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2008 International Accounting Standards
2008-12-26 IASB consults on amendments to IFRS 7 - investments in debt instruments
2008-12-22 EFRAG draft letter on IAS 24 'Relationships with the State'
2008-12-22 IASB proposes amendments to clarify the accounting for embedded derivatives
2008-12-22 IASB provides update on steps taken in response to the global financial crisis
2008-12-22 EDHEC survey - changes in accounting standards lead to new problems
2008-12-19 IASB and FASB propose joint approach for revenue recognition
2008-12-18 IASC Foundation publishes update on responses to G20 conclusions
2008-12-17 IASB: Change in effective date of restructured IFRS 1
2008-12-15 EFRAG final comment letter on improving disclosures about financial instruments
2008-12-12 Commission grants equivalence in relation to third country GAAPs
2008-12-11 IASB revised proposal to eliminate unnecessary disclosures for state-controlled entities
2008-12-10 EFRAG issues AASB discussion paper on intangible assets
2008-12-08 EFRAG consults on IAS 39 & IFRS 7
2008-12-08 IASB consults on constitutional issues
2008-11-28 BIS consults on fair value practices
2008-11-27 IASB revised IAS 39 reclassification amendments
2008-11-27 IASB issues IFRIC 17 - guidance on distributions of non-cash assets to owners
2008-11-26 ARC meeting report
2008-11-19 CESR feedback statement on fair value accounting
2008-11-15 ESC votes to grant equivalence in relation to third country GAAPs
2008-11-15 CESR proposes to accept Indian GAAP
2008-11-12 EFRAG endorsement advice on IAS 39
2008-11-12 IASB warns not to weaken the Board independence
2008-11-05 CESR welcomes IASB’s guidance on fair value
2008-11-05 Commission welcomes IASB guidance on fair value measurement
2008-11-01 IASB guidance on application of fair value measurement when markets become inactive
2008-10-30 Accounting: It’s time to put the brakes on convergence - FT
2008-10-29 EFRAG letter to the IASB on IFRS for Private Entities
2008-10-21 3L3 Committees joint statement on fair value accounting
2008-10-21 IASB and FASB commit to a global approach to enhance market confidence
2008-10-20 EFRAG draft comment letter on ‘Simplifying Earnings per Share'
2008-10-20 EFRAG final comment letter on amendments to IAS 19 Employee Benefits
2008-10-18 IFAC: Radical changes to fair value accounting reduces transparency
2008-10-16 IASB and FASB create advisory group to review reporting issues related to credit crisis
2008-10-16 IASB and FASB consult on the presentation of financial statements
2008-10-16 Commission amends accounting standards on asset reclassification
2008-10-15 IASB proposes improvements to fair value measurements
2008-10-14 EFRAG recommends adoption on amendments to IAS 39 and IFRS 7
2008-10-14 IASB update on applying fair value in inactive markets
2008-10-13 IASB amendments permit reclassification of financial instruments
2008-10-09 IASB to finish work on reclassification by next week
2008-10-04 IASB announces next steps in response to credit crisis
2008-10-03 CESR consults on its advice on Indian GAAP
2008-10-03 CESR statement on fair value measurement
2008-09-29 McCreevy initiatives on accounting rules for small businesses
2008-09-25 IASB proposes amendments to the retrospective application
2008-09-25 IASB proposes revised definition of discontinued operations
2008-09-22 CESR demands seat in Monitoring Group
2008-09-20 EFRAG comment letter on ‘Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity’
2008-09-18 EFRAG comments on CESR draft Statement on fair value
2008-09-17 IASB update on credit crisis and expert advisory panel draft report
2008-09-16 EC cautious on IASB moves
2008-09-16 La Tribune: A Flimsy Triumph for Global Accounting Standards
2008-09-11 ASBJ and IASB review progress in achieving convergence in accounting standards
2008-09-11 CESR comment letter to EFRAG on IASB - Financial Instruments with the characteristics of Equity
2008-09-08 IMA: Structured products not to be taken at face value
2008-09-08 IMA questions value of transparency as regulatory tool
2008-08-08 IASB consults on convergence in EPS calculation
2008-08-08 IASCF issues ED on improvements to IFRSs
2008-07-31 IASC Foundation publishes IFRS Taxonomy 2008
2008-07-31 IASB amends IAS39 on eligible hedged items
2008-07-31 EFRAG draft comment on amendments to IAS 19: Employee Benefits
2008-07-22 EFRAG concerns on IASB agenda and priorities
2008-07-21 IASB: Trustees proposals on Constitution review
2008-07-18 IASB: Trustees to issue constitutional proposals in due course
2008-07-13 Bruegel paper: proposed Monitoring Group contains significant flaws
