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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Insurance - 2020100 articles out of 100.

Insurance - 201984 articles out of 84.

Insurance - 2018140 articles out of 140.

Insurance - 2017119 articles out of 119.

Insurance - 201688 articles out of 88.

Insurance - 201576 articles out of 76.

Insurance - 2014115 articles out of 115.

Insurance - 2013215 articles out of 215.

Insurance - 2012143 articles out of 143.

2011 Insurance
2011-12-22 EC urges ‘innovative’ insurance industry to apply gender ruling fairly
2011-12-21 EIOPA launches public consultation on the add-on Quantitative Financial Stability Reporting Templates
2011-12-20 EIOPA published its second half-year financial stability report 2011
2011-11-30 British insurers comment on Chancellor's Autumn Statement
2011-11-29 IAG boss warns Europe's debts could impact global insurance market
2011-11-16 FT: EIOPA questions 'risk-free' bonds
2011-11-15 IAIS Peter Braumüller: The traditional insurance business is of very little or no systemic concern
2011-11-15 IAIS released paper on Insurance and Financial Stability
2011-11-08 FT: Insurers face crunch time over Italian debt
2011-11-06 S&P reviews effect of recent financial developments on European insurers' balance sheets
2011-10-20 Time for insurers to stand and deliver on Solvency II
2011-10-15 IMF calls for EU-wide deposit insurance scheme
2011-10-11 European insurance market facing critical moment
2011-10-07 Alberto Corinti: Q&A on EU insurance industry
2011-10-04 FERMA vows to continue transparency battle with brokers
2011-10-04 Solvency II may be beneficial for captive insurers
2011-09-30 Masaaki Shirakawa: Insurance companies and the financial system – a central bank perspective
2011-09-27 CEA writes to Polish EU perm rep on VAT exemption
2011-09-21 European contract law in the insurance sector
2011-09-16 Eurofinas, EBF and EMF highlight view on EC Insurance Review
2011-09-02 European reinsurer results look good for buyers
2011-08-31 CEA comments on new supervisory framework for groups
2011-08-30 Solvency II to hit insurance competition
2011-08-28 FT: Solvency II optimism breaks out
2011-08-15 CEA calls for consistent regulation of occupational pensions
2011-07-13 BIS: Fixed income strategies of insurance companies and pension funds
2011-07-06 IAIS ComFrame to close gap in supervision of insurance groups
2011-06-27 CEA remains concerned about FATCA implementation
2011-05-25 GA warns about negative effects of rushed regulations on SIFI
2011-04-29 CEA argues against EU collective redress scheme
2011-04-04 Insurance industry urges EU to correct Solvency II implementing measures
2011-03-23 EIOPA launched Europe-wide insurance stress test
2011-02-28 FN: Insurers move back into equity markets
2011-02-25 CEA responds to US FSOC systemic risk consultation
2011-02-22 CEA summarises key regulatory and market access issues for EC dialogues
2011-02-19 Geneva Association: Core insurance activities do not cause systemic risk
2011-02-17 IAIS observer hearing: Assessment of systemic risk indicators in the insurance sector
2011-02-17 FSA Hector Sants: The future of insurance regulation
2011-01-13 EIOPA to launch second Europe-wide insurance stress test
2011-01-10 IAIS: Global reinsurers remain strong despite challenges

Prior Years Reports

Insurance - 201019 articles out of 19.

Insurance - 200920 articles out of 20.

Insurance - 200810 articles out of 10.

Insurance - 200721 articles out of 21.

Insurance - 200610 articles out of 10.

Insurance - 200514 articles out of 14.

Insurance - 200411 articles out of 11.

Insurance - 20033 articles out of 3.

Insurance - 20021 articles out of 1.

Insurance - 20011 articles out of 1.