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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2020 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2020-08-04 ECB: The macroeconomic impact of the pandemic and the policy response - Philip Lane blog
2020-07-15 ECB: Euro area bank lending survey
2020-07-07 Summer 2020 Economic Forecast: An even deeper recession with wider divergences
2020-05-28 Recommendations for Improving the Flow of Credit to SMEs Joint Statement SMEunited and EBF
2020-05-21 EURACTIV: Commission defends gradual return to fiscal discipline to avoid ‘mistakes’ of austerity
2020-05-12 The European Investment Advisory Hub: yet to achieve its full investment-boosting potential
2020-05-07 ECB Vice-President de Guindos to ECON:
2020-05-06 European Commission: Spring 2020 Economic Forecast: A deep and uneven recession, an uncertain recovery
2020-05-05 Vox - Garicano: Towards a European Reconstruction Fund
2020-05-05 Top MEP: Coronavirus recovery fund must include grants
2020-05-01 Business Europe: Ambitious recovery plan essential to avoid long-term scars to EU economy
2020-04-29 Vox: Maturity, seniority and size: Make sure the ESM’s pandemic crisis support is fit for purpose!
2020-04-28 Coronavirus Response: Commission adopts banking package to facilitate lending to households and businesses in the EU
2020-04-28 Spinelli Group: Duff - A Federal Europe: the way out of the crisis
2020-04-28 Politico: Thomas Piketty: Willing EU countries should spearhead fiscal union
2020-04-27 SAFE: Corona and Financial Stability 4.0: Implementing a European Pandemic Equity Fund
2020-04-27 ACCA: Covid-19 Global Survey: Covid-19 having significant impact on the world’s auditors
2020-04-26 FT - Munchau: How to think about the EU’s rescue fund
2020-04-26 Bloomberg: EU Recovery Fund Should Be Around $1.6 Trillion, Gentiloni Says
2020-04-24 Reuters Explainer: What we know of EU Commission's post-coronavirus economic recovery plan
2020-04-24 Conclusions of the President of the European Council 23 April 2020
2020-04-24 OECD: An Inclusive, Green Recovery is Possible: The Time to Act is Now
2020-04-24 Business Europe: EU solidarity and immediate cash availability is essential
2020-04-24 MEPs Garicano and Verhofstadt: Toward a European Reconstruction Fund
2020-04-24 EU fails to settle rifts over size and shape of ‘recovery fund’
2020-04-21 More ambition needed for EU recovery instruments, says majority of MEPs
2020-04-21 Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to 23 April EUCO + Recovery Plan
2020-04-21 Covid-19, Corona Bonds and “Kicking the can down the road”: Federal Trust
2020-04-21 Why we all need a joint European fiscal response: ECB's Panetta
2020-04-21 EURACTIV: EU Commission will propose ‘borrowing’ to finance recovery plan: Dombrovskis
2020-04-21 EURACTIV: ‘Coronabonds’ vs ‘Recovery bonds’: Where does Germany stand?
2020-04-20 Merkel backs EU bonds to fight coronavirus crisis
2020-04-20 Soros: The EU Should Issue Perpetual Bonds
2020-04-20 EURACTIV - Conte doubles down on demand for coronabonds
2020-04-17 IMF blog -- The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression
2020-04-16 MEPs Iratxe Garcia and Paul Tang: Coronabonds for a Europe of solidarity, not charity
2020-04-14 IMF Global Financial Stability Report: coronavirus poses 'serious threat' to financial stability
2020-04-14 Reuters: EU could finance 1.5 trillion euro recovery fund with bonds: Dombrovskis
2020-04-10 Vox: Monetisation: Do not panic
2020-04-09 Eurogroup report on the comprehensive economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic
2020-04-08 DG ECFIN policy round-up: Coronavirus - SURE proposal and mobilising all resources
2020-04-08 FT: Eurogroup fails to land deal on coronavirus economic response
2020-04-07 Euractiv: EU ministers to agree virus rescue plan, not ‘coronabonds’
2020-04-06 Preventing a Euro Crisis on Top of the Coronavirus Ordeal - Lorenzo Codogno
2020-04-06 EURACTIV: Spain and EU Commissioners call for common European debt instruments
2020-04-02 Q&A: Commission proposes SURE, a new temporary instrument worth up to €100 billion to help protect jobs and people in work
2020-03-25 Vox EU: COVID-19: A euro area safe asset and fiscal capacity are needed now
2020-03-25 IBTimes: EU finance ministers split on coronavirus rescue plan
2020-03-25 OECD: COVID-19: Joint actions to win the war
2020-03-25 Video conference of the Eurogroup
2020-03-24 City AM: Coronavirus sparks record collapse in Eurozone output
2020-03-24 ECB: Real-time weakness of the global economy: a first assessment of the coronavirus crisis
2020-03-24 Project Syndicate: A greater depression?
2020-03-23 Project Syndicate: This time truly is different
2020-03-23 POLITICO: Coronavirus could slash German economy by over 20 percent
2020-03-23 Federal Reserve announces extensive new measures to support the economy
2020-03-23 Paul Goldschmidt: European Union: the suspension of budgetary rules.
