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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2013 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2013-12-31 Jean Pisani-Ferry: The eurozone's crossroad
2013-12-31 IMF/Reinhart & Rogoff: Financial and sovereign debt crises - Some lessons learned and those forgotten
2013-12-29 Simon Nixon: Eurozone rode the shock waves in 2013
2013-12-26 IMF Working Paper: Macro-economic Effects of Sovereign Restructuring in a Monetary Union - A Model-based Approach
2013-12-20 EU Chief Negotiator says EU-US trade deal not about deregulation, as third round of talks end in Washington
2013-12-20 European Council Conclusions: Economic and Social Policy / EMU / Banking Union
2013-12-20 Paul N Goldschmidt: Downgrade of the EU's rating - Incoherence or incompetence?
2013-12-20 EUobserver: S&P downgrades EU's rating
2013-12-20 EUobserver: Merkel's reform contracts pushed back until October
2013-12-19 Remarks by President van Rompuy following the first session of the European Council
2013-12-16 ECFIN Economic Paper: EU governance and funds - testing the effectiveness of EU funds in a sound macro-economic framework
2013-12-16 WSJ: US and EU dive into divisive trade topic - Your rules versus ours
2013-12-12 Fitch: Recovery taking hold but risks to global sovereign outlook remain
2013-12-10 IMF/Lagarde: Outlook for Europe - Boosting growth and employment
2013-12-10 ECOFIN Council results: Macro-economic imbalances / AMR / AGS / Economic partnership programmes
2013-12-10 BDI/MEDEF: Strengthening the European monetary union - A call to the European Council
2013-12-09 EIM Economic - November 2013
2013-12-05 OECD: Improved multi-level governance key to tackling widening regional inequalities and ensuring inclusive recovery
2013-12-04 VP Rehn: The recovery of the European economy
2013-12-03 VP Rehn: Reform and recovery of the European and global economy
2013-12-03 VP Rehn: Consolidating the return to growth
2013-12-02 Competitiveness Council: Conclusions on Single Market policy
2013-12-02 Council adopts the multiannual financial framework 2014-2020
2013-11-26 Commissioner Andor: A Social Maastricht – A stronger social base for a more competitive EMU
2013-11-26 EU's Financial Report 2012: EU budget increasingly an investment tool in the EU
2013-11-26 ECB/Mersch: Economic and legal limits of central banking
2013-11-26 Rehn to go head-to-head with S&Ds on saving Europe's economy
2013-11-22 Remarks by President Dijsselbloem / VP Rehn at the press conference following the meeting of the Eurogroup
2013-11-22 Eurogroup welcomes first round of new budgetary coordination process
2013-11-21 ECON/EMPL Committees: Commission beset by critics of Annual Growth Survey
2013-11-21 ECB/Draghi: Strategies for more growth
2013-11-20 Plenary Session: Parliament approves EU's 2014 budget and plugs 2013 payment gaps
2013-11-20 Joergen Oerstroem Moeller: Eurozone policies are working
2013-11-20 VP Šefčovič: "Commission work programme 2014"
2013-11-20 EBF Economic Outlook on the euro area 2013/14
2013-11-19 Global economy recovering at moderate pace but more risks ahead, says OECD
2013-11-19 Lithuanian Presidency: Sustained economic recovery is main priority during fourth cycle of European Semester
2013-11-19 Plenary Session: EP approves EU's long-term budget (MFF) 2014-2020
2013-11-19 ECOFIN Council/BUDG Committee approve agreement on 2014 EU budget
2013-11-19 Martin Schulz: Only with fresh budget ideas can the EU meet the challenges it faces
2013-11-18 Eurozone trade picture remains weak despite surplus widening in September
2013-11-15 European Commission: Europe's budgetary surveillance moves into full gear
2013-11-13 President Barroso / VP Rehn: Statements on the European Semester 2014
2013-11-13 Third Alert Mechanism Report on macro-economic imbalances in EU Member States
2013-11-13 European Semester 2014: Strengthening the recovery (Annual Growth Survey)
2013-11-12 Composite leading indicators continue to signal improvements in growth in most major OECD economies
2013-11-12 European Semester 2014: Commission previews economy and budgets package
