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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2015 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2015-12-29 ECB's Mersch: Interview with International Bankers Forum
2015-12-21 Fondation Robert Schuman: The impact of China's economic situation on Europe
2015-12-18 Bruegel: Non-performing loans in Italy and selected European countries
2015-12-17 Agreement on Commission's EU data protection reform will boost Digital Single Market
2015-12-15 Speech by President Juncker at the European Parliament Plenary session on the Economic and Monetary Union
2015-12-08 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2015-12-07 Financial Times: Why ECB’s quantitative easing won’t work and how it can be fixed
2015-12-07 European Council: Remarks by Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting
2015-12-07 ECB introduces changes to euro foreign exchange reference rates
2015-12-06 December 2015 BIS Quarterly Review: Uneasy calm awaiting lift-off
2015-12-03 Voxeu: Distributional consequences of asset price inflation in the Eurozone
2015-12-03 ECB Monetary policy decisions
2015-12-02 Bloomberg: QE may give market twitches in 2016 as euro-area bond sales ebb
2015-12-02 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area
2015-11-30 Bank of England and HM Treasury announce extension to the Funding for Lending Scheme
2015-11-30 City A.M.: Mario Draghi to boost Eurozone asset purchases
2015-11-27 EurActiv: Italy, France and Belgium warned over high debt, low growth
2015-11-27 Reuters: Adding municipal debt could extend ECB bond-buying until late 2018
2015-11-26 European Parliament: Annual Growth Survey 2016 - Strengthening recovery and convergence
2015-11-26 ECB and the People’s Bank of China successfully test bilateral currency swap arrangement
2015-11-25 ECB: Risks from outside euro area rise according to latest ECB Financial Stability Review
2015-11-24 EU 2016 budget approved by the Council
2015-11-23 City AM: The Eurozone is growing at its fastest rate for four-and-a-half-years – Markit's purchasing managers' index
2015-11-23 Eurogroup Statement on the Draft Budgetary Plans for 2016
2015-11-23 Reuters: Italy’s zero-cost bailout is too good to be true
2015-11-19 Bruegel: Squaring the cycle - capital flows, financial cycles, and macro-prudential policy in the euro area
2015-11-18 Conclusions of the 44th meeting of the EEA Council
2015-11-17 Commission adopts Opinions on the 2016 Draft Budgetary Plans of euro area Member States
2015-11-16 AFME and ICMA welcome G20 Infrastructure recommendations
2015-11-16 Second Deloitte CFO European Survey: Greek crisis damaged EMU in non-eurozone states
2015-11-16 ECB: Monetary policy and the euro area problem
2015-11-16 ECB: A currency beyond the nation state - 
The euro and its institutional challenges ahead
2015-11-15 City AM: Carney warned over gilt market instability risks
2015-11-15 ECB's Mersch: Interview with Les Echos
2015-11-15 Financial Times: Italy’s economic recovery is not what it seems
2015-11-14 European Council: Deal reached on 2016 EU budget
2015-11-13 Statement by the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF on Cyprus
2015-11-12 Hearing at the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee
2015-11-12 ECB ready to do more if inflation outlook weakens, Draghi tells MEPs
2015-11-12 Bruegel: The limitations of policy coordination in the euro area under the European Semester
2015-11-10 ECB publishes new statistical report on the Household Sector
2015-11-10 ECA: 2014 EU audit in brief
2015-11-09 European Council: Remarks by Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting
2015-11-06 EurActiv: European Commission - 3 million migrants won’t harm EU economy
2015-11-05 Bloomberg: Is Europe's Economy So Bad the ECB Will Run Out of Things to Buy?
2015-11-05 European Commission: Autumn forecast points to moderate recovery
2015-11-04 Financial Times: The eurozone’s fiscally lax nations are at it again
2015-11-04 European Council: Speech by Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem
2015-11-03 ECB Economic Bulletin: The transmission of the ECB’s recent non-standard monetary policy measures
2015-11-02 ECB's Draghi: Interview with Il Sole 24 Ore
2015-11-02 POLITICO: Iceland PM: We dodged the EU bullet
2015-11-01 Vox EU: Do not perpetuate the Dutch Disease in Europe - Lessons from German reunification for a European Fiscal Union
2015-10-29 A deeper and fairer Single Market: Commission boosts opportunities for citizens and business
2015-10-29 ECB Economic Bulletin: The short-term fiscal implications of structural reforms
2015-10-29 BIS: Boosting EU competitiveness - the role of the CESEE countries
2015-10-29 Inquiry launched into completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union
2015-10-29 POLITICO: 6 takeaways on the EU single market plan
2015-10-29 ECB's Constâncio: The role of stress testing in supervision and macroprudential policy
2015-10-28 Bruegel: Could Europe’s next growth locomotive be Made in Italy?
