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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2002 International Accounting Standards
2002-12-23 Endorsement of International Accounting Standards
2002-11-07 EACB response to IASB’s improvement project
2002-10-29 IASB/FASB: Convergence of Global Accounting Standards
2002-10-22 CESR Consultation on principles of enforcement of accounting standards in Europe
2002-09-12 EFRAG letter to IASB on the improvements project
2002-07-03 FT: Accounting watchdog adopts 'brutal' stance
2002-06-20 IASB proposes improvements of Financial Instrument Standards
2002-06-13 FT article: Warning on single capital market plans
2002-06-03 Commission published Accounting Directive
2002-05-23 IAS19 to converge on FRS 17?
2002-05-23 IASB issues Preface to International Financial Reporting Standards
2002-05-15 IASB proposes wide ranging improvements on Accounting Standards
2002-04-09 FEE study on accounting methods
2002-03-11 EP adopted IAS Regulation (1st reading)
2002-02-25 EP Committee adopted IAS Regulation (1st reading)
2002-02-21 FT: Accounting rules in US under attack from Europe
2002-02-20 FT: New standards for pensions accounting will transform Europe's financial landscape
2002-02-18 Committee vote on IAS Regulation
2002-01-21 FT: German groups' financial reporting rapped

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