2013-11-12 European Commission: Agreement on EU budget 2014
2013-11-11 Regional Economic Prospects in EBRD Countries of Operations - Weak growth despite eurozone pick-up
2013-11-09 President van Rompuy: Post-wall Europe
2013-11-07 Commissioner Barnier: Restoring confidence in the EU
2013-11-07 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: Austerity and stupidity
2013-11-06 EU financial management needs to be improved, warns ECA president
2013-11-05 VP Rehn: European Growth Map for 2014
2013-11-05 EIM Economic October 2013
2013-11-05 ECON Committee: MEPs incensed over Troika crisis management
2013-11-05 European Commission Autumn 2013 economic forecast: Gradual recovery, external risks
2013-11-05 Lithuanian Presidency: Conciliation Committee takes first steps in negotiations on 2014 EU budget
2013-11-03 Wolfgang Münchau: Worry about the euro, not the European Union
2013-10-31 Jean Pisani-Ferry: Europe's elusive growth consensus
2013-10-31 Enrico Letta: A genuine EMU will require some degree of risk-sharing
2013-10-30 Additional funds for 2013 budget formally approved by the Council
2013-10-30 VP Reding: EU needs finance minister
2013-10-30 US Treasury Department: Report to Congress on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies
2013-10-29 Dijsselbloem says budget extensions should be tied to reform
2013-10-28 Reuters analysis: Convalescent eurozone seeks to escape debt overhang
2013-10-28 ECB/Cœuré: The road ahead for the euro area
2013-10-27 Wolfgang Münchau: Optimism about an end to the euro crisis is wrong
2013-10-25 European Council Conclusions: Regulatory fitness
2013-10-24 José Manuel Barroso: We are determined to make EU laws more business-friendly
2013-10-24 Tripartite Social Summit: EU leaders and social partners agree on stronger social dimension in the EU
2013-10-24 Plenary Session: Parliament votes urgent €2.7 billion amending budget to close resources gap
2013-10-23 Plenary Session: EU economic and budget coordination must improve, say MEPs
2013-10-23 Plenary Session: Budget 2014 - Parliament reverses Council cuts in research and jobs expenditure
2013-10-23 ECOFIN Council: Start of the conciliation talks on the EU budget 2014
2013-10-22 Commission adopts Work Programme for 2014 - A year of delivery and implementation
2013-10-22 Budgets Committee votes urgent €2.7 billion amending budget to avert 'shutdown'
2013-10-21 Interparliamentary Conference held in Vilnius discussed post-crisis economic governance in the EU
2013-10-21 ECFIN Economic Paper: Fiscal consolidations and spillovers in the euro area periphery and core
2013-10-21 Merkel demands EU Treaty change to give Commission control over national budgets
2013-10-18 EP: EU best placed to regulate banks, says Eurobarometer poll
2013-10-18 Commissioner Andor: Sound social dialogue is vital for the future of the European economic and social model
2013-10-18 European Commission: EU and Canada conclude negotiations on trade deal
2013-10-17 Fitch: Eurozone fiscal governance progresses, challenges remain
2013-10-17 Simon Wren-Lewis: How not to run fiscal policy - More lessons from the eurozone
2013-10-17 Commissioner Šemeta: Economic governance after the crisis in the EU
2013-10-16 EP: 2014 budget - Disputes over cuts and unpaid bills explained
2013-10-15 ECOFIN Council results: EMU / European Semester
2013-10-15 VP Rehn's remarks at the ECOFIN Council
2013-10-14 Council agrees additional funds for 2013 budget
2013-10-14 Commissioner Barnier: The new EU budget calendar
2013-10-11 DG ECFIN: Quarterly report on the euro area
2013-10-11 2013 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings: Policy action needed to spur faster, more balanced recovery / No more business as usual
2013-10-10 Presidents Van Rompuy/Barroso: Statements at the conference on restoring socio-economic convergence in Europe
2013-10-10 ECB/Draghi: The euro area economy - Current prospects 
and challenges ahead
2013-10-10 Commissioner De Gucht: TTIP – Solving the regulatory puzzle
2013-10-09 ECB/Cœuré: The economic consequences of low interest rates
