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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2012 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2012-12-30 Reuters: Merkel says eurozone crisis far from over
2012-12-27 Interview by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy published by The Guardian
2012-12-21 European Council: Fiscal Compact to enter into force
2012-12-21 IMF: France 2012 Article IV consultation
2012-12-20 Commission publishes Quarterly Report on the euro area, December 2012
2012-12-19 ECB/Asmussen: Agenda 2013 - The next steps in completing EMU
2012-12-18 Commission publishes report on current account surpluses in the EU
2012-12-18 Telegraph: Britain will be weaker without EU, says USA
2012-12-17 Stefan Collignon for ECON Monetary Dialogue: Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union
2012-12-17 ECB/Draghi: Introductory statement at ECON Committee hearing
2012-12-17 Dutch PM Rutte at European Council: Strengthening monetary union requires step-by-step approach
2012-12-14 Guardian: David Cameron runs into French resistance with EU clawback strategy
2012-12-13 OECD Economic Survey of Luxembourg
2012-12-13 Bank of Finland/Liikanen: More needs to be done to boost competitiveness and employment and to stabilise public finances
2012-12-13 ECFR/Klau: Three French conundrums - The voters, the president and the country
2012-12-13 UK European Scrutiny Committee report on Economic and Monetary Union
2012-12-13 CNBC: Slovakia approves deficit-cutting 2013 budget, risks seen
2012-12-12 President Barroso: No room for complacency at upcoming European Council
2012-12-12 Plenary Session: EP leaders slam "useless" EU summitry ahead of European Council
2012-12-12 Presseurop: Rajoy faces down the Cavaliere factor
2012-12-10 EUobserver: Monti to resign after Berlusconi seeks comeback
2012-12-10 FN: Barroso warns Scotland on EU status
2012-12-10 IMF statement on Latvia's announcement regarding early repayment to the IMF
2012-12-09 FT: Steinbrück attacks Merkel's Europe stance
2012-12-07 ECB/Draghi: A central banker's perspective on European economic convergence
2012-12-06 OECD: Slovak Republic remains strong, but it needs to become more inclusive
2012-12-06 Draft report on the European Semester for Economic Policy Coordination: Annual Growth Survey 2013
2012-12-06 Slovenia passes 2013-14 budget plans to cut deficit to EU limit
2012-12-06 Telegraph: Euro blueprint gives Brussels economic sovereignty over members
2012-12-06 EV: Van Rompuy gets tough on reforms
2012-12-06 Bulgarian Parliament adopts 2013 State Budget Act of the Republic of Bulgaria
2012-12-05 Bloomberg: Finnish economy joins euro area in recession on investments
2012-12-05 Merkel re-elected CDU leader with record backing of 97.9 per cent
2012-12-04 VP Rehn's remarks on the two-pack at the Eurogroup press conference
2012-12-04 ECOFIN Council results: Annual growth survey / Alert Mechanism Report
2012-12-03 FT: Outlook mixed for Europe's party politics
2012-12-01 ECB/Cœuré: Restoring trust in Economic and Monetary Union
2012-11-29 FT: Dutch PM calls on EU to review its powers
2012-11-28 A Blueprint for a deep and genuine Economic and Monetary Union: Launching a European debate
2012-11-28 VP Rehn: Blueprint for a Deep and Genuine EMU
2012-11-28 ECON Committee: Commission's economic priorities fail to address some key issues, say MEPs
2012-11-28 Press Conference by VP Rehn on the Annual Growth Survey and the Alert Mechanism Report 2013
2012-11-28 Priorities at EU level - Annual Growth Survey 2013 - Charting the course to recovery
2012-11-28 DG ECFIN: Alert Mechanism Report - Underpinning macro-economic adjustment in the EU
2012-11-28 Rajoy: A State unable to guarantee the sustainability of its public accounts cannot guarantee the rights of its citizens
2012-11-27 Republic of Latvia: 2012 Article IV and Second Post-Programme Monitoring Discussions - Concluding Statement of the IMF Mission
2012-11-23 Remarks by President Herman Van Rompuy following the European Council [MFF]
2012-11-22 Speech by EP President Schulz to the European Council on the EU budget framework 2014-2020
2012-11-21 Paul N Goldschmidt: The challenges of the European budgetary summit
2012-11-21 Responding to the crisis: What are OECD countries doing to strengthen their public finances?
