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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Insurance - 202176 articles out of 76.

Insurance - 2020100 articles out of 100.

Insurance - 201984 articles out of 84.

Insurance - 2018140 articles out of 140.

2017 Insurance
2017-12-22 IAIS: Request for stakeholder input in first stages of development of next strategic plan
2017-12-21 EIOPA publishes its annual analysis on the use of long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk
2017-12-21 EIOPA highlights financial stability risks
2017-12-19 Insurance Europe: Position paper on collective redress published
2017-12-18 EIOPA analyses the first Solvency and Financial Condition Reports and identifies areas for improvement
2017-12-18 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain to revolutionise risk transfer industry
2017-12-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance industry responding to cyber threat but challenges ahead
2017-12-11 EIOPA releases an editable template for the Insurance Product Information Document
2017-12-11 EIOPA issues recommendations to improve consumer protection in the unit-linked market
2017-12-08 EIOPA Consumer Trends: Digital technologies are changing the way consumers interact and engage
2017-12-08 Commercial Risk Europe: UK general insurers pass PRA stress test but areas for improvement
2017-12-01 IAIS Consultation on its draft issues paper on index-based insurances
2017-11-28 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain finds risk and insurance applications
2017-11-24 Commercial Risk Europe: EIOPA to focus on enhancing supervisory convergence
2017-11-24 IAIS extends deadline for submitting comments for public consultation: ICPs 8,15 and 16
2017-11-23 François Villeroy de Galhau: Insurance and pensions - institutional innovation, economic innovation, technological innovation
2017-11-22 Investment & Pensions Europe: EU and UK insurers flag concerns about liability accounting rules
2017-11-22 EIOPA: Insurance and pensions reloaded: A game changer
2017-11-21 FSB statement on identification of global systemically important insurers
2017-11-17 Commercial Risk Europe: FSB reconsidering GSII ‘too big to fail’ criteria – report
2017-11-16 EIOPA identifies a search-for-yield trend in the investment behaviour of insurers
2017-11-13 GFIA: Comments provided to IAIS on ICS version 1.0 extended field testing
2017-11-09 Commercial Risk Europe: FCA opens can of worms by launching inquiry into wholesale broking practices
2017-11-08 Insurance Europe: Compulsory insurance: when it works and when it doesn’t
2017-11-08 FCA launches wholesale insurance brokers market study
2017-11-02 Insurance Europe: How to make insurance rules benefit consumers
2017-11-02 IAIS announces unified path to convergence on ICS version 2.0
2017-11-02 IAIS: Global agreement to enhance actuarial skills announced
2017-10-31 GFIA publishes Annual Report 2016–2017
2017-10-30 Financial Times: German regulator seeks Brexit plans from UK-based insurers
2017-10-30 Interview with Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of EIOPA
2017-10-26 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard – second quarter 2017 – continues to show a relative stable risk exposure of the European Union insurance sector
2017-10-20 Commercial Risk Europe: EU-US covered agreement may take five years to fully implement, says Best
2017-10-18 Insurance Europe: More must be done to address lack of information on cyber attacks
2017-10-17 Commercial Risk Europe: FERMA driving efforts to deliver quality cyber governance and insurance
2017-10-17 Insurance Europe: Call to delay application of Insurance Distribution Directive welcomed
2017-10-16 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers and government form WEF coalition to tackle tech risks
2017-10-16 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers’ increasingly risky investments pose threat to stability, warns IMF
2017-10-16 Commercial Risk Europe: IFRIMA will put global programme proposal to IAIS
2017-10-11 Commercial Risk Europe: EIOPA calls for stronger mandate to intervene
2017-10-11 Commercial Risk Europe: NAIC calls for re-evaluation of Financial Stability Board’s G-SII process
2017-10-11 EIOPA publishes Guidelines on “execution-only” sales
2017-10-10 Insurance Europe: Examples of cyber risk-related initiatives & template for cyber breaches published
2017-10-02 Insurance Europe response to ICP 24 consultation: timing of review questioned
2017-09-25 Insurance Europe: Commission’s Single Market Information Tool proposal should be withdrawn
2017-09-25 EIOPA: Survey to gather data from stakeholders for work on developing Q&As on the Insurance Distribution Directive
2017-09-22 EU - US Agreement on insurance and reinsurance
2017-09-21 IAIS releases application paper on MCCOs
2017-09-08 OECD: Technology and innovation in the insurance sector
2017-09-07 Insurance Europe: Response provided to IAIS consultation on ICP 1 and 2
2017-08-31 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard – first quarter 2017 - shows relative stable risk exposure of the European Union insurance sector
2017-08-11 European Commission boosts consumer protection for insurance products
2017-08-09 Commercial Risk Europe: BEPS not a threat to captives if used correctly
2017-08-01 Insurance Europe: Comments provided to IAIS on revisions to ICP 13
2017-07-28 Commercial Risk Europe: UK introduces new rules for insurance-linked securities to boost market
2017-07-27 Insurance Europe: Insight briefing: Big data analytics - An insurance (r)evolution
2017-07-25 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance Capital Standard not fit for purpose, says ABI, as IAIS launches field testing
2017-07-21 IAIS releases ICS version 1.0 for extended field testing
2017-07-20 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers urged to radically change approach to cyber and shift focus to risk not line of business
