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2020 Insurance
2020-12-24 EIOPA consults on ORSA in the context of COVID-19
2020-12-21 Insurance European Data Protection Board should take risk-based approach to international data transfers
2020-12-18 Insurance Europe: EIOPA’s Solvency II review opinion fails to offer improvements to help EU economy, consumers and green transformation
2020-12-18 Insurance Europe: More time needed to discuss proposals for Ecolabel criteria for retail financial products
2020-12-18 EIOPA outlines key financial stability risks and vulnerabilities for insurance and pension sector and recommends that any dividend distribut
2020-12-18 IAIS issues statement of support for IFRS Foundation Trustee’s proposal on sustainability reporting
2020-12-17 EIOPA: Solvency II review: A balanced update for challenging times
2020-12-11 IAIS sets outs priorities for 2021 and beyond
2020-12-09 Insurance Europe: ICS treatment of infrastructure and strategic equity investments should better reflect risk posed to insurers
2020-12-08 IAIS AGM and 27th Annual Conference reflect on response to Covid-19 and set direction for future activities
2020-12-04 EIOPA’s pilot dashboard addresses the natural catastrophe protection gap - consultation
2020-12-02 EIOPA launches discussion paper on a methodology for integrating climate change in the standard formula
2020-12-02 CRE: Covid-19 to elevate risk management but insurance found lacking, finds Ferma survey
2020-12-01 Insurance Europe: EIOPA must not undermine the ability of insurers to use reinsurance to manage risk
2020-11-30 EIOPA consults on insurers’ key performance indicators on sustainability for non-financial reporting
2020-11-25 CRE: Companies face heightened legal risk as EU adopts collective redress rules
2020-11-24 CRE: IAIS calls for patience on global regs as risk associations urged to step in
2020-11-24 Insurance Europe: Outdated VAT rules for financial services undermine EU single market and must be updated urgently
2020-11-18 CRE: S&P highlights top risks for global insurance industry
2020-11-17 Insurance Europe: EU rules and trade policy must help, not hinder, European firms’ global competitiveness
2020-11-16 CRE: UK regulator says insurers have ignored warning on reserves
2020-11-11 EIOPA Risk Dashboard: European insurers slightly less exposed to risks compared to the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak but concerns remain
2020-11-04 CRE: Insurers’ reputation at risk because of clumsy renewals: GVNW
2020-11-04 Insurance Europe: EIOPA and ESRB approach to Solvency II review would undermine insurers in facilitating EC CMU and Green Deal objectives
2020-10-29 CRE: SII review could reduce capital burden for UK insurers in 2021, says Fitch
2020-10-28 CRE: Geneva report says insurers would need 150 years of premium to cover Covid-19 BI losses
2020-10-23 Insurance Europe: Fixing flaws in Solvency II vital to unlock long-term investment and boost EU economic growth and recovery
2020-10-22 FT: UK government signals post-Brexit changes to insurance rules
2020-10-21 EIOPA publishes third annual European Insurance Overview
2020-10-21 Insurance Europe: It is premature to call for mandatory AI insurance due to insufficient underwriting data and lack of similarity between ri
2020-10-19 Insurance Europe: EC should make European Long-Term Investment Funds more attractive to long-term institutional investors
2020-10-19 CRE: Ferma president urges insurers to improve pandemic response
2020-10-13 IAIS: IAIS issues Draft Application Paper on the Supervision of Climate-related Risks in the Insurance Sector for public consultation.
2020-10-12 EIOPA: Introductory statement of Gabriel Bernardino at hearing of the ECON Committee
2020-10-02 EIOPA: Start of a European-wide comparative study on diversification in internal models
2020-10-02 Insurance Europe: EU Insurance Distribution Directive shows effectiveness of well drafted, sector-specific rules
2020-09-29 FCA:Update on Business interruption insurance test case appeals process
2020-09-25 CRE: EC starts work on pan-European pandemic risk transfer solution
2020-09-23 ACCA: Interruption insurance victory opens door for claims
2020-09-21 CRE: FCA tells insurers to settle BI claims as quickly as possible
2020-09-16 Insurance Europe: Insurers call for level regulatory playing field for new market entrants and business models
2020-09-15 CRE: CII calls for action to avoid future coverage disputes
2020-09-09 IAIS issues a survey invitation on the existing prudential treatments for investments in infrastructure and strategic equity
2020-09-09 OECD: Responding to the COVID-19 and pandemic protection gap in insurance
2020-09-09 CRE: European insurers respond to European Commission’s Solvency II review
2020-09-07 Insurance Europe: European insurers respond to IAIS consultation on impact of COVID-19
2020-08-31 Insurance Europe: European insurers respond to EC consultation on Solvency II review impact assessment
2020-08-20 CRE: EU’s collective redress directive to cause risk and insurance problems for manufacturers
2020-08-17 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard: European insurers remain exposed to high risks since the outbreak of COVID-19
2020-08-14 EIOPA finalises the regulation of the pan-European Personal Pension Product
2020-07-31 CRE: Ferma welcomes Eiopa’s ideas on pan-European pandemic insurance solution