2015-10-27 EUBusiness: ECB's Praet: Weakness of French growth 'surprising'
2015-10-27 Reuters: ECB's Coeure - Slower euro zone inflation rise could mean ECB deposit rate cut
2015-10-23 EUBusiness: Eurozone business activity strengthens in October
2015-10-23 VoxEU: Risk-sharing and the effectiveness of the ECB’s quantitative easing programme
2015-10-22 ECB's Draghi: Introductory statement to the press conference
2015-10-20 ECB: Results of the October 2015 euro area bank lending survey
2015-10-19 EU budget 2016: Council calls for realism
2015-10-16 CEPS: The End of German Hegemony
2015-10-14 ECB's Mersch: Interview with The Asian Banker
2015-10-14 Bloomberg: It's Quantitative Easing, Europe, But Not as We've Known It
2015-10-13 ECB's Mersch at MNI Connect event
2015-10-12 EurActiv: Europe needs a new economic reform agenda
2015-10-12 ECB's Cœuré: Interview with CNBC Television
2015-10-09 ECB: Euro area economic outlook, the ECB’s monetary policy and current policy challenges
2015-10-08 Bruegel: What options for European deposit insurance?
2015-10-06 ECB'S Cœuré: Interview with L'Orient-Le Jour
2015-09-30 ECB: Results of the Euro Money Market Survey 2015
2015-09-28 VoxEU: Low interest rates, capital flows, and declining productivity in South Europe
2015-09-28 Reuters: Too soon to talk about ramping up QE -ECB's Lautenschlaeger
2015-09-27 Financial Times: What if the Fed is wrong?
2015-09-25 CEPS: China’s slowdown - When the dragon catches the flu, Europe sneezes
2015-09-24 ECB's Praet: Monetary policy lessons from the financial crisis
2015-09-23 ECB's Praet: Remarks at the FIBI Annual Lunch
2015-09-23 ECB President’s introductory remarks at the regular ECON hearing
2015-09-23 Draghi at ECON: "We will not hesitate to act if inflation outlook weakens"
2015-09-21 British Influence: The EU Budget - Audit and Fraud
2015-09-21 British Influence: More growth, more jobs - Completing the EU Single Market
2015-09-19 Financial Times: The US Federal Reserve has got it wrong
2015-09-19 ECB's Praet: Interview with Neue Zürcher Zeitung
2015-09-18 CEPS: What signal from the Fed? Should the ECB ease further?
2015-09-18 ECB: Drivers of banks’ cost of debt and long-term benefits of regulation – an empirical analysis based on EU banks
2015-09-18 Bank of England: How low can you go? – speech by Andy Haldane
2015-09-17 Greece: Council shows solidarity through faster mobilisation of EU funds
2015-09-17 Wall Street Journal: Fed’s decision could pressure European Central Bank to step up stimulus efforts
2015-09-16 Financial Times: Eurozone races to restructure Greek banks as bail-in looms
2015-09-16 ECB's Constâncio: Interview with Thomson Reuters
2015-09-14 Financial Times: Banking on German growth
2015-09-13 BIS: September 2015 BIS Quarterly Review - vulnerabilities of emerging market economies take centre stage
2015-09-11 ECB: Interview with EBRA newspaper group
2015-09-10 ECB: The low interest rate environment in the euro area
2015-09-10 ECB: Addressing global data availability challenges
2015-09-10 ECB: The Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonized database
2015-09-09 The ECB’s asset purchase programme: the impact so far
2015-09-09 Financial Times: The case for keeping US interest rates low
2015-09-04 ECON: Opinion for the Committee on Budgets on the general budget of the EU for 2016
2015-09-03 ECB: Introductory statement to the press conference
2015-08-31 VoxEU: The state of the monetary union
2015-08-31 Financial Times: Asia is a bigger problem for Europe than the US
2015-08-29 ECB: Understanding Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy
2015-08-27 ECB: Drawing lessons from the crisis for the future of the euro area
2015-08-26 Bruegel: The dragon sneezes, Europe catches a cold
2015-08-26 Forbes: How exposed Is Europe to a Chinese economic slowdown?
