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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2010 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2010-12-20 ECB opinion on Irish emergency stabilisation of credit institutions
2010-12-17 ECB: European Systemic Risk Board established
2010-12-15 Commission President Barroso: “Do not kill the euro bonds idea for the future”
2010-12-14 Financial News: Regulation and uncertainty are ‘killing’ recovery
2010-12-08 Financial News: EU bonds - something must be done
2010-12-01 ECON committee: Trichet told MEPs to fix the economic governance package
2010-12-01 Financial News: And what happens if it gets to Belgium?
2010-11-24 IMF: Greek programme broadly on track but structural reforms remain
2010-11-23 Statement by the EC, ECB, and IMF on the second review mission to Greece
2010-11-23 Jean-Claude Trichet: European Parliament will be the agent for the quantum leap needed by the EU
2010-11-22 IMF: Europe needs reforms to break shackles of low growth
2010-11-22 Irish government statement on the financial aid package
2010-11-22 ECB Governing Council welcomes the request of the Irish Government for financial assistance
2010-11-12 Il Sole: The ghost of restructuring weighs on Ireland’s, Spain’s and Portugal’s debt, while Italy pays for the political crisis
2010-11-10 Presidents Barroso and Van Rompuy: Taking global action for balanced growth at the G20 summit in Seoul
2010-11-10 Corriere: Draghi warns of alarming situation and claims the need to stabilise the country
2010-11-08 ECON committee: Juncker stressed that Parliament must help put economic governance back on the right track
2010-10-27 ECON committee first exchange of views on the economic governance package
2010-10-20 IMF: Difficult policy choices await Europe as recovery gets under way
2010-10-19 Council President Van Rompuy: "The economic governance package should be in place as quickly as possible"
2010-10-11 Corriere della Sera: Italy needs growth and good budget according to Draghi
2010-10-05 ECON committee: MEPs take stance on economic governance
2010-10-05 El País: Bank of Spain says government needs backup plan in case economic growth disappoints forecast
2010-09-29 EU economic governance: the Commission delivers a comprehensive package of legislative measures
2010-09-29 Corriere della Sera: EU pulls a break on the public debts
2010-09-28 El País: BBVA believes that the Spanish economy has "bottomed out"
2010-09-22 Il Sole: Olli Rehn aims to make the procedures for the excessive deficit more efficient
2010-09-21 ECB Bini Smaghi: Improving the economic governance and stability framework of the Union
2010-09-10 Trichet called for ‘a quantum leap’ in the reinforcement of fiscal surveillance
2010-09-08 Rehn: The "European Semester" is a major improvement of Europe economic governance architecture
2010-09-07 State of the (European) Union: Europe of today and tomorrow debated in the EP
2010-09-07 Barroso letter to the MEPs on the State of the Union
2010-08-19 Commission considers Greece meets the conditions to receive the second instalment of loans by euro area Member States
2010-07-14 Third Task force meeting on economic governance: Sanctions system was discussed
2010-07-07 Commission concludes UK took effective action in excessive deficit procedure
2010-07-06 Olli Rehn: Stress tests will help reduce uncertainty and restore confidence
2010-06-30 EU economic governance: the Commission proposes a reinforced macro-economic, budgetary and structural surveillance
2010-06-30 ECON committee on the debt crisis: long-term stability strategies and more European Parliament involvement needed
2010-06-22 ECON committee: ECB president Trichet backs MEPs on new economic governance
2010-06-18 EC, ECB and IMF Interim review of Greece: Fiscal developments are positive
2010-06-16 Olli Rehn: Spain's and Portugal's austerity plans are supported by the Commission
2010-06-10 ECB note on reinforcing economic governance in the euro area
2010-06-09 European Liberal Leader warns that peer review of national budgetary planning in eurozone is insufficient
2010-06-08 Van Rompuy’s Economic Governance Task Force: More budget and macro-economic surveillance and sanctions are needed
2010-06-08 IMF urges swift – but tailored - action to restore confidence and growth in Euro Area
2010-06-02 ECON committee - consideration of amendments on the remuneration own-initiative report
2010-05-25 IMF: Spain’s economy needs far-reaching and comprehensive reforms
2010-05-25 EBF Economic Outlook: From recession to growth amidst uncertainty