2012-11-21 Polish government submits EU fiscal pact for ratification
2012-11-19 Polish, Italian, German presidents hope for EU budget compromise
2012-11-18 FT: EU makes budget plans without UK
2012-11-16 IMF: Poland—Concluding statement of the 2012 staff visit
2012-11-14 Reuters: German Greens seek path to power, possibly with Merkel
2012-11-14 VP Rehn: From the eye of the storm to new growth and jobs
2012-11-13 VP Šefčovič: The Commission's Work Programme for 2013
2012-11-09 Spiegel: Berlin and Brussels demand more from London and Paris
2012-11-08 EIB: New Joint IFI Action Plan for Growth in Central and South Eastern Europe
2012-11-07 Merkel pitches her revived EU vision to European Parliament
2012-11-07 EU looks to recoup €5 billion from Member States
2012-11-07 German Council of Economic Experts: Annual Economic Report 2012/13
2012-11-07 EUobserver: EU to be federalised in the long run, Merkel says
2012-11-06 FT: Rajoy vows no bailout without lower yields
2012-11-05 IMF: Denmark – Concluding statement of the 2012 Article IV Consultation Mission
2012-11-02 Reuters: Latvia to seek euro readiness view next year
2012-11-01 FT: Van Rompuy presses on with budget talks
2012-10-29 WSJ: Dutch parties reach deal to form government
2012-10-29 Reuters: Rajoy opposes EU Commissioner budget power idea alone
2012-10-29 ECB's Draghi backs Schäuble's "currency commissioner"
2012-10-29 Reuters: Long-term battle for euro hinges on growth reforms
2012-10-26 Plenary Session: Politics and accountability must characterise EU economic coordination
2012-10-25 WSJ: Finnish nationalists' pre-vote surge sets stage for debate over euro
2012-10-23 William Hague: Europe at a crossroads - What kind of Europe do we want?
2012-10-22 ECB/Coene: Austerity vital but states should also reform for growth
2012-10-19 ECON Committee: European Semester - Why it matters, and what can be done to improve it
2012-10-18 President Barroso remarks at Social Tripartite Summit: "We are perfectly aware of the very difficult situation"
2012-10-18 VP Rehn speech at ECMI Annual Conference - Rebalancing Europe, rebuilding the EMU
2012-10-17 European Commission: Roadmap for a closer union
2012-10-17 Helle Thorning-Schmidt: We should accept that Europe is a multi-speed Europe
2012-10-16 Bloomberg: Rajoy delay marks bet on turmoil making bailout terms easier
2012-10-16 Moody's confirms Spain's government bond rating at Baa3/(P)P-3, assigns negative outlook
2012-10-16 Spiegel: Schäuble presents master plan for euro
2012-10-16 Telegraph: Germany shocks EU with fiscal overlord demand
2012-10-16 FT: Fiscal union highlights EU divisions
2012-10-16 President Barroso calls for decisive action to implement Compact for Growth and Jobs
2012-10-15 Reuters: Lithuanians ditch government in austerity thumbs-down
2012-10-15 Reuters: ECB's Knot says getting euro debt back in line may take decades
2012-10-15 Reuters: Merkel says no risk of uncontrollable events in eurozone
2012-10-15 Spiegel: Britain losing allegiance to the EU
2012-10-12 IrishTimes: Spain's bid to avoid bailout dealt blow by rating cut
2012-10-12 Reuters: Spain says no resistance in eurozone to an aid request
2012-10-12 VP Rehn: The foundations for growth in Europe
2012-10-11 FT: Schäuble and Lagarde clash over austerity
2012-10-11 Lagarde: Global recovery, growth hampered by uncertainty
2012-10-10 S&P: Spain ratings lowered to 'BBB-/A-3' on mounting economic and political risks; outlook negative
2012-10-10 Christian Noyer: Remaining challenges facing the euro area
2012-10-10 President Barroso: Growth agenda and deeper economic integration discussed with business leaders
2012-10-09 Bloomberg: Rajoy's deepening budget black hole outpaces Spain's cuts
2012-10-09 ECON Committee: EU economic and budget policy coordination needs to become a political animal
2012-10-09 FT: IMF urges Britain to prepare for Plan B
2012-10-08 ECB publishes the 2012 Structural Issues Report on "Euro area labour markets and the crisis"
2012-10-07 Reuters: Eurozone mulls €20 billion separate budget
2012-10-05 Bloomberg: Draghi says next move not his as Spain resists bailout
2012-10-04 Reuters: Eurozone considering bond insurance for Spain
2012-10-04 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference – introductory statement
2012-10-04 IMF's 2012 Annual Report cites ongoing demand for fund finances
2012-10-04 DW: Germany - Would a wealth tax be effective?
