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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2004 International Accounting Standards
2004-12-07 Accounting Regulatory Committee to vote on IFRS2
2004-12-06 IASB: Amendments to IAS 39: The Fair Value Option
2004-11-29 CEIOPS Consultation on the Implications of IAS/IFRS
2004-11-26 FASB convergence
2004-11-10 FT: Accounting watchdog sees trouble
2004-10-28 Commission proposal on revising Accounting Directives
2004-10-22 IASB published comment letters on IAS 39
2004-10-21 CESR consultation on measuring equivalence Third Country GAAP and IAS/IFRS
2004-10-20 Results of meeting of the Accounting Regulatory Committee
2004-10-01 IASB: Speech of Sir David Tweedie before EMAC on IAS 39
2004-09-28 IAS: Revised Proposal for a Draft Commission Regulation
2004-09-27 EFRAG: Technical Evaluation of IAS 39 Carve-out
2004-09-21 IASB announces membership of working group on financial instruments
2004-09-07 ARC: Working Document on IAS 39
2004-07-26 IASB: Comment letters on proposed amendments to IAS 39
2004-07-22 IASB: Proposed amendments to IAS 39
2004-07-22 IASB publishes Exposure Draft on Financial Instrument Disclosures
2004-07-20 IAS: Status of the adoption process of standards
2004-07-20 IAS: Endorsement advice by EFRAG
2004-07-20 Planned use of options in the IAS Regulation
2004-07-08 IASB proposals for limited amendments to standard on financial instruments
2004-06-30 FEE Position on IAS 32 and IAS 39
2004-06-25 Commission final mandate to CESR on IAS
2004-06-23 FT: Merrill sees IAS hitting banks' earnings
2004-06-11 FBE: Letter to Commissioner Bolkestein on IAS 39
2004-06-04 EFRAG preliminary endorsement conclusions on amended IAS 39
2004-06-04 FEE position paper on global standards
2004-06-04 EFRAG preliminary endorsement conclusions on amended IAS 32
2004-05-20 Article: Europe resolute on IAS39
2004-05-19 EFRAG's response on amendments to IAS 39
2004-05-19 IASB published 2004 Bound Volume
2004-05-17 FT: Brussels warns IASB over derivatives rules
2004-04-21 IASB issues Exposure Draft of Proposed Amendment to IAS 39
2004-03-31 IASB finalises macro hedging amendments to IAS 39
2004-03-24 IASB update
2004-03-03 Bolkestein speech on Commission's Strategy on Accounting and Auditing
2004-03-03 EFRAG supports revised International Accounting Standards
2004-02-19 IASB Issues Standard on Share-based Payment
2004-02-16 EFR urges Commission to resolve controversial issues identified in IAS 32, 39 and ED 5
2004-01-27 EFRAG seeks input on its preliminary endorsement conclusions on the Improved IASs

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