2010-05-21 Task Force on economic governance held first meeting
2010-05-19 Commissioner Rehn: Reinforce both the preventive and the corrective arms of the SGP
2010-05-19 ECON committee raised concerns on Eurozone governance and Greece
2010-05-12 Commission communication on reinforcing economic governance in the EU
2010-05-11 World Economic Forum on Europe: Unprecedented rescue package to reinforce the Euro
2010-05-11 Monti report on a new strategy for the single market
2010-05-10 IMF approved €30 billion loan for Greece on fast track
2010-05-10 Barroso: “We will defend the euro whatever it takes”
2010-05-09 Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950 - In these troubled times for the euro, a reminder of why the EU was founded
2010-05-08 FT: European banks in bonds plea to ECB as Greece fears rattle markets
2010-05-05 Commission spring forecast 2010-11: gradual economic recovery in progress in the EU
2010-05-03 Commissioner Rehn and IMF Strauss-Khan: Greece will have to make great sacrifice in the coming years
2010-04-29 Statement by President Barroso on Greece: Final decision needs to be taken
2010-04-27 ECON committee: ECB Vice-President on Greek fiscal measures and Eurozone risks
2010-04-24 Kathimerini: Athens upbeat after aid talks with IMF chief
2010-04-23 IMF: Strategies needed to tackle huge government debt levels
2010-04-23 IMF: More attention to the enforcement of rules needed
2010-04-21 The EU evaluates the possibility of supervising national budgets
2010-04-21 Commissioner Barnier: The EC needs to close the regulatory loopholes and to take action against non-cooperative jurisdictions
2010-04-14 Eurozone Members agreed to provide € 30 billion in emergency loans to Greece
2010-04-14 Commission warned Portugal on excessive debt
2010-04-08 Trichet on the Greek crisis: the ECB was not against the IMF involvement in itself, but against the involvement of the IMF acting alone
2010-04-08 European Liberal Leader warns that Greek recovery is undermined by too high interest rates
2010-03-30 MEPs discuss Eurozone issues and governance with Jean-Claude Trichet and Olli Rehn
2010-03-30 Euro area heads: statement on Greek situation
2010-03-30 Kathimerini: Greek Minister claims IMF role in financial aid scheme would not change fiscal policy
2010-03-30 Irish Finance Minister announces measures to shore up banking system
2010-03-26 Barroso: a very successful summit with agreement on Greece
2010-03-25 Barroso at EP plenary session: financial stability and Greek situation not on EC’s formal agenda
2010-03-25 EU spring summit: Europe must decide on Greece now
2010-03-24 Eurogroup President: IMF could help Greece.
2010-03-23 Trichet on Greece and tougher economic governance
2010-03-19 Greek Prime Minister to MEPs: time to end "opportunistic speculation"
2010-03-17 MEP Sharon Bowles calls for consensus building as Commission report criticises UK recovery plans
2010-03-11 ECON Chair Sharon Bowles comments on proposed European Monetary Fund
2010-03-11 FT: Brussels ready to back Monetary Fund
2010-03-10 Darling: pointless to push Iceland too hard
2010-03-10 Barroso: the Commission is thinking of alternative ways to help Greece without a bail-out and tackling derivatives
2010-03-10 European Parliament - MEPs vote for stronger economic governance in the EU + Video
2010-03-04 ECB: statement on additional measures taken by Greek government
2010-02-25 ECON Committee: stronger European economic governance and tougher rules for Stability Pact
2010-02-24 European Liberal Leader calls for EP to investigate Greek debt crisis
2010-02-12 EU member states agree to support Greece with its debt crisis
2010-02-09 European Parliament - Greek Economic Crisis Statement + Video
2010-02-04 Commission assesses Greek Stability Programme - recommendations for correcting excessive budget deficit and improving competitiveness
2010-02-02 CRIS committee: workshop on impact of crisis on SMEs
2010-02-02 World Economic Forum debate: “A Roadmap out of the economic crisis”
2010-02-01 World Economic Forum: IMF Head urges caution on winding down economic stimulus
2010-01-29 World Economic Forum: Papandreou acknowledges Greece faces credibility gap
2010-01-28 World Economic Forum: Sarkozy calls for “new Bretton Woods”
2010-01-20 Greek Stability and Growth Programme update presented to EU Council
2010-01-20 Head of IMF warns of threats to recovery; stimulus is still required
2010-01-20 ECB and Commission launch assistance programme for supervision of EU candidates

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