2008-07-10 ECMI conference report on “Fair Value and Accounting Standards”
2008-07-04 IASB response to the credit crisis
2008-07-03 IFRIC guidance on hedges of a net investment in a foreign operation
2008-07-03 IFRIC issues clarification on agreements for the construction of real estate
2008-07-01 EBF comments on accounting related issues of the Financial Crisis
2008-06-30 EFRAG strong reservations against DP on ‘Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity’
2008-06-26 IASC Foundation publishes IFRS Taxonomy 2008
2008-06-20 IASB Work Plan updated
2008-06-18 Next steps regarding the creation of a group to interact with the international accounting standards committee foundation
2008-06-10 Dutch government to lobby against IASB proposals
2008-06-05 IASB hints at watering down of pensions review
2008-06-04 IASB forms advisory panel on valuation of financial instruments
2008-05-30 SEC Cox supports IASB new monitoring group
2008-05-29 IASB and FASB consult on conceptual framework
2008-05-29 IIF Dallara calls for thorough dialogue on valuation issues
2008-05-29 Commission Effect Study on IAS 23 - Borrowing Costs
2008-05-27 IASB Tweedie defends 'fair value' accounting
2008-05-24 IASB Annual Report 2007
2008-05-22 FT: Top banks call for relaxed writedown rules
2008-05-22 IASB issues amendments to IFRS 1 and IAS 27
2008-05-22 IASB concludes first annual improvements project
2008-05-19 CESR recommends Canadian and South Korean GAAPs as equivalent
2008-05-07 IPE: IASB rejects exemption for Dutch system
2008-04-23 IPE: IASB may scale back pensions accounting project
2008-04-22 Commission report on third countries GAAP equivalence
2008-04-21 FEE study on growing internationalisation of business needs
2008-04-12 EFRAG final response to consultation on IFRS 2 and IFRIC 11
2008-04-10 IASB and ASBJ meeting on convergence in accounting standards
2008-04-10 FT: Accountancy rules broken ‘irretrievably’
2008-04-09 Treasury competitiveness study on changing nature and consequences of financial restatements
2008-04-09 Banks express severe doubts over IASB proposals for full fair value
2008-04-08 IASC Trustees to launch constitution review
2008-04-08 EFRAG draft comment on D23 - Distributions of Non-cash Assets to Owners
2008-04-07 CESR advice on Canadian and South Korean GAAPs
2008-03-27 IASB discussion paper for post employment benefits
2008-03-26 EFRAG requests comments on initial assessments of Amendments to IAS 32 and IAS 1
2008-03-19 IASB discussion paper to reducing complexity in reporting financial instruments - IAS 39
2008-03-18 CESR comments on IASB Exposure Draft on IFRS 1 and IAS 27
2008-03-12 EFRAG's Draft Comment Letter on D24 Customer Contributions
2008-03-12 FEE comments on IASB Exposure Draft to IAS 39
2008-03-10 EFRAG Update March 2008
2008-03-07 Accounting Standards Board Japan – Newsletter No.1
2008-03-07 FSA Japan comments on CESR advice on third countries GAAPs
2008-03-07 Fourth Japan-EU monitoring meeting on accounting and auditing
2008-03-07 EFRAG's final comment letter IFRS 1 and IAS 27
2008-03-06 IPE: IASB pulls back from ASB plans
2008-02-28 IASB discussion paper on financial instruments with characteristics of equity
2008-02-25 IASB: Fair Value Measurement project starts standard-by-standard review
2008-02-25 Use of options of the IAS Regulation by Member States
2008-02-22 EFRAG comment on IASB insurance contracts paper
2008-02-15 IASB latest draft of ED on SME Project
2008-02-15 EFRAG final comment letter on ED of proposed amendment to IAS 39
2008-02-14 IASB amendments to improve financial reporting of particular financial instruments
2008-02-11 IASB: Trustees announce strategy to advance review of constitution
2008-02-07 EFRAG's Final Comment Letter on ED of a Proposed IFRS for SMEs
2008-02-06 EFRAG Draft Comment Letter on the Amendments to IFRS 2 and IFRIC 11
2008-02-06 EFRAG Final Comment Letter on ED 9 Joint Arrangements
2008-02-06 IOSCO urges public companies to clarify use of accounting standards
2008-01-30 IASB Update January 2008
2008-01-28 EFRAG Discussion Paper on Equity and Liabilities
2008-01-17 IFRIC publishes proposed guidance on distributions of non-cash assets to owners
2008-01-17 IFRIC publishes proposed guidance on accounting for customer contributions
2008-01-17 IASB issues amendment to IFRS 2 Share-based Payment
2008-01-10 IASB completes the second phase of the business combinations project
2008-01-08 Commission adopts an "equivalence mechanism" in relation to third country GAAPs
2008-01-07 CESR letter on IASB’s Exposure Draft on Joint arrangements
2008-01-07 CESR letter on IASB’s Exposure Draft of proposed Improvements to IFRS 2007

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