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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2019 International Accounting Standards
2019-06-14 EFRAG: Draft comment letter on proposed amendments to the IFRS Foundation Due Process Handbook
2019-06-05 EFRAG draft comment letter on annual improvements to IFRS standards 2018-2020
2019-06-04 IASB proposes to update Conceptual Framework reference in IFRS 3
2019-05-21 IASB proposes annual improvements to IFRS
2019-05-16 Deloitte comments on four IFRS Interpretations Committee tentative agenda decisions
2019-05-15 EFRAG's Discussion Paper – Accounting for Pension Plans with an Asset-Return Promise
2019-05-02 ESBG: Response on DP Non-exchange transfers a role for societal benefit?
2019-04-30 IASB: IFRS Foundation consults on proposed amendments to its Due Process Handbook
2019-04-30 IFAC: IPSASB seeks comments on measurement proposals
2019-04-25 EFRAG’s comment letter and feedback statement on onerous contracts - cost of fulfilling a contract
2019-04-15 Deloitte comments on the IASB's proposed amendments to IAS 37
2019-04-09 ESBG response to the EFRAG Draft Comment Letter on IASB ED/2018/2
2019-04-09 CFA Institute: New leasing standard - top ten considerations for investors
2019-03-28 EFRAG's endorsement advice on Definition of a Business (Amendments to IFRS 3)
2019-03-28 ESMA: EU enforcers focus on new IFRS standards and non-financial information
2019-03-20 IASB: Agenda decisions—time is of the essence
2019-03-07 IASB/Hoogervorst: The Primary Financial Statements project—a game changer in financial reporting?
2019-03-07 Deloitte comments on six IFRS Interpretations Committee tentative agenda decisions
2019-03-05 IASB: Package of supporting modules on the IFRS for SMEs Standard available
2019-02-28 IFAC: IPSASB to sharpen focus on public financial management and benefits of IPSAS adoption
2019-02-28 IASB: Project summaries on IFRS 8 and discount rates published
2019-02-27 IASB investor publication: Analysing lessee financial statements and Non-GAAP performance measures
2019-02-08 IFAC: Returns, reinvestment opportunities and dividend distribution
2019-02-01 EFRAG Comment Letter on the IASB DP/2018/01 on the distinction between liabilities and equity
2019-01-31 IFAC: IPSASB delivers guidance on significant areas of public expenditure
2019-01-25 EFRAG: Draft Comment Letter on the onerous contracts - cost of fulfilling a contract
2019-01-14 EFRAG requests comments on its draft endorsement advice on definition of a business
2019-01-08 IASB: New standard on leases now effective

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