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Insurance - 202176 articles out of 76.

Insurance - 2020100 articles out of 100.

Insurance - 201984 articles out of 84.

Insurance - 2018140 articles out of 140.

Insurance - 2017119 articles out of 119.

Insurance - 201688 articles out of 88.

Insurance - 201576 articles out of 76.

2014 Insurance
2014-12-19 Insurance Europe: Views shared on numerical haircut floors for SFTs
2014-12-18 OECD: Global insurance market trends
2014-12-17 IAIS: Risk-based Global Insurance Capital Standard
2014-12-17 Reuters: EU insurers’ solvency is shakier than it looks
2014-12-16 EIOPA updates on key risks to financial stability
2014-12-16 Insurance Europe: European Commission request for EFRAG endorsement advice on IFRS 9
2014-12-12 Insurance Europe: Response given to FSB critical functions consultation
2014-12-05 Financial Times: Insurance innovation and expertise drives traffic into Guernsey
2014-12-03 EIOPA published the outcome of the public consultation related to the first set of the draft Guidelines for Solvency II
2014-12-02 EIOPA launched public consultation on the Solvency II standards and guidelines
2014-12-01 EIOPA issues sound principles for crisis prevention, management and resolution
2014-12-01 European Commission: Insurance stress test - a full and rapid implementation of the "Solvency II" insurance regulatory regime is needed
2014-11-30 EIOPA announces results of the EU-wide insurance stress test 2014
2014-11-28 Fitch: Weak profits, Solvency II may drive more EU insurance M&A
2014-11-26 Bank of England: Prudential Regulation Authority consults on proposals to improve responsibility and accountability in the insurance sector
2014-11-18 Reuters: EU's finance chief wants more competition in retail financial services
2014-11-07 Commercial Risk Europe: Ferma urged renewal of IBER to maintain coverage of large risks
2014-11-05 Insurance Europe: Why insurers differ from banks
2014-10-31 Commercial Risk Europe: New IAIS global capital requirements unlikely to cause problems for traditional insurers
2014-10-29 EIOPA: Consultation paper on the proposal for Guidelines on product oversight & governance arrangements by insurance undertakings
2014-10-24 EIOPA’s vision on private pensions: Enhanced sustainability, strong governance and full transparency
2014-10-22 Insurance Europe: European data protection rules could hinder fight against fraud
2014-10-17 Vox EU: How insurers differ from banks: Implications for systemic regulation
2014-10-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers must view alternative capital as an opportunity to meet client demands say industry big hitters
2014-10-14 EIOPA publishes consultation paper on further work on solvency of IORPs
2014-10-10 Insurance Europe: Concerns over Shareholder’s Rights Directive proposals
2014-10-07 Insurance Europe: Providing insight - How to balance regulation and growth
2014-10-07 Geneva Association: How should resolution regimes for insurers be established?
2014-09-23 Statement by Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of EIOPA, at the Hearing at the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament
2014-09-18 Commercial Risk Europe: EC consults on future of Insurance Block Exemption Regulation (IBER)
2014-09-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Rising regulation causes higher costs and reputational damage for all says CEO of Zurich Global Corporate
2014-09-05 UK insurers cautioned on Solvency II credit risk assumptions
2014-09-02 BoE group kicks off procyclicality debate
2014-09-02 Insurance Europe questions plans on uncleared swaps
2014-08-28 Insurers keep an eye on emerging market debt
2014-08-22 IAIS warned over plans to shut members out of committees
2014-08-22 Insurers review options as collateral pressures grow
2014-08-19 Trade associations blast ‘flawed’ Basic Capital Requirement
2014-08-18 ABI urges joint application process for long-term guarantee measures
2014-08-13 UK proposes 'onerous' application process for volatility adjustment
2014-08-11 EU-US Dialogue Project promises action on reinsurance collateral
2014-08-06 UK Treasury launches consultation on Solvency II
2014-08-06 PRA highlights restrictions on group own funds
2014-07-31 US insurers and regulators misaligned on Orsa
2014-07-23 Eiopa targets bank Cocos
2014-07-21 EIOPA out of touch on securitisation, say experts
2014-07-09 German life insurance reforms to deplete firms' capital
2014-07-09 IAIS: Second public consultation begins on Basic Capital Requirements for Global Systemically Important Insurers
2014-07-04 Insurance Europe: comment letter to the IASB Exposure Draft on the proposed amendments to IAS 1
2014-06-25 EIOPA Opinion on Payment Protection Insurance triggered significant actio
2014-06-24 Reuters: EU to consider financial industry tax to fund watchdogs
2014-06-19 Reuters: Big insurers may escape regulators' "systemic" list
2014-06-17 Insurers ask for clarity on global capital standards