2013-10-09 Dijsselbloem, Rehn, Asmussen, Regling & Hoyer: Europe's crisis response is showing results
2013-10-08 Global growth patterns shifting, says IMF WEO
2013-10-03 EIM Economic September 2013
2013-10-03 EU budget 2014: Growth, jobs and humanitarian aid cuts reversed
2013-10-02 The future of the EMU: Commission proposes ideas to deepen social integration
2013-10-01 ECON Committee: Still much room to improve the European semester, say MEPs
2013-10-01 IMF's 2013 Annual Report: Promoting a More Secure and Stable Global Economy
2013-10-01 VP Rehn: Building Europe's recovery, rebuilding its monetary union
2013-09-30 ECFIN Economic Paper: Effects of fiscal consolidation envisaged in the 2013 SCPs on public debt dynamics in EU Member States
2013-09-30 Regulatory issues top the agenda of second round of EU-US trade deal negotiations
2013-09-30 EP study: The European Dimension in the National Reform Programmes and the Stability and Convergence Programmes
2013-09-26 Reuters: New era as Brussels tightens its grip on budget miscreants
2013-09-25 ECON Committee: Alternatives to austerity would be even more painful, warns ESM chief Klaus Regling
2013-09-24 EU balks at rule change that could ease austerity
2013-09-23 Reuters: Rehn says Europe must press ahead with economic reforms
2013-09-23 Commissioner De Gucht: Team Europe - What we need for a successful TTIP
2013-09-19 WSJ: Austerity seen easing with change to EU budget policy
2013-09-18 EP: European Semester - How to improve the EU coordination of economic policies
2013-09-18 European Commission: 2014 draft budget - Update in favour of students, businesses, research and to support Cyprus
2013-09-17 BFM/Schäuble: Ignore the doomsayers - Europe is being fixed
2013-09-12 Buti/Padoan: How to make Europe's incipient recovery durable - End policy uncertainty
2013-09-11 President Barroso: State of the Union address 2013
2013-09-11 EP: Voting on MFF 2014-2020 postponed, conditions not met
2013-09-10 Lithuanian Presidency: Council of the EU presented 2014 budget priorities to the EP
2013-09-04 Barnier: The time for self-regulation and deregulation has come to an end
2013-09-03 OECD: Advanced economies growing again but some emerging economies slowing
2013-09-02 Council adopts position on 2014 EU budget
2013-08-30 TT: VP Rehn warns against complacency
2013-08-29 VP Rehn: The conditions for new growth in Europe
2013-08-26 Bundesbank/Weidmann: The crisis is not over
2013-08-26 Bundesbank/Dombret: The European sovereign debt crisis – Past, present and future
2013-08-26 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Striving for a stable framework for monetary union - An old debate revisited
2013-08-14 VP Rehn's blog: Recovery is within reach
2013-08-08 ECB: Corporate finance and economic activity in the euro area – Structural issues report 2013
2013-07-24 Fighting fraud: Annual report underlines need for strong measures to protect EU budget
2013-07-22 FT: Schäuble keeps quiet on mounting cost to Germany of Europe's woes
2013-07-20 Declaration of Mallorca: Successful completion of the conference on the future of the EU
2013-07-19 Statement by VP Rehn ahead of the G20 Finance Ministers' and Central Bank Governors' meeting in Moscow
2013-07-18 DG ECFIN: 2013 Report on Public finances in EMU
2013-07-18 Council agrees position on 2014 EU budget
2013-07-18 Reuters: Troika of IMF, ECB and EU Commission remains essential - Rehn
2013-07-17 SZ: Euro area countries learning the hard way
2013-07-16 Lithuanian Presidency reaches Council agreement on EU annual budget for 2014
2013-07-11 Bertelsmann Stiftung: The EU can save billions
2013-07-11 ECB/Cœuré: Reviving credit growth in the euro area
2013-07-10 ECOFIN Council concludes this year's coordination of economic & fiscal policies during the European Semester
2013-07-09 ECOFIN Council issues country-specific recommendations on economic and employment policies
2013-07-09 Main results of the ECOFIN Council
2013-07-09 ECOFIN Council results on Economic Governance - Two-pack
2013-07-08 Remarks by VP Rehn at the Eurogroup press conference
2013-07-05 Deutsche Bank: Will reform treaties enhance the prospects of the euro area?
