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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Capital Requirements - 202226 articles out of 26.

Capital Requirements - 202128 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 202057 articles out of 57.

Capital Requirements - 20199 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201818 articles out of 18.

Capital Requirements - 201730 articles out of 30.

Capital Requirements - 201628 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 20159 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201416 articles out of 16.

Capital Requirements - 2013106 articles out of 106.

Capital Requirements - 201280 articles out of 80.

Capital Requirements - 201158 articles out of 58.

2010 Capital Requirements
2010-12-10 CRD III : Final legislative text
2010-11-29 Joint AFME and ISDA response to European Commission Consultation on Countercyclical Buffers
2010-10-28 SIBOS: Bankers warn of unintended consequences of Basel III
2010-10-25 Bruegel: The unequal effect of new banking rules in Europe
2010-10-22 Commission launches consultation on further capital buffers for banks
2010-10-11 CRD III: Council adopts new rules on capital requirements and remuneration policies in the banking sector
2010-10-11 Il Sole: Italian small banks wrung out by Basel III
2010-10-07 ECON committee vote on CRD IV own initiative report
2010-10-05 Swiss committee of experts urge higher capital requirements
2010-09-29 ECB Bini Smaghi: Basel III and monetary policy
2010-09-14 ECON committee: much work still to be done on new Basel standards
2010-09-13 Trade federations call for greater recognition of covered bonds in Basel III
2010-09-13 ECON Chairwoman: Basel III faces repeated old problems
2010-09-10 WSBG: Basel III framework has to avoid harm to non-quoted retail banks
2010-09-07 FT: German banks try to fend off Basel III
2010-08-20 CRD III: ECB Opinion on Trading Book, Re-Securitization and Remuneration
2010-08-10 FT: Diluting Basel III is a huge mistake
2010-07-02 CEBS consults on guidelines on Article 122a of the Capital Requirements Directive
2010-06-30 CRD III: European Parliament caps bankers' bonuses
2010-06-16 ECON committee debate on CRD III - End bankers' bonus culture say MEPs
2010-06-16 CEBS guidelines for the operational functioning of colleges
2010-06-16 CEBS methodology for the assessment of the equivalence of third countries' confidentiality provisions – CRD II
2010-06-14 CEBS guidelines on capital instruments referred to in Article 57(a) of the CRD II
2010-06-02 ECON committee – first exchange of view on the CRD IV own-initiative report
2010-05-28 European Parliament Draft Report on Basel II and revision of the Capital Requirements Directives (CRD IV)
2010-05-04 EFAMA concerned about Commission’s definition of “high quality liquid assets” in CRD IV consultation
2010-05-03 ECON committee hearing on CRD IV and Basel III
2010-04-26 CRD III: Consideration of amendments in the EP ECON committee
2010-04-20 ABBL responded to the Commission consultation on CRD IV – Single rule book will be difficult to achieve
2010-04-16 EFR responded to the Commission’s consultation on CRD IV
2010-04-16 EFR responded to the BCBS consultations on “Basel III” – liquidity and capital requirements
2010-04-16 FEE comment letter on CRD IV
2010-04-07 CEBS consults on its guidelines on capital adequacy of cross border groups
2010-03-18 CRD III draft report on first ECON Committee exchange of views
2010-03-10 CEBS’ public hearing: summary of its implementation guidelines on capital instruments to meet Basel requirements
2010-02-26 Commission asks stakeholders for views on further possible changes to Capital Requirements Directive
2010-01-28 CEBS publishes revised guidelines on CRD supervisory disclosure
2010-01-27 ECON Committee exchanges views on CRD III – need for a clear timeline for CRD II, III and IV
2010-01-06 European banks consider the Basel Committee proposals on capital requirement a starting point for discussion
2010-01-06 CEBS amends guidelines on common reporting for Capital Requirement Directive - COREP

Prior Years Reports

Capital Requirements - 200915 articles out of 15.

Capital Requirements - 200813 articles out of 13.

Capital Requirements - 20073 articles out of 3.

Capital Requirements - 200612 articles out of 12.

Capital Requirements - 200520 articles out of 20.

Capital Requirements - 200412 articles out of 12.

Capital Requirements - 200319 articles out of 19.

Capital Requirements - 20021 articles out of 1.

Capital Requirements - 20011 articles out of 1.

Capital Requirements - 19991 articles out of 1.