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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2010 International Accounting Standards
2010-12-21 IASB: narrow amendments to IFRS 1
2010-12-20 IASB amended IAS 12 income taxes
2010-12-20 November – December 2010 summary of EFRAG´s meetings
2010-12-20 EFRAG commented on the IASBs ED on leases
2010-12-15 Harvey Goldschmid about IFRS at a critical crossroad
2010-12-15 EFRAG commented on the IASBs ED Insurance Contracts
2010-12-08 IASB: IFRS Practice Statement on Management Commentary
2010-12-07 EFRAG commented on the IFRS Foundation Consultation Document on Criteria for Annual Improvements to IFRSs
2010-12-03 EFRAG issued final comment letter on the IASB's ED 2010/12 Severe Hyperinflation
2010-12-01 IPSASB: Improvements to IPSASs - 2010
2010-11-30 IASB updated its work plan
2010-11-27 IASB Foundation Trustees extended comment period for strategy review
2010-11-23 EFRAG comments on IASB Request for Views on Effective Dates and Transition Methods
2010-11-21 FAF disclosed post-implementation review process
2010-11-17 Summary of EFRAG meetings held in October - November 2010
2010-11-17 EFRAG decided to extend comment period on Financial Statement Presentation
2010-11-15 IASB and EFRAG joint meeting about work plan
2010-11-15 Summary of EFRAG/IASB joint meeting held on 12 November 2010
2010-11-13 ASB published Improvements to Financial Reporting Standards 2010
2010-11-12 CESR commented on the IASB’s Exposure Draft Deferred Tax: Recovery of Underlying Assets
2010-11-09 EFRAG comments on the IASB's ED Deferred Tax: Recovery of Underlying Assets
2010-11-08 EFRAG comments on IASB staff draft IFRS Fair Value Measurement
2010-11-03 EFRAG comments on the IFRS Interpretations Committee's tentative agenda decision on IAS 36 Impairment of Assets
2010-11-02 FASB: Current technical plan and project updates
2010-11-01 SEC published Work Plan for the consideration of IFRSs into the financial reporting system for U.S. issuers
2010-10-29 EFRAG: Final comment letter on IASB ED removal of fixed dates for first-time adopters (proposed amendments to IFRS 1)
2010-10-29 Summary of October EFRAG Planning and Resource Committee meeting
2010-10-27 IASB: Lessor accounting - what are lessor's assets really
2010-10-27 Seven misconceptions about IFRS
2010-10-27 EFRAG comments on the IASB's Exposure draft severe hyperinflation – proposed amendments to IFRS 1
2010-10-27 EFRAG comments on the IASB's Exposure draft revenue from contracts with customers
2010-10-20 Efective dates for convergence IFRSs and US GAAP
2010-10-13 EFRAG's DCL on the Interpretations Committee's rejection decision on IAS 36 Impairment of Assets - calculation of value in use
2010-10-13 EFRAG's Comment Letter on the IFRS Interpretations Committee in relation to put options written over non-controlling interests
2010-10-13 ICAEW on the future IASB leaders: They have an unenviable to-do list
2010-10-13 Commissioner Barnier welcomed the appointment of Hans Hoogervorst as future Chairman of the IASB
2010-10-12 IASB: Trustees appoint Hans Hoogervorst to succeed Sir David Tweedie
2010-10-04 EBF response to the FASB on the revision to the accounting for derivative instruments and hedging activities
2010-09-29 ICAEW: FASB financial instruments proposal increases complexity and complicates convergence
2010-09-29 Commission’s report on the funding of the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation
2010-09-22 EFRAG comments on the IFRS Committee decision in relation to put options written over non-controlling interests
2010-09-17 EFRAG comments on IASB ED Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Disclosure for Fair Value Measurements
2010-09-13 IASB and ASBJ meet to discuss convergence with an intended adoption of IFRSs in Japan
2010-09-10 IASB proposes to amend one aspect of accounting for deferred tax
2010-09-08 ISDA comments on Exposure Draft of Measurement of Uncertainty Analysis Disclosure for Fair Value Measurement
2010-09-07 EFRP comments on IASB defined benefit plans - proposed amendments to IAS 19
2010-09-06 EBF response to the FASB ED Accounting for Financial Instruments and Revision to the Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging
2010-07-28 EFRAG's draft comment letter on the IASB's ED revenue from contracts with customers
2010-07-28 IFRS Foundation published illustrative examples in XBRL for the IFRS Taxonomy 2010
2010-07-19 US reform act introduces new mining disclosures, puts pressure on IASB on 'Publish What You Pay' disclosures
2010-07-19 EFRAG's Comment Letter on the IASB ED Fair Value Option for Financial Liabilities
2010-07-10 EFRAG comments on the IASBs ED Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Disclosure for Fair Value Measurements
2010-07-09 FEE comments on the IASB Exposure Draft Financial Instruments: Amortised Cost and Impairment
2010-06-29 EFRAG launches public consultation on its proactive work
2010-06-28 IASB and FASB proposed a new joint standard for revenue recognition
2010-06-21 EBF: Basic features of an alternative to IASB expected cash flow model
2010-06-09 EFRAG's draft comment letter on the IASB's ED Fair Value Option for Financial Liabilities
2010-06-08 EFRAG compatibility analysis: IFRS for SMEs and the EU Accounting Directives – sometimes unclear and ambiguous