2013-07-04 ECB/Draghi: Introductory statement to the press conference on eurozone recovery
2013-07-03 Plenary Session: EU budget - Parliament accepts negotiated MFF 2014-2020 package
2013-07-03 Statement by President Barroso on the TTIP
2013-07-03 MFF: "Nothing is agreed unless everything is agreed", warn S&D Euro MPs
2013-07-02 ECB Review: The international role of the euro
2013-07-02 Commission clarifies rules on public investment for growth
2013-07-01 Lithuania moves to EU helm as agreement found on seven-year budget
2013-07-01 VP Rehn: Moving Europe out of the crisis
2013-06-28 Council approves MFF agreement
2013-06-27 DG ECFIN: Quarterly report on the euro area - June 2013
2013-06-27 Irish Presidency brokers political agreement on EU €960 billion budget
2013-06-26 Commission adopts its third Evaluation Report under Art 318 of the TFEU
2013-06-26 2014 draft EU budget: Commission tables proposal in tune with today's Europe
2013-06-25 ECB/Cœuré: Duration risk in the financial system
2013-06-25 FT: ECB needs timely response to Fed tapering
2013-06-25 Reuters: Stark says Europe should put integration on hold for five years
2013-06-23 Reuters: ECB's Weidmann warns 'don't count on low rates forever'
2013-06-23 ECB/Asmussen: The global crisis - Lessons for international policy cooperation
2013-06-21 Excessive deficit procedure: ECOFIN Council extends deadlines for Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia
2013-06-21 ECOFIN Council: Country-specific recommendations on economic and fiscal policies
2013-06-21 ECOFIN Council closes excessive deficit procedures for Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania
2013-06-20 ECFIN report on the Brussels Economic Forum 2013
2013-06-20 ESRB publishes recommendation on intermediate objectives and instruments for macro-prudential policy in EU countries
2013-06-19 Keynote speech by VP Rehn at the Brussels Economic Forum
2013-06-19 Deutsche Bank: Is the high level of uncertainty in the euro area finally receding?
2013-06-19 Tánaiste concludes negotiations on EU’s €960 billion budget
2013-06-18 Joint statement by Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso after G8 Summit
2013-06-18 ECB/Draghi: Opening remarks at the session "Rethinking the Limitations of Monetary Policy"
2013-06-18 ECON Committee: Country-specific recommendations - Yes to breathing space, no to austerity theory
2013-06-18 G8 Lough Erne Declaration
2013-06-17 DG ECFIN Occasional Paper: The 2013 Stability and Convergence Programmes - An Overview
2013-06-17 Presidents Barroso and Obama announce launch of TTIP negotiations
2013-06-17 G8 leaders work on improving trade
2013-06-14 The European Union at the G8 summit in Lough Erne on 17-18 June 2013
2013-06-14 ECFIN Economic Brief: Securing European competitiveness in a global perspective
2013-06-14 Council gives green light to launch free-trade talks with the United States
2013-06-13 EP group leaders remind Council of elements needed for multi-annual budget deal
2013-06-13 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Crisis economics - The crisis as a challenge for economists
2013-06-13 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with OECD Secretary General Gurría
2013-06-12 President Barroso calls for a European consensus to restore confidence
2013-06-11 EP: MFF 2014-2020 - Urgent progress needed for deal under Irish Presidency
2013-06-10 President Barroso: Strengthening the EU's economic partnership with the world (G8 summit)
2013-06-10 Reuters: Euro bailout Troika nears end of road with patchy record
2013-06-10 ECB/Cœuré: Monetary policy in a fragmented world
2013-06-07 European Commission: New rules to safeguard high quality, comparable statistics for the Macro-economic Imbalance Procedure
2013-06-06 President Barroso: Cooperation at all levels needed to overcome the crisis
2013-06-06 WSJ: Austerity isn't Europe's only burden
2013-06-03 ECB/Draghi: Strengthening financial resilience
2013-06-02 Reuters: Merkel reins in plan to transfer powers to Brussels
2013-05-31 The Two-Pack on economic governance: Establishing an EU framework for dealing with threats to financial stability in euro area Member States
2013-05-30 Bundesregierung: France and Germany – Together for a stronger Europe of stability and growth
