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2018 Insurance
2018-12-21 EIOPA publishes Opinion on non-life cross-border insurance business of a long-term nature
2018-12-20 EIOPA: Bankruptcy of Qudos Insurance A/S – Equal treatment of European policyholders
2018-12-18 EIOPA publishes its third annual analysis on the use and impact of long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk
2018-12-14 IAIS publishes public consultation document on a holistic framework for systemic risk in the insurance sector
2018-12-14 EIOPA announces results of the 2018 insurance stress test
2018-12-10 EIOPA’s Cross-border platform on collaboration on Qudos Insurance A/S
2018-12-10 FCA: Milestone for insurers as they come under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime
2018-12-07 Insurance Europe: IFRS 17: Global insurance bodies say one-year delay not enough to fix problems and implement standard properly
2018-12-07 Commercial Risk Europe: IAIS introduces changes to improve executive committee representation
2018-12-07 ECB: Euro area insurance corporation statistics: third quarter of 2018
2018-12-06 BIS: Regulating and supervising the clouds: emerging prudential approaches for insurance companies
2018-12-05 Insurance Europe: Trade bodies raise concerns on European Commission collective actions proposals
2018-11-27 EIOPA publishes European Insurance Overview 2018
2018-11-20 EIOPA: Insurance and pensions: Securing the future
2018-11-20 Commercial Risk Europe: Proposed delay in IFRS 17 will give insurers time to prepare
2018-11-14 FSB welcomes IAIS proposed insurance systemic risk framework and decides not to engage in an identification of G-SIIs in 2018
2018-11-14 IAIS: Public consultation on holistic framework for systemic risk in the insurance sector
2018-11-13 IAIS concludes annual conference and AGM
2018-11-12 Insurance Europe: G20 engagement and much more in the latest GFIA Annual Report
2018-11-12 EU and U.S. insurance regulators continue the dialogue on cyber security, cyber insurance, the use of big data and intra-group transactions
2018-11-09 GFIA names Recaredo Arias president, makes new appointments to executive committee
2018-11-06 Insurance Europe: ComFrame: European insurers call for clarity and proportionality
2018-11-05 Insurance Europe: More work needed to make global Insurance Capital Standard ready for testing
2018-11-01 G20 engagement and much more in the latest GFIA Annual Report
2018-10-31 FCA launches general insurance market study
2018-10-30 Insurance Europe: First 2017 European insurance stats published
2018-10-29 EIOPA: Review of illiquid liabilities and analysis of potential implications: Request for feedback launched
2018-10-29 Insurance Europe: Too early to harmonise EU insurance guarantee schemes
2018-10-24 FCA publishes PPI complaints deadline Progress Report
2018-10-23 Insurance Europe: RAB raises concerns about NAIC implementation of EU-US bilateral agreement
2018-10-22 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard for the second quarter 2018 shows broadly unchanged risk levels for the European Union insurance sector
2018-10-19 ESAs write to EFRAG on the endorsement process of IFRS 17 insurance contracts
2018-10-17 Insurance Europe: Global insurers unite in their call for IFRS 17 improvements and a delay
2018-10-10 Commercial Risk Europe: Geneva Association study sees changing role for insurance in the digital age
2018-10-10 EIOPA reinforces cooperation in the supervision of cross-border insurance distribution
2018-10-09 Insurance Europe: Joint guide aims to help organisations discuss cyber insurance needs with insurers and intermediaries
2018-10-09 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma launches ‘hands-on’ guide to buying cyber insurance
2018-10-03 Insurance Europe: IFRS 17 must be good enough: it isn’t yet
2018-10-01 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance needs to be ‘reimagined’ for tech age, says DAC Beachcroft
2018-09-19 Commercial Risk Europe: IFRS 17 to enable greater comparison of insurers’ underwriting performance, says Best
2018-09-10 Global Federation of Insurance Associations: IAIS must take more balanced approach to insurers’ digital innovation
2018-09-10 ECB: Euro area insurance corporation statistics: second quarter of 2018
2018-09-06 GFIA: Insurers warn on proposed changes to IAIS disclosure rules
2018-09-05 ESAs report finds automation in financial advice slowly growing but scale of market remains limited
2018-09-05 Insurance Europe: IAIS paper on composition of boards: Insurers warn against overly intrusive measures
2018-09-04 Commercial Risk Europe: Fitch expects flat reinsurance renewals but revises sector outlook to stable