2012-10-04 Reuters: ECB seen keeping interest rates on hold
2012-10-02 Reuters: Uneasy role for IMF in eurozone crisis
2012-10-02 FT: EU calls for centralisation of powers
2012-10-01 VP Rehn's remarks at joint press conference with Minister De Guindos
2012-09-30 Reuters: Slovak PM says eurozone won't last in current form
2012-09-30 WSJ: Any bailout for Madrid would test the EU's mettle
2012-09-30 DW: Steinbrück attacks Merkel's euro crisis management
2012-09-28 IMF MD Christine Lagarde welcomes the completion of Spain's banking sector valuation
2012-09-27 FT: Spain crafts crisis budget with fresh cuts
2012-09-26 WSJ: EU urges action to fix debt woes
2012-09-25 WSJ: Eurozone starts talks over centralised budget
2012-09-25 FT: Clegg tells of tough choices over Europe
2012-09-25 Merkel: Europe must take deep breath and enact reforms
2012-09-25 FT: Secession crisis heaps pain on Spain
2012-09-25 Commission VP Rehn: Rebuilding the Economic and Monetary Union
2012-09-24 Reuters: French Greens' Cohn-Bendit quits party in fiscal pact row
2012-09-24 IMF: Republic of Poland Technical Assistance Report--Macro-prudential Framework
2012-09-20 ECON Committee: Future economic and monetary union can start now
2012-09-19 Barroso: Europe needs to reform and grow - Europeans can make it happen
2012-09-18 Reuters: Investors increase pressure on Spain to seek aid
2012-09-18 Telegraph: Bundesbank chief compares money printing to work of the devil
2012-09-18 Bloomberg: EU track record casts doubt on crisis fight as Draghi rally ebbs
2012-09-18 11 European foreign ministers call for greater integration
2012-09-17 WSJ: Spain is reluctant to make more cuts
2012-09-14 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with Minister-President of Hessen, Volker Bouffier
2012-09-14 Bundesbank/Dombret: The role of the state in the financial system
2012-09-13 Bloomberg: Schäuble cautions Spain against aid bid as Cyprus talks begin
2012-09-13 Reuters: Dutch PM wins election; set for tough coalition talks
2012-09-12 Chancellor Merkel at the German Bundestag: Germany is a role model for Europe
2012-09-11 Spiegel: Dutch vote hinges on euro crisis
2012-09-10 NYT: Political hurdles clog Spain's path out of debt
2012-09-06 Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on ECB Decisions
2012-09-06 ECB/Draghi, Vítor Constâncio: Introductory statement to the press conference (with Q&A)
2012-09-06 ECB unveils bond-buying plan, amid criticism from Germany's central bank
2012-09-05 State of the Union: EP's political leaders expect Barroso to focus on deeper integration
2012-09-05 FT: ECB holds back from bond yield cap
2012-09-05 WSJ: Lending gaps challenge central bank
2012-09-04 Reuters: Pressure mounts on ECB to bring down bond yields
2012-09-04 Speech by President Barroso: "We should move forward in our project to consolidate a truly political union"
2012-09-03 Bloomberg: Draghi told lawmakers ECB can buy three-year bonds
2012-09-03 Bloomberg: Spain leads Europe’s $25 billion gamble before ECB
2012-09-03 Moody's maintains the European Union's Aaa rating, changes outlook to negative
2012-09-01 Telegraph: OECD backs plans for ECB bond market intervention
2012-09-01 President Barroso: "This is a make-or-break moment for the European Union"
2012-08-31 Statement by Vice-President Rehn on the adoption of Spain's banking decree
2012-08-30 Speech by President Barroso: Overcoming the crisis by strengthening Europe
2012-08-30 FT: Brussels pushes for wide ECB powers
2012-08-29 Bundesbank/Weidmann: 'Too close to state financing via the money press'
2012-08-29 FT: Draghi rebuffs Germans over euro plans
2012-08-29 WSJ: Merkel, Monti bide time until ECB acts
2012-08-29 ECB/Draghi: The future of the euro - Stability through change
2012-08-27 EUobserver: Merkel wants EU treaty convention by end of year
2012-08-22 WSJ: EU official says crisis is eroding influence
2012-08-20 Telegraph: Germany backs Draghi bond plan against Bundesbank
2012-08-19 WSJ: Dutch far-left leader warns on cuts
2012-08-16 Spiegel: German foreign ministers make a plea for the euro
2012-08-15 Reuters: German EconMin - ECB bond buys must be matched by reforms
2012-08-13 Bloomberg: Merkel returns to crisis as bond-buying remains in focus
2012-08-13 WSJ: Austerity-wary Dutch look to left