2013-05-29 European Commission: Moving Europe beyond the crisis - Country-Specific Recommendations 2013
2013-05-29 Statement by President Barroso on the Country-Specific Recommendations package 2013
2013-05-29 Commission takes steps under the Excessive Deficit Procedure
2013-05-29 VP Rehn: Press speaking points at the European Semester press conference
2013-05-29 BoE/Bean: Rebalancing
2013-05-29 Global economy advancing but pace of recovery varies, says OECD Economic Outlook
2013-05-28 EUobserver: National parliaments eclipsed by EU powers
2013-05-27 European Commission: Two-Pack enters into force, completing budgetary surveillance cycle and further improving euro area economic governance
2013-05-27 Spiegel: Austerity about-face - German government to gamble on stimulus
2013-05-23 ECB/Constâncio: The European crisis and the role of the financial system
2013-05-23 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Opportunities and challenges arising from the crisis in the euro area
2013-05-23 Plenary Session: Solidarity and democracy must also be part of deeper economic governance
2013-05-23 Bloomberg: European leaders saying no to austerity
2013-05-22 VP Rehn: Social pillar of EMU – Commission statement in the EP
2013-05-21 Results of the General Affairs Council on the MFF
2013-05-16 BUDG Committee: State of play on EU long-term budget negotiations and current budget shortfalls
2013-05-16 FT: François Hollande goes on 'offensive' over stalled EU economy
2013-05-14 Council agrees additional funds for 2013 budget
2013-05-13 VP Rehn's blog: Reflections from Buckinghamshire
2013-05-13 Bloomberg: Europe tries to boost economy after pressure from US
2013-05-13 Economic governance: Council adopts "two-pack"
2013-05-11 Schäuble: Eurozone crisis no longer main risk to global economy
2013-05-10 Bloomberg: Schäuble signals support for easier European austerity
2013-05-10 EBRD calls for urgent structural reforms as growth slumps
2013-05-09 Speech by President Barroso at the State of the Union conference: Restoring confidence
2013-05-07 President Barroso urges EU to "seize the initiative" in debate on future Economic and Monetary Union
2013-05-07 VP Rehn: The future of EMU - Deepening the debate
2013-05-06 Bloomberg: Euro can grow to 25 states in next years in Finnish scenario
2013-05-03 Spring 2013 forecast: The EU economy – Slowly recovering from a protracted recession
2013-05-03 VP Rehn: Spring Forecast - Slowly recovering from a protracted recession
2013-04-30 ECFIN Economic Brief: The composition of fiscal adjustments - Some principles
2013-04-30 ECFIN Economic Brief: The Future of EMU
2013-04-30 ECFIN Economic Brief: Economic growth perspectives for Europe
2013-04-26 VP Rehn blog: Of perception gaps and financing traps
2013-04-26 ECON Committee/Sharon Bowles: Cyprus bailout shows need for better oversight
2013-04-24 Bloomberg: Germany signals austerity leeway in budget-rule flexibility
2013-04-24 FT: Merkel pressed to ease up on austerity
2013-04-23 Hearing on the European Semester held by the Bundestag's Committee on the Affairs of the European Union
2013-04-22 President Barroso reiterates the need to move towards a federation of nation states
2013-04-22 VP Rehn: Growth and deeper integration in Europe
2013-04-22 Closing keynote speech at the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue by President Van Rompuy
2013-04-20 ECB/Asmussen: Eurozone cross-fire: the way out of economic recession - Assessment of a realist and a response to idealists and cynics
2013-04-19 Europe's recovery from the debt crisis: Commission estimates overall budget deficit for eurozone at below 3 per cent of GDP by end 2013
2013-04-17 WSJ: Weidmann - Europe recovery could take a decade
2013-04-16 Bundesbank/Dombret: Independent guardian
2013-04-16 Jyrki Katainen: We need deeper EU integration that is fair to all Member States
2013-04-12 President Barroso calls for a transatlantic economic alliance - "A new era of good feelings"
2013-04-11 DG ECFIN: Indebtedness, Deleveraging Dynamics and Macro-economic Adjustment
2013-04-11 ECB/Cœuré: SME financing, market innovation and regulation
2013-04-11 IMF: Extended period of low interest rates can rekindle financial risks
2013-04-11 Deutsche Bank: Do all roads lead to fiscal union?
