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2012 Insurance
2012-12-20 Insurance Europe: Concerns over timing of EIOPA long-term guarantee impact assessment
2012-12-20 EU rules on gender-neutral pricing in insurance industry enter into force
2012-12-18 Insurance Insight: Europe's insurers more insulated against crisis than banks
2012-12-17 Geneva Association Response on IAIS Policy Measures and Consequences Consultation
2012-12-16 FT: Insurers issue 'too big to fail' warning
2012-12-14 FSA: Packaged bank accounts
2012-12-14 Insurers behind on risk assessment framework for ORSA - Insurance Risk North America
2012-12-14 Insurance Insight: Mutuals outgrow insurance market, says new research
2012-12-14 Insurance Europe response to the IAIS consultation on proposed policy measures for Global Systemically Important Insurers
2012-12-11 Geneva Association: Cross industry analysis: 28 G-SIBs vs 28 insurers - Comparison of systemic risk indicators
2012-12-03 Regulatory complexity threatens flow of credit - Allen & Overy research
2012-11-29 CRE: New risks, new transfer conundrums for Spanish buyers - Igrea
2012-11-29 CRE: Regulation, compliance and network security will drive management liability costs
2012-11-28 Insurance Insight: Chinese insurers turn to equity as they approach debt ceiling
2012-11-26 Insurance Europe repeats urge for Japan to abide by GATS
2012-11-23 CRE: Underused captives likely to rise in Poland
2012-11-20 Airmic unveils clause to control use of Reservation of Rights
2012-11-16 Insurance Europe publishes key messages on proposed Directive to establish framework for recovery and resolution of credit institutions
2012-11-16 AMICE: European Commission takes mutuals seriously
2012-11-15 CRE: Environmental risk climbs agenda but mitigation remains muted, finds survey
2012-11-13 Insurance Insight: Insurers urged to check books as S&P held accountable for 'misleading' rating
2012-11-12 Mutuals warn of capital threat from UK 'twin peaks' regulation
2012-11-11 FT: Regulation pushes up costs for insurers
2012-11-09 Insurance Insight: Asia-Pacific only bright spot in bleak outlook for insurers for 2013
2012-11-09 Insurance Insight: Environmental risk concerns top list for mid-size European companies
2012-11-08 CRE: Risk managers must increase focus on corporate ethics, hears Sirm conference
2012-11-06 Insurance Insight: Ace Europe head criticises London market's 'lack of vision'
2012-11-02 Loss-absorption proposals for systemically important insurers flawed
2012-11-02 Asia Risk Congress - LCR drives expanding regional liquidity swap market
2012-11-01 Guardian: EU's insurer capital rules need rethink - L&G
2012-10-30 Insurance Europe: Addressing the demographic challenge in the insurance sector
2012-10-29 Insurance Insight: HKFI sets up task force as second round of regulation consultation begins
2012-10-26 Insurance Insight: FERMA working party sets out timetable for European risk management certificate
2012-10-25 Insurance Europe: Holistic view required in IASB insurance contract consultation
2012-10-22 Risk management is linked to better corporate performance, FERMA survey finds
2012-10-18 CRE: European non-life insurers remain well capitalised but negative outlook persists
2012-10-18 CRE: IRM launches risk culture guidance to bridge ERM gap
2012-10-17 IAIS releases proposed policy measures for global systemically important insurers (G-SIIs)
2012-10-17 WSJ: New European insurance rules could be delayed
2012-10-16 Insurers 'must understand risk on non-traditional assets'
