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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2009 International Accounting Standards
2009-12-17 IFAC releases new framework and drafting conventions
2009-12-16 EFRAG consults on IFRIC 14 - prepayments of a minimum funding requirement
2009-12-15 Nicolas Véron: IFRS sustainability requires further governance reform
2009-12-14 IASB welcomes decision by Japanese FSA to permit domestic use of IFRSs for current financial year – a success for international cooperation
2009-12-14 EFRAG consults on draft study report on IFRIC 19 Extinguishing Financial Liabilities with Equity Instruments
2009-12-10 EFRAG Final Comment Letter on Part II of IASCF Review of the Constitution - proposals for enhanced public accountability
2009-12-10 CESR comments on EFRAG letter on IASB Exposure Draft Rate-Regulated Activities – international co-operation needed
2009-12-10 Joint FEE-EFRAG paper: Impairment of Financial Assets – The Expected Loss Model – better understanding of IASB impairment model
2009-12-07 CESR gathers international supervisors to discuss worldwide enforcement of IFRS
2009-12-02 ASB’s report on Improvements to Financial Reporting Standards 2009 – convergence between UK and international financial reporting standards
2009-11-26 US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency questions IASB's proposed loan-loss accounting standard as potentially too restrictive
2009-11-26 IFRIC issues guidance on extinguishing financial liabilities with equity instruments
2009-11-26 IASB issues minor amendment to pensions accounting and proposes consequential change for first-time adoption of IFRSs
2009-11-26 IPSASB consults on reporting on the long-term sustainability of public finances
2009-11-23 IFAC presses for action to adopt and implement global financial standards
2009-11-18 IFAC executives: Reliable investing information more important than ever to “Man-in-the-Street”
2009-11-17 Commission consults on the International Financial Reporting Standard for SMEs
2009-11-13 IASB issued a new IFRS 9 on Financial Instruments
2009-11-11 EFRAG's Endorsement Advice on Amendment to IAS 32: Classification of Rights Issues
2009-11-05 EFRAG: Study report on IFRS 9 Financial Instruments on classification and measurement of financial assets
2009-11-05 IFAC releases new tool which evaluates ISA adoption by jurisdiction as well as how the adoption process can vary
2009-11-04 IASB simplifies requirements for disclosure of related party transactions
2009-10-28 FASB meets Japan’s Accounting Standards Board to discuss global convergence
2009-10-22 EFRAG issues its draft comment letter to IASB on Rate-regulated Activities
2009-10-22 EFRAG: Fast-track of Financial Instruments Proposals
2009-10-21 EFRAG comments on the IASB’s Exposure Draft on Fair Value Measurement
2009-10-15 IFAC President Robert Bunting says “same high-quality standards are a must.”
2009-10-13 EFRAG's Final Endorsement Advice Adoption of the Amendments to IFRS 1 Additional Exemptions for First-time Adopters
2009-10-13 EFRAG comments on the IASB ED/2009/10: Discount Rate for Employee Benefits
2009-10-13 EFRAG comments on IFRIC Draft Interpretation D25 - Extinguishing Financial Liabilities with Equity Instruments
2009-10-01 IFAC supports G20 Initiatives and calls for corporate governance reforms and early adoption of global standards
2009-09-24 EFRAG comments on IASB ED 2009/11 Improvements to IFRSs 2009
2009-09-24 EFRAG comments on the IASB Exposure Draft Financial Instruments: Classification and Measurement
2009-09-23 IASB: trustees welcome Monitoring Board statement on accounting standards
2009-09-17 IASB: trustee letter to G20 participants
2009-09-17 European banks see room for improvement in IASB proposal for IAS 39 revision
2009-09-10 Tenth meeting to accelerate convergence of Japanese generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and IFRS
2009-09-10 EFRAG's comment letter on the IASB's request for information 'Impairment of Financial Assets: Expected Cash Flow Approach'
2009-09-08 EFRAG's Invitation to Comment on its initial assessments of the Amendments to IFRS 1
2009-09-08 EFRAG comments on the IASB’s Exposure Draft of amendments to IAS 19 discount rate for employee benefits.
2009-09-02 ASB issues Amendment to FRS 20 on Group Cash-settled Share-based Payment Transactions
2009-08-24 EFRAG comments on the IFRIC's D25 Extinguishing Financial Liabilities with Equity Instruments
2009-08-24 EFRAG comments on IASB’s Classification of Rights Issues
2009-08-19 ACCA: Cracking the Code – FSA code lacks international outlook
2009-08-18 IFAC's letter to the G20: SME’s are the engine of the global economy
2009-08-09 SEC, FASB criticised to commit to IFRS
2009-08-07 IASB consults on classification of rights issues
2009-08-06 IFRIC guidance on settling financial liabilities with equity instruments - IFRIC D25
2009-08-03 CESR response on Revenue Recognition in Contracts with Customers
2009-07-30 ASB will issue a consultation on the Future of UK GAAP
2009-07-29 EFRAG comments on the IASB’s DP leases
2009-07-29 EFRAG’s comments on the IASB’s DP Revenue Recognition in Contracts with Customers
2009-07-27 IFAC: G20 Accountancy Summit Issues Renewed Mandate for Adoption of Global Standards
2009-07-24 IFAC explains how better costing can result in better management decision-making.