2015-08-25 ECB: Assessing the new phase of unconventional monetary policy at the ECB
2015-08-21 ECB: Working Paper Series - Sovereign risk, interbank freezes, and aggregate fluctuation
2015-08-15 VoxEU: Low inflation in the eurozone
2015-08-15 ECB: Interview of Benoît Cœuré
2015-08-14 Financial Times: Weak eurozone data underline fragile recovery
2015-08-13 ECB: Account of the monetary policy meeting of the Governing Council
2015-08-04 European Council: EFSM revised to shield non-euro area countries from risk
2015-07-30 ECB: Economic bulletin
2015-07-22 European Commission: Investment Plan for Europe - EFSI ready for take-off in autumn
2015-07-17 Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB
2015-07-17 VoxEU: The changing tasks of the ECB
2015-07-16 ECB: Monetary policy decisions
2015-07-14 Economic and fiscal policies: European Council issues recommendations to member states
2015-07-13 EurActiv: China’s bid for EU investment fund trips on complex rules
2015-07-10 EU budget 2016: Council agrees its position
2015-07-08 ECB: Diverging monetary policy cycles impact international use of the euro
2015-07-07 Policy Network: Europe’s unfinished business
2015-07-03 ECB / Constâncio: Strengthening macroprudential policy in Europe
2015-06-30 ECB's Praet: The APP impact on the economy and bond markets
2015-06-30 The Financial Stability Committe adopts annual report to the German Bundestag and recommends creation of new macroprudential instruments
2015-06-29 Fondation Robert Schuman: Interview with EP's TAXE Comittee Chair Alain Lamassoure
2015-06-25 ECB's Mersch: On European unity - Economic and Institutional challenges facing Europe
2015-06-25 EurActiv: The eurozone’s Five Presidents' report, and what it means for Britain
2015-06-25 Bruegel: Euro area governance - an assessment of the “five presidents” report
2015-06-24 Spurring economic recovery - EP approves Juncker Plan rules
2015-06-24 EP tables recommendations for eurozone governance
2015-06-24 Fondation Robert Schuman: The Juncker Plan - a real opportunity for Europe
2015-06-23 Bertelsmann Stiftung: OMT is Monetary Policy and not Economic Policy
2015-06-22 European Commision: Five Presidents' Report sets out plan for strengthening Europe's EMU
2015-06-20 VoxEU: Can central banks avoid sovereign debt crises?
2015-06-19 CEPS: The Euro as a Foreign Currency for Greece
2015-06-19 European Council issues new recommendation on UK excessive deficit procedure
2015-06-19 European Council approves country-specific recommendations on economic and fiscal policies
2015-06-17 Financial Times/Heise: ECB must resist call to smooth bond moves
2015-06-17 Wall Street Journal: Should ECB End This Crisis Fighting Policy?
2015-06-17 EurActiv/Iersel: Completing the European Monetary Union
2015-06-17 Bruegel: Does money matter in the euro area? Evidence from a new Divisia index
2015-06-16 European Parliament: Euro area economic governance - "Let's make things better", MEPs say
2015-06-16 Reuters: Top European court throws weight behind ECB in fighting crises
2015-06-16 ECB: Banking and currency crises - differential diagnostics for developed countries
2015-06-15 BIS: Benoît Cœuré interview in La Croix
2015-06-15 ECB Praet: Structural reforms and long-run growth in the euro area
2015-06-15 VoxEU: The currency union effect on trade - Redux
2015-06-12 CEPS: The QE Placebo
2015-06-12 EBA supports the removal of the Danish Krone from the ITS on currencies with constraints on the availability of liquid assets
2015-06-09 Investing in European projects: Council confirms agreement with EP on new fund
2015-06-08 EUbusiness: EU targets Poland, Estonia in tax clampdown
2015-06-06 EurActiv: Leaked eurozone blueprint makes timid call for integration
2015-06-04 Bruegel: Priorities for euro area governance reforms
2015-05-30 ECB Vítor Constâncio: Monetary Policy and the European recovery
2015-05-29 BoE Working Paper: Banks are not intermediaries of loanable funds - and why this matters
2015-05-28 ECB: Growing financial risk appetite within a gradual economic recovery – Financial Stability Review
2015-05-27 European Commission proposes draft EU budget 2016: focus on jobs, growth, migration and global action
2015-05-26 ECB: Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB (in addition to decisions setting interest rates)
2015-05-26 EU budget: backlog of unpaid bills on the way of phasing out
2015-05-26 VoxEU: A Parallel Currency for Greece
2015-05-22 BIS: Andreas Dombret: Six months of European banking supervision - what does this mean for "less significant institutions"?
