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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2006 International Accounting Standards
2006-12-19 ECB report on assessment of accounting standards
2006-11-30 IASB Discussion Paper on fair value measurements
2006-11-30 IASB convergence standard on segment reporting
2006-11-20 CEIOPS Letter on IASB's Insurance Project - Phase II
2006-10-30 IASB Update October 2006
2006-09-27 IASB update September 2006
2006-08-24 IFRIC guidance on the IAS 19 asset ceiling and minimum funding requirements
2006-08-03 McCreevy welcomes CESR-SEC Work Plan on enforcement of IFRS
2006-07-26 IASB Update - July 2006
2006-07-24 IASB Work Plan June 06
2006-07-20 IFRIC Interpretation on interim financial reporting and impairment
2006-07-17 Revised draft proposal for postponement of IFRS equivalence decision
2006-07-06 US FASB and IASB publish first draft chapters of joint conceptual framework
2006-06-27 IASB update June 2006
2006-06-22 IASB proposals to improve the financial reporting of particular financial instruments
2006-05-31 IFRIC Update May 2006
2006-05-25 IASB proposals for convergence on borrowing costs
2006-05-22 IASB: Work on converging accounting standards must go on
2006-05-03 IASB update April 2006
2006-04-28 IAS Plus Quarterly Newsletter
2006-04-06 IASB statement on its working relationships
2006-04-05 IASB Update March 2006
2006-03-17 IFRIC Update - March 2006
2006-03-16 IASB proposals to improve the presentation of financial statements
2006-03-08 IASC Foundation publishes complete IASB standards for 2006
2006-03-06 IASB questionnaire on financial instruments measured at fair value
2006-03-02 IASB Update February 2006
2006-03-01 IFRIC issues Interpretation on the reassessment of embedded derivatives
2006-02-27 US FASB and IASB sign Memorandum of Understanding
2006-02-27 SEC Welcomes IASB/FASB Memorandum of Understanding
2006-02-15 IASB: China affirms commitment to converge with IFRS
2006-02-09 McCreevy and Cox affirm commitment to elimination of the need for reconciliation requirements
2006-02-02 IASB publishes proposed amendments on share-based payment
2006-01-31 ECON hearing on IASB progress
2006-01-18 IASB publishes convergence proposals on segment reporting

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