2020-07-27 EIOPA: Staff Issues Paper on resilience solutions for pandemics
2020-07-14 Insurance Europe: Statement on EC COVID-19 best practices
2020-07-03 IAIS Executive Committee confirms continued focus on addressing the impact of Covid-19 on the global insurance sector while advancing key IA
2020-07-01 Insurance Europe: Views on EIOPA’s Solvency II holistic impact assessment
2020-06-26 CRE: IASB releases final IFRS 17 but concerns remain over business implications, says WTW
2020-06-24 EIOPA publishes its second Discussion Paper on Methodological Principles of Insurance Stress Testing
2020-06-22 POLITICO: Insurers wrestle with pandemic problem: How to pay the bill
2020-06-19 Insurance Europe: EIOPA should further clarify and streamline reporting requirements for the PEPP
2020-06-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Marsh says pandemics are insurable but need public-private partnership
2020-06-05 OECD: Responding to the COVID-19 and pandemic protection gap in insurance
2020-06-05 Insurance Europe: Insurers respond to EIOPA proposals on Solvency II supervisory reporting and public disclosure
2020-06-03 Commercial Risk Europe: European insurers and reinsurers stand up to pandemic test, say ratings agencies
2020-06-03 BIBA: FCA gives update on validity of Business Interruption claims test case
2020-06-03 Insurance Europe: Rushing an agreement on EC collective redress proposal will not get it right
2020-05-29 Insurance Europe: Statement on EC roundtable on COVID-19 relief measures
2020-05-27 IAIS: Financial policymakers discuss responses to COVID-19 with the private sector
2020-05-27 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma calls on EU to create framework for pan-European NDBI pooling system
2020-05-21 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers’ capital strength stands up to AM Best’s Covid stress test
2020-05-18 European insurers face increased risk exposures due to Covid-19, but market perceptions and imbalances remained at medium level
2020-05-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Retroactive attack on BI policies for pandemic risks would pose material threat to insurance sector: IAIS
2020-05-08 IAIS facilitates global coordination on financial stability and policyholder protection during Covid-19 crisis
2020-05-05 ECIIA: EIOPA: response to the COVID-19 crisis
2020-05-01 Commercial Risk Europe: Best reviews IASB decisions on IFRS 17 accounting standard
2020-04-17 EIOPA: Statement on principles to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on the occupational pensions sector in Europe
2020-03-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Few European buyers have cover for Covid-19 closures: Moody’s
2020-03-20 EIOPA issues recommendations on supervisory flexibility regarding deadlines of supervisory reporting and public disclosure by insurers
2020-03-19 Insurance Europe: IFRS 17 deferral and improvements to standard welcomed, but disappointing that important issues remain unaddressed
2020-03-19 IIF statement on COVID-19 regulatory response
2020-03-19 IAIS publishes issues paper on the use of big data analytics in insurance
2020-03-19 IAIS releases 2019 Global Insurance Market Report (GIMAR)
2020-03-17 IASB decides on new effective date for IFRS 17 of 1 January 2023
2020-03-17 EIOPA statement on actions to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on the EU insurance sector
2020-03-16 Insurance Europe: EIOPA ICT security&governance guidelines should be principle-based, aligned with wider EU financial services initiative
2020-03-10 EBA concludes that no specific regulatory LGD should be set for credit insurance claims
2020-03-09 Insurance Europe: Insurers welcome review of NFRD, call for ESG data/assessments to be reported directly by investee companies
2020-03-09 Commercial Risk Europe: European insurers well prepared to deal with coronavirus but credit market likely to take hit and harden
2020-02-20 EIOPA: Gabriel Bernardino: Winning the race towards a global Insurance Capital Standard
2020-02-20 EIOPA: Supervisory statement on ultra-low/negative interest rate environment
2020-02-06 EIOPA: Roundtable discussion: Mortgage life and other credit protection insurance sold through banks
2020-02-06 EIOPA: Guidelines on outsourcing to cloud service providers now available for national supervisory authorities
2020-02-06 EIOPA: Discussion open on the ongoing changes to the new benchmark rates, the IBOR transitions
2020-01-30 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance market for digital assets and blockchain set to grow
2020-01-29 EIOPA: European insurers face stable risk exposures, but macro and market risks remain high
2020-01-29 Insurance Europe: Solvency II 2020 review.
2020-01-28 EIOPA publishes information on the use of limitations and exemptions from reporting under Solvency II
2020-01-28 EFRAG: IFRS 17 limited update of 2018 case studies
2020-01-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma and ECIROA flesh out proposals to boost proportionality for captives under SII
2020-01-16 Insurance Europe: EIOPA draft Solvency II review advice would hinder, not help EC ambitions for Europe
2020-01-02 Commercial Risk Europe: Cyber risk and insurance to be focus for March meeting of US and EU supervisors

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