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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2003 International Accounting Standards
2003-12-17 IASB issues revised standards on IAS 32 and 39
2003-11-17 IAIS comments on IASB’s accounting for insurance contracts proposals
2003-11-14 EFRAG comment on Fair Value Hedge Accounting
2003-10-28 FEE supports global regulatory approach
2003-10-08 FEFSI discussion paper on IAS and Investment Funds
2003-09-29 Commission adopts Regulation endorsing International Accounting Standards
2003-07-16 ECOFIN endorsed International Accounting Standards except IAS 32 and 39
2003-07-15 BdB in favour of adopting IAS into European law
2003-05-13 Accounting Directives adopted
2003-04-30 ESBG Position Paper on IAS Application
2003-04-04 EFRAG comment letter on Business Combinations
2003-03-31 FEE responds to US PCAOB on Registration and Oversight of Foreign Accounting Firms
2003-03-21 FEE comment on Share-Based Payment
2003-03-11 BdB: Alternative Proposal on IAS 39
2003-03-01 IAS OVERWIEW
2003-02-27 Results of CESR's public consultation on Principles of Enforcement of Accounting Standards
2003-02-24 Bolkestein speech on EU-US regulatory cooperation on financial markets
2003-01-31 FESE response to CESR on Principles of Enforcement of Accounting Standards
2003-01-14 EP adopted proposal on financial reporting

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