2018-09-03 Insurance Europe: Insurtech: Same rules needed for both established insurers and new market entrants
2018-08-29 Insurance Europe: Insurers comment on FSB work on regulatory barriers to infrastructure finance
2018-08-28 GFIA: Concerns over IAIS cyber-security paper
2018-08-27 Insurance Europe: EC proposal for sustainable investment and risk disclosures must take account of existing rules
2018-08-27 Insurance Europe: Insurers welcome EC proposal to establish sustainability taxonomy
2018-08-23 GFIA comments on FSB consultation on a cyber lexicon
2018-08-23 Geneva Association: Advancing accumulation risk management in cyber insurance
2018-08-14 EIOPA publishes updated technical RFR documentation for the Danish krone and Denmark reflecting adjustments to the representative portfolios
2018-08-13 Insurance Europe: Insurers welcome investEU proposal to increase supply of suitable long-term investments
2018-08-08 EIOPA joins the Sustainable Insurance Forum
2018-08-02 EIOPA: Deeper understanding of cyber risk needed – A core challenge for the European Insurance Industry
2018-07-31 EIOPA publishes the third paper of a series on systemic risk and macroprudential policy in the insurance sector
2018-07-31 IAIS releases overall ComFrame including ICS Version 2.0 for public consultation
2018-07-30 EIOPA publishes discussion paper on national insurance guarantee schemes
2018-07-24 EIOPA’s risk dashboard for the first quarter 2018 shows broadly unchanged risk levels for the European Union insurance sector
2018-07-20 European Supervisory Authorities publish further guidance on the Key Information Document for PRIIPs
2018-07-18 Deloitte issues results of global IFRS insurance survey
2018-07-18 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers need to ‘rethink’ sharing economy transfer options, says Lloyd’s
2018-07-17 EIOPA launches EU-wide thematic review on consumer protection issues in travel insurance
2018-07-17 EIOPA examines causes of insurers’ failures and near misses
2018-07-12 EIOPA publishes first set of Questions & Answers on the Application of the Insurance Distribution Directive
2018-07-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers increasingly use reinsurance for earnings protection and volatility reduction
2018-07-06 EIOPA seeks evidence on the use of Big Data
2018-07-04 FCA clarifies fairer treatment of regular premium PPI complaints
2018-06-29 IAIS releases draft revised ICPs 6 and 20 for public consultation
2018-06-29 IAIS releases draft application paper on supervision of insurer cybersecurity for public consultation
2018-06-29 IAIS has released the draft application paper on the composition and the role of the board for public consultation
2018-06-28 EIOPA calls upon national supervisory authorities to remind insurers of their duty to inform customers about the impact of Brexit
2018-06-25 EIOPA outlines key financial stability risks
2018-06-24 Insurance Europe: Bold policymaker action is vital to close global protection gaps
2018-06-23 Insurance Europe: 2017-2018 Annual Report published
2018-06-23 Insurance Europe: Andreas Brandstetter named president of Insurance Europe
2018-06-18 IAIS publishes issues paper on index-based insurances
2018-06-15 Commercial Risk Europe: Study highlights resurgence of Europe’s mutual and cooperative insurance sector
2018-06-08 EIOPA: "Gabriel Bernardino: Solvency II is a success"
2018-06-01 EIOPA expects insurance undertakings to avoid instruments banned or restricted by ESMA
2018-05-24 Insurance Europe: Bold policymaker action is vital to close global protection gaps
2018-05-23 Insurance Europe: 2017-2018 Annual Report published
2018-05-22 EIOPA publishes the first study on the modelling of market and credit risk
2018-05-18 EIOPA: Opinion on the solvency position of insurance and reinsurance undertakings in light of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU
2018-05-18 Commercial Risk Europe: No guarantees over continuity of insurance policies post-Brexit, says EU
2018-05-14 Insurance Europe: Response to EIOPA consultation on corrections and amendments to ITS on reporting and disclosure
2018-05-14 EIOPA launches the fourth EU-wide insurance stress test
2018-05-14 Commercial Risk Europe: Cyber insurance represents significant growth opportunity for US insurers, says Fitch
2018-05-11 Commercial Risk Europe: IFRS 17 will increase costs for insurers but improve financial transparency, survey finds
2018-05-10 Commercial Risk Europe: European Commission’s collective redress proposals open door for US-style litigation, warns source
2018-04-27 EIOPA's Risk Dashboard for fourth quarter of 2017: Risk exposure of the European Union insurance sector remains stable