2012-08-12 VP Rehn: How we'll build European Monetary Union 2.0
2012-08-11 Reuters: Ex German Finance Minister favours joint eurozone debt
2012-08-07 Irish Times: Germany leaning towards ECB strategy in Berlin
2012-08-03 Bloomberg: ECB - Politicians' anti-crisis bargain starts to emerge
2012-08-02 Reuters: ECB gearing up to buy eurozone bonds
2012-08-02 ECB Draghi, Constâncio: Introductory statement to the press conference
2012-08-02 Minister Moscovici welcomes measures announced by the ECB to stabilise the euro area
2012-07-30 Bloomberg: Draghi on offensive as game-changer sought in crisis
2012-07-30 Reuters: Draghi under pressure to deliver on pledge to save euro
2012-07-30 Geithner, Schäuble call for a continuation of global and European reform efforts
2012-07-30 German Council of Economic Experts publishes English version of special report
2012-07-27 Schäuble welcomes measures to stabilise the eurozone and calls for a continuation of reform efforts
2012-07-25 German Council of Experts: The European Redemption Pact
2012-07-24 FT: Eurozone countries hit back at Moody’s
2012-07-24 Telegraph: Europe is sleepwalking towards imminent disaster
2012-07-23 Moody's changes the outlook of eurozone core countries
2012-07-23 BFM: Germany remains stability anchor
2012-07-17 ECB/Asmussen: Building deeper economic union - What to do and what to avoid
2012-07-17 European Commission: 2012 Report on Public Finances in EMU – Ongoing consolidation and reforms of the EU's fiscal governance
2012-07-16 Bloomberg: Merkel gives no ground on demands for oversight in crisis
2012-07-16 FT: ECB shows signs of bailout flexibility
2012-07-16 WSJ: Europe's bank shifts view on bond losses
2012-07-12 Commissioner Barnier: Towards a European financial union and a more solid European banking sector
2012-07-10 Bundesbank/Weidmann: “We need clarity regarding the structure of European monetary union”
2012-07-09 Reuters: Eurozone fragmenting faster than EU can act
2012-07-09 ECON Committee: Bank troubles and eurozone's future shape dominate Draghi discussion
2012-07-05 FT: Central banks act to boost growth
2012-07-02 Fiscal compact, bailout fund challenged in German court
2012-07-02 Reuters: Finns, Dutch cast first doubt on eurozone deal
2012-07-02 Jörg Asmussen: Can we restore confidence in Europe?
2012-07-01 Reuters: Euro defeat for Merkel? Only time will tell
2012-06-29 ECB/Coeuré: The euro area sovereign debt market - lessons from the crisis
2012-06-28 ECB/Constâncio: Understanding the driving forces behind systemic financial crises
2012-06-22 Country-specific recommendations on economic and fiscal policies
2012-06-21 ECON Committee: Member States want to continue hiding debts
2012-06-20 Reuters: Merkel's fiscal union drive faces major hurdles
2012-06-19 Bloomberg: Euro crisis shifts to Spain as Merkel faces G20 pressure
2012-06-19 WSJ: German default protection costs rise on bailout fears
2012-06-19 FT: EU foreign ministers discuss integration
2012-06-18 Merkel under pressure to soften bailout stance
2012-06-15 Rehn: Rebalancing Europe - Early confirmation of steps to rebuild EMU will underscore stability and solidity of euro
2012-06-15 Mario Draghi: President’s address at the 14th ECB and its Watchers Conference
2012-06-14 ECB/Constâncio: Financial stability – measurement and policy
2012-06-14 WSJ: Europe on edge over crisis
2012-06-14 Reuters: ECB in line to oversee top European banks
2012-06-14 IMF: Lithuania - concluding statement of the 2012 staff visit
2012-06-13 EP Plenary: Economic governance with a wider vision
2012-06-13 Bloomberg: Rajoy declares war on central bankers to counter crunch
2012-06-13 Moody's downgrades Spain's government bond rating to Baa3 from A3, on review for further downgrade
2012-06-13 Stefan Ingves: Financial crises and financial regulation – thoughts after five turbulent years
2012-06-12 EP: Economic governance "two pack" dominates morning debates
2012-06-12 Bloomberg: Spain bailout prompts bond selling, binds state to banks
2012-06-12 ECB Financial Stability Review June 2012
2012-06-12 Commission's assessment of Slovakia positive, but warns of risks and need to take additional measures
2012-06-11 ECON Committee: Austerity versus growth - a stark choice or a false dilemma?