2013-04-10 Speaking points by VP Rehn on the in-depth reviews of macro-economic imbalances in 13 Member States
2013-04-10 Commission concludes in-depth reviews of macro-economic imbalances in 13 Member States
2013-04-10 European Commission: Beyond the six pack and two pack - Economic governance explained
2013-04-04 President Barroso meets Austrian President Faymann and confirms SRM will be proposed by summer
2013-04-04 Stability is the foundation for growth and jobs, says President Barroso on visit to Austria
2013-03-29 Spiegel: Bail-in blues - Luxembourg warns of investor flight from Europe
2013-03-27 DG ECFIN: Quarterly report on the euro area
2013-03-21 European Commission: Next steps for closer economic union
2013-03-20 Commission sets out next steps towards a deep and genuine Economic and Monetary Union
2013-03-20 European Commission: Towards a Deep and Genuine EMU - Ex ante coordination of plans for major economic policy reforms
2013-03-20 ECB/Asmussen: Is Europe on the right track?
2013-03-19 OECD: France must do more to boost competitiveness and create jobs
2013-03-18 Estonia—2013 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement of the IMF Mission
2013-03-18 President Barroso discusses competitiveness with Chancellor Merkel, President Hollande and business leaders
2013-03-15 EUobserver: EU leaders - Growth 'cannot be summoned' at will
2013-03-15 President Barroso: Statement following the final session of the European Council
2013-03-14 President Barroso welcomes endorsement by European Council of EU key economic priorities for 2013
2013-03-14 EUobserver: EU summit unlikely to change austerity drive
2013-03-13 ECFIN Economic Brief: The debate on fiscal policy in Europe - Beyond the austerity myth
2013-03-13 Speech by President Barroso on the forthcoming European Council on 14-15 March 2013
2013-03-13 Plenary Session: Long-term EU budget negotiations - EP sets out its stance
2013-03-13 German Government sets milestone in fiscal policy
2013-03-12 Declaration by VP Rehn on the occasion of the EP's plenary vote on the Two-Pack
2013-03-12 'Two-Pack' completes budgetary surveillance cycle for euro area and further improves economic governance
2013-03-12 Reuters: Rehn hits back at critics of EU austerity policies
2013-03-12 Hungary in focus: Stability, predictability and increasing confidence
2013-03-12 Latvian Minister of Finance: Year 2012 was excellent for the economy of Latvia
2013-03-12 NYT: German central bank doubles reserves
2013-03-12 FT: Bundesbank warns Paris on deficit target
2013-03-11 Letter from President Barroso to the Members of the European Council
2013-03-11 Estonia: A deterioration in the external balance is to be expected in the recovery from the crisis
2013-03-11 European Semester: Council concludes EU's economic policy priorities for 2013
2013-03-10 FT: Battle looms over Netherlands budget cuts
2013-03-09 Finland: Finance Minister favours mix of cuts and taxes
2013-03-08 Legal transposition of the Fiscal Compact in Germany: Postponed, but not cancelled
2013-03-08 VP Rehn: European Semester – Stable public finances and sustainable economic growth
2013-03-07 Speech by President Barroso: "Europe 2020 - A blueprint for the post-crisis world"
2013-03-05 Bloomberg: EU opens way for easier budgets after austerity backlash
2013-03-05 Incoming Hungarian Minister of National Economy Mihály Varga outlines economic policy cornerstones
2013-03-05 Main results of the ECOFIN Council: European Semester / EMU / Two-Pack
2013-03-05 European Commission: Latvia and the euro
2013-03-05 VP Rehn's remarks at the ECOFIN press conference
2013-03-04 Reuters: Latvia decides to apply for eurozone entry
2013-03-03 FT: Dutch unions attack fresh austerity plan
2013-03-01 FT: German opposition forces fiscal pact delay
2013-02-28 VP Rehn: Deeper Integration in the eurozone and Britain's place in Europe
2013-02-28 ECFIN Economic Brief: European prosperity reloaded - An optimistic glance at EMU@20
2013-02-28 ECB Occasional Paper: The mutating euro area crisis - Is the balance between "sceptics" and "advocates" shifting?
