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Insurance - 2020100 articles out of 100.

2019 Insurance
2019-12-19 EIOPA outlines key financial stability risks of the European insurance and pensions sector
2019-12-19 EIOPA identifies areas where risks for consumers remain high, notably with unit-linked, credit life/credit protection, and add-on insurance
2019-12-17 EIOPA publishes its fourth annual analysis on the use and impact of long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk
2019-12-16 EIOPA publishes a report on insurers’ asset and liability management in relation to the illiquidity of their liabilities
2019-12-13 EIOPA publishes annual report on the use of capital add-ons under Solvency II
2019-12-12 Accountancy Europe: EIOPA’S Solvency II reporting and disclosure review 2020
2019-12-12 EIOPA consults on guidelines on Information and Communication Technology security and governance
2019-12-04 Insurance Europe: New paper: Making EU insurance regulation that works and benefits consumers
2019-11-28 Commercial Risk Europe: Europe’s mutual insurers press for mandatory application of proportionality under Solvency II
2019-11-20 Commercial Risk Europe: Moody’s sets negative outlook for European insurers in 2020
2019-11-20 Bank of England: Statement on the delegated regulation changes published by the European Commission
2019-11-19 EIOPA publishes second annual European Insurance Overview
2019-11-14 IAIS adopts first global frameworks for supervision of internationally active insurance groups and mitigation of systemic risk
2019-11-13 The Global Federation of Insurance Associations publishes Annual Report for 2018-19
2019-11-12 Insurance Europe: Business federations raise significant concerns about Council's proposed changes to EC representative actions proposal
2019-11-04 EIOPA's Gabriel Bernardino statement at the hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2019-10-30 Insurance Europe: Joint response provided to EIOPA stress testing discussion paper published
2019-10-29 Insurance Europe: Joint response to EIOPA reporting and disclosures consultation published
2019-10-28 BIS' De Galhau: Insuring in the long term in a short-term world
2019-10-25 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard for October 2019 shows broadly stable risk exposures of European insurers, with macro and market risks still high
2019-10-23 GFIA: Benefits of insurers’ big data use deserves more recognition by IAIS
2019-10-22 Insurers oppose EU wide initiative on insurance guarantee schemes
2019-10-21 EIOPA launches call for research proposals
2019-10-14 Insurance Europe: Insurers should be exempt from pillar one of OECD digital tax proposals
2019-10-09 EIOPA launches field test on revised and new templates under Solvency II reporting and disclosure review 2020
2019-09-30 Insurance Europe: Solvency II proportionality principle key for avoiding excessive burden, but doesn’t work in practice
2019-09-29 EIOPA issues Opinion on sustainability within Solvency II
2019-09-17 EIOPA calls for a sound cyber resilience framework
2019-09-11 Insurance Europe: IFRS 17: EU insurers say some improvements welcome, but major issues still to be addressed
2019-08-28 Insurance Europe: EU insurers call on IAIS to ensure level playing field with ICS
2019-07-26 EIOPA’s July 2019 Risk dashboard shows broadly stable risk trends for the European Union insurance sector
2019-07-25 EIOPA consults on the draft Opinion on the supervision of remuneration principles in the insurance and reinsurance sector
2019-07-22 EIOPA examines national general good rules
2019-07-22 EIOPA publishes discussion paper on methodological principles of insurance stress testing
2019-07-12 EIOPA consults on increased proportionality of supervisory reporting and public disclosure
2019-07-12 EIOPA consults on the harmonisation of national insurance guarantee schemes
2019-06-28 IAIS: 2018 in review
2019-06-28 IAIS: Public roadmap for 2019
2019-06-20 GFIA policy recommendations to the Japanese G20 presidency from the global insurance industry
2019-06-18 Bank of England: Insurance stress test 2019
2019-06-14 IAIS embarks on a new strategic direction in approving its 2020-2024 strategic plan and financial outlook
2019-05-28 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance leaders ready to embrace change
2019-05-24 Commercial Risk Europe: Swiss Re report highlights emerging risks for insurers