2012-06-11 Decision-makers meet at the EESC to debate the way out of the debt crisis
2012-06-11 BoF/Noyer: Euro area's situation – analysis, challenges and solutions
2012-06-11 Commission VP Rehn on the European Semester: "A very profound and thorough exercise of screening the European economy"
2012-06-11 Barnier: Financial regulation, growth, competitiveness, integration - Europe at a crossroads
2012-06-11 FT: Rajoy presents Spain bailout as victory
2012-06-09 Joint statement by Barroso and Rehn welcoming Spain's intention to request euro area support for restructuring its financial sector
2012-06-08 IMF says Spain's core financial system is resilient, but important vulnerabilities remain
2012-06-08 Miguel Fernández Ordóñez: Presentation of the 2011 Annual Report
2012-06-07 ECON Committee: Economic governance "two pack" - Q&A
2012-06-07 Bloomberg: Merkel backs two-speed Europe with core group in the euro
2012-06-06 Irish Times: Dutch leader seeks action on euro crisis before talks on tighter EU integration
2012-06-06 Worldcrunch: Is Germany finally ready for a real European fiscal union?
2012-06-05 WSJ: Germany grapples with role in rescue
2012-06-05 Seppo Honkapohja: How has the crisis challenged central banking as we know it?
2012-06-05 Schäuble interview: There's no easy way for Europe
2012-06-04 Bloomberg: Pressure builds on Merkel as Spain calls for bank aid
2012-06-03 FT: Spain seeks centralised budget control
2012-06-01 Bloomberg: Merkel’s isolation deepens as Draghi criticises strategy
2012-05-31 Bank of Italy/Visco: Overview of economic and financial developments in Italy
2012-05-31 Reuters: ECB, EU officials warn euro's survival at risk
2012-05-30 Reuters: EU throws Spain two potential lifelines
2012-05-30 Following in-depth reviews, Commission calls on Member States to tackle macro-economic imbalances
2012-05-30 Commission sets out the next steps for stability, growth and jobs
2012-05-30 Barroso: Economic governance package – country-specific recommendations
2012-05-30 FT: EU eyes Spain deficit deadline extension
2012-05-30 Bloomberg: Greek exit from euro seen exposing deposit guaranty flaws
2012-05-29 FT: ECB rejects Madrid plan to boost Bankia
2012-05-29 Barroso speech at the "Mission Growth" conference
2012-05-28 IMF Working Paper: 'Walking hand in hand - fiscal policy and growth in advanced economies'
2012-05-28 FT: Spain weighs Bankia debt issue
2012-05-28 Bloomberg: Rajoy seeks European backing as Spain’s access narrows
2012-05-25 Bloomberg: Rescue elusive as ECB resists Rajoy bond buy urge - euro credit
2012-05-25 ECB/Praet: European financial integration in times of crisis
2012-05-24 ECB/Asmussen: A European Central Bank perspective on key issues of the crisis
2012-05-24 IPE: Greek exit would cause no long-term damage, says Germany's BVV
2012-05-24 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with Prime Minister of Czech Republic, Petr Nečas
2012-05-24 FT: Draghi chides Cameron for calling for ECB action
2012-05-24 Statement by European Commissioner for Resarch, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, on the Fiscal Treaty
2012-05-24 FT: European leaders put off key decisions
2012-05-23 Statement by President Barroso following the Informal European Council
2012-05-23 Commissioner Almunia: Overcoming the crisis - the role of finance
2012-05-22 WSJ: IMF chief, OECD call for more euro debt-sharing
2012-05-22 FT: Options for banks face daunting hurdles
2012-05-22 Statement by Vice President Rehn following the political agreement on the EU-EIB Project Bonds Initiative
2012-05-22 Danish Presidency: Adoption of a pilot project of European project bonds
2012-05-21 WSJ: Spanish economy still struggles
2012-05-21 Reuters: ECB's Asmussen - Eurozone needs growth and austerity
2012-05-18 Josef Bonnici: Reflections on the financial and economic challenges in the euro area and beyond
2012-05-17 Vice President Rehn: Overcoming Europe's sovereign debt crisis – the road to stability and growth
2012-05-16 FT: Spain-style devolution can be part of a crisis solution
2012-05-15 EIB to continue support for Europe’s growth and innovation
2012-05-15 ECON Committee: Fiscal policy - MEPs adopt position amid division on best route to take
2012-05-14 FT: Faith fades in eurozone firewall
2012-05-14 Presseurop: Banks could sink the euro
2012-05-13 FT: German voters reject austerity in key poll
2012-05-11 European Council President Herman Van Rompuy: Beyond the institutions - Why Europe today?