2013-02-28 Economic governance: Council confirms agreement with EP on "Two-Pack"
2013-02-28 EIB to increase lending for growth and jobs in Europe
2013-02-27 ECB/Praet: Economic adjustment in the euro area
2013-02-27 ECB/Draghi: The policy and the role of the European Central Bank during the crisis in the euro area
2013-02-26 EP: Latvia set to join the euro - "We want to participate and solve the problems together"
2013-02-26 Reuters: EU's Barroso urges leaders to stick to austerity goals
2013-02-26 Poland should meet euro adoption criteria by 2015
2013-02-25 VP Rehn: The future evolution of the Economic and Monetary Union
2013-02-25 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Fiscal and monetary policy - Dancing too close?
2013-02-25 Schäuble: I won't let myself be pressured on time
2013-02-22 Moody's downgrades UK's government bond rating to Aa1 from Aaa; outlook is now stable
2013-02-22 European Commission Winter forecast 2012-14: Gradually overcoming headwinds
2013-02-21 This EU budget has a sense of proportion, says German Chancellor
2013-02-20 Joint statement by President Barroso and VP Rehn on the trilogue agreement on the two-pack legislation
2013-02-20 VP Šefčovič: 'Confronting the crisis - New vision for Europe'
2013-02-20 Reuters: Core problem for Europe as France, Germany drift apart
2013-02-19 VP Rehn: 10 years on, where is the euro headed? The economic and political future of the European Union
2013-02-19 FT: Euro fiscal union undermines EU
2013-02-19 WSJ: Weak growth strikes a blow to French deficit goals
2013-02-19 Competitiveness Council: Main results
2013-02-19 Conference at the Saeima on the introduction of the euro in Latvia
2013-02-18 Bundesbank: The current economic situation in Germany
2013-02-18 Van Rompuy urges Council/EP to conclude MFF swiftly
2013-02-18 FSA/Lord Turner: Global financial and eurozone reform - Five questions on a common theme
2013-02-18 President Barroso: Developing strategic thinking in the EU - Global trends 2030
2013-02-18 President Barroso: There can be no agreement on the multiannual budget without the EP
2013-02-17 WSJ: German recovery hinges on eurozone
2013-02-17 Reuters: Asmussen says eurozone in better shape than 12 months ago
2013-02-15 ECB/Draghi: G20 priorities 
under the Russian Presidency
2013-02-15 EESC: Europe on the road to recovery?
2013-02-14 Henk Kamp: The State of the Economy
2013-02-13 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Crisis management and regulatory policy
2013-02-13 Bloomberg: King says Britain faces bout of inflation as growth stays weak
2013-02-13 Letter from VP Rehn to ECOFIN ministers on fiscal policies and growth in Europe
2013-02-12 Europe's crisis measures: A view from the European Parliament
2013-02-12 ECOFIN Council conclusions on the Annual Growth Survey 2013
2013-02-12 European Commission: General Report on the Activities of the European Union 2012
2013-02-12 ECOFIN Council conclusions on Budget guidelines for 2014
2013-02-12 ECB/Draghi: Introductory Statement at the Congreso de los Diputados de España
2013-02-12 WSJ: French hint at lower growth forecasts
2013-02-11 IMF: Republic of Lithuania—Concluding Statement for the 2013 Article IV Consultation
2013-02-11 Remarks by VP Rehn at Eurogroup press conference
2013-02-11 Agreement on EU multiannual budget 2014-20
2013-02-09 Reuters: EU's Rehn wants closer currency coordination
2013-02-08 European Council Conclusions: Multiannual Financial Framework
2013-02-07 Plenary Session: Commission can do better on economic coordination, say MEPs
2013-02-07 FT: Draghi move fuels currency war fears
2013-02-06 FSA/Lord Turner: Debt, money and Mephistopheles - How do we get out of this mess?