2012-10-15 Data challenges for catastrophe risk 'threatens standard formula usage'
2012-10-09 Insurance Europe: Global insurance federation vows advocacy role
2012-10-05 Insurance Insight: Legal services insurers in pole position to meet new generation's needs
2012-10-04 Systemic risk methodology continues to worry insurers
2012-10-02 ECB: Euro area insurance corporations and pension funds - second quarter 2012
2012-10-02 Insurance Insight: UK non-life insurance sector remains stable
2012-10-01 Insurance Insight: EU and US seek to harmonise insurance regulation
2012-10-01 IAIS: Global Insurance Market Report (GIMAR) - A report by the Office of the Economic Counsellor
2012-09-26 FT: Regulators ease insurer surcharge fears
2012-09-24 IOSCO Joint Forum releases Principles for the supervision of financial conglomerates
2012-09-21 ABI issues guidance three months ahead of gender-neutral insurance pricing
2012-09-20 Insurance Europe: Impact assessment results should be reflected in Omnibus II
2012-09-20 CRE: Most European risk managers say multinational insurance programmes not meeting growing demands
2012-09-19 Insurance Journal: Heightened regulation forcing insurers to focus on modelling risks: Conning
2012-09-17 FT: Insurance principles - Hurdles towards insurer harmony
2012-09-14 Reinsurers urged to expand equities allocation amid 'fixed-income bubble' fears
2012-09-13 Risk managers face potentially tougher liability renewals as Munich Re vows to 'adjust' underwriting strategy
2012-09-13 CRE: XL CEO warns insurers are becoming less relevant to corporate
2012-09-13 Insurance industry must take client-focused approach to emerge from current storm, says Michel Liès
2012-09-12 Insurance Age: FSA moves to quell concerns over staff changes
2012-09-06 CRE: Reinsurance market has more capacity than at start of 2011 with $6 billion of new funds—Moody's
2012-09-06 DBIS: Business leaders urged to step up response to cyber threats
2012-09-03 Insurance Europe key messages on the European Commission's proposed General Data Protection Regulation
2012-09-03 Liability insurers need to embrace life ALM techniques
2012-08-31 Insurance Europe response to IAIS Consultation on ComFrame
2012-08-28 FSA: Review of the client money rules for insurance intermediaries
2012-08-09 Regulatory change will enable China insurers to reduce their asset-liability mismatch
2012-08-03 Policymakers urged to widen scope of matching adjustment 'for good of society'
2012-08-02 CRE: Risk managers call for TCoR to address more than insurance premiums
2012-08-01 Insurance Europe critical of IAIS systemic risk methodology
2012-07-31 Concerns over reporting burden on groups of proposed framework for international supervision
2012-07-27 Standard formula 'an inadequate risk measure' for high-risk bonds
2012-07-26 CRE: Half of European companies unprepared for emerging risks finds ACE
2012-07-25 EIOPA: 2012 Report on Market Developments
2012-07-24 Insurance Insight: Draft rules offer China's insurers more investment scope
2012-07-23 FT: Insurers eye high-risk assets
2012-07-23 Ernst & Young ITEM Club: Insurers face "perfect storm" over profits
2012-07-19 IAIS releases policy paper on Reinsurance and Financial Stability
2012-07-18 Federal Financial Supervisory Authority publishes BaFin Quarterly
2012-07-17 Inappropriate regulation and economic crisis top Geneva Association CEOs’ concerns
2012-07-17 EIOPA resists calls to ease ORSA risk quantification requirements
2012-07-17 MoneyMarketing: Are regulatory hurdles stopping new protection entrants?