2009-07-23 IASB amends the retrospective application of IFRSs for first-time adopters
2009-07-23 IASB publishes proposals on rate-regulated activities
2009-07-23 EFRAG comments on the IASB Paper on Credit Risk in Liability Measurement
2009-07-22 EFRAG's supports the review of Impairment of Financial Assets: Expected Cash Flow Approach
2009-07-22 FEE calls for a new approach to setting global financial reporting standards
2009-07-17 IFRIC's newsletter
2009-07-17 FRC Chief Executive Argues Against Changing the Fundamental Purpose of Accounting
2009-07-15 CESR's comment letter to EFRAG on IASB’s Exposure Draft Derecognition
2009-07-15 ACCA welcomes completion of IASB’s ‘most important project’ for SMEs
2009-07-15 IASB amends IFRS2 – clarifying group cash-settled share-based payment transactions
2009-07-15 IASB seeks views on accounting for ‘own credit risk’
2009-07-14 EFRAG supports the IASB's proposed amendments to IFRIC 14 Prepayments of a Minimum Funding Requirement
2009-07-14 EFRAG consults on Group Cash-settled Share-Based Payment Transactions
2009-07-13 IFAC welcomes SME Reporting Standard
2009-07-10 IFAC: Changing Dimension of an Accountant’s role in ethics and stakeholder needs
2009-07-10 FEE welcomes SME accounting standard
2009-07-06 International CRUF Town Hall Meeting - The importance of good financial reporting
2009-07-06 EFRAG's Draft Comment Letter on the IASB's Exposure Draft 'Derecognition'
2009-06-30 IASB consults on feasibility of expected loss model
2009-06-23 IASB proposes guidance for the preparation and presentation of management commentary
2009-06-19 IASB discussion paper on accounting for ‘own credit risk’
2009-06-18 FEE commends ECOFIN’s continued support for global standards
2009-06-17 EFRAG's Draft Comment Letter on the IASB's Exposure Draft 'Derecognition'
2009-06-15 EFRAG opposes IASB proposals for new Derecognition model
2009-06-11 IASB suffers significant institutional weaknesses.
2009-06-11 CESR criticises lack of detail in IASB discussion paper on Revenue
2009-06-10 EFRAG criticizes IASB/FASB discussion paper on Leases
2009-06-05 EFRAG's Draft Comment Letter on the IASB's ED Income Taxes
2009-06-04 IASB suffers institutional weakness
2009-05-31 IASB consults on draft guidance on fair value measurement
2009-05-29 IASB proposes to clarify the accounting for prepayments for pension plans - IFRIC 14 IAS 9
2009-05-22 IASB update on accounting review exercise
2009-05-08 IASB Smith - US to adopt IFRSs in the next five years
2009-05-08 McCreevy criticizes slow IASB process
2009-04-10 CESR response to IASCF review of the constitution
2009-04-09 EFRAG concerned about ED on Consolidated Financial Statements
2009-04-08 EFRAG draft response on fair value measurement guidance
2009-04-08 IASB responds to G20 recommendations and US GAAP guidance
2009-04-06 FEE response to Financial Crisis Advisory Group of IASB
2009-04-04 ECOFIN statement on accounting standards
2009-04-02 EFRAG response to FCAG request for input
2009-04-02 G20 declaration on accounting standards
2009-04-01 IASB consults on new standard on income tax accounting
2009-04-01 EFRAG final comment letter on IAS 24
2009-03-30 EFRAG initial assessments on amendments to IFRIC 9 and IAS 39
2009-03-26 IASB and FASB announce further steps in response to global financial crisis
2009-03-25 CESR comments on IASB ED on consolidated financial statements
2009-03-24 EFRAG draft comment letter on FCAG’s request for input
2009-03-20 IASB and FASB consult on a future standard on lease accounting
2009-03-19 IASB seeks views on FASB guidance on fair value
2009-03-06 EFRAG draft comment on IASCF Review of the Constitution
2009-02-11 EFRAG publishes summaries of comments received on three PAAinE Discussion Papers
2009-02-10 EFRAG concerned about IASB/FASB discussion paper on Financial Statement Presentation
2009-01-30 IASB amends IASCF Constitution
2009-01-21 CESR comment letter to EFRAG on IASB ED on IFRIC 9 and IAS 39 - Embedded Derivatives
2009-01-17 EFRAG endorsement advice on the Amendment to IAS 39 and IFRS 7
2009-01-16 CESR comments on IASB ED on IFRS 7 - Investments in Debt Instruments
2009-01-16 CESR comments to EFRAG on IASB’s ED on IFRS 7 - Investments in Debt Instruments
2009-01-07 CESR statement on the reclassification of financial instruments
2009-01-06 EFRAG draft comment on amendments to IFRIC 9 and IAS 39 - Embedded Derivatives

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