2012-05-11 European Commisson: Spring forecast 2012-13 - Towards a slow recovery
2012-05-11 IPE: Bini Smaghi – Euro will survive, but prepare for bumpy ride
2012-05-10 Peter Praet: Managing financial crises – the role of the European Central Bank
2012-05-10 WSJ: Monti seeks mediator role in Europe
2012-05-10 FT: Spain offered time to curb deficit
2012-05-10 FT: Berlin reaches out to the periphery
2012-05-10 Bundesbank/Dombret: How to manage financial crisis from a systemic viewpoint
2012-05-10 Reuters: Merkel says growth on credit would deepen crisis
2012-05-09 Reuters: Rehn says no relaxing of budget goals for Dutch
2012-05-09 BBC: Queen's Speech - Plans to withdraw UK from EU bailouts
2012-05-09 Bloomberg: Europe won’t accept laxer Greek bailout terms
2012-05-08 Reuters: Monti pushes for EU growth agenda with Rehn
2012-05-08 WSJ: Spain readies new push to shore up banks
2012-05-08 European Commission Statement for Schuman Day
2012-05-07 WSJ: Challenge to austerity, and Germany, is sharpened
2012-05-07 FT: Berlin prepares for pragmatic partnership
2012-05-06 FT: Brussels signals easing of fiscal rules
2012-05-05 Olli Rehn: Restoring growth in Europe - confidence, reforms and investment
2012-05-04 Remarks by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, after his meeting with Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt
2012-05-04 Speech by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, at the Stockholm School of Economics
2012-05-03 Bundesbank/Dombret: Europe’s solution for too-big-to-fail
2012-05-03 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference
2012-05-03 László Andor: The key challenges of the crisis
2012-05-03 FT: Draghi urges eurozone to focus on growth
2012-05-03 Bloomberg: ECB may soften stance as Draghi’s recovery falters
2012-05-03 Reuters: ECB to hold fire on growth steps in crisis-hit Spain
2012-05-02 Mervyn King speech for the BBC
2012-05-02 Daniel K Tarullo: Regulatory reform since the financial crisis
2012-05-01 FT: Time to apply EM lessons to euro crisis
2012-05-01 FT: The right kinds of austerity policy
2012-05-01 IMF: Fiscal consolidation in south-eastern European countries - The role of budget institutions
2012-05-01 Juncker backs German finance minister for eurozone post
2012-04-30 Reuters: Spain in recession as austerity bites
2012-04-30 FT: Berlin insists on eurozone austerity
2012-04-30 DW: Germany takes new approach to eurozone crisis
2012-04-27 Bloomberg: Merkel must pitch in to make Europe's growth pact work
2012-04-27 Bloomberg: Spain rules out bailout as de Guindos says banks funded
2012-04-27 Guardian: Hollande and Merkel clash looms over eurozone austerity
2012-04-26 EU €2.7 billion 10-year bond for Portugal strongly oversubscribed
2012-04-26 Pentti Hakkarainen: The growth outlook and the challenge of financial stability
2012-04-26 WSJ: Elections shift tone on euro
2012-04-26 Mario Draghi: Speech at the ECB-EC conference, “Financial integration and stability - towards a more resilient single financial market"
2012-04-26 Opening speech at the European Business Summit by EC President, Herman Van Rompuy: "Growing Ourselves Out Of The Crisis"
2012-04-25 ECON Committee: Draghi quizzed on ECB liquidity programme and economic growth
2012-04-24 WSJ: Europe struggles with painful deficit cures
2012-04-24 FT: Hollande seeks wider EU fiscal pact
2012-04-24 FT: Backlash against eurozone austerity
2012-04-24 FT: Netherlands in turmoil after PM quits
2012-04-24 IMF: From bail-out to bail-in - mandatory debt restructuring of Systemic Financial Institutions
2012-04-23 Christian Noyer: The situation in the euro area
2012-04-22 FT: Dutch government falls after budget talks
2012-04-20 Jörg Asmussen: Key issues about the crisis and the European response
2012-04-20 ICMA submits comments to European Commission on “bail-ins”
2012-04-19 Peter Praet: The role of the central bank and euro area governments in times of crisis
2012-04-19 FT/Lagrange: Draghi’s remedy must not become a panacea
2012-04-19 Commission welcomes Parliament’s endorsement of risk-sharing instruments for Member States worst hit by the financial crisis
2012-04-18 ECON Committee: From austerity to growth - MEPs debate about the way out of the economic crisis
2012-04-18 FN: Deutsche Bank warns over Europe default risks
2012-04-18 WSJ: Europe's rescue plan falters
2012-04-18 FT: Eurozone is starting to look Japanese
2012-04-16 IMF: Outlook slowly improving but remains fragile
2012-04-16 Opinion of the ECB on the Statute of the Bank of Greece
2012-04-16 FT: Madrid threatens to intervene in regions
2012-04-15 FT: Sarkozy breaks silence over ECB role
2012-04-13 WSJ: Portugal approves EU pact
2012-04-11 FT: Reawakening of eurozone crisis fuels concerns
2012-04-11 Benoît Coeuré: Financing the economy of the euro area – the European Central Bank’s role
2012-04-08 FT: Debt issuance boost for European economy
2012-04-05 WSJ: Markets fear end of stimulus
2012-04-04 Bloomberg: Draghi says inflation risks prevail as economy stabilises
2012-04-04 FT: ECB liquidity fuels high stakes hedging
2012-04-04 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference - introductory statement
2012-04-03 Commons European Scrutiny Committee: MPs publish report on impact of Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance
2012-04-02 Spiegel: Bundestag's rights could threaten euro rescue
2012-04-01 FT: Big banks prepare to pay back LTRO loans
2012-03-30 FT: Europe warned crisis not over yet
2012-03-30 FT: Eurozone hedging is tough game to play
2012-03-29 Review of HM Treasury’s response to the financial crisis 2007-09
2012-03-28 DW: Opposition rejects Merkel's timeline on EU fiscal pact
2012-03-27 FSA/Lord Turner: Financial risk and regulation - do we need more Europe or less?