2018-04-27 City A.M.: FCA's guidelines are undervaluing consumers' PPI claims by billions of pounds, barristers allege
2018-04-26 Insurance Europe: Current SME definition does not work for insurers
2018-04-25 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers and brokers say clients can’t measure cyber risk
2018-04-19 Commercial Risk Europe: S&P analysts foresee slight improvements in insurers’ credit quality
2018-04-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma calls for balance in European Commission’s collective redress proposals
2018-04-12 Insurance Europe: European Commission's collective redress proposal fails to follow its own recommendations against potential abuse
2018-04-03 FCA: Insurance firms still failing to meet FCA general insurance renewal rules
2018-03-27 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain initiative founders form legal entity
2018-03-23 EIOPA: Application of the updated representative portfolios in 2018
2018-03-20 European Council: EU-US insurance agreement concluded
2018-03-15 Commercial Risk Europe: Regulators need to strike balance between data protection and risk innovation: Geneva Association
2018-03-13 OECD: The cyber insurance market: Responding to a risk with few boundaries
2018-03-09 Insurance distribution: Council delays application of new rules
2018-03-07 Commercial Risk Europe: IAIS sets out its role and strategy for 2018 and beyond
2018-03-07 GFIA cyber position paper published
2018-03-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma calls for EU-wide database on climate change risks
2018-03-05 Insurance Europe: Insurance industry response to EU climate change consultation published
2018-03-05 Finanstilsynet: Summary of The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s order to Alpha Insurance A/S to cease writing new business
2018-02-28 EIOPA recommends further simplifications to the calculation of insurers’ capital requirements
2018-02-28 Insurance Europe: New insurance industry figures published
2018-02-27 IAIS Releases 2017 Global Insurance Market Report
2018-02-23 EFRAG issues IFRS 17 background briefing paper on level of aggregation
2018-02-22 Bank of England: Responses to CP18/17 Occasional Consultation Paper - Chapters 7 and 8
2018-02-22 Insurance Europe: Response provided to EIOPA call for input on reporting and disclosure ITS
2018-02-20 Insurance Europe: Response to IAIS systemic risk pre-consultation published
2018-02-19 Central Bank of Ireland: Statement on CBL Insurance Europe dac
2018-02-19 Commercial Risk Europe: Losses and GDPR drive demand for cyber cover in France
2018-02-15 IAIS: Consultation on its draft application paper on the use of digital technology in inclusive insurance
2018-02-15 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma plans moves to boost cyber insurance
2018-02-14 Insurance rules delay approved by Council
2018-02-13 Insurance Europe: Proposal to delay Insurance Distribution Directive welcomed
2018-02-12 Insurance Europe: Responses to call for feedback within the framework of Better Regulation agenda
2018-02-07 Insurance Europe: Response to IAIS consultation on revisions to ICP 15 and 16 published
2018-02-07 Bank of England: Strengthening individual accountability in insurance
2018-02-07 Insurance Europe: Response to IAIS consultation on revisions to ICP 15 and 16 published
2018-02-06 EIOPA publishes the first paper of a series on systemic risk and macroprudential policy in the insurance sector
2018-02-05 Bank of England: Insurance Distribution Directive: change to commencement date
2018-02-01 EIOPA consults on draft RTS adapting the base euro amounts for PII and financial capacity of intermediaries under the IDD
2018-01-30 Commercial Risk Europe: UK misconduct regime to be extended to insurers’ senior managers
2018-01-25 EIOPA: Risk Dashboard for third quarter of 2017 continues to show relative stable risk exposure of the European Union insurance sector
2018-01-24 FCA: Statement on communications in relation to PRIIPs
2018-01-16 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain set to take pain out of global programmes
2018-01-12 Commercial Risk Europe: New report examines insurers’ readiness for IFRS 17
2018-01-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma and insurers on watch as the Commission paves way for more EU-wide class actions
2018-01-11 Bank of England: Changes in insurance reporting requirements
2018-01-11 Insurance Europe: A new year’s resolution to keep: improve your financial literacy
2018-01-08 Commercial Risk Europe: Airmic says buyers will inform UK regulator’s study into broking practices

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