2015-05-22 ECB: Mario Draghi - Structural Reforms, inflation and monetary policy
2015-05-21 BIS: Stanley Fischer - Past, present, and future challenges for the euro area
2015-05-21 BoE: Martin Weale - Telling tales of oil and global inflation
2015-05-21 BIS: John (Iannis) Mourmouras: Low inflation in the euro area – symptom or cause?
2015-05-19 Reuters: Benoît Cœuré - Faster ECB money-printing excites investors
2015-05-18 ECB: Benoît Cœuré - How binding is the zero lower bound?
2015-05-18 ECB: Occasional paper - Critique of accommodating central bank policies and the 'expropriation of the saver'
2015-05-17 Financial Times: World’s central bankers braced for big divergence
2015-05-16 Reuters: ECB satisfied with effects of QE, no plans to end it early
2015-05-15 Peterson Institute: Quantity Theory of Money Redux? Will Inflation Be the Legacy of Quantitative Easing?
2015-05-14 The ECB’s recent monetary policy measures: Effectiveness and challenges
2015-05-14 Reuters: EU growth surprises hide clear pattern
2015-05-14 Bruegel: Greece’s hot summer
2015-05-14 EurActiv: UK, Finland scolded by EU over budget deficits
2015-05-13 European Commission: Country-specific recommendations 2015 - Further efforts needed to support a robust recovery
2015-05-11 Remarks by Jeroen Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting of 11 May 2015
2015-05-08 EurActiv: EIT woos Juncker Plan money to make up for lost EU budget
2015-05-08 ECB: Interview with Yves Mersch
2015-05-06 EurActiv: Moscovici: Eurozone must tackle 'legacy debt', have its own budget
2015-05-05 European Commission: 2015 Spring Economic forecast - Tailwinds support the recovery
2015-04-30 ECB: Euro Money Market Study 2014
2015-04-30 ECB: Economic Bulletin
2015-04-29 European Commission: The future of tax policy - A matter for society as a whole
2015-04-29 Financial Times: Georgieva - "We urgently need a European Public Prosecutor's Office"
2015-04-28 ECB: Interview with Benoît Cœuré
2015-04-22 European Commission: Antitrust - Commission sends Statement of Objections to Gazprom
2015-04-17 Vox EU: Three waves of convergence. Can Eurozone countries start growing together again?
2015-04-17 EurActiv: How resilient is the eurozone?
2015-04-15 ECB: Monetary policy decisions
2015-04-14 Financial Times: An economic future that may never brighten
2015-04-14 European Committee of the Regions to adopt proposals to improve €315bn. EU Investment Plan
2015-04-10 BIS: The international monetary and financial system - Its Achilles heel and what to do about it
2015-04-08 ECB: Interview with Yves Mersch
2015-04-07 Financial Times: Eurozone bond-buying hits €52.5bn in first month
2015-04-07 IMF: Lower Potential Growth - A New Reality
2015-04-04 ECB: Account of the monetary policy meeting of the Governing Council
2015-04-03 Reuters: ECB says national central banks have flexibility on QE bond loans
2015-04-01 Financial Times: ECB quantitative easing drives confidence for now
2015-03-31 Latvian Presidency: Launch of EU 2016 budget drafting process
2015-03-31 ECB: Accounts and accountability
2015-03-30 Reuters: ECB slows bond-buying pace a touch in plan's third week
2015-03-25 Reuters: ECB actions working, but structural reforms needed- Liikanen
2015-03-25 ECB: Interview with Peter Praet
2015-03-24 European Parliament: Tax competition should be fair and transparent
2015-03-24 EU budget management: Commission and Parliament spending for 2013 approved
2015-03-20 ECB: Decisions taken by the Governing Council
2015-03-20 Investment plan: EESC welcomes 75 million euros for SMEs as a good start
2015-03-18 ACCA: Towards a fairer and more transparent approach to taxation in the EU?
