit
2019-06-25 Bruegel: Redefining Europe’s economic sovereignty
2019-06-21 IFAC issues Call-to-Action as tax, trade and transparency dominate G20 agenda
2019-06-17 Barriers to trade: as protectionism rises, EU continues opening up export markets for European firms
2019-06-17 Paul Goldschmidt: European Union: the Eurogroup disappoints!
2019-06-14 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-06-13 BusinessEurope: EU finance ministers must achieve breakthrough on EMU completion
2019-06-13 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-06-12 European Commission: Deepening Europe's Economic and Monetary Union: Taking stock four years after the Five Presidents' Report
2019-06-12 Bloomberg: Europe fears manufacturing meltdown will infect rest of economy
2019-06-11 Financial Times: Jens Weidmann casts a shadow over the ECB
2019-06-10 ECB's De Guindos: The euro area economy and our monetary policy stance
2019-06-09 G20 Ministerial Statement on Trade and Digital Economy
2019-06-07 Post-2020 digital policy − Council adopts conclusions
2019-06-06 Giving entrepreneurs a second chance: new rules on business insolvency adopted
2019-06-06 ECB: Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections for the euro area
2019-06-05 EU budget 2020: Commission focuses its proposal on jobs, growth and security
2019-06-05 European Semester 2019 Spring Package: Commission issues recommendations to advance sustainable and inclusive economic growth
2019-06-05 POLITICO: Brussels puts Italy on notice for breaching EU spending rules
2019-05-30 Bloomberg: US-EU talks struggle, threatening a new front in trade war
2019-05-30 ECB: Challenges to financial stability increase amid downside risks to the economic outlook
2019-05-28 Main results - Competitiveness Council (Single market and industry)
2019-05-23 IMF: The Impact of US-China Trade Tensions
2019-05-21 Main results - General Affairs Council
2019-05-20 ECB: Negative interest rates, excess liquidity and retail deposits: banks’ reaction to unconventional monetary policy in the euro area
2019-05-17 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-05-16 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-05-16 Ignazio Visco: The economic and financial outlook of the euro area -halfway down "the long and winding road"
2019-05-16 IB Times: US-China trade war could lead to global recession, economist says
2019-05-16 ECB's De Guindos: Deepening EMU and the implications for the international role of the euro
2019-05-16 ECB's Cœuré: The rise of services and the transmission of monetary policy
2019-05-14 Bruegel: Implications of the escalating China-US trade dispute
2019-05-13 ECB amends monetary policy implementation guidelines
2019-05-11 VoxEU: The global economy hit by higher uncertainty
2019-05-08 Bertelsmann Stiftung: EU Single Market boosts per capita incomes by almost 1,000 euros a year
2019-05-07 European Commission: Spring 2019 Economic Forecast: Growth continues at a more moderate pace
2019-05-02 New Europe: ECB affirms willingness to relaunch quantitative easing
2019-04-30 Il Sole 24 Ore: Italy’s debt restructuring would do enormous damage
2019-04-28 Financial Times: The unbreakable, unsustainable eurozone
2019-04-25 Joint statement of the 26th EU-Japan summit
2019-04-24 Jacques Delors Institute: Five reasons why the ESM reform will fail to deliver
2019-04-24 ECB: The economic implications of rising protectionism: a euro area and global perspective
2019-04-16 Eurogroup President Mario Centeno: A source of stability: the role of the euro in an uncertain world
2019-04-15 Trade with the United States: Council authorises negotiations on elimination of tariffs for industrial goods and on conformity assessment
2019-04-09 Reuters: Settling bills? Pooled eurozone debt could be trialed in quick bites
2019-04-09 Main results - General Affairs Council
2019-04-09 Joint statement of the 21st EU-China summit
2019-04-05 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-04-01 ECB: Sabine Lautenschläger: Interview with Der Standard
2019-03-28 Project Syndicate: The Eurozone’s real weakness
2019-03-28 European Commission: Report on EU trade defence – effective protection against unfair trade
2019-03-27 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on March European Council meetings
2019-03-27 EU to facilitate cross-border mobility of companies
2019-03-22 European Council conclusions, 21-22 March 2019
2019-03-22 CEPS: Systemic rivalry and balancing interests: Chinese investment meets EU law on the Belt and Road
2019-03-22 European Commission: Quarterly Report on the Euro Area
2019-03-20 OMFIF: Next financial crisis may eclipse 2008
2019-03-18 Bruegel: New EU industrial policy can only succeed with focus on completion of single market and public procurement
2019-03-14 Bruegel: The European Union’s response to the trade crisis
2019-03-14 Financial Times: Europe must learn to love fiscal stimulus
2019-03-13 Foreign direct investment report: continuous rise of foreign ownership of European companies in key sectors
2019-03-12 Denis Beau: Monetary and financial challenges for the Euro area - what are our options?