2017-07-18 Commercial Risk Europe: US to sign covered agreement with EU on insurance and reinsurance
2017-07-17 FSB welcomes new insurance accounting standard
2017-07-11 EIOPA issues principles on supervisory approach to the relocations from the United Kingdom
2017-07-07 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance industry risk managers confident in GDPR compliance: AM Best
2017-07-05 EIOPA calls for a European recovery and resolution framework for (re)insurers
2017-07-04 EIOPA: European Supervisory Authorities publish Q&A on the Key Information Document (KID)
2017-06-29 IAIS: Revision of ICPs 1,2, 18 and 19
2017-06-26 Commercial Risk Europe: Wallin identifies protectionism as biggest risk for reinsurance sector
2017-06-26 Commercial Risk Europe: Standalone cyber policies becoming the norm
2017-06-21 ECB: Statistics on euro area insurance corporations
2017-06-20 EIOPA highlights key financial stability risks
2017-06-19 EIOPA calls for further improvement in the ORSA implementation
2017-06-19 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain technology creates first multinational insurance ‘smart contract’
2017-06-14 Commercial Risk Europe: Large claims still a battle despite Insurance Act
2017-06-14 Commercial Risk Europe: Market tries to allay buyers’ fears it won’t be ready for Brexit
2017-06-14 Commercial Risk Europe: No Brexit boost for risk managers
2017-06-13 Hedgeweek: Open Protocol (OP) Insurance Working Group publishes template for insurance funds
2017-06-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Buyers lobby for post-Brexit access to London market
2017-06-01 Commercial Risk Europe: Structural and technological changes head list of insurance sector ‘banana skins’
2017-06-01 Insurance Europe: EU insurance rules must be digital-friendly to reflect consumers’ needs
2017-05-31 Insurance Europe: Annual report for 2016-2017 published
2017-05-30 Commercial Risk Europe: EIOPA to issue guidelines to prevent “race to bottom” on regulation
2017-05-23 EIOPA publishes its final report on the consultation paper on the methodology to derive the UFR and updated calculation of the UFR for 2018
2017-05-22 ACCA: New accounting standard will significantly impact the insurance industry
2017-05-18 IASB finalised fundamental overhaul of insurance accounting
2017-05-18 Insurance Europe: IASB releases a new global basis for insurance contracts accounting
2017-05-16 EIOPA’s Risk Dashboard assesses risks in the European Union insurance sector
2017-05-13 OECD: Supporting an effective cyber insurance market
2017-05-09 Insurance Europe: Concerns raised on IAIS draft application paper on group corporate governance
2017-05-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Bermuda’s negotiations with EU should not be affected by Brexit, says BMA
2017-05-03 Insurance Europe: No need for new liability rules for new technologies
2017-04-27 BIS: High-level meeting on global insurance standards and supervisory priorities in the Americas
2017-04-24 Financial Times: UK insurers fear election’s impact on payout reforms
2017-04-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Blockchain provides new opportunities for insurance industry
2017-04-10 Fitch: International insurance regulation progressing slowly
2017-04-07 Fitch Ratings: White Paper on lack of comparability of A.M. Best’s ‘A-‘ IFS Ratings to those of Fitch
2017-03-30 Commercial Risk Europe: Lloyd’s chooses Brussels as EU hub
2017-03-30 BIBA calls for urgent progress with new EU free trade agreement as Article 50 is invoked
2017-03-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Europe’s new regime on insurance distribution: Germany adopts controversial approach to implementation
2017-03-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurance supervisors must be aware of FinTech developments
2017-03-03 Insurance and reinsurance undertakings requested to provide information for the EIOPA’s 2017 Long-Term Guarantees Report
2017-03-02 EIOPA strengthens supervision of cross-border insurance groups
2017-02-27 ECB: A stochastic forward-looking model to assess the profitability and solvency of European insurers
2017-02-19 Financial Times: Insurers warned of risks to not completing Brexit plans
2017-02-16 EIOPA reinforces supervisory cooperation in cross-border activities
2017-02-07 EIOPA’s New Insurance Product Information Document is a major step forward for consumers
2017-02-03 Commercial Risk Europe: Lloyd’s sees Brexit as opportunity in France
2017-02-02 Financial Times: Derivatives Big Bang catches market off guard
2017-01-31 EIOPA updates the technical documentation of the methodology to derive the risk-free interest rate term structures
2017-01-30 Insurance Europe: Support expressed for guidance on the right to data portability
2017-01-26 Commercial Risk Europe: UK insurers’ financial strength ratings likely to survive Brexit: AM Best
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: US and EU in covered agreement for reinsurers
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: May’s Brexit speech will not stop Lloyd’s search for new home in Europe
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: Interest rising in Malta as onshore option for UK insurers post Brexit
2017-01-17 EIOPA and the Bermuda monetary authority sign a memorandum of understanding
2017-01-17 EIOPA : The EU – U.S. insurance project addresses cyber risk
2017-01-16 Commission welcomes the successful conclusion of negotiations on an EU/US Agreement on insurance and reinsurance
2017-01-16 Insurance Europe: Successful conclusion of EU-US bilateral agreement on reinsurance welcomed
2017-01-13 EIOPA welcomes the EU-U.S. covered agreement on insurance and reinsurance measures
2017-01-11 Insurance Europe: Concerns raised on European Commission legislative proposal for European Services e-card

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