2012-03-26 Benoît Cœuré: The monetary policy of the European Central Bank
2012-03-22 Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB
2012-03-22 Jens Weidmann: Lessons from the crisis for monetary policy and financial market regulation
2012-03-22 EC President Herman Van Rompuy: "Financial communication in a turbulent financial world"
2012-03-21 IFAC Sovereign Debt Seminar: Key findings
2012-03-21 FT: ECB eyes exit for €40 billion crisis fund
2012-03-20 Reuters: Monti's moment of truth, facing trade unions
2012-03-20 Kathimerini: Jean-Claude Juncker on the Greek rescue
2012-03-15 José Manuel González-Páramo: What has Europe learnt from the crisis?
2012-03-14 Budget 2013 - European Parliament reiterates payments shortfall worries
2012-03-14 FT: Concerns rise over eurozone fiscal treaty
2012-03-14 Six-pack? Two-pack? Fiscal compact? A short guide to the new EU fiscal governance
2012-03-13 Remarks by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, at the European Parliament
2012-03-13 Reuters: EU/IMF say bailout can make Greek debt sustainable, but risks remain
2012-03-13 FT: Bundesbank steps up pressure on Draghi
2012-03-13 Per Jansson: Some aspects of the economic situation
2012-03-13 Mario Draghi: Competitiveness of the euro area and within the euro area
2012-03-13 Bloomberg: Merkel says Europe is 'good way' up mountain, not over it
2012-03-12 Bloomberg: Monti targets labour revamp
2012-03-12 FN: Concern rises over LTRO repayment plans
2012-03-09 FT: Deutsche Bank tapped ECB for up to €10 billion
2012-03-08 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference – introductory statement
2012-03-07 Wolfgang Schäuble: Economic and institutional perspectives
2012-03-06 FT: IIF warns on €1 trillion cost of Greek euro exit
2012-03-06 Olli Rehn: Turning the tide of the crisis
2012-03-02 Statement by the euro area Heads of State or Government
2012-03-02 Statement by President Barroso at the final press conference of the Spring European Council Press conference Brussels
2012-02-29 WSJ: Irish put EU fiscal treaty up for a vote
2012-02-29 WSJ: ECB allots €529.5 billion in long-term refinancing operation
2012-02-29 Stefan Gerlach: Macro-prudential policy in Ireland
2012-02-29 FT: Bundesbank at odds with ECB over loans
2012-02-28 Bloomberg: Merkel wins Greek aid vote after warning lawmakers
2012-02-28 EP Budget 2013: MEPs warn Council not to make artificial cuts
2012-02-28 EP: Economic and budgetary coordination - go for jobs and growth, involve national parliaments
2012-02-28 EP: Economic governance rules - round two
2012-02-27 Bloomberg: Germany's crisis role under pressure as G20 rebuffs call to help Europe
2012-02-27 Speech by President Herman Van Rompuy to the Interparliamentary Committee meeting on the European Semester for Economic Policy Coordination
2012-02-27 MEPs and MPs call for more democracy and focus on growth in economic policy and budgetary coordination
2012-02-26 FT: Lloyds and RBS eye €15 billion ECB loans
2012-02-26 FT: Draghi must be wary of LTRO elixir's power
2012-02-24 WSJ: Europe's banker talks tough
2012-02-23 FT: Madrid presses EU to ease deficit targets
2012-02-21 ECOFIN Council conclusions: Economic governance, European Semester, short selling and macro-economic imbalances
2012-02-21 FT: EU politics take centre stage in crisis
2012-02-21 Council agrees on second economic governance package
2012-02-21 Euro Plus Pact – the way forward - Conclusions of Member States participating in the Euro Plus Pact
2012-02-20 Bloomberg: Merkel as Europe’s debt crisis 'Iron Lady' bucks German street on Greek aid
2012-02-20 ECB/Praet: Monetary policy at crisis times
2012-02-19 FT: Investors seek hedge against euro split
2012-02-19 FT: ECB bond buying halted after eurozone debt rally
2012-02-17 Council conclusions on The Annual Growth Survey and the Joint Employment Report in the context of the European Semester Priorities
2012-02-16 Øystein Olsen: Economic perspectives
