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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2007 International Accounting Standards
2007-12-20 IASC Foundation amends Constitution
2007-12-18 CESR consultation on equivalence of Chinese, Japanese and US GAAP
2007-12-18 FASB consultation on proposed financial accounting foundation changes to FAF, FASB, and GASB
2007-12-17 AMF recommendations regarding financial statements for 2007
2007-12-13 IASB guidance on group cash-settled share-based payment arrangements
2007-12-13 IASB revised proposals for determining cost of investment in separate financial statements
2007-12-10 PCAOB staff audit practice alert on Fair Value
2007-12-07 Commission consultation on IAS23/IFRIC12
2007-12-05 PCAOB consultation on guidance on Inspections of Foreign Registered Public Accounting Firms
2007-11-27 Speech McCreevy: EU-US cooperation on reporting standards audit oversight and regulation
2007-11-27 Speech Olsen: FEE Conference on Audit Regulation in Brussels
2007-11-09 IFRIC update November
2007-11-08 Speech McCreevy: Striving for a Single European Market - The role of accounting
2007-11-07 Combined statement on governance of IASC Foundation
2007-11-06 IASB: Trustees announce strategy to enhance governance
2007-10-18 IASB: Gerrit Zalm appointed Chairman of Trustees
2007-10-18 IASB warns Europe on accounting standards
2007-10-11 IASB proposals for amendments under first annual improvements project
2007-10-05 IAS Plus Newsletter on hedging exposure draft
2007-10-04 ASBJ and IASB meeting on convergence progress
2007-10-04 IASB extended deadline for comments on IFRS for SMEs
2007-10-02 IAS Plus Newsletter on revisions to IAS 1
2007-09-26 IASB update September 2007
2007-09-13 IASB proposes improvements to accounting for joint arrangements
2007-09-06 IASB proposes additional guidance on hedge accounting
2007-09-06 IASB issues revised standard on the presentation of financial statements
2007-08-22 IASB clarifies IFRIC application
2007-08-08 Tokyo Agreement on convergence of IFRS with Japanese GAAP
2007-07-10 Council conclusions on IASB governance and funding
2007-07-10 Mercer warns UK employers on changes to pensions accounting
2007-07-05 IFRIC interpretation on IAS 19
2007-06-28 IFRIC guidance on customer loyalty programmes
2007-06-28 IASB update June 2007
2007-06-28 IASB launches field tests of SME Exposure Draft
2007-06-27 IPE: IAS19 changes could hit pension deficits
2007-06-18 IASB launches field tests of SME Exposure Draft
2007-06-13 McCreevy discussing accounting and auditing issues with Japan
2007-05-23 IASB update May
2007-05-14 IFRIC Updates May
2007-05-04 Banking Industry reacts on IASB Discussion paper on Fair Value Measurement
2007-05-04 CEIOPS Letter on IASB Fair Value
2007-05-03 IASB consultation on accounting for insurance contracts
2007-05-02 US-EU: Eliminating reconciliation by 2009 - possibly sooner
2007-05-01 Financial World: Reforming international accounting standard-setting
2007-04-26 SEC announces next steps relating to IFRS
2007-04-20 IOSCO report on Special Purpose Entities
2007-04-19 CESR consultation on equivalence of GAAP of third countries
2007-04-12 Bruegel paper on ‘Global Accounting Experiment’
2007-04-04 CESR work in relation to the Commission’s measures on use of third countries’ GAAP in the EU
2007-04-03 IASB: Clarification on SME Project
2007-03-29 IASB issues amendments to the requirements for borrowing costs
2007-03-29 IASB amendments to requirements for borrowing costs
2007-03-27 IASB update March 2007
2007-03-27 IFRIC Update March 2007
2007-03-13 IASC publishes complete IASB standards for 2007
2007-03-08 Cox backs 2009 start to accepting Non-US Accounting
2007-03-06 Speech McCreevy: State of play in international accounting
2007-02-05 IASB extends deadline for comment on fair value measurements
2007-01-30 IASB issued updates on IASB and IFRIC
2007-01-05 IASB/FASB round-table discussions on joint conceptual framework project

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