2015-03-18 Reuters: ECB's money printing may stymie cash generators
2015-03-18 European Commission presents Tax Transparency Package
2015-03-17 Financial Times: Draghi QE is stoking bond bubble risk
2015-03-17 BIS/Jens Weidmann: Challenges for the euro area: what progress has been made - what still needs to be done?
2015-03-16 ECB: Working Paper Series Assessing European competitiveness - the new CompNet micro-based database
2015-03-16 ECB: Progress with structural reforms across the euro area and their possible impacts
2015-03-16 ECB: Speech by Mario Draghi at SZ Finance Day 2015
2015-03-11 The ECB and its Watchers XVI Conference
2015-03-11 European Parliament: EU semester 2015 - recommendations for economic and social improvement
2015-03-11 Euractiv: After France, Ireland wants EU budget flexibility
2015-03-10 ECB: Embarking on public sector asset purchases
2015-03-10 ECOFIN: France gets two more years to correct its government deficit
2015-03-10 European Voice: MEPs’ tax inquiries take shape
2015-03-10 Der Spiegel: Thomas Piketty on the euro zone: 'We have created a monster'
2015-03-09 ECB starts public sector purchase programme
2015-03-08 ECB: Interview with Benoît Cœuré
2015-03-05 Reuters: ECB set to raise growth forecasts, flesh out bond buying plan
2015-03-05 European Parliament/European Voice: The European Parliament's tax ruling committee
2015-03-03 EIB: Investment plan a stimulus for long-term growth
2015-03-02 European Parliament: Juncker investment plan must complement other EU tools, say MEPs
2015-02-25 Reuters: ECB's Draghi - could change Greek debt waiver if reforms hold
2015-02-23 Reuters: Moscovici raises threat of French budget sanctions but eyes deal
2015-02-23 IMF Conference “Corporate debt bias: Economic Insights and Policy Options"
2015-02-23 European Voice: EIB calls for reforms to support Juncker’s investment fund
2015-02-20 ECB: Financial statements for 2014
2015-02-20 ECB announced publication of new Guideline on the implementation of monetary policy
2015-02-18 European Commission lays the foundation for a fairer and more transparent approach to taxation in EU
2015-02-18 Reuters: ECB tightens pressure on Greece with cap on bank funding
2015-02-16 ECB: Peter Praet - Interview with Jornal de Negócios
2015-02-16 Der Spiegel: Interview with Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis
2015-02-13 Council of the EU agrees on revised MFF for 2014-2020
2015-02-12 Financial Times: Greece could spur Europe’s experiment with bonds that go ‘pop’
2015-02-11 ECB enhances accessibility and visualisation of its statistics
2015-02-10 Financial Times: Corporate loans back at pre-crisis levels
2015-02-06 ECB: Economic Bulletin
2015-02-05 European Commission: Winter Economic Forecast - outlook improved but risks remain
2015-02-03 Financial Times: Brussels to probe Belgium tax deals for multinationals
2015-02-02 Financial Times: Déjà vu - have Juncker’s tax reforms already been debated?
2015-01-27 European statistics: Council agrees rules to improve data for policymakers
2015-01-27 Clamping down on corporate tax avoidance: Council adopts anti-abuse clause
2015-01-26 Financial Times: ECB faces liquidity challenge in bond buying
2015-01-26 Juncker Plan will create 1.3 million jobs, Katainen tells economic affairs MEPs
2015-01-21 Reuters: ECB proposes 50 billion euros in monthly bond buys - source
2015-01-15 ECB: Interview with Die Zeit
2015-01-15 European Voice: Central bankers split over merits of ECB bond-buying
2015-01-13 Council of the European Union: "Growth in the eurozone"
2015-01-13 European Commission: Presentation of a Communication providing new guidance on the Stability and Growth Pact
2015-01-07 European Voice: Eurozone economy enters deflation
2015-01-06 EU Observer: Polish finance minister pokes holes in Juncker fund
2015-01-04 Financial Times: Economists back Mario Draghi’s call for eurozone action
2015-01-02 ECB: Stability and prosperity in monetary union

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