2012-02-15 EP Plenary: Yes to budgetary control, but action is also needed on growth and employment
2012-02-14 OECD says Germany is leading the charts on employment and green growth - transition to a knowledge-based economy will require further reform
2012-02-14 The House of Lords EU Committee Report: The euro area crisis
2012-02-14 Commission published first Alert Mechanism Report - Tackling macro-economic imbalances in the EU
2012-02-13 Moody's adjusts ratings of nine European sovereigns to capture downside risks
2012-02-09 FT: Germans concerned over Draghi liquidity offer
2012-02-09 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference – introductory statement
2012-02-09 Nils Bernstein: The fiscal compact
2012-02-06 The discovery of co-responsibility: Europe in the debt crisis - speech by President Herman Van Rompuy at the Humboldt University
2012-02-06 Andreas Dombret: New year, old problems – Europe's sovereign debt crisis
2012-02-06 ECB/Benoît Coeuré: Global liquidity and risk – a re-interpretation of the recent crises
2012-02-02 FT: Deutsche Bank concerned by offer of ECB loans
2012-02-01 Sharon Bowles MEP: ECB's liquidity operations could cost future generations
2012-02-01 IPE: Whole of southern Europe set for eurozone exit, Invesco warns
2012-01-31 WSJ: Europe tightens fiscal ties
2012-01-31 WSJ: EU leaders hold fiscal talks
2012-01-31 Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union
2012-01-30 Reuters: EU leaders struggle to reconcile austerity, growth
2012-01-30 Communication by euro area Member States
2012-01-30 FT: Victory for Merkel over fiscal treaty
2012-01-30 FT: The dilemma of German leadership
2012-01-27 FT: Call for EU to control Greek budget
2012-01-25 WSJ: EU Ministers press Greece, creditors
2012-01-25 Bloomberg: Merkel becomes master of markets with euro austerity mollifying investors
2012-01-23 Bloomberg: Euro leaders seek crisis fix
2012-01-23 IMF Working Paper: 'Pricing of Sovereign Credit Risk: Evidence from Advanced Economies during the Financial Crisis'
2012-01-22 FT: Barnier urges Cameron and City to 'play the game'
2012-01-20 FN: Barnier dares to speak the name of fiscal union
2012-01-20 ECON Committee: Consideration of draft report on the quality management for European Statistics
2012-01-19 Cuts alone will not pull Europe out of economic mire, says Danish Minister for European Affairs
2012-01-18 FT published interview with Mario Monti
2012-01-18 CEPR Discussion Paper: 'The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How has it changed?'
2012-01-17 Commission launches debate on corporate restructuring - what lessons from the crisis?
2012-01-17 Reuters: Will hedge fund holdouts scuttle Greek swap deal?
2012-01-16 WSJ: EU leaders focus on progress
2012-01-16 Bloomberg: Euro leaders race to salvage rescue plans
2012-01-16 ESRB published recommendation on the macro-prudential mandate of EU national authorities
2012-01-14 Reuters: Merkel vows faster eurozone reform after S&P downgrades
2012-01-13 S&P takes various rating actions on 16 eurozone sovereign governments, including downgrading France and Austria to AA+
2012-01-13 Presseurop: “Golden Rule” doesn’t glitter anymore
2012-01-12 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference – introductory statement
2012-01-12 FT: Draghi hails tentative stabilisation
2012-01-12 WSJ: A new generation tackles the euro crisis
2012-01-11 New draft treaty on reinforced economic union unacceptable to MEPs
2012-01-10 Spiegel: Easing the brake - Is German finance minister watering down budget limits?
2012-01-10 ECON Committee: Parliamentary committee opens its work on increased budgetary surveillance
2012-01-09 Bloomberg: Merkel says budget rules to stem Europe's debt woes may be done this month
2012-01-06 ICMA Response to EC Green Paper on the feasibility of introducing stability bonds
2012-01-06 Reinforced economic union - MEPs call for roadmap towards eurobonds

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