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2022 Capital Requirements
2022-11-23 AFME: Funding to European corporates and SMEs at risk from Basel III regulatory changes finds new study
2022-11-08 Banking sector: Council agrees its position on the implementation of Basel III reforms
2022-11-07 Bloomberg's Valero/Comfort : EU Set to Water Down Plan for New Bank Capital Standards
2022-11-02 GBIC comments on the EBA’s supervisory handbook on the validation of IRB rating systems
2022-10-12 SRB: Margin for redemptions of eligible liabilities
2022-10-10 CEPR's Maddalena and Vacca: Capital requirements and lending: Basel III has something to teach us
2022-10-07 EBA updates on the monitoring of total loss-absorbing capacity and minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities instruments
2022-09-28 CRR quick fix: changes to SRB policy for multiple point of entry banks
2022-06-08 EBA consults on technical standards on the identification of a group of connected clients
2022-06-07 EBA consults on Guidelines to resolution authorities on the publication of their approach to implementing the bail-in tool
2022-06-01 EU banking package: German banks warn of adverse consequences for the economy
2022-05-31 FT: BNP Paribas to benefit from change to eurozone exposure rules
2022-05-31 AFME comments on CRR3 draft report
2022-04-22 EBA sees progress in MREL shortfall reduction by largest institutions while smaller institutions are lagging behind
2022-04-21 ISDA: Risk & Capital Implications of the FRTB for Carbon Certificates: A Global Perspective
2022-04-08 EBA issues an opinion on the European Commission’s proposed amendments to the EBA final draft technical standards for own funds and eligible
2022-03-30 Finance Watch Prudential regulation should not be instrumentalised to distort the banking competitive landscape
2022-03-30 GBIC-comments on the EU-COM proposal on the banking package 2021 regarding the implementation of final Basel III rules
2022-03-28 Finance Watch: Basel III finalisation comes undone: A proposal that lets down citizens and backtracks on global agreements
2022-03-07 SRB approach to CRR discretion on leverage and MREL calibration
2022-02-22 EBA publishes annual assessment of banks’ internal approaches for the calculation of capital requirements
2022-02-14 GBIC comments on machine learning for IRB Models
2022-02-11 Speech by Andrea Enria, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB, at the press conference on the results of the 2021 SREP cycle
2022-02-02 SRB publishes MREL dashboard Q3 2021
2022-01-31 ISDA: Time to Revisit FRTB Treatment of Funds
2022-01-17 EBA confirms the continued application of COVID-19 related reporting and disclosure requirements until further notice

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