2019-03-11 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-03-08 Financial Times: Eurozone banks buy sovereign bonds, reviving ‘doom loop’ fear
2019-03-08 Financial Times: The European Central Bank is attempting to get ahead of events
2019-03-08 Chatham House: US–EU trade relations in the Trump era: which way forward?
2019-03-07 The Economist: Spooked by slowdown, the ECB rolls out stimulus
2019-03-06 OECD sees global growth slowing, as Europe weakens and risks persist
2019-03-06 Capital Markets Union: Commission welcomes agreement on new rules to further improve access to capital markets for smaller businesses
2019-03-06 OMFIF: Germany just avoids technical recession
2019-03-05 Bruegel: Tense transatlantic relations put EU in tough spot
2019-03-05 OMFIF: Weidmann ECB chances rising again
2019-03-05 EuroMoney: Why is the ECB so much murkier than the Fed?
2019-03-05 Markets retreat and rebound: BIS quarterly review
2019-03-03 Wolfgang Münchau: China gains the upper hand over Germany
2019-02-28 The Economist: Why a global manufacturing slump is a recurring threat
2019-02-28 Financial Times: The European refinancing dilemma
2019-02-27 Paolo Savona: The time is ripe for a European safe asset
2019-02-27 New Europe: Commission identifies macroeconomic imbalances in 10 EU countries
2019-02-26 Bloomberg: Lane says ECB policy strategy can cope with current slowdown
2019-02-21 EurActiv: The Franco-German proposal for a ‘eurozone budgetary instrument’, in detail
2019-02-21 InvestEU: Council agrees its position on an improved instrument to support investment, growth and jobs in the EU
2019-02-21 Bloomberg: ECB urged swift analysis, no hasty decision on new lending
2019-02-21 ECB: Financial statements of the ECB for 2018
2019-02-19 EurActiv: France, Germany call for a change of European regulatory rules
2019-02-14 ECA remarks in brief on the EC’s legislative proposals for the next multiannual financial framework
2019-02-13 European Commission: Agreement with Singapore set to give a boost to EU-Asia trade
2019-02-12 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-02-12 ECA examines data behind budget support to partner countries
2019-02-11 Eurogroup main results
2019-02-07 European Commission: Winter 2019 Economic Forecast: growth moderates amid global uncertainties
2019-02-07 ECB: Working paper: Empowering central bank asset purchases: the role of financial policies
2019-02-07 Bloomberg: ECB may delay first rate hike to late 2020, Deutsche Bank says
2019-02-05 Bloomberg: Italy’s broadening slump weighs down euro-area growth momentum
2019-02-05 BBC: US-China trade war: UN warns of 'massive' impact of tariff hike
2019-02-04 BIS: Yves Mersch: The changing role of central banking
2019-02-03 POLITICO: Germany’s industrial plan signals Europe’s protectionist lurch
2019-01-31 Project Syndicate: The threat of a eurozone recession
2019-01-31 EU-Japan trade agreement enters into force
2019-01-31 Project Syndicate: Three lessons from QE in Europe
2019-01-30 EU-U.S. trade talks: European Commission publishes progress report
2019-01-30 Safeguards in free trade agreements: Council adopts horizontal framework for bilateral measures
2019-01-28 Mario Draghi: Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2019-01-25 New Europe: Davos: France calls for global minimum corporate tax
2019-01-25 Financial Times: The cylinders of the global economy are starting to sputter
2019-01-24 European Parliament: EU-Singapore free trade deal gets green light in Trade Committee
2019-01-24 Financial Times: Deutsche Bank chief warns Davos over impact of trade fears
2019-01-24 Financial Times: ECB warns eurozone at risk of further slowdown
2019-01-24 Report on Public Finances in EMU 2018
2019-01-24 François Villeroy de Galhau: New Year wishes to the Paris financial centre
2019-01-22 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2019-01-21 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-01-21 IMF: A weakening global expansion amid growing risks
2019-01-18 PIIE: US-EU trade negotiations: A daunting mission
2019-01-17 ACCA and IMA issue latest edition of Global Economic Conditions Survey for Q4 2018
2019-01-17 Recommendations on the economic policy of the euro area under the European Semester - January 2019
2019-01-17 Carnegie Europe: A relationship under extreme duress: U.S.-China relations at a crossroads
2019-01-15 ECB President Mario Draghi: 20th anniversary of the euro
2019-01-15 Vox EU: The mixed success of the Stability and Growth Pact
2019-01-14 Vox EU: The ECB’s performance during the crisis: Lessons learned
2019-01-11 Financial Times: Eurozone blip threatens to become a downturn
2019-01-10 Bank of France's Villeroy de Galhau: Twenty years after the introduction of the euro, what are the economic prospects for Europe?
2019-01-09 Bloomberg: The EU is taking an important step toward a new US trade deal
2019-01-07 Financial Times: EU’s wilful blindness to sovereign risk adds to eurozone danger
2019-01-07 ECB's De Guindos: Fostering resilience and convergence in Economic and Monetary Union

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