2019-05-24 Commercial Risk Europe: Moody’s expects further insurance consolidation in Europe
2019-05-23 Insurance Europe: European policymakers must act to ensure insurers can fully contribute towards a sustainable Europe
2019-05-22 Insurance Europe: 2018-2019 Annual Report published
2019-05-22 Insurance Europe: Frédéric de Courtois named vice-president of Insurance Europe
2019-05-21 Commercial Risk Europe: Moody’s says IFRS 17 unlikely to alter credit assessments
2019-05-15 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma publishes key lobbying priorities for next European parliament
2019-05-15 Insurance Europe: EIOPA report on insurers’ use of big data analytics welcomed
2019-05-13 GFIA: G20 focus on ageing society key to ensuring people’s dignity in retirement
2019-05-08 Insurance Europe: Insurers warn against overly narrow criteria for financial products Ecolabel
2019-05-06 Insurance Europe: No justification for major new measures on systemic risk for EU insurers
2019-04-26 EIOPA issues recommendations to National Competent Authorities to address vulnerabilities identified by the 2018 Insurance stress test
2019-04-18 BaFin: Insurers: New agreement for supervisory cooperation after Brexit
2019-04-15 Bank of England: Insurance stress test 2019: Request for technical input
2019-04-11 EIOPA calls for consistent application of the proportionality principle for the supervision of Solvency Capital Requirement
2019-04-11 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard for April 2019 shows broadly unchanged risk levels for the European Union insurance sector
2019-03-29 EIOPA publishes discussion paper on systemic risk and macroprudential policy in insurance
2019-03-28 EIOPA analyses licencing approaches to InsurTech
2019-03-08 Capital Markets Union: Making it easier for insurers to invest in the real economy
2019-03-06 Insurance Europe: European insurers welcome OECD work on financial education
2019-03-05 Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority agree Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with EIOPA and EU insurance supervisors
2019-03-04 Insurance Europe: Detailed European insurance statistics published: insurers paid out €2.8bn a day in claims in 2017
2019-02-27 Global Federation of Insurance Associations: IAIS systemic risk proposals must be better defined
2019-02-25 Insurance Europe: Insurers respond to ESRB systemic risk report: no additional prudential rules needed
2019-02-21 Commercial Risk Europe: European insurance group concerned about negative social effects of regulation
2019-02-20 FCA publishes Wholesale Insurance Brokers Market Study final report
2019-02-20 Insurance Europe: US Base Erosion and Anti-abuse Tax discriminates against non-US affiliate reinsurers
2019-02-18 Insurance Europe: Unions and insurers issue joint warning about burden of significant increase in EU regulation on insurance workers
2019-02-18 Ed Sibley: Towards a more resilient insurance industry
2019-02-11 Insurance Europe: Updated tool highlights insurers’ consumer-focused practices across EU
2019-02-06 Insurance Europe: Insurers provide feedback on draft EC guidelines on ethical design of AI
2019-01-31 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard for the third quarter 2018 shows broadly unchanged risk levels for the European Union insurance sector
2019-01-30 FCA launches consultation on General Insurance value measures data
2019-01-29 Insurance Europe: Insurers warn that IAIS systemic risk proposals lack clarity
2019-01-25 EIOPA calls for improvements to the assessment of the propriety of board members and qualifying shareholders of insurance companies
2019-01-18 Commercial Risk Europe: IAIS recovery planning paper ‘highly and unnecessarily prescriptive’, says GFIA
2019-01-18 GFIA comments on the OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee’s (IPPC) next steps on cyber issues
2019-01-14 Insurance Europe: EC ePrivacy proposal could limit consumers’ access to innovative insurance products
2019-01-11 Insurance Europe: Result of ECON vote on ESAs review largely positive, but concerns remain about proposed governance changes
2019-01-11 Commercial Risk Europe: New year insurance premium tax changes in EU countries
2019-01-10 EIOPA analyses costs and past performance of insurance and pension products
2019-01-09 Insurance Europe: Europe’s largest reinsurers explain the supervisory benefits of using internal models

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