2013-02-06 EUobserver: Germany shoots down Hollande's exchange rate plea
2013-02-06 OECD: UK - Boosting growth and tackling inequality are key to recovery
2013-02-06 Seimas decision on the Roadmap for the Completion of the Economic and Monetary Union
2013-02-05 Alexander Stubb: We must build bridges between euro-ins and euro-outs
2013-02-05 FT: Hollande calls for managed exchange rate
2013-02-05 VP Rehn: Remarks on the Annual Growth Survey
2013-02-05 President Van Rompuy on the Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations
2013-02-04 President Barroso writes to European Council on contribution of trade to growth and jobs
2013-02-01 Commissioner Barnier: The Single Market - Europe's path to growth and jobs
2013-01-31 Regional Economic Prospects in EBRD Countries of Operations: January 2013
2013-01-30 ECON Committee: "Parliaments should be given more control over EU's budget recommendations"
2013-01-30 President Barroso/VP Rehn: Speeches at the week on the European Semester for economic policy coordination
2013-01-30 President Van Rompuy: Address at the concluding plenary session of the EP week on the European Semester
2013-01-30 Committees focus on European Semester - Closer economic coordination calls for more democratic control
2013-01-30 EP: How being in the EU for 40 years has changed Denmark, Ireland and the UK
2013-01-29 ECON Committee: Parliaments must control European Semester
2013-01-28 VP Šefčovič: "The future of Europe - Towards a genuine Economic and Monetary Union"
2013-01-27 Schulz/Barroso congratulate Miloš Zeman on winning Czech Presidential elections
2013-01-24 Chancellor Merkel: Taking the best as an example
2013-01-22 ECB/Draghi: The most urgent project – financial union – is now taking tangible shape
2013-01-22 Reuters: No respite for eurozone in long rebalancing slog
2013-01-22 WSJ: Polish President wants delay in euro decision
2013-01-22 ECOFIN Council results: European Semester - Annual Growth Survey
2013-01-22 Federal Government: "We must retain our curiosity about our neighbours"
2013-01-21 HoC European Scrutiny Committee report on Economic and Monetary Union
2013-01-21 ECB/Cœuré: The three dimensions of the euro area crisis
2013-01-18 IMF Executive Board approves new two-year US$33.8 billion flexible credit line arrangement for Poland
2013-01-17 Bloomberg: Euro area seen stalling as Draghi's pessimism shared
2013-01-16 President Barroso: Welcoming the Irish Presidency priorities
2013-01-16 Anders Borg: Perspectives on the European crises from a small open economy
2013-01-15 World Bank Global Economic Prospects: January 2013 - Assuring growth over the medium term
2013-01-14 Bloomberg: Euro leaders declaring worst is over turn to economy woes
2013-01-12 ECB/Constâncio: The global financial crisis – Five years on
2013-01-11 VP Rehn: Reforming Europe, beating the crisis
2013-01-11 VP Almunia: Doing more with less – State aid reform in times of austerity: Supporting growth amid fiscal constraints
2013-01-10 FT: ECB hails financial market normalisation
2013-01-09 Bloomberg: Merkel economy shows neglect as sick man concern returns
2013-01-09 Reuters: How Mario Draghi is reshaping Europe's central bank
2013-01-08 How the Irish Presidency plans to deliver stability, jobs and growth
2013-01-08 BCC forecasts modest UK recovery in 2013 as confidence rises
2013-01-07 Bloomberg: Draghi seeks extended calm in 2013 on fading euro economy
2013-01-07 President Barroso: European political union is essential to maintain and consolidate EMU
2013-01-06 WSJ: A dire showing from a dismal bunch
2013-01-04 Pierre Moscovici: A year of reckoning for France and Europe
2013-01-03 Speech by President Barroso: "Europe as solution: Facts and myths"

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