2020-03-23 Teleconference of economics and finance ministers
2020-03-23 Reuters: ECB's Costa calls for 'coronabonds' to prevent new euro debt crisis
2020-03-23 ECB: The state of play regarding the deepening agenda for Economic and Monetary Union
2020-03-21 Vox EU: Corporate debt burdens threaten economic recovery after COVID-19: Planning for debt restructuring should start now
2020-03-21 Vox EU: A proposal for a Covid Credit Line
2020-03-21 ECB's Schnabel: Interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
2020-03-20 ECB's De Guindos: Interview with Telediario 2, Televisión Española
2020-03-19 PIIE: Italy, the ECB, and the need to avoid another euro crisis
2020-03-19 LSE: Coronavirus crisis: There is no way back to business as usual in the EU
2020-03-18 Financial Times: Italy’s struggle with coronavirus threatens all of the eurozone
2020-03-18 Financial Times: Eurozone stability is under threat again
2020-03-18 ECB announces €750 billion Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP)
2020-03-18 ECB announces €750 billion Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP)
2020-03-16 Council of the EU: Statement on COVID-19 economic policy response
2020-03-16 Main results - Eurogroup (including full statement on COVID 19 economic policy response)
2020-03-13 COVID-19: Commission sets out European coordinated response to counter the economic impact of the Coronavirus
2020-03-13 Paul Goldschmidt: Covid19: Globalization in question?
2020-03-12 Jacques Delors Centre: Corona: A European safety net for the fiscal response
2020-03-12 Bruegel: An effective economic response to the Coronavirus in Europe
2020-03-12 UNCTAD: The coronavirus shock: a story of another global crisis foretold and what policymakers should be doing about it
2020-03-11 IMF: Limiting the economic fallout of the coronavirus with large targeted policies
2020-03-11 Bank of England measures to respond to the economic shock from Covid-19
2020-03-10 Coronavirus crisis: “Commission will use all the tools at its disposal to make sure the European economy weathers the storm”
2020-03-10 The Guardian: An Italian financial crisis is certain – the big question is how contagious it is
2020-02-28 Main results - Competitiveness Council
2020-02-23 BIS: Philip R Lane: The monetary policy toolbox - evidence from the euro area
2020-02-21 New Europe: ECB upbeat about Eurozone growth
2020-02-21 EurActiv: EU leaders fail to agree on first post-Brexit budget as divisions grow
2020-02-19 Financial Times: Eurozone weakness is a test for post-crisis policy
2020-02-19 BBC: German economy barely grows at end of 2019
2020-02-19 IMF: Finding solid footing for the global economy
2020-02-19 EurActiv: Pressure mounts on EU leaders to reach MFF deal within days
2020-02-19 ACCA and IMA publish report highlighting long-term global economic issues
2020-02-18 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2020-02-17 Main results - Eurogroup
2020-02-14 EurActiv: Michel offers flexible EU budget to convince sceptics
2020-02-14 EurActiv: Time for a stronger and more sustainable Economic and Monetary Union
2020-02-13 European Economic Forecast. Winter 2020
2020-02-13 Kurier: Austria's potential veto
2020-02-12 G20 task force loses confidence in IMF
2020-02-12 European Parliament: ECB policy is working, but new challenges need new responses
2020-02-11 BIS: Ignazio Visco: The economic outlook, the challenges for the financial system and for regulators
2020-02-10 ECB seeks feedback on amendments to the Regulation on monetary financial institution balance sheet statistics
2020-02-06 ECB's Lagarde: Hearing at the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2020-02-06 ECB: Economic Bulletin
2020-02-05 Commission presents review of EU economic governance and launches debate on its future
2020-02-04 New Europe: What kind of great power can Europe become?
2020-02-04 BIS: Jens Weidman: Change and continuity
2020-01-31 Bruegel: The US-China trade agreement will not put an end to geopolitical risks
2020-01-31 Project Syndicate: What the European Central Bank’s strategy review must do
2020-01-26 Global Research: Prospects for China-US Relations After “Phase 1 Trade Deal”
2020-01-24 City AM: German economy picks up pace while Eurozone growth stagnates
2020-01-24 Trade: EU and 16 WTO members agree to work together on an interim appeal arbitration arrangement
2020-01-24 European Commission: Debt sustainability monitor 2019
2020-01-23 Financial Times: ECB kicks off policy battle as Christine Lagarde launches strategic review
2020-01-23 ECB launches review of its monetary policy strategy
2020-01-23 ECB: Christine Lagarde: How can a united Europe meet the challenges it faces today?
2020-01-22 POLITICO: Von der Leyen: Trade deal with America ‘in a few weeks’
2020-01-21 New Europe: EU-US tensions could impact global growth, says IMF
2020-01-21 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2020-01-20 Main results - Eurogroup
2020-01-18 City AM: IMF warns growing inequality could cause a new financial crisis
2020-01-17 POLITICO: EU trade chief: Effort to ease tensions with US off to ‘good start’
2020-01-16 ECB's Lagarde: Frankfurt and Europe in a new decade
2020-01-12 Vox EU: Riding through the storm: Lessons and policy implications for policymaking in EMU
2020-01-09 ECB: Christine Lagarde: Interview with “Challenges” magazine
2020-01-09 Bank of England: Mark Carney speech: A framework for all seasons?
2020-01-09 LSE: Taking stock of Christine Lagarde’s challenges at the ECB

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