2014-06-13 EIOPA's Bernardino calls for balance on long-term investments
2014-06-12 Insurance Europe publishes its annual report 2013-2014
2014-06-05 PRA ramps up monitoring of valuation risk
2014-06-05 Commercial Risk Europe: S&P questions merits and costs of systemically important insurer supervision
2014-06-03 Reinsurers challenge enhanced G-Sii assessment
2014-05-30 Bank of England: Consultation on Valuation risk for insurers
2014-05-30 BoE: Consultation on PRA-authorised insurers' use of subordinated guarantees and the quality of capital
2014-05-29 Systemic insurers to delay structural reform
2014-05-27 European supervisory culture needs to evolve
2014-05-22 BoE/Carney: Regulating the insurance industry to support the real economy
2014-05-22 InsuranceEurope's comments on the OECD draft Commentaries on the CRS
2014-05-19 InsuranceEurope comments on BioIS study on ELD effectiveness
2014-05-19 InsuranceEurope: Current alternative performance measures are adequate
2014-05-19 US congressional committee blasts SIFI designation process
2014-05-16 EIOPA chairman says stress tests 'preventative' not a 'repair tool'
2014-05-14 UK general insurers grapple with actuarial demands
2014-05-09 Decision on systemically important reinsurers delayed
2014-05-09 US opposition to global capital standards for IAIGs
2014-05-07 EIOPA tests insurers' resilience to sovereign stress
2014-05-07 PRA internal model demands excessive, say insurers
2014-05-01 InsuranceEurope: EFRAG comment letter on ESMA [draft] guidelines on alternative performance measures
2014-04-30 IOSCO: Final paper on point of sale disclosure in insurance, banking and securities sectors
2014-04-30 PRA pushes on with recovery plans for domestic insurers
2014-04-23 Insurers at the mercy of politicians
2014-04-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Malta open for reinsurance special purpose vehicles business
2014-04-13 Insurers to repackage assets for matching adjustment
2014-04-10 Commercial Risk Europe: Reinsurance buyers can expect long-term benefits
2014-04-02 International capital standards expected to merge, say insurers
2014-04-02 Commission takes stricter line on matching adjustment
2014-03-24 Insurers urged to review data licence requirements
2014-03-21 The Trade: More clarity sought on CCP insurance offer
2014-03-21 GFIA delegation to G20 stresses insurers' social and economic role
2014-03-14 IPE: PensionsEurope warns of 'back door' tactics with IORP II Directive
2014-03-14 EIOPA/Bernardino on consumer protection
2014-03-13 CRE: Revision of European insurance contract law on the cards but large risks may dodge change
2014-03-10 BIBA responds to Law Commissions' latest consultation on draft clauses for Insurance Contract Law
2014-03-05 Insurers wrestle with EMIR reporting challenge
2014-03-04 Insurance Europe: US budget proposal would harm insurance market
2014-02-28 National regulators to consult on additional insurer reporting requirements
2014-02-27 European Commission: Insurance Contract Law - Expert report pinpoints obstacles to cross-border trade
2014-02-26 Plenary Session: Insurance - Better information, advice and protection for clients
2014-02-21 Comments on OECD Discussion Draft on Transfer Pricing Documentation and CbCR: GFIA, Insurance Europe
2014-02-19 UK insurers' internal model validation processes 'hugely inefficient'
2014-02-14 IAIS valuation methodology for basic capital requirement flawed
2014-02-13 CRE: Limitations to alternative transfer options claim insurers
2014-02-11 Insurance Europe: Positive European Parliament vote on disaster cover
2014-02-04 Responses to IAIS BCR consultation: GFIA, GIAJ, Insurance Europe
2014-02-03 Commission proposals to ease look-through rules 'require clarification'
2014-02-03 Insurers hunt for 'scale premium' in infrastructure assets
2014-01-31 Comments on FSB consultation on Guidance on Supervisory Interaction with Financial Institutions on Risk Culture: GFIA, Insurance Europe
2014-01-30 Asset managers lure insurers with new exchange-traded funds
2014-01-30 US-EU Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue (FMRD)
2014-01-24 Insurers seize opportunities in European corporate funding markets
2014-01-21 European insurers return to peripheral sovereign debt markets
2014-01-20 Group supervisors 'lack teeth' for regulating international insurance groups
2014-01-20 Fitch: European insurers' investment strategies potentially rating negative
2014-01-17 Insurance Europe: Warning issued on US tax proposals
2014-01-16 Insurer global capital standard unfairly constrains loss-absorbing capital instruments
2014-01-15 Private equity funds set to enjoy insurer cash injection in 2014
2014-01-15 Reinsurance sidecars evolving as competition for third-party capital hots up
2014-01-14 Fitch: Ownership restricts German PS insurers' merger potential
2014-01-13 Fitch: European insurers can accommodate low bond yields

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