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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2005 International Accounting Standards
2005-12-15 IASB updates Guidance on Implementing IFRS 4
2005-12-15 IASB amends standard on foreign exchange rates
2005-12-15 Parliament adopted report on accounting rules
2005-12-13 IFRIC Update December
2005-11-28 IASB Discussion paper on Measurement on Initial Recognition
2005-11-24 IFRIC update November 2005
2005-11-07 IASB: User's guide to financial instruments standards published
2005-10-31 IASB Update October
2005-10-27 IASB Discussion Paper on Management Commentary
2005-10-03 IASB update September 2005
2005-09-30 IASB: Draft Technical Correction to IAS 21 published
2005-08-18 IASB amends requirements for financial guarantee contracts
2005-07-12 IASB publishes convergence proposals on the accounting for liabilities and restructuring costs
2005-07-08 ARC supports Commission proposal to endorse “IAS 39 Fair Value Option”
2005-07-05 CESR technical advice on equivalence of third country GAAP and IFRS
2005-06-22 EFRAG recommends adoption on amendments to IAS 39: Cash Flow Hedge Accounting
2005-06-20 EFRAG recommends adoption of amendments to IAS 39 Financial Instruments
2005-06-16 IASB issues amendment to the fair value option in financial instruments standard
2005-06-16 IASB Convergence Update
2005-06-16 IASB Annual Report 2004
2005-05-30 CESR published responses on Equivalence of certain third country GAAP
2005-05-24 IASB Update May 2005
2005-04-30 IASB Update
2005-04-28 CESR consultation on draft technical advice on equivalence of certain third country GAAP
2005-04-22 SEC Article: A Securities Regulator Looks at Convergence
2005-04-21 FBE comment on the Fair Value Option Transitional Arrangements
2005-04-14 IASB amendment to hedge accounting provisions of financial instruments standard
2005-04-08 Speech McCreevy: The limits of accounting standards
2005-03-31 IFRIC published proposed guidance on reassessment of embedded derivatives
2005-03-24 IASB Update
2005-03-23 IASB: Fair value option - staff paper on effective date and transition
2005-03-22 EFRAG: Draft endorsement advice on Fair Value Option
2005-03-10 Commission demands changes in Trustee Board
2005-03-09 FT: EU wants more say on accounting rules
2005-03-03 IFRIC publishes proposed guidance on accounting for service concession arrangements
2005-03-02 IASB Memorandum of Understanding on role of accounting standard-setting bodies
2005-03-01 FEE Comment Letter on IASCF Constitutional Review
2005-02-28 International regulators announce the Public Interest Oversight Board (PIOB)
2005-02-22 IASB: Draft on new approach on IAS 39 fair value option
2005-02-22 IASB announced three new trustees
2005-02-09 IOSCO statement on development and use of IFRS
2005-02-03 CESR final concept paper on equivalence between GAAP and IAS/IFRS
2005-01-31 FT: Key performance ratio under scrutiny
2005-01-25 McCreevy criticizes IASB and questions its accountability
2005-01-03 International Accounting Standards – Publication in OJ

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