2012-07-13 PwC: Prospering in an era of uncertainty – The case for resilience
2012-07-11 Equality Act 2010 - An ABI good practice guide for insurers
2012-07-10 IUA launches new London market clauses database
2012-07-04 Generali PPF Holding agrees to acquire Russian insurance company region
2012-07-04 Deloitte comments on European insurance and investment regulations
2012-07-04 Insurers' remuneration will become more risk-sensitive, says incoming Bupa finance chief
2012-07-02 OpRisk Europe - Doubt over reforms at flagship conference
2012-06-28 Fitch: UK life insurers to take gender ruling in stride
2012-06-27 Swiss Re: Global non-life premiums expanded 1.9 per cent in 2011
2012-06-27 New EIOPA guidelines aim to harmonise supervisory practices
2012-06-26 CII launches London Market qualification
2012-06-22 China Daily: CIRC outlines plan for private investors to own 20 per cent of a single Chinese insurer
2012-06-19 Barnier: Revision of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD)
2012-06-19 Insurance Insight: Insurers starting to embrace change but still a way to go, says PwC
2012-06-18 FERMA launches pan-European risk management certification project
2012-06-13 CRE: Reputation, claims and supply chain risks biggest concerns for Airmic members
2012-06-12 Insurance Insight: Insurance industry struggles to respond to new technological threats
2012-06-11 FT: Insurers shift from guarantee business
2012-06-08 WSJ: Credit insurers call for clarity on euro crisis
2012-06-08 Australia weighs up illiquidity premium for insurer liabilities
2012-06-01 ABI: A guide of good practice for unit linked funds
2012-06-01 CRE: Risk management, not transfer, is key to supply chain problems, say experts
2012-06-01 CRE: Solvency II will not drive up prices but hard market is on doorstep, say experts
2012-05-31 IAIS: Global systematically important insurers - Proposed assessment methodology
2012-05-29 Insurance Journal: How relevant is insurance, asks XL CEO McGavick
2012-05-23 BaFin: Insurance undertakings - Real estate financing and real economy investments are becoming more attractive
2012-05-15 Speech by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, at the Insurance Day Summit
2012-05-15 INN: Europe’s Solvency II set to impact American insurers with offices abroad
2012-05-14 FN: Regulatory crackdown hurts company securitisation
2012-05-11 FT: Pru chief in line to be ABI chairman
2012-05-09 Insurance Insight: Belarus targets regulatory overhaul of insurance market
2012-05-08 EIOPA warns on use of external data in internal capital models
2012-05-01 EIOPA/Bernadino: Converging ideas - Building a European-wide supervisory culture in insurance and pensions
2012-04-27 CRE: EU to create risk committee to encourage risk-based regulation
2012-04-25 FSA confirms traded life policy investments should not generally be promoted to UK investors
2012-04-20 WSJ: Insurers could give fresh life to lending
2012-04-19 CRE: New working group looks to develop minimum conditions for cyber cover
2012-04-18 Fico launches new model management tool for insurers
2012-04-17 Insurance Europe: New publication, 'How insurance works'
2012-04-16 FERMA: Launch announced of most extensive European risk management research
2012-04-16 The Geneva Association: 'Reflections on a High-Quality G-SIFI Designation Process in Insurance'
2012-04-12 CRE: Mixed response to global programmes database plan suggests slow progress
2012-04-11 Insurance Insight: CIRC to tighten capital adequacy supervision
2012-04-10 Insurance Insight: 500 million microinsurance schemes worldwide, says report
2012-04-06 Insurance Europe: Joint statement on Japan Post reform
2012-04-04 CRE: Willis Re reports improved start to 2012 for reinsurers
2012-04-04 WSJ: Insurers facing greater scrutiny
2012-04-03 Risk Net: Banks' long-term funding needs will drive demand for liquidity swaps with insurers
2012-04-03 ECB: Statistics on euro area insurance corporations and pension funds - fourth quarter 2011
2012-04-03 CII report paints possible futures for global society, economy and insurance sector
2012-03-30 AMICE Newsletter – March 2012
2012-03-23 Insurance Insight: Europe should prepare for the worst
2012-03-22 The role of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) in the future of global insurance regulation
2012-03-14 ABI calls for reforms to free businesses from UK compensation culture
2012-03-01 KPMG published a report: 'Evolving insurance regulation - Time to get ahead'
2012-02-29 Capgemini published the fourth edition of the World Insurance Report
2012-02-15 European Commission: Study on short-term trade finance and credit insurance in the European Union
2012-02-07 Ernst & Young: European insurers challenged to prosper amid uncertainty
2012-02-06 The Geneva Association launched a report on insurance resolution
2012-01-26 ABI: The City, insurance and society - why 2012 could redefine the industry
2012-01-19 Reinsurance trade groups warn of damage caused by protectionist regulations

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