2010-06-02 EFRAG's comments on the IASB's ED Presentation of Items of Other Comprehensive Income - Proposed amendments to IAS 1
2010-05-25 Podcast summary of May 2010 IASB meeting
2010-05-25 EFRAG's comments on the IASB's ED Defined Benefit Plans: Proposed amendments to IAS 19
2010-05-21 EFRAG disagrees with the IASB measurement model in IAS 37
2010-05-21 Leaseurope: New IFRS lease accounting standard reaches unparalleled level of complexity
2010-05-20 ASBJ comments on IASB ED 37 – Measurement of liabilities
2010-05-18 IFAC consults on its 2010-2012 Strategy and Work Plan to serve professional accountants in business
2010-05-18 EFRAG consults on IFRS improvements and on the costs and benefits that would arise from its application in the EU
2010-05-18 ASBJ Newsletter May 2010
2010-05-07 IPSASB 2010 handbook of pronouncements
2010-05-07 ESBG: IFRS 9 defines the amortised cost category too narrowly
2010-05-07 IASB concludes 2008-2010 cycle of annual improvements to IFRSs
2010-04-30 IASB and ASBJ discuss convergence with IFRS
2010-04-28 IAASB proposes new standard to strengthen reporting on pro forma financial information in Prospectuses
2010-04-28 IASB proposes improvements to defined benefit pensions accounting (IAS 19)
2010-04-27 Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: ECB strongly opposes a full fair value approach
2010-04-23 IPSASB proposals on improvement the international publish sector accounting standards (ED 44)
2010-04-20 FEE Comment Letter on EFRAG’s Draft Comment Letter on IASBED on IAS 37
2010-04-16 IAASB 2009 annual report highlights implementation and assurance developments
2010-04-16 EFRAG and European national standard-setters published report on performance reporting
2010-04-13 EFRAG amends draft comment letter on IASB's ED measurement of liabilities in IAS 37
2010-04-13 EFRAG comments on IASB's ED conceptual framework for financial reporting
2010-03-30 IESBA seeks views on 2010–2012 strategy and work plan
2010-03-23 Nicolas Véron: The global accounting make-or-break
2010-03-18 EFRAG consults on operational effects of financial instruments: amortised cost and impairment
2010-03-18 FEE Comment Letter on IASB Exposure Draft Management Commentary
2010-03-17 ACCA: IASB should not abandon fair value
2010-03-15 IAESB consults on competence requirements for audit professionals
2010-03-12 EFRAG wants Advisory Panel candidates to monitor disclosure framework project
2010-03-11 IASB and FASB publish proposals on reporting entity concept
2010-03-10 EFRAG's comment letter on IASB ED 'Management Commentary' recommending postponement
2010-03-03 Japanese FSA: revision of IFRS designation for voluntary application in Japan
2010-03-03 IASC Foundation publishes second batch of IFRS training materials for SMEs
2010-03-02 EFRAG publishes advice on IFRS compatibility for SMEs and EU accounting directives
2010-02-23 EFRAG: costs and benefits analysis of Amendment to IFRS1 (First-time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards)
2010-02-23 EFRAG: comments on IASB's ED Measurement of Liabilities in IAS 37
2010-02-18 Summary of January EFRAG Technical Experts Group discussions
2010-02-17 CESR: comments on EFRAG’s response to IASB/ED management commentary
2010-02-17 IASB trustees clarify position on IFRS adoption objective and support for convergence
2010-02-15 FT: Deloitte and PWC reignite debate about how banks account for losses
2010-02-15 IASB Trustees announce further changes in governance enhancements
2010-02-15 FT: IASB softens position on convergence
2010-02-12 ESBG supports postponement of IAS 39/IFRS 9 adoption
2010-02-12 FEE Comment Letter on EFRAG’s Draft Comment Letter on IASB Exposure Draft Management Commentary
2010-02-05 FASB/IASB joint meeting: new definition of ‘lease’
2010-02-05 Leaseurope: changes to international lease accounting standards may impact on cost and availability of finance for small businesses
2010-02-04 EFRAG: final endorsement advice and effects study report on IAS 24, IFRIC 14 and IFRIC 19
2010-02-04 EFRAG/ANC joint research paper on proposed new definition of ‘asset’ adopted by IASB and FASB
2010-02-01 EFRAG consults on amendment to IFRS 1: limited exemption from comparative IFRS 7 disclosures for first-time adopters
2010-01-25 ASB amendment to FRS 25 - classification of rights issues
2010-01-21 FSA Lord Turner calls for close engagement between Accounting Standard-Setters and prudential regulators of banks
2010-01-21 IPSASB publishes three new standards for accounting and disclosure of financial instruments
2010-01-20 IAASB issues Q&A to raise awareness of XBRL uses in business reporting
2010-01-18 IFAC Survey shows accountants as advocates for small business and global standards
2010-01-13 IAESB newsletter explains in detail the newly released Framework for International Education Standards for Professional Accountants
2010-01-06 IASB revises proposals on measuring liabilities for asset decommissioning, legal disputes and similar items
2010-01-06 IPSASB achieves its goal of substantial convergence with new or improved IFRSs
2010-01-05 FEE Comment Letter on the IASB Exposure Draft Rate-regulated Activities

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